Niji-Journey: The Best Kept Secret in Anime Image Generation

By | November 18, 2022

Midjourney is currently beta testing an anime and manga version of their popular text-to-image generation AI for the Asian market: Niji – Journey

Hi I’m Jen with making the photo Midjourney is currently beta testing an Anime version of their popular text to Image AI for the Asian market and the Tests are going really well in this Video I’ll give you a sneak peek into Niki Journey the best kept secret in AI Anime image generation make sure to Watch till the end for a chance to Explore this early release mid-journey Opened private beta testing of their Anime image generator Nigi Journey at The beginning of October 2022 this is a Collaboration between spellbrush and Mid-journey Nikki journey is different From the main mid-journey image Generator the AI is trained specifically On anime and manga art styles while you Can make anime images in mid-journey Nikki journey is designed to be more Tuned in to the aesthetic and the Subjects in anime it goes beyond Anything mid-journey can currently do in The genre like mid-journey Niki journey Is a Discord bot the two tool is Designed for the Asian market and Discussions in the Discord server are in Japanese Chinese Korean and English you Can prompt in any of these languages and You can even switch between the Languages You can prompt in English And then switch back and put the same Prompt in in Chinese

For this video I’m testing the private Beta version of Niki journey and it Looks like Nikki will run just like Mid-journey in the Discord enter slash Imagine in the message bar and then type What you want to see the results by Default will be in anime style but you Can add subjects and style words to help Nikki Journey know what you want you’ll Get four results choose to upscale one Or all of them by using the u1u2 buttons If you like an image but want to see Variations on this one image use the V Buttons If you don’t like any of the Options re-roll The Prompt for a new set If you are new to anime you may need Some help prompting Nikki Journey has a Special help feature that mid-journey Doesn’t have in the message bar type Slash ideas for a list of randomly Generated prompt ideas the buttons don’t Seem to work but I copied one of the Prompts into the message bar and I Created the light of the demon you don’t Need to stay in a specific language Channel either skip over to the Chinese Japanese Korean or English image Generation channels and see what’s going On when you find something you like it’s Easy enough to find out what the prompt Says using a translation program like Google Translate Many of mid-journey’s prompt parameters Work in the beta version of Niki Journey

These are the dash dash commands at the End of your prompt that completely Change the way your image looks if you Are new to prompting a mid-journey see My quick guide to mid-journey prompt Parameters if you have an explored Mid-turning yet start with the video Starting your mid-tierney join over 4 Million people already creating AI Generated art with mid-journey the Default aspect ratio in Niki journey is Two by three aspect ratios are a bit Limited for Niki Journey right now but You can make some popular sizes like 16×9 prompt parameters like chaos Stylize and Seed also work But image prompts don’t yet work in Niki Journey Upscaling by default is dash dash up Anime but up beta and uplight also work In Niki Journey I’m recording this video Just after version 4 of mid-journey Launched into Alpha Testing with Niki Journey you can remix into version 4 but It does seem to lose some of the anime Aesthetic Nikki Journey integrates with Mid-journey on the website the images go Directly to your mid-journey homepage Just like your mid-journey images for me The prompts are in English even if I Prompt it originally in Chinese or Japanese a Niggy Journey when Niki Journey opens to the public the plan is That you will be able to use your

Subscription hours on either mid Journey Or Nigi Journey if you are watching this Video in late 2022 Nikki journey is in Private beta testing it is not yet open To the public sign up for the wait list On Nigi Journey website at and watch for Announcements on when Nikki Journey will Be open for public use during the beta Test fast hours are free you can produce As much anime as you want but no one Really knows how long beta testing will Last and there are rumors of the beta Test going into a version 2 model before Long I put Niki journey through some Tests to see how it would do against Version 3 of mid-journey and the newer Version 4. I also put it against stable Diffusion and Dolly too to see how the Anime rendered I kept my prompt very Simple I wanted an anime cat let’s start With Nigi Journey vs mid-journey version 3 which at the time of this video is the Default version there is a distinct Difference in style and subject Nikki Journey will make cats but usually it Will make a cat character meet your Neighborhood 4 is much more Knowledgeable in terms of styles but it Sends back anime images similar to Version 3. though the cats are much more Realistic with the classic big eyes doll E2 gets the anime style pretty well but The nihi journey characters are much

More filled in Dolly characters are much More sketch-like and when it comes to Stable diffusion you’re going to need a Lot more prompting help to get a good Anime image I tested Niki journey by Prompting in Japanese Korean Chinese and English to see if there were any Difference in the images that were Rendered there didn’t seem to be any Difference based on language but I also Prompted in Thai Vietnamese and other Unsupported Asian languages the bot Didn’t recognize the cat prompt but I Did get a good look at the default Styling of Niki journey I have a couple Of invites to Nigi Journey’s private Beta testing to give away if you are a Subscriber to this Channel and have a Discord handle send me an email with Your Discord name and number to Wit’s End photography this offer is Only available to a couple of creators And only while Niki journey is still in Beta testing hands down Nikki journey is The best text to image anime art Generator if you love anime art you’re Going to love Nikki Journey if this Video Just as this video was about to go live Niji Journey got its first major update I’ll take a deep dive into this version In a separate video but let’s take a Quick look at the changes Foreign

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