NEW AI Art Generator Faces Fierce Backlash!

By | November 21, 2022

Deviant Art has released an AI Art generator DreamUp and many users are not happy. I have a walkthrough of the platform and give my review on its new features.


DeviantART has released its own air Generator and it’s Paving away for a More ethical use of artists work Deviant Art is an artistic Community for sharing Artworks it’s owned by the website Builder wix called dream up deviantART Claims that dream up lets you create air Knowing that creators and their work are Treated fairly they believe that artists Should be allowed to decide whether Their work is being used within AI or Not recently Shutterstock admitted that They sold rights to their collection of Works to be used in the air database and Then conversely to create artwork that Will be put in competition with the Original art inside of Shutterstock this Has provided irritation and anger from Contributors to Shutterstock especially When the air generators are being used To generate works that will compete for The revenue of works that were used to Build them These are interesting spoons you have Here I’ve been learning how to make Spoons for the last 96 years hmm a fine Utensil let me just Take a little photo of that Nope I don’t want it take a spoon I will make my own spoon I will take I will recreate the spoon so similarly That it’ll be working perfectly the same And give you exactly the same experience But I will change it to episode slightly

That you cannot clean that it was Copyrighted Kill you DeviantART is claiming the moral High Ground they say that artists should be Able to tell third-party AI data sets Whether or not their content can be used All deviations are automatically labeled As not authorized which means all of the Work inside deviant art that has been Shared is not by default allowed to be Used and scraped by the air generators Deviant AI is including a HTML tag on All artists work which will prevent AI Bots from scraping their images the tag No Ai and no image AI are appended to The HTML page associated with their art In order to remain in compliance with Deviant Arts terms of service pools will Have to be prevented from downloading And scraping any page with these HTML Tags and playing around a little bit With dream up it gives you very much Similar results to any stable diffusion UI in the dream up terms of service they Say that currently monetization and Sales of images generated with dream up Are not allowed so they’re not allowing You and their types of service to Commercialize your works but quite how They would enforce that remains to be Seen it is admirable to see a major Platform take a stake in protecting the Rights and creativity of individual

Artists and yet it’s using stable Diffusion for its air generator which Has been trained on millions of works That were not given explicit permission To be included in their data set the cat Is out the bag there is a huge available Data set that already exists and there Is no putting that Dragon back in its Cage it is out and it is wild and this Although it introduces some interesting Concepts of protecting people’s work by Adding HTML tags the fact remains is That it’s using a model that still Contains millions of images that were Not given Direct permission to be Included in the models so in my opinion It shoots itself a little bit in the Foot a marketing ploy to differentiate It from other AI art generators and to Get people like me to give it some Publicity it’s raising a lot of Discussion across the Spectrum and as One user comments no guys just know I Opted out but I don’t really trust that To be honest AI images are not art Having this website encourage it is Really discouraging the world of AI art Is changing rapidly and legislation and Policy are slow to catch up the ethics Behind this topic are blurry and there Is no definitive line between right and Wrong of course there are risks with This new technology deep fakes for Everyone the ability to create

Manipulative propaganda and make it look Like someone is doing something that They never did or the ability to create Infinite libraries of heineness and Disgusting content and however exciting This technology is a small part of me Cannot help but think we are building The most elaborate function-filled cage For us to die inside of oh yes this Gauge is so marvelous look at these Wonderful electrocution powerful Intelligent beings which I’m getting to Control every aspect of my life Oh if we are not protecting the rights Of artists how do we protect the rights Of people using AI to create a new art It’s easier to give someone a new toy Than it is to decide how they should be Able to use it and with this we have put A remarkably powerful technology into The hands of every soul on this planet The repercussions will be felt decades Centuries into the future this is a Turning point and an Epoch for Civilization and I can’t wait to see What happens in this real life sci-fi Film if you enjoyed this video why not Check out my courses on AI art where you Can learn to master this new technology I’ll leave a link in the description Below thank you for watching I’m Samson Vols this is delightful design have a Delightful day

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