AI backdrops in 3d applications, Vue, Terragen and Daz3d

By | November 7, 2022
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The nice things about EI generated art That you can generate so big variety of Different elements that you can use in Different applications or your project Here’s for example I like to generate These 3D backdrops that I use it in my Compositing and I used also other Backdrops in a 3D applications when I’m Rendering So right here in this video I want to go Over how I set up the backdrops and Three applications will be voo Terra gen And the studio I will have it the Chapters below so you can jump directly To an application that you’re using if You’re interested to see how it’s Working what tips and suggestions I have It how to do this so right here this is A nebulous I render created with a Mid-journey EI and we’re just going to Use one of them as example Inside the woo we actually can use the Background in two ways the one older way That is before was added it’s when we Create a planet In the background we’re going inside the Planet Be sure it kind of like our all Background so I’ll just Scale bigger right there You can see it’s kind of cover all of This Um Size so let me readjust a little bit so

We can see better result Okay right there okay oh Just for fun we can throw model but you Can see already we have it and all what We need to do in planet is go click on a Custom And we’re going select one I’m going to Select the nebula The one thing when you notice with Nebula when we create it it won’t be Sharp because when we render image where We create an AI the maximum size is About 2048 by 2048 in many cases it’s Actually smaller if you use it night Cafe or Netherlands it’s much smaller Size so we want to upscale and this is Actually very important for some other Applications like and does you can Definitely see all the sharpness so Usually it’s what I do I use it Gigapixel AI it’s worked very very well And I’m just going straight forward Uploaded and it will resize and it’s Make sharper so it’s look way nicer This is way Um kind of updating in this Let’s go back to our view and you can Notice right here our image the one Thing is what we want to modify if we’re Using again the backdrop as a planet When you go to Atmosphere editor An atmosphere editor inside we’re Ongoing Skype for case and modify here For example we want to take down

A little bit on atmosphere height Reduce our Haze fog And just overall clear up view as well We can take our sun position And one thing I like you can even put it Behind almost like sun glowing on the Side around here It does produce not very Kind of more natural look for the Backdrop what I prefer to do is actually An atmosphere editor switch from Photometric to the standard model This will provide you can see better Color saturations and as well going Inside the camera and inside camera Properly disable after exposure So nice things benefit of producing this Way that we can actually take planet and Rotate To showing properly how we want it which Area you want to display as well you Have it more control so we can Make it the wide short I mean you can Change a lot of resolutions on this how It’s displaying Bring like a little bit down and so on So it is a little bit more interesting You can see it have a nice Change and as well the sun will affect We can Bring maybe even up higher if you want Them it’s Add quite a bit interesting effect so we Created more interesting backdrop effect

Like with a star galaxies nebulous and Not necessarily so you can also apply Trees Like background clouds and I do Sometimes these it’s saved quite a bit Time and render Because it does not need it calculate True volumetric values for this it can Just put it as an image on the Background and all what you need to do Here is just go ahead create Some mountains Okay let’s go right there We’ll edit our mountains And there you go now we have our sci-fi Look It might be a little bit like this So the line is going And we can create a different scenario Scenery and everything so this is one Way to do with View and this is a little Bit more older way The newer way Let’s go ahead we’ll hide the planet Away from here It will open the camera properties in Camera properties you’ll notice right Here we have the backdrop so let’s go Ahead click on the backdrop and with Backdrop we can load it so we can go Click and says use it backdrop Then we’ll click on an icon with the Image so we can pre-load it and I will Go and navigate

