AI Art prompts that will help sell your art.

By | November 27, 2022

Based on my own experience selling AI-generated art, I am sharing my prompts and suggestions.
Upscale your generated art to sell

Hey there so you probably start playing With the IR creating everything and you Wonder hey can I sell your art so in This video I want to show you some Prompts share my personal prompts with You that is sellable that make money and It’s how you can distinguish yourself From other things and what not to do When you sell your art okay what art you Should sell make it unique how you can Make unique go example on Etsy and see What people sell okay what kind of art They sell and it’s look kind of fun and Most people what do they create it and They fall in love like oh that is look Great I will do this one you know my Personal experience based on also my Experience try to sell my photography When I created on the conventions and Everything and you know what when I Create portrait photography interests And things People don’t like biophotography and Portraits of other people they like to Buy portraits of themselves so if you Think you will create any like going in A beautiful portraits well this is not Beautiful but you know what I mean You’re the beautiful portrait with me Journey people will buy it of image you Know you know there then just go and buy Image with a preset some family inside Their frame and use it this way I found Out on personal experience I have almost

None or zero sales when I have the Person some of the people says hey I can Sell stuff there yes you can sell like For example anime put yourself here Boobs okay it’s all what you do it you Drive on specific uh Rivers like for Example Sexism okay this is what you sell you Don’t sell art you sell that point and Sorry it’s not my way okay I prefer to Sell a little bit more in art way but Now you’re asking what does art weigh What do you mean by this okay let’s go Ahead now jump directly to what we’re Going to create and here’s one example It is Firebird So I look nobody was creating this kind Of art I look around and I do like Traditional hakama or Excel Um Slavic theme Kind of illustration and it’s what I Done I created bunch of different Firebirds or related to this hochma Style and here’s the images the instant The bright the unique what do you Personally like to see them on your wall Yes okay let’s look on some prompt what I have right here and you can see Russian Firebird hakama painting large Small details black orange so I specify Colors I specify different styles and Here’s created one thing what I want to Share with you keep it in mind notice Right here it is a square I hate to sell

Square art the reason is why go around Your house and see how many square Photos do you have how many square Painting you have one maybe two but Majority than porches and Landscape so For some reason a lot of people if you Go out the cell Square images because It’s easy so instead what you should do You should go inside side earth when you Render be sure to use the crop tool to Provide landscape or um portrait mode if You’re in whatever you’re using does not Provide you most of them will mid Journey will provide a different ratio If you’re going to like for example Night Cafe go in advance mode in your Notice right here you have options to Put a portraits wide screen so you have A different options and please use them Because this my suggestions and I found This that I sell more portraits and Landscape that unsell any Square Squared do sell don’t take me wrong but Compared to other formats much much much Less Okay what other things you should sell We say prompt on Firebird yes so try to Create maybe something unusual for Example right here I’m playing with idea Of the underwater Um Turning blue something would I put it on The wall it’s relaxing and look it’s What I’m looking at so something that

The generic can apply anywhere do you Know that by the way fact that most of The images like this buying it’s buying By decorators to put it inside hotels Rooms inside offices or other places That is in neutral does not distract but It also provides some nice pleasant Arctic eye catching elements So another element you can create it is As the um Retro or something related for example Right here you can see I created Different images base it with a woman And retro space suit fighting green Aliens on the Mars classic Sci-fi Norman Rockwell this is kind of did they leave It on a stylish going on 1950s Illustration And this is kind of another illustration You want to create people may create for Posters this to put it on the wall Um just all this retro kind of feel so This is another one’s a nice way to sell The big plus of this because you don’t Need to be too photorealistic okay you Can get away with a more than five Fingers on a hand uh some yeah for some Reason like to add more fingers okay Than five or twist them or anything so You kind of can create this way Um actually looking poster nice way uh By the way when it’s created right now Some of them can create up to 2000 Pixels you want print little bit higher

