Making Stunning AI Anime animation

By | November 20, 2022

In this video, we go over a new way of creating anime and animation. By using a form of AI we are able to create what is known as “stunting”. This is taking an anime or animation character and making them do things they usually would not do. This can be used for a number of purposes such as creating new fight scenes or even just for laughs.

Hello there in this video I want to take You through all steps how to create Anime style animations on your local Machine with AI so I’ll take you from All steps what library you need to Install how to install them where to get Them how to set up everything all lines How to configure your animations around To this next we’ll take all our images That we created and compiled together With the Premiere Pro so I will show you Tips also how to do these animations in A better way there so all of the steps Let’s go ahead and start working on this So let’s go ahead I’m going to the And click download button After download completed we’ll go ahead And open installation I’ll just follow the prompt so I want to Install on the Zip drive just everything By default Okay let’s go ahead continue and you Notice right here we have it additional Icon I will just add one put it on a Desktop so I can access when I need it And I think rest is about same Browse git okay we have it Use the BM so we want to do let’s get Guide yep we’ll go with this one Get from command line recommend it will Go just almost everything by default we Want bundle with a SSH Library check out windows

Usually what I check when I go through This installation that does not install A third-party software like for example Toolbar for your browser or something Else this is usually what I just be sure We don’t have it any of those sneaky Things but this is a kind of clean And we’ll go to some management We don’t care about except our consoles And let’s go ahead and click installing When it’s completed let’s go ahead and Click launch Bash And open If you’re not familiar with the Terminals or anything we’re just going Easy step by step what to do here I’m going to create a new directory and I call AI stable diffusion you can name As you like it this is where our program Will locate it all our our code and Everything so I’m right click and says Copy as a path on this case Next we’re going to navigate so go to CD Space and we’ll paste the path Delete any real characters that we have It and now you can see we relocated in This specific folder The next you want to download the Properly code if you’re going on GitHub And look for topics table diffusion you Find a many many different variations For example this is variations compute Which is actually work okay but one I Recommend for use for now just going

With the automatic one one one one Stable diffusion I will provide link Below Next what we want to do here go on a Code and click down and copy these This path right here you can see okay Also you’re not necessarily Would require login to receive this link But I highly recommend for you to create Account and login because you will have It issues when you start accessing from GitHub for Windows Next when going back to our Terminal and we’re going to type git Clone And at this point we can right click and Paste path that we just copied Let’s go ahead after this press enter Right now going connect to this GitHub Database and downloading all of this Code from there the current branch and Try to put it installed on our machine At this point when it’s done we actually Have this copy or clone of the code that People created on our machine So next when you’re going to the I will provide link Below for you and from here we need it Downloaded the latest version of the Stable diffusion and you can see right On us on the side it will show a stable Diffusion 1.4 again for this one I would Recommend to create account and login as Well so let’s go ahead click on this

Cancel the directions to Page we’re Going all the way down right here where We have the access repository you want To check the box that you read license Agreement with this term and let’s go Click access Repository In some cases the weights can be located Up front if they don’t remove probably Have redirect like at this point and we Can just click and we go inside and you Can see download weights we want Download SD p14 skp so let’s go click on This one and it’s done loading Just let you know this is actually quite A bit large And it’s all describe uh described what It does it’s assigned weight image and Related to the text Okay just let you know this is about Four gigabyte file so it may take a Little bit time to download another Thing is where we want to download it It’s a GF gain which is work a little Bit with the faces and I help work with A portraits if you work previously with Early versions of disk diffusion you Know how sometimes faces have this weird Look eyes and all the stuff so this is Specific module which allowed to us work Little bit there with the faces so again These links will be provided below and What you want to do when you come on This link go down here and we’ll see Currently it’s 1.4 liters model so click

On this to download this as well After finish downloading this you’ll Notice that the python extension so we Obviously need to go in a python or Download and downloaded latest version Currently it is 3.17 so we go ahead and Download this And when you download it be sure you’re Downloading for your OS currently it is Detected because I’m in Windows it Detect my windows and allowed me Downloading latest version for the Windows if you work on Linux or Mac OS Please select properly version after It’s done let’s go ahead click and Install python on machine Things what we want to do is be sure the Path is included so we’ll go check on This one And let’s go ahead and click on install Now Next we need to take those files that we Just downloaded and move them in Properly directory so first on this Stable diffusion web UI we’ll take the GP gang and move it to this area And after inside the folder stable Diffusion model stable diffusions we’ll Take this SDK and just move into this Area Okay next step after we finish copying We want to go inside main stable Diffusion web UI and we want to run web Bi user batch file

Okay let’s double tap and click open And notice right here we’re executing Our Python and creating directory Okay and this batch will actually Perform a lot of installations So we’ll Can kind of wait and see if the Installation is completed This is actually going to take quite a Bit time to installations it’s depend on How fast your computer your connections And Hard drive You’ll notice it will download it so This should be taken maybe anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes if it’s take a little Bit longer it’s maybe pounds just press Enter so it can continue Okay so like I said it’s take a little Bit time to download Okay after installation is completed we Need going inside and you can see right Here we have a URL that what we needed And it always will be your Local Host so It’s a 1270.0.1 but what’s most important Support it’s running on and this last Four numbers it is the port So remember seven eight six zero Okay so we’ll go inside the browser tap The our address and here we access to The web interface for the server that’s Currently running on our machine Okay so let’s go ahead

