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Who Should Art Produced by AI Belonged To?

Who Should Art Produced by AI Belonged To? While AI is already being used to create art, we should consider who owns the works created by these machines. The use of AI in art is a new frontier and the legal protection of creative works is still in question. Although we might not be able… Read More »

DeviantArt Introduces New AI Tools and Controls

-DeviantArt is introducing new AI tools and controls, including a tool to generate art (DreamUp), the ability to control the amount of AI art in your feed, clear labeling of AI-generated art, and the ability to opt out of AI datasets. ——- DeviantArt’s New AI Software DreamUp DeviantArt is rolling out a new AI software… Read More »

AI Art Generators, Explained

Artificial intelligence has made it nearly effortless to create digital art. WSJ senior personal tech columnist Joanna Stern tried out two AI art programs, OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 and Stability AI’s DreamStudio, and she joins host Julie Chang to explain how…