Photo Based AI Art in MidJourney v4 – A New Level of Freedom and Creativity!

By | November 17, 2022

How to create totally unique AI Art by merging different images, and expend your own pictures and photos with new AI creations.
Tips and Tricks, how to use images in your AI Art created by MidJourney.

Hello in this video I want to look how To use the images with mid-journer Version 4 tips and tricks some Suggestions and we’ll look on some Examples of this let’s go ahead and First start looking what is how we can Put it actual images in our string and If you work with previous versions it is About same only now it’s supported in Version 4 and support very very well so Let’s look what we have right here you Can see it command for us Imagine Next We have it reference we can put to image One image two and we have it also can Put additional descriptions we still Cannot Customize the aspect rate shows or Weight on the images but even with this Preliminary options it will develop Great job what I’m going to do going Over some examples first and next we put A hands on to try and show in a life how You can do it how you can import images Suggestion on importing images Suggestions on combining them so let’s Go first look on some examples and right Here you can see you can very simple Reference the images put the Descriptions and then you have the Results so hear me with wearing Bugatti T-shirt with that hey Zoolander Paris And that’s what created So the next one let’s look and we have A combination of different images you’re

Not necessarily can photo you can also Take images that you created with a mid Journey like one And second anyone combined the reason Why you want to to do this sometimes if You try to do this in a text line it’s Become too complex for example right Here we have a khaklama bear Twisted fur Feathers all the stuff and Below we have It Um cyberpunk porcelain skin translucent All those elements and if I combine Those together in one strings I will Never have this result that what I Achieve now so take those two different Text string before created separate Image of the style if you like it and After take those two images and combine In one so this is one very powerful way To combine styles that usually you Cannot do with your text string So here’s also with photo you can take a Photo of the person same we have this Cyberpunk porcelain screen porcelain Skin person and we can combine those Together and we can achieve this result You can see it’s actually come very good Expressions uh hairstyle and we applied Some of the skin and because we cannot Specify which image should be Prioritized position for the image won’t Be um Like right here this position first Image secondly image it does not matter

And we cannot really specify the weight Of the image so you can put in any Directions but overall you can see it’s 50 50 so it’s thick and combine them Together to create one image and I think This is quite a bit great result it was Achieving based on this okay so let’s go Ahead next you can see another photos Different style and look how the style The best things what I like about how Mid Johnny perform look on the dress and We can see green dress but stylization Of this cyberpunk it’s applied same like A neck from neck add some jewelry Lighting I mean it is very impressive on The way how mid Journey take these two Images and combine creating One new It is a not for you Because using image and if you’re using Your own image or some other ones nobody Else can create that image even they Take strings everything because the Image I’m using it’s my it’s copyrighted To me so the people cannot take it and Recreate this image exactly the same so This is another way is how you can Create a help maybe I want to say help Make it copyrighted image without other People copywriting or copying your style So this is another ways you can actually Secure your work Okay so right here it’s not necessarily Styles in the portrait you also can have It environmental merch for example the

Same project as before we have a Cyberpunk environment and you can see Actually AI without any text strings I’ll show you after just on reference to Images it’s figure out and put it our Person in environment where we have it So obviously it’s recognized I don’t see Portrait here so I want my merge Portraits and I just take a scenery and Put it inside Just a few other examples on a portraits And you can see we have a project with Person cyberpunk and actually very well Aligned and by the way it’s give it also Different angles of the head so it’s not Always we’ll give you the same what you Produce which is actually even better Same like before you can see applied With even same lighting and on the Bottom I tried Um see what’s happening when I used my Poppy and myself and it’s horrifying Result But you know you maybe can achieve Better but I think it’s kind of Forbidden mutation happened there Okay so so but beside using two words You also can use it a description you Can of course like in the first photo When I show you example it was me Description result but you can achieve Actual very good result just with simple Work for example here I uploaded for my Photo

And after I just type zombie and that is A result and actually it’s a very Impressive result it does so it’s used My photo And apply sterilization of the zombie Not as also position of the head it’s at A headphone so I actually recognize Quite a bit details it’s very impressive Car done well besides Specify type you can also specify Emotions like for example in this case I Tried create portrait and says give me Angry look and it actually had a very Good job I did many different examples With angry happy smiling screaming and They all come up very good So in this case if you have a portrait And you can specify emotions it also Will create for you and you can see it’s Actually keep it very close Guitar is important of course it’s held Some additional lighting but overall Emotions was representing very good and If you want to take more sterilizations Right here for example some portraits And as just says Hey I want it to look Like a Disney princess so it’s applied Very interesting sterilization Um This is a very interesting options Because You actually can find your friends and Says hey send me your picture it’s Actually I did for some people a sec if

