How to prepare your AI-generated art for sale.

By | November 16, 2022

In this video, I will show the steps I take to prepare my AI-generated art for sale, from my idea to processing the images in Photoshop.


Hello there let’s go look on the very Simple steps you can take it to make Your art much easier sellable on Different platforms so if you work with Us example we’ll take a mid journey and If you work with mid Jordan 4.0 you’ll Notice it’s a rendered only 1024 by 1024 So we’ll obviously need to work Something around there but before we Actually jump to this one thing what I Recommend you to do before you start Selling your art it’s going to areas for Example like Etsy and type just air art so you can Look what competition what people try to Sell this because you want to stand out Of the crowd you want to perform Something offer something to the people That does not exist and that’s what I Usually I do I go there and I check Sadly most of the AI art it is or stolen Like somebody probably took at this from Competition and try to sell or Piece of crop I’m sorry but it is and For me it’s disappointing because it’s Overflowing it’s a decreasing value of The air art and people try cash it very Fast on this we just find it’s their Choice but it’s not my choice for my Choice I want to stand out I want to Create a real piece of art and that’s I’ll show you what we can do with this So example right here look on this yes It’s kind of interesting looking custom

AI what people offer but in general all Of these images Will you put it on your wallet is what You I usually ask you know if you create Art and you put on wall and you think Yes I will then take this image and ask Your friends ask will they buy it the Most of them will probably say oh yeah I’ll buy it just because they’re friends But then you ask them pay me now see how Many of them actually buying in my case When I posted my art on Facebook Actually many people really buying that From there they just even from Facebook From my poster says it’s a nice art in This why because it’s stand out because It’s look beautiful it’s what you’re Trying to do so just like right here you Scroll out you’ll find like hell bake it From mid Jordan 3.0 versions you know With the broken arms and everything you Can easily actually distinguish some of This art and does people buy it’s got a Little bit trick how they can buy this Image they’re actually fake in many Cases but not so many So let’s go back to this in look also How we can sell you have two options you Can sell one you can sell as a print Physical print then you need go to print File or other services or you can sell As digital downloads digital downloads Either way you need to prepare them Little better like for example if you

Look right here this is squares images It’s unprepared people render them dump Them and hopefully they will sell and Maybe do maybe not but let me show you How you can take step up and prepare a Little bit better so first off original Ideas and what I’m doing for example you Can go always and look what people look Nice look on the prompt create your own You can total go original in creating Your own for example right here I was Playing with these ideas and I think This is what I’m going to do as example Work with this image one problem is if You look on this you can notice it is Only 1024 by 1024 but as a print is a Little bit too small so and also it is Square what I prefer offer to provide Format landscape and portraits that’s What mostly people use as a picture Hardly people use it to real Square Image and then we need cropped and Properly error you can use it also like A daily out painting whatever but I Noticed dolly for example have a problem That detail and resolutions a little bit Fuzzy so it’s not up to there sometimes Callers can mistake you can achieve good Result but it’s a hard and it’s Additional work so we just use this Original image Before we process what we want to do It’s an upscale and usually I upscale Before I process in Photoshop and

Cropping because it’s kind of giving me More details what added for the Upscaling I’m going to use the gigapixel So you can use any other application Personally I do prefer because it’s Provide the better result swap scaling And you want to upscale because if image Is too small and start printing the Edges become blurry and quality Decreasing dramatically so you want to Bring image at least 5000 pixels Um in a height or width so this is give You enough resolution so right here it’s Very nice very easy to do you can see we Have it scale we go like six thousand Six percent this is before and now and After you can see how quite a bit nice Processing so it is pop-up Ultra quality And it will stand your image as well for The sharpness from other one images Um so I’m going 6000 you can see six Thousand but six thousand but remember It’s a square so if I figure out two by Three or other elements so we can do Resizing and when we like the resolution That everything is fine I’m gonna stand It we’ll go ahead and save it okay at This point you can go to any of your Application if you like to Affinity Photo you can use this one or you can Use it inside the Photoshop it’s what I’m writing here so we’ll open this Image and you can see this is quite a Bit nice resolution already upscale the

Next we need to provide two different Format if you’re not familiar with Format let’s have an easier way to do This all what you need to do go to file New and then you’ll have it all these Different formats that available for you And you can see right here it’s have it Even print so you can print letter Letter or other and let’s go for example I’ll select letter this case let’s go Ahead and click create you also can do This portraits if you need it or this Orientation so we’ll go one for example Portrait and let’s go create file new And we’ll go select another ones letter Size As a landscape next we’ll just take this Image And drag and drop and the reason why I Like to do this so I can see what is Scale and size and I can reposition Um instead cropping inside the image in This case you can select and create the Better image looking notice when we Created we created this letter and it is A 300 DPI so it’s perfect for printing Also If you need you can look on a photo type And going over this resolution as well Depends what people prefer but this is Little bit small seven by this I think The print will give you better Resolution like 11 by 17 inch quite a Bit bigger you also can go and

