Can AI create prefect emotions? MidJourney AI 4.0

By | November 13, 2022

It is incredible how AI generator progressed in the past month. But can it create perfect emotions? Check this video to find out.

Hello there in this video I want to look Can AI create correct emotions in a Portraits So right now with all this new versions Update new MID Journey 4 stable Diffusion 1.5 and so on we can create a Perfect faces perfect error brush it Look clean faces but in some cases they Look nice but they’re emotionless so What I was trying to do it went inside The like mid journey and try different Emotions to find what emotions I need to Run I was going like a to Wikipedia page Emotions I will provide a link below or You can just search by itself which is Actually provide for me very nice list Of emotion emotions it also even have This cool cool Chart which is tell me what type of Motions how close they’re related Um and also between emotions a very nice Reference to what that promotions as Well have a different chart with even These faces that helped me identify what I’ve done I critique those just emotions So went to the mid Jordan And experiment with the Motions on all The witches so overall it’s very simple It’s just like excited okay or angry or Witch or something and let’s render of Course some emotions is more complex Than just one word and I did experiment With this and then I end up with a nice

Chart reference chart with all different Emotions instead and by the way this Chart will be available for you for free Download just go to my patreon page and Download it anyone that can download it From there hopefully this chart will Help you to just look on a face Expression and say hey I can use this Word inside the prompt to achieve that Look on a face so let’s go look closer And see Does it correct representation of this Motion does a reference of the tag will Work for us and thus and what we’re Going to do we’ll go Um let’s go start with our first name And we have it right here happy Um actually it’s a very nice happy if we Look at that just on top and it’s Special next to the laughing because Laughing can be different and I do like How AI distinguish them so for example Right here you can see happy is nice Smile with slightly open teeth like Mouth very pleasant and laughing can be Anything like evil laughing or other Things much wider open mouth more Showing on the teeth and this is a Perfect I mean this is two it’s just on A spot the happy and laughing both work Very well okay let’s go next excited oh Look on his face that is again that is a Perfect excited face wide open eyes Something smile with anticipation excite

Can be English and I think this is what I was saying before single word Sometimes not the person Um Perfectly express some emotions so in This case we have this kind of you know Maybe Um anger excitement or anticipation you Know type excitement Okay let’s go next Oh we have it inviting this is an Invitingly bit harder because it’s not Just emotions inviting it is state of The person for example a little kid’s Welcome to have a candy and witches Inviting them so it could be actually Also related to action in this case but Overall this is inviting face and I Think it’s worked very very well with This in love it’s more tricky because in Love it’s not necessarily emotion but I Especially want to put there to show how It will come up Ai and it did it Incredible job of course facials Expression a little bit hard but right Here see what has come up it’s put two People together even teeny tiny heart Right there and it’s perfect Representation of in love Mischief oh This is bottom one face it’s a perfect For the mischief something hiding side Looking also positions of the head it’s Perfect okay let’s go next and we have It XT because this is representing more

Than just one but it will look again on Chart we have it right here x t by join Serenity so it’s located around there it Should be represented a little bit more Like Joy surrounding I think it did very Very good job in this let’s jump to next One surprise and surprise always can be Um bad surprise good surprise you have With all of these different types and I Think in general a surprise face like Right there very very beautifully very Nice showing definitely you can Um see the emotions and here’s the Problem is without some emotions if I Put it words under you expect this it Hurt like anticipation so you look on This face it’s called the face if I tell You scared or submissive it could go Under that face as well so in some cases It’s not Total Clean verifications when We put it like anticipation Ward and Look on a face does it to apply this However This is all conditional so it’s meaning Or environmental driving if I put it Just this face you can apply different Emotions it’s why sometimes torture Photography work because without Properly we just without name people Will apply whatever emotions they feel At this stage however if I put something Above or some other environmental Element they will describe this does it Angry person this the candy handing on a

Tree or something else so then we’ll can Conditionally apply to the environmental Right now I think this is those words It’s help us establish what is about Does this word represent or this tag Prompt that I put in represent properly View on the expressions So okay anticipations and I think this Is perfect look on this it’s Anticipation faces very nicely done Shock it and a shortcut I was shocked by Shock at how well it scan created Example right here you can see shortcut Witches but also I run images with Shocked grandmas you can see and they’re Actually very very good old lady in Shock I mean it’s a perfect image and of Course how I said before the shocking Was very shocked with Okay anyway so Let’s go next what we have here and this Is excited it’s what I sometimes get Excited and when I get excited my English get a bad so right here we can See it’s have Nice faces beautiful beautiful very much Um excitement okay let’s go ahead next Thinking I like how what they’ve done Here I’m thinking put it head make like More I’m thinking of unicorns or Something very look far away beautiful Set again it’s very nice reference Whatever they’re using the weights Library it’s actually very very good