I’m going to use it upscale The one with high resolution It does apply very good and one thing What I do recommend right here see it Says override atmosphere so what’s Happening if you have it enable override Atmosphere you want to have any effect It will be just on a backdrop so let’s Go ahead and click OK and you can see The fog another thing apply to our Mountain does not apply to our Environment that’s what we want one Disable this if you want to have a Little bit more natural look We’ll go ahead and click OK this time Now it will be correct properly Atmosphere effect applied to our Backdrop the reason is why you don’t Want sometimes override atmosphere if You have it as a reference image when You set up mountains or something maybe In this case you want to reference image But usually if you just used for the Render you want disable this Okay also Zoom factor is how close you Won’t be one biggest uh problem to Create this It is Um Ray Choice it will skew so what is Meaning let’s write here if I hit my Camera and I move it you notice my Background does not move it’s always in The same place and ratio it’s set to my Active camera this is good and bad they

Are good because I can easily position Don’t need worry My background always in scenery however If I go to Presets values this is a square but Right now it’s not Square we can also Just go and let’s see like uh free user Define and we’ll have it very Ultra wide Like 2000 and you can see how it’s Skewed see how it’s scratching and Everything that is I found the biggest Problem if you’re using backdrops Through the main camera inside the view So in this case if you want to use the Backdrop or you need to take this Backdrop and put it properly rate show Inside like Photoshop or other Applications or you can use other Techniques where you use the planet Just to the drop in this case Planet Won’t have it any skew effect or other Thing okay So this is how we’re doing inside the Wool let’s go to terrigen now so this is Chair gen 4.3 I think latest 4.6 is out it should be any big Difference will be very similar to what We have right here uh the different Primarily will be it is If you sign a view we’re using more Visual things here will work a little Bit more with the notes The things what we want to do it is work On the background and if we’re going to

Object node it’s set by default you can See right here we have our background Right click and let’s go to internal Networks and internal networks you can See we have it our Shader and we have Our background Shader also okay so let’s Go ahead and add right click let’s go on Top Shader we’ll go to surface Shader and We’re going to use a default Shader so This is what we going to use instead the Background Shader we can go right now Click and reconnect let’s leave it for Now background trailer here from this is Default Shader what we’re going to use It is our color image connection Okay next we need to put our image Inside and for this we’ll go right click Going to the shaders again going to the Color Shader and we’ll use it image map Shader with navigating to properly and What I’m going to say I’m going to use The upscale And I’m going to use it not upscale it’s Look very Um blurry not sharp so we want to Upscale image so this is what I’m going To use right now we’ll go open and Insert in our node Right here we have our image map okay And let’s go ahead take this and connect To our color function we still don’t see Anything because we need to do a couple More setups to make it available for

Viewing okay let’s go to some properties So we’ll go to image map Shader let’s Bring up one change This Plane 2 to the Camera Settings And because we set to the camera we also Need control projection camera and we’ll Just use the assign our render camera For now we have only one camera if you Have more than one you will select later So this is one of the basic setup on This uh let’s go just click stay open And just put on aside And you know what Walmart thinks what Right here where we created we need Increased size so image size you see 12 So what we’re saying one two two eight Eight and we’ll set this one same one Two two Eight eight this one does help on the Bottom it’s showing you what size of the Pixel image and we’ll want to match the Size with current size of the image and You know what we need to go inside our Default shaders we’ll go to image and We’ll do just same things here as well We’ll set to the camera And we assign the render camera as well To this point Okay now let’s go ahead inside the Atmosphere settings and in atmosphere Settings just so we can see I won’t take My haze down Blue Sky just remove everything so we

Can preview a nice beautiful Sky Okay I can go to click and close all of This And it’s still a bit dark because we did Not Set luminastic properly so let’s go Ahead open again and right there our Luminosity is dark we can pop up a Little bit brighter and as we add Luminosity maybe about three five And as we create right here we need our Reference for Luminosity so I’m go ahead Open the image and we’ll open the same Image as we used before It should pop up now Properly we can also work a little bit More with Luminosity at this point you Can have it a very bright or darker Whatever how you want a density but it Will be applying and you can see right Here we have it already image apply Okay we do have some lines adjustments For this one we can go inside the image Mapper And work on the positioning For our image So you can readjust position or set Position level left Center And this way we can reposition our image To match without those seamless points As well you can change this image size That will make help as well and this Time you can play around more with

