How to use FireFly AI in Photoshop

By | March 1, 2024

Adobe generative AI technology in Photoshop, make compositing and editing work at breeze. In this video, I am going over very powerful and very simple-to-use new AI functionality in Photoshop.
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Hello there my name is Vladimir and Welcome to my YouTube channel where We’re going to work with Adobe Firefly AI when we can take to one age another One just create a cool image and we’ll See how this new technology help us to Create better pictures and most accurate So I work for some time with compositing And sometimes you expand screens expand Images And it’s take a time yes so with new AI Firefly it was amazing to me how easy to Do well you know what let’s go actually Do this so right here I have an image And this is image we took it at the Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland byway If you’re interested I have it down link Below go check my another Channel where We travel have it fun different foods Just goofing around and I’m sure you Probably enjoy that channel but anyway Here is the kitchen and what I want to Do I want to create more for the kind of Social media maybe like like a banner so For this we’ll just take our cropping Tool and usually just go to take a Little bit down let’s go about right Here and we’ll cut little bit down below And you know what nothing new that can Be done before but what if we do in Expand and what I mean expand what if I Go left and right what if I want to make A wider screen and previous before Firefly before all the stuff it does

Have a some kind of content to wear but Not to level what we have right Now an example we go down on the top Right here you can see where it says a Feeli and we want to be sure it says Generative feel well sorry generative Expense so what it does is Will analyze Image and put it together so what I’m Going to do I’ll go select this I don’t Need specify anything right now and I Press enter you could actually specify You could put a text what you want to See there but without putting in the AI Try to analyze all image and says okay That is what they want to put it there So let’s go ahead see what’s happening Here notice it is sending my information To this server it’s a processing and now Sending back and look what we have we Have a three result we can click on each Result to preview And look on that wow of course this one I don’t want it and they going too Extreme you know so you can preview but I Think this one is look real good okay Let’s look preview look at this before And after it’s analyzed on my left side It’s no wall look on this no wall was on Left side so it’s actually analyzing all Of these areas how it’s going there Arches so it’s analyzed arches and based On the Arches it says okay here’s Supposed to be and the wall that is

Amazing literally it is amazing without Specifying anything it’s make my Compositing work whatever work with Images so much easy it’s unbelievable And also it’s add some elements of Course it’s will be like problem right Here let’s let’s zoom in and okay we’ll Click we zoom in look at nice you see The mess up right here is happening that Also keep it in mind that what we have Here here is a ution let’s go check Image image size and you notice it is Actually 6,000 3,000 by 600 it’s a huge Image it’s it’s large and if you ever Work with like stable diffusion or other Things you know the limitations original Was 250 512 now about 1,000 by 24 if you Go to like mid Journey or other ones Where you’re generating images they Could technically go up to 4K can higher But you need up scale and everything Here you just selecting and it’s a Matching resolution it is wow I mean Seriously it just wow okay but right Here we have it little bit crappy I Don’t know if you can even use it Stencil so what I’m going to do I’m Going to select my lasso oh let’s say Cancel right there we don’t need to Change size okay we’ll take our lasso Tool and I’m just going to to select This area right here which I don’t Necessarily like it you know what let’s Leave with spoon I will leave with spoon

Like this so I just don’t like this area And next I’ll just click Genera a feel As I click generator F I have it prompt And you can specify you can say a spoon Or this Or Cricket maybe we’ll should put it Cricet you know that is good Pinocchio Cricet maybe we’ll do this but I won’t Specify anything and if you don’t Specify AI analyze image if you little Bit familiar or just heard you maybe Heard a clip system it’s when language Kind of assciation let try to take image Analyze and put it properly and look What’s happening okay before and after Look at this it’s a clean up I mean Seriously how amazing it is and of Course we can look on different oh I Like this one yeah let’s keep it that One look on This so simple you just go and you Replace you can put it everything you Know what let’s try Cricket I think that Is cool um right Here I’m going to select area where I Want to place the cricet just around There we click generate field and we’re Going to type and you know the one thing It sometimes can be good sometimes can Be so we’ll find out okay I will have It Cricket I think that should Work let’s see how it’s come up because Um you don’t specify seed you don’t Specify anything it’s whatever system

Will create it so it does created cricet Right there and I think I maybe uh No oh that is weird I think I like this One first yeah look at this that is a Beautiful and I wish they had option to Specify seed and Seed it’s kind of Reduced with randomizations so if you Create some characters you can remember Those seed numbers and after you can Pass it and based on the seed they can Create it a character a good Char well Similar image and I think we should was Here but again look on this I created Cricket which is kind of awesome I think It’s kind of very cool so on this case Let’s just analyze our image again and We’ll just scroll around and like right Here look at this again see the Miss Messy stuff right there like hm it does Not look right yeah so let’s go again Let’s go select this areas like right Here and this is a tip I highly don’t Recommend select more than one because We technically can select here and we Can select some area here I don’t like It let’s try this so okay we’ll go Select hold down shift we’ll select uh Maybe a little bit more like like there There you go see we select two areas What are we going to do generate a field Generate so it’s will create it problem With doing this way now we have two Areas and one pass so it’s you s we have Three different versions and some