Let’s select the checkpoint stable Diffusion If you have more than one versions you Can actually select different version But we run 1.4 so let’s go ahead and try Generate it so we’re going Just select anything that we wanted so Same steps and the nice things about This because it’s running on your Machine you can select as much as you Want it so I’ll just pop up quite a bit Steps Okay well I’ll leave it sampling method Saying we can go after the settings with A high 512512 should work okay for now We don’t care about Telling faces Batch size count We’ll just keep it all as the same and When we’re done let’s go ahead and click Render Depend on how fast is your GPU and how Fast is your machine you can actually See it’s progressing And notice I have it quite a bit of the Sampling steps the more sampling steps The better quality will be But you can try always with lore and see If it’s work for you Okay so it’s done rendering and if You’re going inside the stable diffusion Folder outputs texture images you can Find the image is here so we can go Ahead open and preview this is image

That’s generated by a stable diffusion That installed on your local machine so Next after Stables diffusion installed We actually need to have it several Steps for us one we need to install a Special anime model pre-trained model Which is anything version 3.0 and we Also need to install the form which Allowed us to animate so right here you Can see stable diffusion model using And also deform this block let’s go Ahead and start with them installing the Form first for this you’ll need to go to GitHub And a link again will be provided all Below so don’t worry about copying and Pasting or something typing this text What you need to go right here it is Before we clone or other things you need Downloaded these two files you need to Download this model PT in advance they Are quite a bit large size so it will Take a little bit time it’s reason why You want to start download them first Next go up and right here where it says Git clone the form so copy this you can Just select and copy or press on a copy Next you will need go to installation For your stable diffusion notice this You need to be inside the stable Diffusion web UI next copy paste when You’re there copy paste your git clone Command which is will take copy from GitHub and place it in your local

Machine you should see this kind of just Understood it says the remote access Done done all done so what is happening This time it will create this 4 folder With all necessary files on your machine Also if you’re not familiar with the git I would recommend to add kit pool Command before from your normal so you Just go inside the com command prompt And just type git pool Okay this will just go and pull all Newest code that available The we won’t go with this git water Repository just keep in mind if you want To pull out sometimes and this will Update all your files to the latest that Available from other Developers Okay so now we install the deform next What we want to do is downloading those Two models That we have it when they’re done Downloading you want to go back to the Locations going inside the stable Diffusion web bi inside the models and Right here you want to create folder if It’s not yet exist call the form inside The form you just copy and paste those Two files so you’ll notice how say it’s 1.3 gigabyte and about one gigabyte cell So they’re quite a bit large you want to Place them inside the dev form folder Okay next step we want to go inside a Hugging face website and again link for That will be provided below where is

There anything version 3.0 and at this Point we want to download the files Click on our files and versions that Will should take you to this place and And this Area you want to download it to files One thing keep it in mind it is uh I Know new things come up and it’s Possible people worry about the viruses With pickle if you heard about this it’s A python basis kind of binary anyway Extract distract anyway we won’t go into Details but what’s happening these files Is verified all of them is clean and you Can notice right here you actually have A typical information that is in form That is if import is detected you can See red you can click and see what’s Going on with this if it’s any detection But they are safe and you want Downloaded these two files As ckpg and PT so you want to download This to pronit and other ones you can Download it on prune it which is a big Files but it is quite a bit large 7.7 Gigabyte so when you downloaded those Two files you want to place them on your Local machine in stable diffusion folder Inside the model folder so we have a Stable diffusion ybi we have it models Inside the models we have one for the Deform and we don’t have it separate We’ll just take stable diffusion folder And put it inside these two models

After this you won’t go and execute your Bad web UI file which is start running Your server my server currently running On one on localhost with a 7860 port Check what port you’re running on yours But it’s probably most likely will be Same after this you can go and open Inside the web browser If you install properly everything and Let’s use sites very very simple steps It doesn’t take that much okay so after You install those models when you start Our server and we can go ahead and run So I just call around me where we are You can name as you run it and just Simple batch file which is open command Prompt and Will start running so I’ll have it just To verify my git pull if it’s okay Everything there and it starts running Launching application this may take a Little bit time depending on how fast Your computers how much memory and Whatever else they need to load it there After it’s completed you notice right Here it says running on your local drive So at this point you can go directly to Your place now let’s go just to reload It and there’s running okay as you Inside a couple things you will need Change so right here already selected Because I worked before but in yours can Be different model so just drop down and You should see anything of the 0.3 if

