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New MidJourney AI Anime Model Released – Is It Any Good?

MidJourney team, just release new big addition to the AI model, Anime. You can render before adding “Anime style” to the text prompt, but this is a dedicated model, and according to the MidJourney team should be great. Let’s test…

Making Stunning AI Anime animation

In this video, we go over a new way of creating anime and animation. By using a form of AI we are able to create what is known as “stunting”. This is taking an anime or animation character and making…

The Best Anime AI Art Generator of 2023

The Best AI Anime Generators of 2023 Have you ever wanted to create your own anime character? You probably have a picture in your head but just can’t seem to be able to bring out in paper. Thanks to AI art generators you can bring to life the anime character that is currently living insideā€¦ Read More »