Is BlueWillow AI better then MidJourney AI?

By | January 12, 2023

So many AI Art generating services come up every day, however, this one needs special attention. Just started, but it already has an impressive result. In this video, I am comparing the upcoming Blue Willow and MidJourney AI. Keep in mind this one just started …


Introducing Blue Willow: The New AI Service on the Block

Are you tired of using the same old AI services for your projects? Are you looking for something new and exciting? Look no further than Blue Willow, the new AI service that is shaking up the industry.

Why Blue Willow is Different

Blue Willow is different from other AI services because it takes a unique approach to stability fusion. Instead of just taking three models and charging money for them, Blue Willow offers a new and exciting interface that is different enough to be a strong competition for other AI services. Plus, it’s currently in a special test mode, so it’s completely free to use! This is a huge benefit for users who are used to paying money to access other services like Mid-Journey or Cafe Press.

Discord Interface

One of the things that sets Blue Willow apart from other AI services is its use of the Discord interface. This allows users to access the service from different platforms and devices, making it more convenient and user-friendly. Plus, it’s similar to the interface used by Mid-Journey, so users won’t have to relearn new commands.

Command Set

Another great feature of Blue Willow is its use of the same command set as Mid-Journey. This means that users won’t have to relearn new commands when switching from one service to another. This makes the transition smoother and less confusing for users.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Blue Willow is a great new AI service that offers a unique and exciting experience for users. It’s currently in a special test mode, so it’s completely free to use. Plus, its use of the Discord interface and similar command set make it a great alternative to other AI services. So why not give it a try? The link to join the service is provided below. Happy creating!