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By | October 29, 2022
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[Music] Hi i’m jen with making the photo today We’re going to look at style transfer ai In photoshop and some photoshop Alternatives i recently ran across style Transfer ai again when doing a review of The text to image ai generator night Cafe i’ll put a link in the description Below style transfers take the style Colors and texture of an artist or a Piece of art and maps it onto your image You can turn your photo into a van gogh Or your image into a monet lately with The popularity of ai programs like mid Journey there’s been a lot of discussion About the ethics of creating art that Mimics the style of another artist but This isn’t new technology photoshop has Had this feature for a couple of years Photoshop included style transfer as Part of their neural filters released in 2020. i did a tutorial about how to use This nifty bit of ai a couple of years Ago when they first came out In this video we’ll see what Improvements adobe has come up with in Their style transfer ai and how it Compares to the newer ai tools like Night cafe hitting the market but first A quick introduction to photoshop’s Neural filters you can be forgiven if You haven’t discovered photoshop’s Neural filters they hide under the Filter drop down menu the name is not

Very descriptive and you may not have Even noticed when the option appeared When you open the neural filters you’ll See a list including super zoom colorize And style transfer there are other Filters labeled beta these are not Stable and need more work i’ll show you The landscape mixer in a minute The first time you use each filter you Will need to download it but otherwise The tool works offline neural filters Generate pixel content based on machine Learning in machine learning the program Looks at thousands and thousands of Images to identify patterns and create Rules of action other tools in photoshop Let you manipulate pixels or use pixels From a different area of your image but Neural filters create information that Does not exist in your photo Toggle on the style transfer tool and Select a style photoshop includes 10 Presets under artist styles and more Under image styles lately there has been Discussions around the ethics of using Another style but i don’t recall an Outcry when photoshop released this tool Feel free to make your images look like Monet or cezanne there are a further 31 Image styles to choose from the styles Are mostly representational of a type of Art like tattoo or line drawing Adobe doesn’t label these image styles And you really just have to apply them

To your image to see what they will do Let’s look at some examples i’m going to Use my photo of hot air balloons over Cappadocia turkey throughout the tests To keep things nice and standardized When using adobe style transfer simply Click on the style to apply it to your Image i’ve got some options including How strong i want the effect how bright I want it the saturation levels and Whether i want to preserve the colors in The original image for this test i Stayed with the defaults the shapes and Composition of my image stayed the same But the colors and textures changed but You don’t have to stick with the styles And artists that adobe gives you you can Upload an image of your own to use as a Style this includes images from other Artists i uploaded one of the more Popular artists being imitated on ai Greg rotowski and also one of my Personal favorites johan lusol i applied Their styles to my test image this tool Has been out for about two years at the Point i’m recording this video maybe no One noticed how powerful the style Transfer tool was or the tool just Wasn’t good enough yet I reviewed photoshop’s neural filters Soon after they came out and i can’t see Much in the way of updates or changes to The style transfer tool there aren’t More styles and choosing a style gives

Me the same look it did two years ago Maybe there’s been more work on the beta Filters when i first heard of Photoshop’s neural filters it was the Landscape mixer that i was most excited About this works a lot like style Transfer and then it mixes a landscape Image with another image to change the Time of day or season choose a landscape Style and dial in the time of day in the Season my images never turned out Looking like the publicity shots To me the sliders make no sense i can Have 20 points day 50 points night or Half spring half summer and half autumn I could never get this tool to work even When sticking to the basic presets i get An abstract result i turned down the Strength of the effect but this results Are still not realistic i think my Expectations were that this would return A realistic looking image though this Abstract look could be appealing it Doesn’t really live up to the hype i Didn’t cover the landscape mixer ai in My earlier tutorial on neural filters Because it really wasn’t ready for prime Time it looks like nothing has changed It doesn’t look like adobe’s machines Have learned much and it’s more likely That adobe has just given up on this Tool Adobe style transfer seems stagnant so Let’s take a look at some photoshop

Alternatives let’s start with night cafe Night cafe is a text to image ai image Generator one of the many that are Cropping up all over it joins Mid-journey dolly and stable diffusion One of the night cafe options is style Transfer let’s explore what’s the same And what’s different between photoshop And night cafe for a start night cafe Has more styles 64 different styles and They label them so you can see exactly What you’re getting if you’re looking For picasso you can find picasso some Styles are the same or similar to Choices in photoshop but there’s more Variety let’s start by putting photoshop And night cafe head to head using styles Found in both programs i chose starry Night by van gogh and the great wave by Hal kusai night cafe works fast and Renders a better image more in the Unique style of the artist i tried out More of the unique styles found in night Cafe including 20th and 21st century Artists like eric olsen and cassandra Miller all in all night cafe outpaces Photoshop the program has more variety In styles and does a better job at Combining the styles with an existing Image added to that there are dozens of Other images you can choose from Provided by pexels or you can upload Your own i added the same artworks by Greg rotowski and johann lusol that i

Tried in photoshop and ran the style Transfer again with night cafe there was Quite a bit of a difference with knight Cafe capturing more of the essence of The artwork the more i looked the more Of these style transfer apps i seem to Find it seems like using the style of Artists to change the look of your Images isn’t all that novel let’s look At one more ai app designed to transfer Artistic styles onto an image neural Pixels is an app for windows or mac it Is easy to use and comes with 66 Pre-installed styles some i recognize From photoshop or night cafe the user Interface is simple and the app makes Quick work of applying the style to your Image but they do start looking kind of Semi-samey after a while there are three Sliders to adjust how much noise you Want how much of your image weight Should be in the final and the style Scale you can try the app for free but You have to pay to remove the watermark This app is easy and inexpensive but You’ll get better results with both Photoshop and night cafe i’m a mid Journey user but mid journey isn’t Really a photo editor and doesn’t really Work so well with style transfers you Can upload an image and include the url Link in your prompt but you’re not going To get something that looks like style Transfer even if you use the highest

Image weight available i have a separate Video on how to work with images in mid Journey share your best file transfers In the comments below and let us know if You have a favorite app for style Transfer if this video was helpful Remember to like the video and subscribe To the channel this is jen at making the Photo let’s make something amazing Together [Applause] [Music] [Applause] You

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