Photos + MidJourney: Tips and Tricks

By | November 22, 2022

Tips on how to set prompts and additional references to create the best Phooto-based art in MidJourney. I created hundreds of AI renders with hundreds of different photos, to find the best solutions and prompt tips.

Hey if you work with the mid Journey or With any stable diffusion local you Notice you have options called image to Image it’s meaning when you can upload It image of or whatever you want it and Depend on a style or model you’re using You can receive image based on this Photo And I did create some video about this However I decide to take to the next Step and next step is meaning I went to The my social media Facebook and I’m Post that says hey people who want to Have an image because I need to build a Bigger Library I want to have a better Experience and find nuances and you know You have with your own library and I’m Photographer so I have a lot of my own Photos but their own specific style the Best way to do you go ask people and as A result you will receive hundreds Different photos from people with Different faces shape different sizes Different lighting coloring and Everything For you to do it then it’s what I done And next I start my journey with a neat Journey to create it for us from the Create images from the photos basic it Was excellent experience to find out What it worked as a promise how to go Around in this video I just want to Share some of the two tips with you what I recommend to use it and how to use it

So you can create a best best result and Other examples I’m going to my portfolio profile on a Mid Journey you’re more than welcome to Come join just search for Gig at play And you can access all these images Included prompts and everything well let Me correct not all images you want to Access of course the photos that I used As basic but lists that give you an idea How to use it and it seems like a very Simple however let’s have a teeny tiny Tips and tricks which help you to go Properly with this so let’s go ahead and Look what we have right here you notice I have some images of the people and Usually what you do you open and you can Just with image type simple words and I Found out actually the Simplicity it’s Work the best the more elaborate you put In strings the harder it will be control Afterwards so if you just have a Portrait of the person like right here You can see this is original photo Of the person and Use it with a Yoda you receive these Photos by the way just let you know if You see some photos posted by other People be sure you have it permission to Use like example of these ones because I Post on social media I tell people I can Use this for us in my work on me Journey AI renders and so on and some people Maybe don’t like it as well if for

Example you’re going to my side and you Decide to click on an image and use it For example like this image or other Ones keep in mind those images is Copyrighted to me so technically you Cannot use without my permission as well With other people and it’s kind of Tricky things about copyrights but General if you want to use some image Ask me and I’m sure we can find out some Good image for you to play around and You always go on a social media Facebook Just put it and says hey who wanted These images I’ll do with AI and I’ll Post here and I guarantee you have it Hundreds of the people great respond and This is also very very great response For you to post yourself because after When I started doing this tell you true I have it people who actually says hey What is your venmo can I pay you for This and all this stuff so if you ask How you can make art with AI art easy Just go on your Facebook post it some Few of those images and tell people hey I need paper machine can you if you can Pay me with Fanboy and I guarantee you Will find plenty of the people who want To do this Okay so let’s go back to our Line number one keep it simple you know The rule Keys is called keep it simple Stupid so this is what it is keep it Simple next you always can apply

Sterilization so even right here on this Face poor guy I says Disney princess and Of course Disney princess come up with This the heroes is very popular strong Words for example number one requests From people who ask me to purchase it Was anything Or something you like it so to the point If you notice right here I says if you Man just make for you should be you end Up with SpongeBob or minion well that Wasn’t that mean but General it just to Prompt people give you something the Character what you want to do so you Don’t need to come up with yourself but This is stronger names like Conan Barbarian the excellent things going With the Murph or faces and you’ll see This several times like for example when You have a human face you can always Smurf with more um animal like a cat Cheetah other things don’t try to use it Some insects for some reason Does not work very well I’ll show you Also you can do some characters we do Cartoon characters they’re a bit harder Here to do Um if you run on local machine I will Mention after it’s a little bit easy but Generally with mid Journey Cartoon characters this like Simpsons go Lisa Simpsons you can see applied but Not all away so the cats death again Simplicity simplistic going there

