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Can AI Write Poetry?

Can AI Write Poetry? Using a speech synthesizer, the GPT-2 artificial intelligence wrote poetry. Although it had the ability to read, write, and speak in English, its style was not original and was very formulaic. The rhythmic protocols that are typical of classic verse were not used by the animal. Instead, it favored style and… Read More »

AI Art Generator Ethics

AI Art Generator Ethics           As we enter the age of AI, ethical considerations about artificial intelligence-generated art are increasingly important. The rise of algorithms crunching data, which is not the same as art, threatens to rob us of perspective and inspiration. Think of the endless remixes and cover songs generated… Read More »

How Will AI Take Over Art?

How Will AI Take Over Art?                   Art is already being created by artificial intelligence. It is able to mimic human cognition, creating stunning works of art. If it can replicate these skills, it may even replace human illustrators. This technology has the potential to change many… Read More »