What AI colorizer the best?

By | November 14, 2022

Can AI correctly restore and colorized old photos? I check over top services, online and stand-alone.
Please let me if you tried any other AI colorizer and found it works great.

We have some old photos maybe it’s kind Of scratches black and white and you Want to colorize you want bring in live So in this video I want to look on Different services that available online As well application test them and see How well they perform which one is work Great for you and which one you should Avoid it And we also will have at some surprise I Bet you did not know that you have Inside the Photoshop or other Applications so we’ll go check on this In a second Okay let’s begin first let me explain What I’m going to do right here I have a Two different images I will start with My original image and this is a Self-portrait I took it notice this the T-shirt is purple close up just the face Very easy identified for the AI what I Did next I convert this photo to black And white so we’ll check on the Colorizations how well this work and Also I added green scratches another Effect create other also we can see and Compare how the old photos will work With the new photos As well I created another photo we just Have a group of people it’s me in um and We’ll go use it you see the people on The background green sky so this is a Little bit more complex same I can work To black and white so we check how this

Will work and as well have it also apply Same scratches and everything as in Previous photo So here’s our test subject what we’re Going to do now we’re going to over some Web services that is highly um Advertise if you look and they’re going Always if you look on top 10 they’re Going always on top ten so I want to be Sure how good they are and we’re going To check them now and we begin with First colorize online first what I want To say you’ll see what process right Here it is Um WordPress icon so it’s to me tell Somebody have a probably API access to Some service then install it and try Access or provide for people currently Some tests I don’t know colorize and Other things this will be very very fast Test because it’s always failed on me You just never wanna upload it properly Fail and process everything probably the API service they’re using change Something and system is broken so Colorize online big X Next we’re going to Hot Pot and a hot Pot you notice it is a tools it’s preset Of all these different type of services Included Um stable diffusion Our Generation Headshot Someone like dream boot I think kind of

Generation object removal what are we Interested as we’re going right now is AI picture colorizer and AI picture Historic so to work with them all what You need to do in colorizer just Download it and you notice you can do Something for free so for example you Can have a minimum colorization Factor Um Download it your image is drag and drop In and pre uh press colorize the one Thing that is not clean uh clear how you Can do after it is to download you Actually need to click on the image Itself and it’s well download on your Computer And similar was for the um Picture restoration sadly you don’t have It all in one so you need if you want to Restore picture and colorize you need to Have a two steps first you need to Remove it and next so right here you can See I was done with the two of the Restorations and I done with two Colorization and let’s start first with A portrait Um Uh portrait colorization so right here It’s a black and white and you notice When I colorize with hotspot it’s Actually created quite a bit smaller Image it does not give it exactly the Same image originally it’s got 3 000 Pixels and a smaller image is about 1024

So they are shrinking they don’t give You full resolutions if you wanted any Full resolutions or better quality you Need pay for the service and it’s kind Of understandable but again it’s a lot Of credits example if you want to full Size resolution let’s have a 25 credits On lower and if you want to go on higher Resolutions we’ll take more and by Credits you can see right here 2025 or 10 dollars keep it in mind so minimum You need pay 10 dollars a month and That’s maybe sounds okay for some to use Its service but please stay here till End to find out why it says it’s a Horrible horrible deal okay so for free Okay you can play around let’s analyze a Little bit you can see I have it red Under eyes overall it’s understanding Phase did not keep it very well inside And it’s a lot of light leak however it Applies somewhat purplish to short Overall I will say you probably can do Better job by yourself just to take it Air brush in Photoshop and brushed over Your image let’s look right now on a Removing and removing again it’s a Smaller image and that is even worse Than before you can see how blurry does Not keep a sharpness or a new resolution Even the image was provided higher look On all these lines beside the removing It’s actually add more damage to my Image than before definitely

Big no on this one so let’s compare this With a group of people see how it will Perform again we’ll start with Colorizations this is my original image And we’ll look on a colorized version From our black and white Okay so right here our black and white Colorization you can see color is messed Up all over it’s look almost like old Old Outdated Polaroid film was using or Something so maybe somebody will find Out but again it’s a very horrible Um job on a keeping colorization mostly All these elements again it’s probably Does a little bit better job when you Pay more credit to increase to level 25 Or something so it’s more processible But again my look on all of these Services this way if you want give me Taste of how good you process or Anything don’t give me crap okay because I’m a testing alucinal crop and I won’t Come back doesn’t matter how excellent Is your colorization Factor give me Limited amount of images so I can try it I say whoa that is look great and I can Go otherwise if you give me crap at the Beginning Only crappy people will stay Okay so this uh that image and let’s go Look on the Restorations and again you Can see a small exactly the same problem And I maybe even have a reason why it’s

