How to make a comic strip with AI : Midjourney

By | November 16, 2022

Creating a Consistent and Posable Comic Book Character with Midjourney

Attention all comic book enthusiasts and AI aficionados! Are you ready to create the next big thing in the world of comics? Well, we’ve got just the tutorial for you.

First things first, head on over to Midjourney. This website allows you to create 25 free, AI-generated images, no payment necessary. Just make sure to create an account and log in using the link provided.

Next, join the Midjourney Discord server. It’s a bit of a mess, but don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for that. Simply create your own server (we suggest calling it “Comic Book Art”) and add the Midjourney bot to it. This way, you’ll have your own private space to work on your comic book character creation.

Midjourney’s Customization Options

Now, switch over to Midjourney 4 and make sure the remix feature is turned on. This will allow you to edit your prompts after the render. You’ll also want to upload a photo of yourself (or whoever you want to base your character on) by clicking the white cross and selecting “upload a file.”

Once you have your photo uploaded, it’s time to get creative. Use the various prompts and options on the Midjourney website to craft your perfect comic book character. And don’t forget to save your work by clicking “save and remix.”

With Midjourney, the possibilities are endless. Who knows, you might just create the next great superhero (or supervillain) with the help of this AI-generated comic book tool.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to really dive into creating your consistent and posable comic book character. One tip we suggest is to play around with the various options and prompts on the Midjourney website. This will allow you to experiment with different looks and features for your character.

But don’t worry about getting too carried away with the customization options. The Midjourney website also allows you to save your work and come back to it later. Simply click “save and remix” to save your progress.

Bring Your Comic Book Character to Life with Dynamic Poses

Once you’ve got your character just the way you want it, it’s time to bring them to life with some action poses. This is where the “posable” aspect of your character comes in. By using the prompts on the website, you can give your character dynamic and expressive poses that will make them stand out on the page.

And there you have it – a consistent and posable comic book character, brought to life with the help of the amazing AI technology at Midjourney. With this tool, you’ll be well on your way to creating the next big thing in the world of comics. Happy creating!