Adobe AI Sensei, hidden gem

By | November 24, 2022

Do you know, that Adobe used AI to generate image content for a few years now? In this video, I am going over different AI technology used in Photoshop with AI models.

You probably heard about this AI art Right now very popular that you can Create your images but do you know that Adobe actually have it AI Sensei for a Long time and we use it we used it to This inside the Photoshop and something Actually new you maybe even don’t know It’s there but it is very powerful AI Narrow deep learning application so let Me show you this right here we have an Image and I will start by the way I will Start with the simple things you maybe Know and we continue progressing to Something new and more interesting stuff So let’s go right here and of course First it’s a healing brush it takes Blood brush and you remember what it Does it’s actually when you go to erase Something it will replace and it’s a Very easy very simple way to do it but We’ve done this for so many times we Kind of become used to this but that is Are actually analyzing Elements inside in creating you also Have a different ones with a healing Brush where you can actually Kind of map it and paint with this way Around So it’s not just a cloning tool because In some case you think it is just clonic Elements no it’s actually analyzing Underlying material colors Luminosity and based on this creating But this is one of them next one it is

Actually content aware elements and this Is if we’re going to extend our scenery And let’s go right here you see it says Not enable content aware so usually when You extend and you press enter it just Extends normally will fill up black or Whatever your background it is But what’s happening if we enable Content aware and we’ll do exactly the Same just extend but yes enter you Notice right now it’s header process and Look what it did it’s actually extend Extend not just horizontal line it’s Analyzed on the mountains on the Gradient and also on the cover and Extend our scenery in some cases it is If you look at kind of copying almost Those elements putting in like right Here some so it’s not a profit but again This was here already for I don’t know how long five years more or Six seven years was for some time this Option was inside the Photoshop so it is Not brand new technology but it worked Very very well and it’s very impressive And it is improving every year okay so Let’s go ahead we’ll remove this one now We’re going to something a little bit More interesting another ones it was Example liquify so let me show you what The meaning You’ll see right here we have a two Persons kind of Halloween fun photo Shoot but you know you can actually

Change an ultra appearance of the faces In Photoshop very easy to add to do all This other manipulations like for Example when I created doll head Or for example edging so right here it’s Before and this is after filter applied Actually it’s not that much composition Was done here except I had Flames some Maybe smoke but generally it is just Replacing the face so let’s see how we Can do this let’s copy this material and Again I will layer sorry and I will show You how we can use it just can hopefully Help you to find some interesting Techniques okay and we’ll go to filters And next we go to liquify and liquify Tool is also using some AI option here So it is analyzing Like for example you can see each Detecting faces look face face one and Phase two so we have it all of these two Different ones and we can modify it’s Actually recognize the face recognize Eyes height mouth everything so right Here example you can see we can make Very you know bold eyes go this way Change width tilt High distance maybe like you know like Make creepy Drop nose down make nose little bit more Thinner Creepy smile you notice how it is Recognized and adjusting pixels According to this

Like you know we can adjust all that Stuff Fork head maybe smaller and you can play It by yourself a little bit more like I Don’t know which one is creepier Actually both look could be a look Creepy Yeah let’s go this way okay And so you can modify all these options Creating different on each face this way You can go and manipulate with the face As you like it Okay you know what let’s see what else We can do with a nose no spinous width I Think we’re kind of good on this one Just a little bit like this And of course when you create this you Can adjust face and it can go again over And over So those is kind of we already know we Work with them they improve it every Time but here’s the new things coming up And that is called narrow filters Neurofilters I think And those ones is a little bit more Mentalized engine what it calls sun say Image some say Elements which is kind of Uh AI And it’s worked with a cloud or on your Machine it depends how heavy and you can See right here it’s got all these Options we’ll look on some of them in a Second right now I just want to go to Smart portrait

