NEW AI Design Tool First Review

By | November 24, 2022

Microsoft has released beta access to it’s new AI design platform
Paving the way for the future of design.
So will it be taking the jobs of graphic designers?
Let’s find out


Microsoft has released beta access to Its new AI design platform Paving the Way for the future of design so will it Be taking the jobs of graphic designers This is it let’s go for a little run Through take it for a test drive the First thing you have to do is enter a Headline Black Friday sale then you get To add a subtitle spend or your Monies Finally you have to choose an image you Can either add this from your device From your phone or use a Dali powered Image generation so you can put Something in like mad human spending all Their money in the style of Salvador the Late great surrealist painter now we Have three images generated I’m gonna Pick this middle one and after you Select this you have the option to Combine it with your text in a different Layout I would try this one out finally We get our text and our images Correlated into a design I only had Opportunity to adjust this however you See fit there is also a whole library of Templates to explore everything from National donut day to a welcome sign my Immediate opinion of this is that the Layouts and Designs it exports are Underwhelming they’re very basic the Typography is lacking it doesn’t look Like they’re using a baseline grid and The text here is just ungodly small it’s Completely inappropriately small for

This design it’s using a strange text Pairing of two Sans series fonts I’m not Sure why you would not just use the same Sunset serif font in this example Instead of using two slightly different Ones I’m slightly confused by some of The spacing elements now there’s so much More space below the subtitle than above The title if it makes sense for me if You took both of these and put them Centered you can see that this is Already a minor Improvement I mean this Is too low I would also increase the Size of this the margins between the Elements you can see that there is a Margin on the left and at the top not a Margin on the right hand side was that An intentional design choice or was it Simply lackluster design skills God I feel like a scathing movie review Critic analyzing this design platform I’m going to give you my honest Unfiltered Opinion of Microsoft designer Microsoft designer is a vomitorium or of Design it spews out the most bile Inducing disgusting design that I’ve Ever seen absolutely hideous if they Think that this is going to replace Designers or even help them they are Beyond deluded I am disgusted and Appalled by the repetitive atrocious Simplistic pieces of absolute Microsoft has the absolute balls to

Present a ridiculous preview of Something that does not exist and then What they’re giving us is an absolute Dog’s dinner it’s like fresh out of a Can cold horse meat it is bad as Nicholas Cage’s performance in National Treasure obviously received zero user Feedback from anyone web designers and Graphic designers can rest easy at the Moment Foreign It reminds me very much of one the Layout of canva and the ability to Choose templates from canva I’d have to Say it is a poor man’s canva in regards To the library of templates available The UI and the ability to actually Create meaningful graphic design changes With the tools available the initial Preview available from Microsoft about Designer showed a completely different UI that was absolutely 10 times better Than what they’ve produced But certainly you can see there’s this Very flashy well created that they have A beautiful image and well selected type With a good structure of the typographic Scale and it’s laid out an interesting Way and something to look at inside of Canva is that they are introducing a Version of stable diffusion where you Can create your own images inside of Camera so this is Microsoft trying to Compete with canva as they can see that

Canva has recently bridged 100 million Users and is undoubtedly a huge success Story in challenging some of the status Quo of the large design platforms and You can see the images generated by Canva uh I work pretty well and you have The ability to use the existing huge Library available in canva canva is Obviously a more mature design software That has gone through years of product Iterations and extensive Corrections Whereas Microsoft designer is new and It’s trying to find its place inside of The market I do not see it catching on In its current version not providing Anything new or different or an Improvement on any existing software why On Earth anyone would use this over Canva remains to be seen and if you are More of a serious designer then you’ll Be certainly lacking the detailed Ability to make nuanced changes Available in Proper design software something about Me feels a little bit Yeah what should we say snobbish to say That this is a proper design software However I’m still a huge fan and Advocate for figma as the number one Design tool however its recent Acquisition by Adobe remains to be seen If it will stay in the same guys as it Has before I remember when unsplash was Acquired by Getty Images and to slowly

See the true nature of the original Proposal being ebbed and eroded for it Just to become a sales funnel for people To buy from Getty and that is extremely Distasteful and my fear is the same will Happen to figma overall Microsoft Designer for me is a poor man’s canva It’s failing to impress but it does Offer a glimpse of the inevitable it’s Undoubtedly only a matter of time until There is a real and successful AI Platform that can combine text imagery And graphical elements in a meaningful And coherent way graphic design is a Different animal to image generation Because it’s communicating visually with A number of different effects combining Texts it’s proving to be an extremely Different proposal for merely generating An image so for now at least Intrude graphic designers web designers Can rest safe in the knowledge that Their skills are not being usurped by AI Quite yet and they can make the most of These new image generation tools in Their workflows I don’t imagine this is The last we’ll hear of Microsoft Designer and in time it will undoubtedly Evolve into something that is more Useful let me know what you think about Microsoft design of course if you’re Interested in learning more about AI art I have an entire course that will take You through one of the best AI tools mid

Journey will create art every step of The way and by the end you’ll have a Portfolio of impressive AI art you can Check that out In the link in the description below Thank you for watching I hope you Enjoyed this video please remember to Like and comment and if you want to Stick around for more AI art news Subscribe thank you for watching I’m Samson balls this is diet for design Have a delightful day Foreign