5 NEW Ways to Make Money With AI Art!

By | November 17, 2022

AI art allows you to make money in ways never before possible, here are 5 new business models that are ripe for the milking.

Five marvelous ways to make money with AI art and Make It Rain create and sell Merchandise stable diffusion and mid Journey allows you to create infinite Repeating patterns which are perfect for Creating merchandise for example you Make some jolly good leggings you can See on this print-on-demand service red Bubble another way to use this new Feature is to create wallpapers on this Side spoonflower you can create your own Wallpapers just by uploading a Repeatable tile if you want to learn how To make tiles inside of mid-journey Check out this video here and did you Know that over 2 billion t-shirts are Sold every single year so there is a Huge opportunity to take a small slice Of that market you have the opportunity To appeal to people’s tribal nature you Might have I love the Mongol Empire of All those Genghis Khan fans out there go Genghis go Genghis we love you the next Thing you can do is sell logos people Are willing to spend unreasonably large Amounts of money on a logo print example This logo created by BP cost over 210 a Billion dollars that’s a lot of money Like this for I could make that with a Spirograph in 10 seconds I recommend using darli for creating Logos here are a few that I made earlier I can imagine this working very well for A children’s brand so if you don’t have

Large corporations willing to pay you Millions of dollars for your tiny logo You can also advertise your services on Fiverr for example here’s a person Offering some pretty reasonable logos Here for seventy dollars each and you Can see that these are the kind of Things you could easily recreate very Quickly inside of Dali number three is You can make a tool for example Getty Images has recently said that they are Banning all AI art available so why not Create a stock site purely for air that Is a unique angle create other tools Related to airs for example upscaling Enhancers or animation techniques I’ve Been using this hugging phase frame Interpolation animator to create Animations like this but there are some Severe limitations with it it has a Maximum resolution and it only allows You to upload two images at a time so I Think there’s an opportunity to create An AI art animator using frame Interpolation and high resolution images Next up is selling prompts you can Actually sell your prompts on Promptbase.com which is a Marketplace For prompts you can see that people are Offering very distinctive looks for a Low price between two and five dollars I’ve been selling a prompt on here I put One up and it’s it sold more than 20 Already in just a couple of weeks so

Imagine if you put a hundred or a Thousand on there you can get yourself a Pretty reasonable regular income so Here’s something that you can do that is Completely legal but whether it’s Ethical is another question is you can Come into the community feed you can Select something that you particularly Like from mid-journey and you can copy The prompt you can then adjust it a Little bit like for example this would Work really well you could have a series Of felt animals which you can upload on The prom base wait why am I telling you This I should do it myself no I I won’t do it Myself a simple way to start making some Money and I think as long as you’re Adjusting enough you can easily do that Without feeling guilty it’s a cut Through world out there it’s a money Making Madness What has capitalism done to people Who’ve lost all ethics notion of love And Humanity yes it seems that now People are dealing in prompts I mainly want some problems I got some Good problems here yeah Wrong don’t you So the next option is to create Personalized AIP portraits as it’s now Possible to take stable diffusion and Train it on your own images you can very Quickly put someone that you know into

Your artwork I’ve been making certain Some portraits of people that I admire And have recently died just to be homage To them this is the queen and this is Probably Coltrane rest in peace agrid Thank you you’re always at Harry and Let’s see people are offering Personalized portraits for a theme so You can offer your services of creating Personalized AI art portraits you could Even automate this and set it up you Could also do the same with a very Specific character who has a loyal fan Base so if you take someone who’s a Little bit obscure and create some great Fan art about them you’ll be able to Offer these as Prints but download all Actual framed prints too if you’d like To see how I made the queen you can Check out this video here next up is you Can create a graphic novel another way To approach this instead of writing your Own book is to take an old out of Copyright book and create an illustrated Version of it where you’re literally Just taking it creating wonderful Artworks to interlace throughout the Book and selling it as an ebook or a Printed version for example this Illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s Book is doing very well it’s got over 780 ratings there’s also more Information about zarya of the Dawn and The copyright issue in this video if

You’re interested in learning more about AI art I’ve created an entire course on Udemy where we will go through together Creating and selling AI art in a number Of different ways I’ve left the Description in the link below if you’re Not sure yet there’s also another video Here on five other ways to make money Selling AI art and remember to like Comment subscribe to stick around for More AI art news I’m samsonville so this Is delightful design have a delightful Day Money money It’s funny funny And the Grammy goes too Random Access Memories

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