And you see it is recognized all Different faces we’ll just need to go Select properly let’s go with old man And we can also this time modify Edge maybe you know create quite a bit Older Okay create Hair thickness maybe less actually I Think it’s a more thickness we’re going One way and you can see it says process On the cloud Let’s go thickness less notice it does Not produce everywhere just a small we Need to come back after but it is Already creating all of this is the Reaction happiness maybe not reduce Happiness but you can see weak Manipulating right now face very fast in Some cases if you work with a image Based with AI or other things it is will Be very similar it’s actually very Gentle analyze pixels and in some cases Very specialized trained model to work With the Aging so we can apply here We also have it a little bit uh Additional options We don’t need a head Direction we’ll Look at this in a second but you can see Where we can manipulate here we can also Just select another model And says a little bit this facial age Let’s go make Younger Leave it right there again notice right

Here it says processing on a cloud so Actually these stick information sent to The cloud with all this data set and Everything located and based on this Data set or a model ACI it’s processing It’s a reason why it’s setting because It doesn’t want to take all of these Gigabytes gigabytes over there model Information and loading on yours Computer Okay so you can see right here it’s done We’re gonna click OK and this is one of The Narrows so we’re going to look on a Little bit more other filters see what They can do And this is we have our old image of Course when you’re going to manipulate You can create add little bit more you Know gray hair other things but you know It is well done with this it says AI Generated old face or other things Okay let’s go right now And look on them a little bit more of Those narrow filters how it actually Works specifically for photographers Right here we have a forum it’s a no Makeup and you can see some elements on The skin if we’re going to filter narrow Filter skin retroaching so if we open Skins moving notice how it’s already Disappear so Again before and after notice of this Where of course we have some filters That can do but I do like this because

It’s not necessary move all of them it’s Just moving remove attention from the Detail from those because right here if We go on the original there may be a Little bit overwhelm on the faces take Attention from eyes if we run this way They still be there you can see some Effect but they’re much smoother softer And right here you have it options Increase your smoothness and blur if you Need it but it is much cleaner face Already created this way we already look On a smart portrait About the same you can actually go ahead And play same things except we did not Look like ID reactions notice what they Did is change ID reaction where you’re Putting for example are going to the Left again processing on a cloud at Stake A little bit more processing okay and There you go you can see smoothly a bit To the left actually now let’s go back To To the zero We’ll just reset to the zero everything Okay next let’s go to Expressions same We have a surprise anger Global we have It head directions this is interesting Look let’s go turn head to one place you Can see it’s turned left of course Problem with the hair because I have it Too dramatic done but right here it is Fixed head alignment so we can actually

Fix a little bit on that and Also the one is very cool it’s called Light Direction not a shadow on the left Or right so we’ll try to bring more Lights to the right side and we have a Little bit more even and if we go more To the left We’ll have it a little bit more on the Left so this is actually very Impressive cards can do makeup it’s when You convert from makeup one image to Another example we have right here let’s Eat let me turn on smart portrait Include makeup transfer and we select Image Hmm it’s got this one And you can see right here we have it And definitely we add eyelashes lipstick Because it’s what bright it’s what we Wanted but that way you actually can Convert from one to another you don’t Necessarily need to be that heavy you Can modify it but generally it is Available options If we’re going to look on a little bit More creative part you can see right Here we have it landscape Similar to maybe uh art breather kind of Mix Landscapes we’ll look on this in a Second but generally same you select Landscapes and you can mix them one on Top of none other ones Um

And I think it’s maybe right here we can Do So apply it let’s see And there you go you can see it’s apply Even masking on a background without me Selecting mask it’s took it and I put it On a background well we don’t need right Now landscape to replace it we have it Also different style transferring and This way you can select style you want It and it will apply To image itself Let’s take a little bit time which is Kind of very nice because you can apply Specific Style as you need it with a string Capacity and so on okay carbonizations It’s needed Um Filter mask and transparency but the Same you can do color transfer very Interesting options because we can also Just select specific almost like a lot If you ever work with lot or other Colors you can say hey I like Colorization on this file you can use it On a custom and upload it and use this For example if you see something like on Instagram maybe you like colors done you Can take it and Port it on yours again This is analyzation this is AI sensor That work Sensei that working on this Also we have it colorizer so let me jump On this and showing right here where is