Steampunk work very well uh warrior cat Again you can see it right here Perry cat some other um X-Men characters work as well steampunk Is always anime work very well and Here’s things I just need uh kind of let You know the some images like right here It is work safe image however because They Implement new filters with mid Journey you may have an air kind of come Up and says the image is not safe please Report to admin or they will know about This or you can tell them hey some your Filter does not work properly so they Can fix it I did have a few times that’s Happening and what actually I did a crop Little bit down or other things Adjusting so right here is another one So I’ll say the very nice merging on the Faces you can see with the animals It’s a make beautiful beautiful job if You’re down with a purchase people love This a lot characters of course Avatar Aliens working very very well with these Vikings Medusa style work excellent I Mean with a hair if you have a close-up And Sometimes some you will find out Problems like right here was want to be Jedi Star Wars but for some reason it’s Not adding beard to everyone so kind of Again Simplicity and simplicity work Very very well anime God small words you Can also apply stylizations uh

Cartoonish like right here Mr Potato Disney Pixar notice right there I and I Found out there’s another interesting Things because if you Spitfire like Studio Ghibli or other things they you Most likely will get it anime style Instead if you type cartoon anime Styles You may get it some Cup come and go and Of course more like a god of pain or Other things and you can see multiple All of these people who submitted Hundreds of the people so it was very Very beautiful experiment with this okay So let’s go more on the tips like right Here you can see dress as monk then Origami of monkey which give you this Effect so you can apply what style you Want for the people but overall The norm for faces some of them work Very well not with bass like right here You have a SpongeBob I tried and you can See what’s kind of at cartoonishy or Like a minions but it’s a kind of weird Minion come up with this uh gnome of Course the clowns is perfect to working On this kind of house it before if you Have any cat faces or other things if You want to do for the people this is Work work awesome right here lion face You can see how well it’s Blended a Mermaid addressed to the Disney to Specific because how the library going It’s with popular things so if you’re Getting reference to something very

Popular then it’s most likely will have Some reference images that is when AI Start grinding it’s well another things When people sometimes ask or couples Think about image like right here create Beetlejuice in Lloyd so it is Um with From Beetlejuice movie so you can Actually get it Um nice combination for the group of People think about this to uh which Movie or what reference may have a group Of the people and I’ll show you just in A second another well I know as we’re Going there this is next things if you Think a purchase it’s too simple when You create it you can try apply some Sterilization let me show you example Right here you can see that original Image it was just a person’s tank right Here was a little bit boring so what I Added beside the witch in a haunted House and you can see mid Journey Actually did excellent job to add Environment to this so if you think you Once kind of add more extension you can Do that way as well Um anime you always it’s what I said Before if you put stylization put it Like nimble studio and you can see it Does create little bit more animes look Alike it’s work much better if you just Put it like cell shaded or something Okay steampunk those stuff you can also

Address like specific stylizations for Example Hermann Bosch Um some people may don’t like this Because it will go with some stylization But you can see how it’s well done uh Post-apocalypse Mad Max again reference To this Disney princess Victorian all This work uh Viking again Disney Princess all of this they work very very Well as can recognize as well like for Example a little bit longer this is for Example you can see Christmas built for Kids Santa Claus workshop and this one Again this probably I could drop this Just angry Christmas elf will work just Fine because environmental not yet added All of this to the background but it Still works very well and this is a Great great way to create portraits okay Let’s look on another tips if you have a Portrait of the person like for example Here let me show you so we have this and We have a portrait of the kid on a Background very kind of busy background Kind of like standing in there Um the what I found out it’s interesting To put like an armor so it’s kind of Hiding but also when you do with the Armor just mentioned like for example Here no helmet so it’s kind of keep it Open on this because otherwise it’s Become close face you can hardly Recognize so they you can control Separate small details also with this