Different settings And kind of try to match one thing what I do like to do is produce tile and um Who are inside the mid Journey you can Have a tile thing so it will tile the Background that one you can create this Way again through this settings size and Positioning we can adjust Um How much we want to see or maybe put it Too much on this one one two Two eight eight I think that is about Right Okay the other things also because we Don’t work through the camera we can go Ahead and click and just copy this Positioning what we have right here To our active camera and that will fix It some of this edges that we have Before Because otherwise You can see where we go around we Probably can see the edges because Remember we assign map at this image Render camera and this is what’s Happening because this edge of render Camera again if we copy to position of The camera it will reposition it outside Properly at this case Okay Now let me go readjust one more time And there we have it nice Perfect Image Position so this is where you can set up A backdrop inside the terrigen it does

Require a little bit more work than like In woo but if you have it a quite a bit More flexibility on what you can do as Well with this image map share we can Apply clouds and we can create really Three-dimensional Nebulas in this way if we do going with The origin Okay so let’s go ahead and look right Now how we can do same thing since Either does right here we have a model Inside it does and I want maybe like do The restaurant and end of the Galaxy you Know put it some Galaxy behind this For this one we’ll need work with Environment map let’s go to Uh where’s our there is our environment If you don’t see the environment when You switch to Nvidia array that will Create it we also can go to our render Settings let’s go to all and I just want To scroll down see right here we have Our environment is preset Um notice we have it I don’t necessarily Want to make floating on the ground but I have it shot right here I’m going to Disable my Ground visible from below disable off And most important I will disable draw The ground off so it will make it a Little bit floating in this case next Let’s go ahead inside The environment Tab and type is none Will click down and select backdrop by

Default this will select with a color we Need to select drop down icon and select On a browse that will help us loading I’m going to preload just the normal Nebula for now And as we preload you can preview it is A little bit fuzzy it’s reason why it Says upscale it’s much better so as Example if we’re going to upscale and Resharpening this will have it much more Details on our View Okay let’s take a second to refresh it And upload it as it’s uploading the Biggest problem with using other Environmental background that it will Heavily rely on the respect ratio Similar that we have it in another Application so what I was right here you Can see okay yeah see how it’s much Sharper better but the problem is if we Have a two thousand two thousand so if We scale for example 0.5 we don’t need To do this Dramatic but again it will just show you See how its candle it’s a squish same Problem that we have it before With another applications there are also Other things what I suggest for you to Do it’s going inside Our environmental environmental chin and Select color like reddish kind of maybe Around So it’s a match all environment this

Case you have it cost sliding on your Object similar to our all environment And we can also take a little bit Environment down take it Okay and we have right here you can see Apply a little bit tint so it’s better Fit in our environment the brightness on The background we can control by the Lighting so if we leak click on the Light we can take for example darker and You can see it will decrease amount of The lightness and you can see how much Darker it is so usually you probably Want brighter if you want you can also Apply just little bit of nuts in color If you feel like but generally this is Where you control brightness in your Background and as well tint color if Needed and right here you can see we Have nice pleasant preview we can add Additional like case fog you can play With this but General this is how you Can put it backgrounds in the different Applications like a boot version does Similar things in actually a bit easy if You do with the blender Cinema 4D and my In other applications but General I Found the EI generated back rubs for me Is a lifesaver in many things when you Want to render because it’s at this Extra details extra feeling to our image Without spending too much time on Creating I usually done them in Photoshop which is take hours and hours

And right now it’s much faster hopefully You find this video interesting to you Give it some additional information how You can preset those parameters with the Different applications if you have any Questions please let me know also please Subscribe give us thumbs up share this Video let’s spread around the more Viewers the Have it more intense to create new Videos hopefully you find This educational and have a fun time and Great time to create your own art

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