AI Art Workflow with Stable Diffusion Inpainting and Outpainting

By | October 28, 2022
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This is your stable diffusion art not Quite come out the way you want it to a Little bit confused still about in Painting and out painting especially With version 1.5 or maybe you just want To see an artistic workflow from the Beginning right through to the very end Here it is this is how I start so I Start with a very very very simple Prompt so in this example A Portrait of A lady wearing a floral hat I then Generate an image have a look at the Image and go is that the sort of image That I had in mind am I am I in the Right genre here is it the right sort of Background are those the correct sort of Flowers things like that but for a lot Of the time I just click this one here Add a random artist to the prompt and That will add a random artist to the Prompt and then you can see how the Images change so there’s that one we’ll We’ll just generate it with the uh with A fixed C just so we can see how it Changes so there’s that without that in And we take that artist out do the same Thing again portrait of a lady wearing a Floral hat and it goes back to that one So yeah that that artist is is quite Good let’s see if we’ve got just the Comma and the name or how about if we Change that to by artist maybe it’s Accidentally picking up on that name and Trying to generate what it thinks is

That person maybe not don’t know but Looks all right but either way if you’re Happy with it or maybe you’re not happy With it maybe you want more maybe you Want more it’s okay because there is More you can right click again and then Roll three so this way I’ve got three Different artists so how does that Change the picture so this time I’ve got Those three and now we’ve got a Completely different picture okay it’s It’s interesting it’s a nice new style So I’ll go back to random and see if we Can generate some more pictures yeah These are these are quite good looking I I do like that style so all right let’s Let’s fix that seed again so Maybe just for some weirdness we’re Going to try the Unreal Engine trick Which used to work for BQ gun a lot so You just add rendered in Unreal Engine Or in this unreal five octane engine and Blender because why not why not just add Loads of different rendering engines and See what happens okay there we go so We’ve got this 3D model now which is Brilliant let’s have a look at a few More random ones of those just so we can See this is all sort of a 3D model style So who needs to learn blender you can Just type in rendered in blender and Then you get a blender render sort of Anyway let’s fix that scene again so What else are we going to change here

Let’s let’s actually take that 3D stuff Out and add some more detail so I’m Going to add all this stuff on to the End there and then we’re going to Actually take the the 3D look out of it So blender is great for giving you Lighting and effect and stuff like that But it gives you this sort of 3D plastic Doll rendered look and I don’t want that And what I want is a more sort of Classical realism painting look and some Roses and a brown Woolen hat and someone With long red hair so let’s see how Close I can actually get to that now That’s not bad is it I quite like that One I quite like that one but let’s Let’s actually take all these artists Out because maybe maybe it’s better Without them after all maybe we just Need the Unreal Engine trick and that Will make everything brilliant let’s Have a look That’s not bad that’s not bad that’s Yeah I mean it has changed a bit but I’ve still got still got the general Aesthetic apart from now I’m in a Completely sci-fi mood so let’s let’s Change this up a little bit and instead Of those flowers We’re going to have a cyborg woman with Long hair I’m putting that towards the Front now instead wearing detailed Sci-fi helmet armor concept art face and Still having the classical realism the

Unreal Engine trick and I’m also adding Some Reflections on the end there so how Does that change that image is it better Is it worse of course it’s better Because it’s now sci-fi art so let’s Throw in a few random ones of these and See what sort of image I want to tell me A story so that’s that’s quite good but I want a different one that one’s I like That one I like that one okay so I want To out paint the rest of this image it Doesn’t really matter if you’ve got a Head cut off at the top or bottom or Does not matter where it is because We’re going to be sending this over to Image to image now when we scroll down Here got the script we select the out Painting Mark II come down and turn all The directions off to start with and What direction do you want to go in I’m Going to go down to start with so I’m Just going to select one I’m going to go Down I’m gonna leave all these things on The default but I am using the stable Diffusion 1.5 in painting checkpoint so This should just fill it in down a Little bit there we’ll sort of get the Rest of the checkpoint no no I haven’t Actually changed the The Prompt at all Okay so there we’ve got one of the Common problems which is it’s it’s just Got this line across here and it hasn’t Filled that in at all so one fixes you Can turn the denoising strength up to