Right here there you go there’s we have Our black and white and notice on our Color one it’s a gray background So this is important kind of Norm Because AI technically does not know What background it was There’s not no color and it’s actually Going by Luminosity of values so we’re Going to colorization you’ll notice it Easier placing gets nice in the face but Background is now bluish because Um the Luminosity of the blue very Similar to Luminosity of the gray in This case and that’s what try to do of Course we can go and adjust also some of The coloring You know make more kind of nicer way Adjust and I wish this is options was Inside the AI when it’s creating as well Just me General things when you add Colorization or other things but Generally you don’t need to pay this you Know um for me it’s interesting because We have here colorization we have its Size increasement we have a photo Restorations for those services online It’s charged like 20 dollars per month Or so on many review I did before Reviews on this and here you need to pay Only nine dollars a month getting Photoshop and all of this already built Here and this is a better quality much Better than those that online services So just let you know you already have

These tools in your hand if you already Use it and you don’t need going to buy And spend money on another one so this Colorization super zooms work very nice Because it is almost like um allowed you To Restore some details on small effect Which is kind of very nice how it’s work With installations or a JPEG image if You have it like small image you want to Increase size so this does work you also Have it blur blurs work very well for The portrait because if you notice I Right here and you can switch you can Adjust and go to focal distance adjust The range and so on so you can create Very nice blur effect a bit more Portrait kind of of depth of field is Working on this okay jpeg removal we Already kind of look and for the Restoration there’s another things it’s Removing noise removing all the small Dirt and pixelization be careful with This because it’s powerful tool and you Can see how it is smooth out Which is um Good and bad the bad because we lost Details and we have something image Details you want to store you need to be A little bit careful so most time you Can actually just take down a notch and See as you’re going so that way you’ll Still preserve some stuff but remove Like a lines or other things and again

All of this it is processing with AI Um new stuff coming up if you look on Which uh wait list you can see right Here Portage generation same like with Art breeder kind of you have a water Expression uh Shadow generous which is Very cool because it seems like you can Generate Shadows on this the reactions Are very great for the compositing when You do this and of course the noise Reduction they already have noticing Introduction but this is supposed to be Better it’s supposed to be on level of Tapas live or other things okay so this Is a narrow filters we look at And another ones they just recently up That they already updated before but now We will update even better it is object Selection so you can go select the tool And if you’re going in options and you Can see right here you have it select Subject if you click on select subject As example it is already selecting for You But wait there is a more and more what I’m meaning if you go inside and select The object selection tools you actually Can go over your images and its wheel Showing in highlights subject so if you Have the more than one subject that will Work as well okay let’s go back to our Sign with multiple people and we’re Going inside here and if we’re going Over you can see it is will perform and

Select for us subject recognize one Subject or okay let me deselect that one You can see how well it was selecting Already one subject or if you click and Select secondary subject so it will Select secondary so it is recognizing Multiple subjects and you can separate And select them as well and if you don’t Want to wait on the selection to come in When you wait you can just go ahead drag Around and notice what’s happening Tadam our subject is selected so it’s a Very nice tool and this is totally Working with AI recognition and Recognize not just by the edges but Contrast everything it is weight Recognition so it’s a deep learning Elements that is on your machine the Best part it’s a park so tightly inside The Photoshop that you don’t need to Install another models or anything it is There and probably a few more elements That we can use to find AI inside that I Did not point but I think this is just Already showing you how much AI inside Uh Adobe AI Sensei inside the Photoshop And it’s already helping us I hope you Find this kind of fun please try go over See which one option is working pause it If you find something new and I miss it Here will greatly appreciate your Feedback because you know I’m learning Same like you going to other sites and Find what people showing and learn this

Way so again thank you for watching