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Exploring the Definition of AI Arts: Three Proposals

The Future of Art: Lev Manovich’s Proposals for AI Arts AI arts, or art created using artificial intelligence, is a topic that has garnered increasing attention in recent years. In a June 2019 article, Lev Manovich, a professor of computer science at the City University of New York, proposes three possible definitions for AI arts.… Read More »

AI Photo Generators

AI Photo Generators Using AI photo generators is a great way to create high-quality pictures in a matter of seconds. They are a good way to generate professional looking pictures for blogs and websites. There are also a number of different styles to choose from, including animal and landscape images. They are also a great… Read More »

Creating Photos With AI

Creating Photos With AI Those who have an interest in creating pictures using AI have a variety of options. There are three main types of AI generators that use text prompts to generate digital images. Each tool has its own unique features, and you can choose which one will work best for you. Whether you… Read More »

The Dangers of AI Art Sterotype

The Dangers of AI Art Stereotype Despite the ai art being racist, there are a few mitigation techniques being used by OpenAI in DALL*E 2 to make the AI less racially biased. FN Meka has been a flop as an AI rapper. This article will discuss some of these techniques and the dangers of ai… Read More »

Using Artificial Intelligence in Art and Design

Using Artificial Intelligence in Art and Design Using Artificial Intelligence in art and design is a growing trend. There are many types of applications that can be used to create designs that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. These include re-rendering of photographic images, emulating the styles of various composers, and abstract visual patterns from… Read More »

Should Art Classes Include AI Art?

Should Art Classes Include AI Art? During the past few years, the discussion of artificial intelligence (AI) and art has been a hot topic. While some may see AI-generated artwork as groundbreaking, others are concerned that it could be used to subvert the artistic community. In fact, some criticize the fact that AI-generated images have been… Read More »

Photo Based AI Art in MidJourney v4 – A New Level of Freedom and Creativity!

How to create totally unique AI Art by merging different images, and expend your own pictures and photos with new AI creations. Tips and Tricks, how to use images in your AI Art created by MidJourney. I appreciate your support!…

Who Should Art Produced by AI Belonged To?

Who Should Art Produced by AI Belonged To? While AI is already being used to create art, we should consider who owns the works created by these machines. The use of AI in art is a new frontier and the legal protection of creative works is still in question. Although we might not be able… Read More »