Happening I have some idea what they’re Using but generally you can see right Here see how last details everything I Mean it’s it’s not usable at all again Possibly they can have it better when You paid but why I should pay it if my Test is look horrible so next one will Just look on the colorizer and this is Does not necessarily a store but just Add colors it’s a playback FM colorizer Photo and by the way I will provide all Links for you down below in description So you can click and check them by Yourself maybe you have it very result And you can see right here it’s look Like it’s actual produced battery result Here Rihanna test picture as well Okay and right here is our original and Let’s go check this is colorization Version one thing notice they do not Took down the resolution it’s the same Resolution as I uploaded so if I Uploaded 3 000 pixels there was generous Enough to give me same resolution Preview back okay right here of course We’ll add some sharpness have a Compression jpeg compression applied to This but from original it’s not bad okay This is from our black and white It’s not a bad colorization Um and this is compared to a color The T-shirt black T-shirt become blue so Some assignment to this but Gerald hard

To determine definitely the pictures Color on the People’s shirts but I think overall it Is Somewhat decent job done in this case Let’s go look on a board okay and right Here is our Original version and colorize you can See I have some yellow spot in the head Some red but overall you know what and This is total free so it’s not like KPS Money to get a better copy it’s actually Performing a bit better of course the Icy just slap all this tint over even Include my eyes so AI does not Necessarily recognize you can see How primitive for the purchase it was it Just put it all colors Colorize the overall image it’s like Same but it all the skin tone overall But so this is our free ones another one I want to look it’s a myheritage.com and This actually can produce more than just Photos you actually can animate your Photos so I’ll show you how you can do It and then you can do as a trial five Pictures So right here we have all these pictures That I’m uploaded and you can see There’s some already I process it I’ll Show you in a second and I will show you How you can process them as well let’s Start with our portraits and here is our Original portrait so again I convert

Black and white uploaded and colorize And this is colorization version and you Can see actually it did it very very Decent job of course we can see some Elements like yellows we have a little Bit Overblowing On a highlight so they did apply some Elements short is a black not purple and Not personally I prefer Um this kind of more if you don’t Understand what color it is just keep it Black and white it’s probably the best Way more safer than just put it wrong Color so right here it’s colorization Original and my Heritage of course it’s A full sized one thing I don’t like it I Put it all these icons what options was Applied to this Probably to know it’s the image was Colorized or was modified and again Remember this side is not performed for Um Colorization it’s more for your Historical information when you keep it Like you have some photos of old photos Of your family something you want to add And I think it actually symbols to let You know hey we enhance the image and we Did colorize this image so people know It’s not a regional copy okay right here Is colorizations let’s go look on the Damaged and this you can see we have Some lines going on here let’s go this

Is removal and I think this is process Actually way better with a couple Problems that I found out like for Example look right here the um Reflection highlights in the eyes which Is make eyes look little bit more Three-dimensional and of course when we Applied some modification to this you Can see how they flatten out so we Remove they remove it all of the slides Because I think it’s maybe a noise but It also Create a look a little bit flatter on Our eyes which in some case I think that Kind of okay it’s hard to determine Which one scratches with not but I think General it is performed actually very Very well on the removing scratches on The image and of course colorizations Was just a little bit off but still I Think perform very very good okay let’s Go now look on the um our Image Group Image and right here original image this Is a black and white that’s what I was Using originally and colorizations Actually did a very good job look on the Colors look on the short even let’s Compare this with the original so this Is our original and one thing you Remember I told you that better leave it Black and white if you’re not sure what Color it is just leave it black and White and right here short it’s cannot Identify and it’s I think turn to Red

Short so the yes like this element and Right here It’s actually a turn but in general it’s I think it’s acceptable because it’s not A big difference in the colorization of The short like a black and blue right There but it is overall I think it did a Very good job To adding colors and then we’ll last Colors on the head All the small elements you can preview Before and after But General I think it’s actually does a Very very good job on this okay let’s go Now to compare with our same scratches You can see we have scratches but what Do you want check here because we have Much smaller details it was a little bit Easy when we have a portrait to do Because comparison for the AI but now we Have all these buildings on our back we Had all teeny tiny details and right Here you can see it’s actually did a Very good job still leave it like on an Arm right here you can see that we still Have it lined and a problem with this I Think it’s hard for the AI sometimes the Term but overall with last some Sharpness if we come closer You can see before and after we Definitely lost sharpness on the image It’s become a little bit more blur Probably try to remove the brain and This is wrong way to remove the grain