One that will sort of go all right I’m Just going to carry on and I’m going to Do whatever I want rather than the thing You’ve typed in there I’m just going to Fill that in so let’s have another go at That See how well it fills in that armor yes It is doing much much better the other Way of course is to fix your prompt so It actually builds in the thing that you Want it to so I’m going to have uh This is actually detailed sci-fi Guest armor There we go And there isn’t a concept of face in There but it is still concept art so now You’ve corrected the prompt it should Hopefully have an even better chance of Doing the thing that you want it to do So there we go we’ve got some armor Let’s send that to image to image again So that image is going over there and Let’s go left now so I’ll take off down Or take off left and how well is this Going to fill in because I haven’t got Any concept art armor over here I’ve Just got some hills so we’ll see what it Does because sometimes in painting Works Magic and just carries on for you anyway And it’s like there you go I want some Hills there you go you’ve got some hills All right that’s perfect so I’ve now got This nice Square image but there are Some things I want to change in there so

I’m going to send this over to inpaint And I’m going to turn off the out Painting script because when I’m in in Painting I just want to be using little Masks now the other thing is that this Image has actually changed size it’s not 5 12 by 5 12. it’s actually 640 but 640 And you can see the little red box there Giving you the actual dimensions it it Should be fine with any other Square Image but it is 640 by 640 so I’m going To do the in painting at that resolution Anyway so now you’ve got your mask there You can click on that make it make a Nice big mask and maybe maybe I want This mount in here I mean it’s a good Mountain and all it is a good mountain But I think I want that to be a Gothic Base port in the distance Okay so how about that will that give me A Gothic Spaceport in the distance or Will it just completely erase the Mountain it’s kind of 50 50 on the end Painting But more often than not it will give you The thing that you want and there we go It’s it’s kind of yeah it’s got a gothic Look to it it’s got a gothic look to it But if you really really do want to Change it and you don’t like the way That in painting is doing it then change The model so if I go to the SD version 1.5 prune dma only

This doesn’t have all the in painting Stuff in it this is the original 1.5 Model not good for in painting not good For amp painting it is very good for Doing changes massive changes to things So if I really really really want that To be a Gothic Spaceport in the distance Then this model without the in painting In will change it so if you find you’ve Got the in painting model you’re drawing Over something and you’re trying to make A goblin face or something like that and It’s like oh this is just keeping it as A human face the entire time none of This is changing why isn’t it changing Switch model switch over to any of the Other models that aren’t in specialized On in painting and there you go as you Can see that has now completely changed Into a Gothic Spaceport so I’m going to Keep that and send that to image to Image now uh actually I’ll send that to Impact because I’m going to carry on in Painting the other thing you can do I’m Going to just change that mask slightly Is you can in paint at Full Resolution Now this gives the objects quite a weird Look to them sometimes like they’re Somehow out of focus or out of place That one we’ve got away with it got away With it so I’m going to send that one to In painting as well and that’s that’s it You can also use that to of course take Out signatures if you’ve got a signature

You can block out the signature you’ve Got maybe a bit of army you want to fix Or a hand or something like that you Know just fix it in the end painting and When you’re ready to do the out painting Again I like to go to Center image to Image And then re-enable the out painting There and then again Pick One Direction So I’m going to go to the right for Example and then make sure I pick the in Painting model SD 1.5 in painting again It’ll take a few seconds to load that Model so the in painting one carries on More within the way that your photo Already is or your image already is Whereas the other checkpointing models Will you know pretty much wipe over Whatever you’ve got this one will carry On even if you give it Completely random prompts out there so Gothic’s Facebook in the distance there It’s still carried on it’s still sort of Done her helmet it’s still done those Armors armored bits but you will get the Best results if you do actually tell it What to do so this is uh we’ve got Armored Future Uh woman that’s Give it a little bit of that and with a Chorus in the background because we’ve Got a little bit of green there got a Little bit of green it seems to be

Filling in the green there so maybe Maybe it likes that there we go there we Go that is much better that is much Better so now we’ve got a hair there That’s all filled in so It’s pretty good it’s it’s a very clever Little checkpoint it will carry on if You if you go too wild it will ignore You and just carry on but if you go with It if if you can see what it’s trying to Paint for you and you’re like okay I can See you’re trying to paint that I’d like Something similar I want those to be Clouds or you know I want this to be red Armor or anything like that but there You go that is it that’s that’s pretty Much the entire thing from beginning to End creating your amazing sci-fi picture Using nerdy rodents amazing workflow and Of course if you want to learn even more Nerdy Road and geekery then do click on This video

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