You correctly placed in areas and let’s See simple just copy and paste then you Need to select this after you select it May take few minutes to load this model You’ll notice when model loaded finish Is Select finish loading with also Showing here when it’s done loading for You but overall Okay let me move this away When it’s available next we actually Switch in one another places when you go Inside the settings scroll down And down to SD babe to this one and when It says after when you go down and Select anything at this point so this is Two places where we want to do let’s Apply settings And we’re now ready to work that one More thing sorry to change this one we Want to use the ddim so we’ll enable This one and now you can copy and paste Any prompt you wanted so we’ll go ahead Uh let’s go bronze kill leaves okay so We’ll just use this prompt for now And simple let’s go ahead and click Generate Okay so you can see it’s run five Seconds quite a bit fast and we have our First test image is render you can Always modify or adjust for example we Can go higher 50 cell and what is this That one I took directly from the side Be sure we’re kind of getting closer to The installation and also I’m just want

To be sure I’m copying the Properties which it says 50 steps Sampler DDM 12. so let’s go ahead ddam 50 12. let’s go click and generate one More time Okay that one should be done quite a bit Fast Yep let’s take one but fast and we have A beautiful example so this is how we Can create simple image now let’s go to Make some animations with this and to do This we’ll need to go inside the form Here I will go with a couple necessary Options That I want to kind of point to you one We want to be sure we’re matching from Image that we created before we’re Matching in the form you can do create Actual from random string straight here But if we’re using different libraries And everything you probably want to Preview what you’re going to create so What I like to do is going inside here And for example let’s switch this to the Green Hair just to be sure we have it Different also I’m going to create a Little bit widescreen ratio 50 should be enough I’ll go to select Maybe four Okay 12 all done and we’re going ahead And click generate So you can see generate quite a bit fast Again I’m running on RTX 3090

Um OC and that does actually help a lot As well we can go and check some of the User memory see it’s pop up about 12.6 Gigabyte or 24 is available if you’re Going on um 8 gigabyte RAM and then you Start using your shared GPU will slow Down a little bit but you can still Actually run this on the uh 3070 or Another cards 2070 whatever you want Okay so it’s almost done And here we have our beautiful images Created it is produced quite a bit Stunning quality of the images if we Look on this Okay next we want to do animations you Need to select what image you want it at This point and I think you know what This one actually look cool what I want To do it is get a seed number and get Seed number we’ll just click on the ReUse seed which showing right there Let’s copy This seed now we can go inside the form And in run command where it says seed We’re going to paste this seed as well We want to be sure we’re matching same Resolution I’ll say we want to match as Much as possible let’s go back now and Copy our prompt After we’ll copy prompt go back to the Form and now we can go inside the prompt Tag at this point Let’s erase everything right here we Don’t want it stuff

Let’s go comma And paste inside don’t put it comma After if it’s you have an array of Multiple items then you can but General If you have just one we don’t need to Put it so this is all for our prompt Let’s go check in a keyframe keyframe it Have a multiple videos how to use the Word options you can always go ahead and Check for the information about this or You can just if you go over it’s Actually help you they have a nice tip About how to create it so for me I’m Going to use a 2d Um Animation mode simple 120 I don’t want To go anything fancy and actually you Know what I will leave it just Everything default Um except maybe between a frame Diffusion pop-up you can pop up two Three four Um let’s go to two on this and leave it Everything as default when we’re done With this we can go click and generate Now and you can see preview it’s Actually quite a bit fast generating Every frame currently it’s 120 and if We’re going inside the uh Output image to image the form it’s Where they created our folder by default We can open and you can preview right Here we have our images start creating And we can actually Zoom through them

And see some of the creation as of each Frame created I say it is depend on how fast is your Computer that will create a different Frames rate Okay let’s go okay so right here you can See it still continue creating at this Time what I’m going to do is to skip so We don’t need to wait for this and I’m Going to jump showing you what you can Do next with this Okay so one more options kind of forgot To mention it’s a video output we have Currently 12 frames per second but most Important right here you can see it’s Created JF file for us if you want it by Default it can created MP4 but because It’s already create JF we have right Here create animations after frame is Completed so we’re gonna go open you can Preview Right here is our animations going on And you’ll you’ll not assume a little Bit because it’s a specified by default Zoom have it kind of an instant effect But right here we just created our Animations from the AI generated Um images so I hope you find this video Kind of helpful showing you some Elements how you can easily install put It together and also you can assemble Them inside the Premiere Pro as well and Let me actually showing this as well so

If we right click and we’re going to Import in an import you select a file Where you have it located we’ll show you In a um going on top select your first Image enable image sequence click open Then it will take all of these images And put it as a one sequence So you can go and after Work with this sequence inside for Example Premiere Pro or any other ones That way you take all the single frames That was rendering and create a single Animations Um big plus if you do this you can go Inside and modify your speed duration so You can also uh frame interpolations Set for example right here I think frame Interpolations I don’t want to flow I’m On frame sampling to do on these ones Okay But overall you can find and create Multiple ways Your animations okay so I’m going to put It in and Um what done so far and hopefully you Will enjoy to watch this video as well You will enjoy to check the final result Thank you for watching if you like it Give us thumbs up subscribe and you know Just share this video it’s helped me to You I encourage create more on other Videos and hopefully you’ll have a great Time to make your own animation Foreign

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