Versions wasn’t necessary but I like it But if I get only one I got higher Chance now I need to compare two of them So this is one I look second like for Example I like I like this here but I Don’t like this One or this so so it’s kind of you know I recommend use just one area at a time And do this way but I think this one Clean up quite a bit look on this before And after it definitely look way better Of course and I’m going with lasso tool Just Around Here select area that I Don’t like it like for example here and We’ll go select little bit Here I think those two ones and I’ll go Generate and click generate again again So in some cases that EI tool becomes so Good that I don’t use a healing brush in Many cases because you saw how with Healing brush you try to go this even With new update algorithm but right here Look it’s gone I mean it is amazing what This can do Okay of course you have some different Options and different tools you can use It But General this the next things what we Want to do we want to actually add some Fun Texs to this and we can add text by Going and typing this is what I usually Done before so I have it text I’m going To type and we can have it Um breakfast is what we reason to have

It at Tiffany no it’s not breakfast T is Breakfast At Goofy’s Kitchen And you know just to make it is more fun We could Actually play with this so we can have It a little bit bigger text we can go Ahead and Increase where you right here so we can Do all of this stuff we even can go and Play with a coloring yeah so we can add Some Strokes fun overlay drop couple Shadows You know we can we can do all of this Fun stuff and of course we can just to Make it fun and Simple we can go just to create our Arc and just little bit like this okay And of course if you want have it very Fancy Stuff we can even take individual Letters and increase play a little bit More with a size you know smaller bigger Just have it kind of Somewhat fun but it is nice but it’s Generic kind of text other things what We can do we can utilize again Firefly But sadly they don’t have this Firefly Yet inside the Photoshop for this you Need to go to Firefly and you Can use a text like right here look what I did it I says goofy kitchen text yes And it says kitchen cookware jar spices Bagad sausages candy the kitchen where

You can put all of the stuff and then You generate it of course when you Generate you have multiple options and That’s what we’re going to use one Option I want increase from tight medium And loose so by default you’re the Medium loose it mean parts will go a Little bit more out so we’ll select this One and we have a different type of Fonts here you can see of course we have Way more different fonts that we can Select but I think H how about this one A little bit more more bold let’s do This way so we can select different Fonts um I do like how it’s come up so We’ll just leave it like this text and Background I want transpar so I just Drag and drop okay we’ll select it and We’ll go ahead click generate and let’s Actually take font and we’ll add all This elements how you see it and put Together and look how much it is add a Lot of of these funny elements around But you know what I don’t know if I like It that much loose so let’s go back to Our medium one select we’ll go to Generate also if you notice on the Bottom right there it’s generating four Different versions and that’s what we Can look you can go and see which Versions you like it for example here’s Some kind of bottles other stuff so we Can go click select on different you Know maybe Donuts maybe we should put

The donuts There Okay yeah see this one a little bit more Fun of course we have it constrain to uh Letters except right here see where n It’s kind of Jar coming I think I like This way okay and of course when you Like it we want to save this so let’s go Ahead WR go over and you notice right There you have it your more options if We click on more options you have it Copy you have it um done load whatever So if we just copy images it should just Copy for us and let’s go see if it’s Copy there we go and paste contrl V and There we have it our kitchen um Something you see it is have it little Bit black background so it does not Necessar properly save I think we need To go back to our kitchen and we’ll need It save it so and as we save it we want To save of course as uh PNG so we have It all transp verive save was and now After we save it we have our image I can Take this now drag and drop and there we Have it our Transparency look at that how it is nice Of course there’s another problem Because it’s so busy it’s hard to see And we need add some other elements to Showing but General I think it’s kind of Fun yes okay let’s go ahead very fast We’ll go create one and we can just Create something like

This white let’s go with white for now And we can select even images and place It but you can see already how fun it is To Create I would say personally it is a Best choice right now from design point Of view to use this kitchen there Because small details won’t be visible But it is Nice things to just play around and try It okay so far you see how well we Created our cricet from the text we Wanted expand it it’s a beautiful I’m Just speechless how good it is work on The um generative expand and we also add And fix it some those Elements you know it’s not very complex What we done here oops okay It’s not very complex it’s a Simplicity But this is the best Part because on this case you focus on Your creative part and less worried About technology this is I think best Technology that is a transparent you Canot see it but it’s there and help you To deliver your idea what you Wanted well I hope you like it this Video it wasn’t very complex but it was Fun for me and I hopefully it was fun For you thank you for watching be sure To subscribe to the my channel share This video watch all way your help is Greatly appreciated thank you and have a Great day bye