Pre-loaded some templates more but Overall this 8×11 is probably will be Very good step for you as well with Three concrete DPI okay so you’ll notice We upscale and it’s already bigger which Is nice you always want to In decrease in size this will give you Sharpness then increase because give it Blurry so let’s go ahead and we can Scale this down Okay if you prefer all image just go Ahead and scale Adjust if you need it And this time you become artist The one thing what I like to do after This create additional layer which is Kind of retouching layer take a brush Come closer and if you have it any Um things you you can just go ahead and Touch them you can kind of fix this Elements okay so we’ll go a spot healing Sample all layers this example you see How I can remove some elements this one Is semi what clear and I like these um Style because it’s more like kind of Artsy style But you can right here you can see how You can In some cases you have a clients you can Go and clean up them create a little bit More Cleaner look Okay After you’re done touching you can apply

Also and I usually do this because I Like the colors but you always find Maybe you want tweak a little bit go Create add additional selective colors One thing I do recommend for you on a Print if you’re going take this at least Minus one in a black and this has come From Old School printing when absolute Black you want to avoid because printers Sometimes does not produce them properly As well as absolute white so you want to Take them a little bit Um white to a little bit darker or black Little bit like -1 so what is meaning Minus one you can see we make lighter Than black so in this case we just make Minus 1 minus 2 run there okay next you Can also play around with a colorization On the black if you need it bluish And this way it’s allowed you to add Personal little bit touch as well play With your different colorization Versions and also will go on a white and On the white so you can see we can blow Up or take them down and I will Recommend just take a little bit down Like plus one Plus two maybe depends on how you click What has happened it does not create Absolutely white which is also good for The printing so you want to avoid this Absolute black absolute white okay Right here you create one image same you Can do create take another ones and put

It on different format as well Let’s go to scale down you don’t need a Scale but this way has said before you Can visibly see How it’s positioned so I can reposition How I want it for example I want to add Maybe Like Blues Maybe around there for print and now we Provide this print you can still provide If you sell as digital copy you can Still provide Square for them full Square original size and see maybe Somebody like cell but They’re formatting for the horizontal And vertical it’s always very nice Because that way you provide full format So in some cases when you sell art and You can see some people let’s go look Example I don’t know if this have it see This does not provide so obviously they Have it only one print but some more Professional prints will provide with a Different digital resolution so you can Upload it Okay so we done with the part to prepare Prints itself but this is just only one Step Now another step what we want to do it Is creating preview prints like right Here you can see how they created so the People can relate it and this is very Important because if you try to sell Your art you want to provide for the

People effect like they look on the Picture how it will look in the house And for this one it’s have a different Type of templates available on multiple Sites for example this invento elements And you can see this template you can Download it they’re also available for Free on different sizes so it depends Where you can look around you can find But also it’s I’m using from invento and Here’s example so you open one of the Template and you can see it’s empty spot All what you need to do this time just Open this Um objs how easy it is again take image Like we have before drag Drop over Okay we maybe want to Um scale properly Okay and the one thing when you’re Creating We show your preview try to match What resolution you’re offering so I’m Going to go up place here Save it And we can go back to original image and You can see now we have this Frame Available for us so some frames come Already with a backdrop some with not And you can see like example here zombie On a wall so it’s same things you drag And drop there and easy but it’s what Provides for the people to create to Kind of associating how it will look in

The house keep in mind you don’t want Put it just in any frame you want kind Of match style of the picture it’s why You import in the frame is a huge sales Point for your picture so that people Can again they can place it whatever you Create art to their own environment Okay and This example you can see come from Planetary and put in proper actually This is these guys who did this one they Done at right places they put the image And by right yeah it’s definitely Square Image it’s even possibly rendered inside The AI and we can yep right here AI Poster so they actually did very good Job Um whoever sell the showing different Art they select properly style that is Will does not jump out as air art but They do Specify it is eir and I’m sure they Probably have some people who already Buy Type download you notice the sale as PDF it is nice what to do but they do Not scale differently I would say Personally I will offer different type Of format for the people to print Because they’re not necessarily like Square maybe they like the other things So this is about all and rest you’re Going obviously you’re going there you Uh uploaded your images that we created So you will upload your

Different uh images you prepare with Different resolution as well the preview Are sets that you may create it and this Is about how I’m doing my process so it Does not take too much time when you’re Optimizing and I hope you find this video useful let me Know if you have any other suggestions Or recommendations thank you for Watching and have a great time to create Your art and sell it

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