Right now emotionless very nice state Right here it’s like You can apply almost any neutral to this Concentration seem like almost thinking Except a little bit more Mischief I Think it’s what give it to this proud Proud little bit harder it just depends What kind of product again it’s in Descriptive more than just one word but Again it’s a very nice done bragging oh This is the perfect face for the Bragging Trustful well I don’t know if I will Trust this top left depending on what Kind of trust you wanted but those ones Is very nice on the bottom one they’re Actually done very very good on this Tender gentle very nice also Some of those emotions again you’re Applying but remember it is was applied From The Prompt and because we need to Kind of reference to the prompt see it Will qualify the face fit in that prompt Discussed oh very nice very nice Disgusting discuss same like right here Disgusted and disgust or discussed yes It’s all done very good grief very good I mean this is a very nice grief face Done very good emotionless Same like before so it’s almost angry or The angry one it is one of the basic one Because we have a happy angry said those Are the very basic emotions that Actually imprint on the brain in our

Brain and we can identify them very very Easy and we can see by the eyebrows look How it’s done mouth slightly done Eyebrow I mean it’s perfect angry face Infrared so nice look on that very good Discussion at least lying and I don’t Know how the lying emotions can be Because it’s very hard if we have a Specific face emotions for the line Because then we know when people lie to Us so this is more kind of see how the AI will interpret it Lying State how they look but in general This is very very hard one because Humans used hide lying face for a long Time you know it will be nice if we can Have a specific face expression when you Lie because I think we have it much more Honest politicians then okay fear Oh this is good this one is very nice Done not fear Um scared of this perfect scared look on The top left perfect scared faces very Nice done Terror terribly a bit more I think Terrorize will be better because terror Is good interpret or a person will Achieve Terror because this top one Almost look like Darth Vader you know It’s kind of but it was Terror but Overall okay this is one war Villages The various oh this was very good word For the a very good expression for this Word perfect top left one upset nicely

This is a very good or very good upset Down brows mouth a little bit down Slightly close eyes I mean this is Perfect perfect for this website said Similar to upset will be I think in some Cases will may use that same ways to Access but the same very good Concentrating And our conservative kind of works sorry Conservative conservative I think it’s More like pull back maybe kind of look I Don’t want to hear it with conservative But it does look At least what I was thinking it’s very Good okay I think we’re almost done so Let’s stay with me for till and we’ll See what else we have it on the end but I think it’s going very good right now Joy and sadness so here is kind of Combinations of different emotions Because usually if you have like Joyce Sadness your joy but you also said you Have a Boredom kind of anger or this one Example scared surprise and this is make More sense because you can surprise Different way but scared surprised look How it is surprised but mouth open And eyes wide open I mean this is Perfect scared surprise Okay happy welcome this is what nice Happy Nice happy welcome face look on this Nice teeny tiny smile less teeth

So it’s actually get very good the Reference to this nice eyes Okay let’s go happy surprise Very nice also done happy laughing a Little bit different a little bit less Wide open eyes if you remember before if We look on a happy laughing it was this Way and of course SpongeBob So it’s another state of the emotion When you watch too much of SpongeBob so This is what become to you when you SpongeBob fight on this okay right Here’s our chart we kind of look over Some of this emotions of course you can Always refer to the specific dos Reference inside the Wikipedia which is Kind of very nice To use but I also will be give this for Free the chart so you can in some cases Help you to achieve so for example you Can go very fast and says you know what I like this face so infrared okay I will Put this one in a purchase so you can Create a little bit easy so it will be Visual reference for you to use Okay I hope you find this kind of Interesting Um experimental with the AI and emotions And I think it is incredible Um how AI can create emotions that is Look exactly the same it’s meaning some The weight library that it’s using as a Reference It’s very well tugged and it’s

Identification gun very very well well Thank you for watching this video if you Like it please give it thumbs up Subscribe to the channel share this Video with other people let them see it As well and I greatly appreciate all Your help thank you I have a great time To make your artwork

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