Mastering Inpainting & Outpainting in Dall-E 2

By | November 16, 2022

In this video, we take a deep dive into inpainting and outpainting in the AI text-to-image generator Dalle 2. These tools let you expand or modify an image to get the look you’re going for.

We’ll change the details of some images, expand square Dall-E 2 images into other aspect ratios and create an entire galaxy from a small seed. We’ll add the missing head to a Midjourney image and a necklace on a photograph of a real model. And if you want to see the da Vinci’s Mona Lisa on the beach, this is the place to be.

Even if Dalle’s not your primary AI image generator, inpainting and outpainting are powerful tools.

[Music] Hi I’m Jen with making the photo today We’re taking a deep dive into in Painting and out painting in the AI text To image generator doll E2 these tools Let you expand or modify an image to get The look you’re going for we’ll change The details of some images expand Square Dolly images into other aspect ratios And create an entire galaxy from a small Seed we’ll use mid-journey images as Well as photos to do some changes and in Painting I touched on in painting and Out painting in my introduction to doll E2 if you haven’t yet explored this AI Image generator start with this video I’ll put a link in the description below For in painting and out painting we’ll Be working in Dolly’s edit workspace The workspace looks like this to get Here select an image from your Collection then click edit this opens The edit workspace or you can upload an Image skip the cropping if you have an Image that isn’t Square you’ve got a few Tools to work with in the bottom of this Workspace select and pan lets you move Your image around the workspace the Eraser tool we’ll use for in painting Add generation frame is the one we’ll Use for outpainting you can also upload An image directly into the editing Workspace let’s start without painting Outpainting lets you expand your canvas

To out paint we’ll use the add Generation frame tool in Dolly’s edit Workspace click the tool a new Square Appears place this new frame onto your Workspace often for out painting we are Going to overlap the new generation Frame with our existing image one of the Most useful ways to use out painting is To make your Square images taller or Longer if you’re new to aspect effect Ratios see my video changing image Aspect ratios or one of my written Tutorials I’ll put links in the Description below Dali creates Square Images they have a one-to-one aspect Ratio but we might want a different Aspect ratio maybe we want to print an 8 By 10 inch image for instance or maybe We want a long Panorama to make an image With a 4×5 aspect ratio overlap the Generation frame with the square image About six or seven mini squares on the Dolly grid reusing the existing prompt To expand the image click generate and Select the variation you like best and Click accept download your image don’t Forget to download Dali Only Stores Square images in your collections it Won’t save the expanded versions 3×2 is The aspect ratio of many cameras overlap The generation frame with your image by About 13 mini squares click generate and Select the variation you like best Click accept

A long Panorama often has a 16×9 aspect Ratio this aspect ratio is nearly twice As wide as the original overlap the Frames by about 21 mini squares on the Dolly grid click generate and select Your favorite version [Music] Out painting can also be used to expand Your scene you can build entire rooms or In this case galaxies start with one Image we’ll expand from here open the Image in delhi’s edit workspace click Add a generation frame and place it so It overlaps with your image use the same Prompt to expand your image Dolly Returns four choices except the one that You like you can add another frame and Keep expanding Keep expanding by adding and overlapping Generation frames You can choose from the four variations If you don’t get something you like Re-roll the prompt Make sure to download your composite Image Dolly will save each of those Individual squares but it won’t save Your overall image and here’s the final Image with a little cleaning in Photoshop and sharpening with topaz I Create a lot of AI images in mid-journey Because I like the aesthetic but mid Journey doesn’t have in painting or out Painting but there’s no reason you can’t Mix AI image generators even though the

Prompt specifies full body mid-journey Cut off the head and feet this is a Known problem in mid-journey without out Painting the only option is to re-roll Or remix The Prompt and hope the AI Fixes the problem another option is to Upload the image into Dolly and use out Painting add a generation frame and use The same prompt but add specifics of What you want to see at the beginning of The prompt Dolly’s aesthetic is Different from mid-journey so this may Take a bit of experimentation I filled in the edges as well with Additional Generations [Music] For the upper right hand corner I didn’t want the new generation to Affect the face so I pushed it off the Image I’m going to crop in so the extra Face in the corner is not a problem [Music] And here’s the final image the face is a Little bit rough but it does complete The mid-journey image remember to save Your final version Dolly only saves the Pieces and not the overall image out Painting expands the frame in painting Changes elements within the frame I’ve Got a nice empty basket to put all sorts Of things in let’s use dollies in Painting to put in some things other Than this egg open the image in Dolly’s Editing workspace choose the Eraser tool

And erase the part of the image you want To replace you can adjust the brush size To be more precise for this example I’ll Use the same prompt to see what other Things Dolly will put in the basket Click generate and you’ll get four Variations using in painting I was able To put all sorts of things in this Basket I could have made variations of The basket but that would have changed The basket itself in painting keeps Everything the same except the area you Have erased I left the basket prompt Open but you can spot specify what you Want to see in the erased area let’s Take one of the cinnamon roll images From earlier in the presentation let’s Try to add eggs onto the table within Painting open the image in the Dali Workspace and choose the Eraser tool Now erase the part of the image that you Want to replace The Prompt will appear when you’re Finished making your selection at the Front add what you want to see Dolly returns four variations choose Your favorite because the image is Squared Dolly keeps all five variations In painting we’ll even work on photos With a bit of prompting magic let’s try To put a necklace on this model upload The photo into Dolly I start by Describing the photo to Dolly Then using the Eraser tool I erased part

Of the model’s neck [Music] And then I describe what I want to see In painting on photos doesn’t work every Time [Music] But I did get a plausible AI necklace After a couple of re-rolls Dolly always Works in squares so in addition to Adding my necklace the a i expanded the Portrait image to fill the square the Shape of the body is okay this is a Plausible hand on hip stance to continue The portrait and the cape drapes well But the hand details are very Unattractive I was only interested in The necklace so I’ll crop back to the Original aspect ratio and framing even If dolly is not your primary AI image Generator in painting and out painting Are powerful tools let us know if you Find a few tricks for in painting and Out painting using Dolly’s AI text to Image generator if this video was Helpful remember to like the video and Subscribe to the channel This is Jen making the photo let’s make Something amazing together [Music]

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