I’ll put a link below For the one of the best upscaler I found Actually is better than Photoshop I did The review and I’ll put a link for you Up so you can see the review on upscale List it’s from topaz live and by the way Keep in mind Often they run special sales so you can Watch and like topaz because upscale is Very good and it is you can purchase Just one time and let’s stay with you so That’s kind of good you don’t need to Pay monthly fee on this well back here So right here you can see another ones You can create a stylization for the Print and it’s based more like a poster Look but if you’re interested on any of These ones you can also going to my open Um Library it’s going for the gig at Play at the mid journey and you can Directly just click on one any of them What you see copy and paste more than Welcome to use it this uh prompts in Your own so create your own art I’m okay With this Um If you decide to use it in some of your Art however I prom I kind of ask you not To copy image itself because It’s much easier just copy and create Your own unique then just steal somebody Else work and post it out Okay another prompt which is kind of Nice and it also going very very well

It’s creating something unusual Something that eye-catching you remember Opposite before says if you put on the Wall something nice pleasant not but you Can also create opposite of this Something catching with your eyes so Your eye focusing like this is look very Interesting different so let me go Example with this new different prompt Celamorph Quantic painting from Esther Of a exhibition any look right here it’s Creating all these different type Interesting animals that you can preview I love them and again because they’re Unique they kind of sellable people like Them printed they don’t necessarily sell As much as other ones but they are Creating different variety for you and The unique they will stay away so you Can always also modify for example if You don’t want to create exactly the Same just add to the end steampunk Mechanical carbon just play with the Words to add but you can can take this Prompt as a generator and add your own Stuff and keep on this and that is Another things that is sells well and by The way as I spoke about mixing and Style with this here’s another example So do you remember I told you before About the Firebirds creating look right Here at your mixing Style with this just Add a bear instead this with same thing So you have it very unique very

Interesting look something eye-catching And this is what you’re going after I don’t think that it sells well it’s a Any space related problems because if You do like a portal or other things in A space it’s creating very nice interest Pleasant but without distraction view Like for example right here it is Unknown Universe middle of year middle Universe Star Collision nebulous you can Put a Hubble Telescope other elements so It will create almost like image looking From Hubble telescope and people like Those images they’re actually gone very Well And uh it’s just a nice to print and Best parts about this you can also Resize them much easy so you need to Crop my porchstone landscape you can do Much much easier with them because you Don’t lose that much content if you Don’t bottom it’s just generic like Almost fractal locking generated image It’s kind of very nice and there are Also doing very well these ones another One’s kind of okay it’s interest but Surprising it’s not as I wanted it is Created if you create some surrealism For example Ultra wide Alien Planet Landscape Space 3 Ultra fantasy Um for the realistic Vladimir Kush Vladimir Kush it’s one who create I will Say commercial surrealism pictures he Just literally produced them like a

Bunnies and for sale so here’s Interesting style but overall the Surrealism images that look very Interesting but I was surprised they did Not sell is good so they’re okay but did Not I don’t know it’s maybe hit and miss on This one so it’s interesting to play you Can try play around with surrealism Pictures but I find surrealism Um sell better as an oil painting for me Than any AI art and of course some of The arc space based and other things by The way what I found interesting is when I create a compositing work Tech as an Image important like I mean Journey For Example and regenerate based on my image Some other AI that is will provide Uniqueness it’s also provide based on my Work which is kind of hold it a little Bit more Incorporated of other people Copying and use it because I based on my Own personal copyrighted image so that Is another ways interesting to produce And sell your work so hopefully this Short video about the prompts help you Inspire you to create a artwork that Actually sell with the different prompts But it’s again my personal view you if You have your own experience please Share let me know what if you sell any Work which work you sell I said before For me personal life and purchase does Not sell okay for some reason if it’s

Not per purchase of some specific person In a cell to a specific person then does But Jag it doesn’t I say there in some Cases people try to work on a sexism or Other things it’s not my way but that is Totally different animal I’m more like Work with a surrealism art or other Things and this is actually create very Nice art for me thank you for watching This video if you like give us thumbs up Please subscribe let me know what you Think and have a great day