Okay you remember I told you about some Animals and faces so this is what Happens when you try to say with Scorpion for some reason some insects I Find out it does not necessarily very Well apply to their porches when you Create it so and you need kind of be Creative in some cases when I saw They’ll um portrait I said like a Scorpion face or other things and of Course some of them like Batman we have A lot of reference so it’s gonna very Very nice with Batman or post-apocalypse Clone or other things so it done very Good and right here example when I try With just a scorpion face you can see it Did work a little bit better on the face But again some of them does not work Some porches work excellent for example Right here you can see the original it’s Just right there person sitting and they Say also do anything with portraits so I Look on the lights and it’s in my mind Was instantly like cyberpunk so that’s What I did supper Punk futuristic LED And it’s actually come up very good with A good portrait not as the full size and This is actually very important and I’m Jumping to this after that group for us I jump to the how we can do full body With a just purchase okay so right here Example was couple I look on them and it Just says crazy zombie so just apply it Add more elements to the zombie to the

Background Again right here we have more cat faces This is another thing so the one clown Was cloned wasn’t look good alone I Think it was right here when I created It does not look very good just around The clown on the portrait so I decided Hey let’s make a little bit better let’s Add zombies background and now its image Become more interesting so you’re not Just stuck to one single uh portrait if You think it’s boring try to expand Afterwards but always begin with just Simple Things and add afterwards it’s much Easier to modify them so let’s go look Next on our sterilizations and full body You can apply it and you can see how big Is different if you use installation Like pixel art add to this or here for Example same Rembrandt we have a Reptilian Rembrandt lighting this is With Rebrand lighting this is without And you can see how the very well Blending faces with this one And now we’re coming to another Experiment when I try to build Santa Claus out of my portrait so let’s go Ahead and click see what we have it here Is the Me in a snow and I was putting hell of Body shot on this and inside it went and Says okay how about we have it laughing Santa Claus it’s actually did not bad

Job on this but I want to red suit so I Spit five for example in this case I Said Santa Claus in red suit which kind Of applied to this in some extent but I Want to full body and you notice it will Cut off however what’s going on here if You see we have a full body If you really really like some person And you want to make for them as they Ask full body things you can reference Two images instead one and what I mean By this first you’ll have a portraits Like you saw before and second you can Always just go and create a simple Figure like right here Or you can just drag and extend so in These cases you just go extend your Image and You take advantage draw with a color Additional legs and arms that is will be Good enough actually to create our image That will be good enough to create this Full body so you kind of tell about legs But here’s the next step you can do Little bit more so what is meaning you Can go and create your stick figures That is will be good enough but if You’re not totally control some outlines A little bit harder let me show you what I was meaning by this let’s go down Below and you can see when it start Using the figurines you may have a Problem it does not guarantee you full Body it will make it easy and most

Likely to create full body but it will Start have a problem when effecting over The image problem is mid Jordan does not Allow set weights right now like first Image or second and what I mean by first And second you can see right here we Have a two images if you have more more Questions how it can be done I I’ll post That link right there for you so you can Go ahead and um Check see it’s all step by step how you Can upload images and everything uh it’s Already quite a bit time I don’t want to Take more but General This second image will affect and you Can see how it’s very gray color Everything I did not put it for the Realistic on this case we want to adjust Our link if you want to do with more Colors then you need upload a different Image well just take a step up from this And create more a Santa Claus look Notice I’m using 50 Gray I found out It’s work a little bit better this way And if you do with this you had little Bit better image now so you know you Notice it’s more full body with done With the faces again just my face and Other things but it is The one I say in my space because you Can see you have my beard mustache on a Plain face so it does try to merge them Together and here’s the next things Problem is again how it’s work if you