You send me photo I can put you as a Disney princess you have some online Services we do exactly the same and they Charge money Um you don’t necessarily need charge Money to your friend but you can nicely Surprise them by taking and turn their Faces their portraits in the Disney Characters or any other characters you Want to do Included like SpongeBob and some other Characters Okay but what if you don’t have photos What if you want to create something Similar for example you try to create Illustration book for kids or you try to Do comic book or anything you may don’t Have it for us the instant things that Mid-journing AI it’s so smart you don’t Need to use it just for us example I’m Like gone and create a simple sketch Literally stick figures draw stick Figures heal small trees save this and Says well you know what what if I want To create A boy who’s staying on a hill but I have No drying skill Then I got my journey to my rescue and What’s happening I take the image I Created add descriptions and here is a Result you can see very close to what Actually I done maybe hand little bit Not on the hip standing but I’m sure if We work around we can find some other

Way to create and this is with just very Simple description so what I did it I Put it image in write description a Young boy staying on a Green Hill and I Also add golden hour and the surprise It’s add very good Lighting on a Background so all what you need to do Your simple simple sketch some Descriptions and it’s help you to create This is actually some people may say It’s not R but I think it is give it Ability to the people who have a not Drying skill or maybe they have a Handicap or some other ways to actually Create illustrations that inside the Head so you don’t need to have it a Perfect drawing skill you just have a Simple reference for the AI how you run Position how you want to your figures Located or some other things included Some other objects example right here I Just drew the rocket launching in space And it’s what I type that’s a result Of course I did not specify give me Photo realistic or cartoon or outline Cell shaded just straightforward but you Can see how mid Jordan already take my Sketch whatever I’ve done and enhance This quite so let’s go ahead right now And actually try to do something I’ll Show how simple and easy you can do this So do you work in Discord and my Recommendation actually for you to open Your channel if you work with the bot or

Other things and two windows and the Reason is why that we have In one window I will have a just Reference to my photos so I just don’t Like scroll up and down I like to get it upload my photos in one Place and then next I can go in my Window and just start typing can copy Paste so you just prevent me from going And consoles growing up and down on the Window So we’ll go in one and we’re going to Upload right here on the bottom where You always type your message you’ll see Plus sign click on the plus sign and It’ll have it upload the file so let’s Go click on that icon And we have access to our file you don’t Need to upload just one file so you can Actually click and select the multiple Files as you need it You could still reference to images that You rendered before but sometimes I like To re-upload them so they kind of all Like a group together for me okay so We’ll go Select different files your sketches Whatever you like it Okay let’s go just select maybe a few More when you’re done with this click Open and in order to right here it’s Open on the bottom If you are not uh what they call Nitro Whatever you have it limited to eight

Um megabyte So you have about eight megabyte and if You’re a Nitro you have a little bit More space But notice you can download it more than One image is what I like to do when the Select just press enter and it will Uploading those images Okay let’s scroll down and right here You can see this image is uploaded you Cannot just simple click on the image in The reference you actually need to click On an image To open preview and when it’s preview Right click I’m going to copy image Address don’t copy image don’t think Right click and copy from this area you Actually click on an image right click And copy image address this is what you Needed Next why I like to do this because I can Go in another window don’t worry about Finding those images just go and start Imagine I’ll put it one image inside Reference don’t worry if it’s very long This will take care of this next I can Go and find different for example let’s Just for fun we’ll click on this right Click copy image address go here Prayer space you needed space between The two images so one and two image what We’re doing right now we take those two Images and we combine in a style And that’s all what we need to do so if

We’re going press enter And you can see it’s a start rendering So as a doing job let’s try something Else for example We can try this what I did right here We’ll have it from photoshoot models We’ll right click Copy image address Let’s go type imagine Okay and like Probably easy if I just go right here And I’m just going click what I want to Do I shot if you can see this is kind of Like a retro yes and sometimes I do like A compositing works with this but I Decide hey let’s see I try to do Compositing but I want to do in this Retro comic book style so I’m going and Copy this image address let’s go back Here We’ll copy space and paste Right there there you go before I press Enter I actually going to copy these two Names Because I want to show you How you can combine and this is a cheap Tip and trick kind of what you can do Okay so let’s go make it also Okay wow look on this this is already Rendered it’s our style so our style was Combining The Cyber bank with nice lighting the Pauses and we combine with this Porcelain gold white skin the result mix Is literally stunning look at a hair