Um probably I don’t know what I’ll get It from the utilize but We have a very beautiful dead noise Algorithm that is using in many models For AI generation which is can become Here very handy because it could remove Noise without losing resolution or Sharpness But General overall it did actually a Good job I think on removing But I don’t know if I will use this with Uh suffering on lose some of those you Know Um sharpness I don’t know it’s it’s a Tossed in enough okay let’s go check how We can do this and right here we have an Image if we go inside the image Okay you can see it you can apply Um enhanced colorization automatically We can also go and maybe restore this Original you know The one thing you’ll notice right here We have it only in the hands colorize And animate will animate this in a Second But one thing what I want to show you it Is if you’re using some image with a Need repair Now nice things is actually identify it Add repair options available so I can do That animations let’s go see what we can Do with animations we have it some as Available options here and let’s go Click animate

Okay and I think It’s actually Enhanced remove it colorize so it did All the flavors for us and right here is Animations done All right let’s look very nice look on That it’s performed very fast And that is animated that is yeah some Movements I probably need test but Overall smile Yeah it’s actually did a very very good Job I think And of course we can change and general Animations predefined we can do Let’s see if we can add keys for me to Send keys to you but just this one Animations actually it’s made worth it Um for that service if you have it so You can have much fun there You go there’s my Zula interface on top You can see yeah it doesn’t look like Zoolander almost when it’s put on us Sideways Not right here you saw this kind of very Fun interesting way to create your stuff And you can try like I said I think five Images it’s free you can do first but They do full resolution everything so You can and after this you need it or Have a special access or Um paying for that service Okay but you know what this fifteen Dollars whatever you pay with a box let Me show right here so Photoshop it’s

Covered plus and minuses I’m not big fan Honestly of the subscriptions but okay What do we get it for this you know let Me Place properly this okay there you go What do we get with subscription you Have all these images Okay and let’s go right now just in Black and white do you actually know you Can do all of this what you saw Much better and faster inside the Photoshop the many people does not Unders don’t know that neural filters Was in Photoshop for already very long For several years I think before even Break Harvard cover this was SanSai in 2018 I think or 19 when they was start Saying we have an AI Sensei which we’ve Done and it’s have neural filters which Can do a lot of stuff already there and It’s utilized EI and I utilize AI two Ways one is on your computer and another Ones they upload it and work this way so Let me show you right here where we have It look we have it always makeup Landscape or stuff we have it colorized Let’s go click on colorize enable and There we have our colorization it’s a Better than other one beside this on Colorization you have a profile it’s not Just a created what AI think is good AI Create here but ask also go back for the Ask you what you think so if needed I Can remove color artifacts make it Cleaner or darker whatever I wanted

Leave it too much reduce the noise I can Also going in change colorizations if I Need it I can adjust create more yellow Cyan whatever I think and output as a New layer okay this is one way could Yeah so let’s go another one for example Restorations so let’s go same same we’ll Go to normal filters And a neural filters I have right here For the restoration so let’s enable this And you can see it start processing so I Can say remove scratches and I don’t Need for the enhancement because I think For the enhancement do something like Robotic faces create for me it’s process On device Okay it’ll take a little bit time And look at this it’s remove it of Course it makes some money with faces And because I was very aggressive on Some enhancement and other things but Look it’s removed like it’s very good But away it’s also having the waitlist For newage coming portrait generations And all other things which is utilize Even more AI So in hand what I want to tell you it is On by the way before we go to the end Let me this is colorization done in Photoshop it’s actually not bad we have It much leak right here on the side let Me be adjusted but overall colors on the Face actually very nice and accurate Okay my end point for you

Before you rush it and buy it and look All these new tools or purchases online Account you probably already own most of Those tools already like if you’re on Photoshop you have all of those narrow Filters already available for you that With AI processing can perform quite a Bit nice job better than most of them And some tools I’m very skeptical so What I said before even like upscaler I Was very skeptical about topaz AI until I started using and it says yes it is More Superior to what AI have it in Photoshop and more Spirit than any other Ones but for example for colorizations And noise remover and other things I Think the top will be Um The Heritage Myheritagewater.com that website and Photoshop I think those are still good Other ones on the web side whatever I Tested and I don’t test just those three Those three that I show you I tested way More than this and About 89 of them is very scammy they Just want you to buy credits they just Want you to spend money and they don’t Necessarily produce good work there are High compressed jpegs and everything It’s exactly the same as idea done Before with another photography with Upscalers and everything It’s like you know they know you maybe Only use them for one two photos so they

Won’t take as much as possible from one Transactions from you than other Companies could stay there and says hey We want you for the long term business So overall hopefully you find this video Useful find some new stuff for you how You can colorize old photos what you can Do with this and I think at a at this point the Colorization service by hands is still Be the prefer I don’t think AI up to That level but it does very very good Job production on some of those elements Well thank you again for watching this Video if you like it please subscribe Give us thumbs up share this video it Will help create more new videos and Again have a fun day to create new Photos

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