Remember it’s using gauzing noise and Everything you can actually help by Adding and let create more details By going and put it special gaussian Layer with a noise above on a soft layer So you’ll have it more dots and this Will help a mid Jordan create even more Details you know with the image select Right here and I think this one is great With more details and you can see it’s a Little bit more realistic kind of Looking again I did not put it any photo Realistic uh watch this and actually we Can do this let’s go copy This Will go to imagine And all what we need to do just put it For the Three stick Real just to kind of specify And I think I misspelled photography There you go you can also try to do like 35 millimeters something that is again Will use it as a reference to the Photography okay so let’s do a job let’s Go back to the examples and so you can See right here again the one thing after I create Santa Claus and I was excited So I added In a slate flying over I know Misspelling it’s horrible sorry guys but Flying over the Pine Forest or other Things and you can see it is add some of Those details the Pine Forest and

Everything make more interesting with The setting so first as I do with Portraits just even Simplicity put it in Words will work merge with other styles And it is Um excellent excellent work for the Portraits And you know what till we’re waiting let Me show you as we’re here let me show How Um I done this so right here is my Portrait you click on a portrait when It’s open don’t right click on this just Click open right click and you have it Copy image address on a Mac I think it Just says copy so you go right there Next we’ll go down a little bit below Type imagine and Paste this path you remember it’s need To be like a mid disk whatever this Gap Something something so next what I want To do it is where’s my guy right here We’ll click copy image address or on the Mac again it will be just copy and what You need it you need to have this path Look like this notice we have a two Images they need separate by space and You cannot put anything between them If you put something you will get error So next we’ll recover two images and Angry Santa Claus With a machine gun It’s evil Santa Claus okay

Okay Santa Claus let me spell with Machine you know what angry Robot And just for fun we’ll say Futurama so I Like Futurama and it is ROM Futurama We’ll go to do so it’s all what we need To do put it in we’ll say I did not put Any um What I want to say the photo realistic Right here this has come back from for The realistic and you can see how much Different so if we add real and Photorealistic now it’s not drying it’s Look ma more like a real however it is Still have those Um Kind of overly you know with the gray so You could create some another image that Represents a little bit better maybe With coloring if you want other things But generally this is what I have if you Have a better tips on how to do full Body and trust me I tried even tricks Other tricks like Um in some cases to add let me see if I Can find right here Uh hat for example right here I put it Dry head and a yellow boot sometimes it Does work you can see like in some cases We have struck head or head AI will push Down because origin of the face was cut Off it will try to push in put it it’s Good sometimes AI going cheat like in This case you can see the boots right

Here yes I’ll just make her sit together So it’s shrink kind of but General it is Inconsistency kind of done even like I Said right here you can see I put it Weights on the specific elements it did Include them but it does not give me Full body if you specify so if you have Any good tips for me how to be 100 sure You can create a full body just with a String please let me know for the mid Journey because stable diffusion other Ones the little bit different you can Work there with this stuff so let’s see What we’re gonna have down here Okay so here’s our render done that is My future um actually it’s nice let’s Add the outline like in cartoon there You go there’s my evil Santa Claus with Machine gun standing there it’s actually Very nice to you know to use those old Lines for the I mean uh Primitives to Put properly pose for your Santa Claus However it’s neat little bit tweaking With the string to make it look more Photorealistic and this is another ones We just created and you can see it does Upkeep very well So yeah more playing tweaking with the Strings will maybe help for the but Generally there’s a face and we have our Suit red suit where we had with the head And everything so actually it’s come up Not bad at all in this case Well I hope this video helped you to

Look around how to create portraits and Again it’s very great experience if you Needed more photos just post it on Social media and I guarantee you’ll have It literally hundreds and hundreds People with different types different Requests different faces formats and Everything reply to you don’t worry too Much about formats I never actually Change format To the square Any of this meat Journey was reading Just fine so don’t worry about like you Need to square them out just load it as They created and right here you can see Even black and white everything that Work just excellent and loaded there Um mid-jorn will process be sure the Most important it’s about Simplicity and Simplicity again in a string thank you For watching this video have a great day Please share and let me know about full Body render if you have any cool idea About this

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