Lights neon lights on the back still Have an umbrella holding in a hand but It’s add porcelain skin another so it’s Very very impressive okay right here we Have it kind of coming our result but It’s not necessary result I wanted And beside Using just images of reference what is Good it’s a help AI to see what you’re Looking after so let’s go try again this Imagine and we’ll take those two images Remember I copy them before but instead I will add to the end Um Retro Sci-fi Comic book Just add to help Um yeah I understand in which way Akshala one stylize when the merging Pictures So let’s go ahead press and render this One and as it’s rendering I’m going to Upscale couple of those because they Actually look very very nice and best Part of this This image if I render nobody else They can try to kind of Clone from this But they cannot replicate this because I Was using my photo right here that I Take what is copyrighted to me okay so I Took it all the stuff and I use it Stylizations that mid Journey created Before when I was experimenting playing

Around Let’s go down below and see what is Coming up okay and look what is it Different now so this is what I created With this outfit actually you know what Let me even upscale this Oops I don’t want version actually I Want to upscale One upscale two Well four and two let’s upscale those Ones and as it’s working we already can See the different so all what we did Different from previous We did use that same images but we also Tell me Journey what style we wanted so If it does not necessarily your two Images blending in together be sure you Add maybe extra descriptions to help Kind of full lead in a way you want to Go with a mid journey and right here Look on this this is perfect it’s a Retro sci-fi in a way I want it with a Suit outfit about same pauses somewhat Closer well of course the horrible Horrible handsome day the problem will Fix this But there’s our image and this is bring Us to this point we have an image Reference image maybe if you’re on Stylizations and you just add extra Descriptions to create that image more Feed So to feed a little bit more in your Style

Okay at this point we have an image to Image that you can create it on the mid Journey directly you can also going to Create your photo personal photo folder You took it style that you enjoying Creating on Main Journey without any Description just take all those two Images and merge them to create a very Beautiful merge together you can also Follow same different type of style you Can also change the background and Actually I’m working on some different Things like with witches and other Things which is create great things but You can extend the environment with your Model when you do this Um You get a little bit more experiment Maybe between create some mutations if You want in this case you also can use It just simple sketches to create your Own book illustrations Comics maybe Posters whatever you wanted and you Don’t necessarily need to use it sketch If you want it you can simple collage of The images will work as well even maybe Better but same with a simple sketch and Descriptions you can achieve this as Well as well you can modify images based On the description of the environment of The person emotional state will change As well you also can take and describe The stylizations not necessarily how It’s look like Disney princess but also

You can do like Picasso Impressionism and some other ones which Will apply to your image and as we said Before combine images and descriptions All together so I hope you find this Video interesting to you give it some Tips how to work with the new MID Journey version version 4 and image is Integrated if you have any questions let Me know post it comment subscribe that Will help and one other things just a Small tip for you there on YouTube if You’re using because some videos the Instructionals what is meaning you look On some chips you’re watching you can’t Remember but afterwards when you come Back and you cannot find those videos You have a hard time to find them so the Couple things you can do for one if You’re going it’s a video on my channel You can go just on my channel go to Playlist and a playlist I have right Here called Um AI creativity or EI art with 54 Videos so in these videos in this Playlist in this playlist that I created Specifically for AI generated artwork And related stuff you find a lot of Videos about how to properly work with a Prompt some tips and tricks how to find Another Services how upscaler and do all Of these different things with the AI Related art so go over in this video Find some video you maybe Miss Maybe

Help you as well beside playlist what I Personally do this with videos that I Like it I’ll go down under below video Where it says save you click on this and You’ll notice right you have to watch Later group and I add videos to my watch Later at least on this case if I come Back and it says Um just somewhere but I don’t remember This kind of nice techniques or some Kind of tips that I can go there find The video and watch this again and this Has helped me a lot with this truck Instructional type of the videos So thank you again for watching if you Like these videos give thumb like Subscribe let’s spread around that your Support is greatly appreciated thank you And have a great day

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