Best AI models and Extensions for Stable Diffusion, local installation

By | November 25, 2022

My personal setup for Local Stable Diffusion, what models and extensions I am using and recommending.
Special thank’s to Aitrepreneur, be sure to check this youtube channel


Hello there in this video I want to go Over a local installation of stable Diffusion what extension and models I Like it what I’m using kind of Recommending to you and how we can Install them and use it before we begin I want a special thank you to EA trip Perner entrepreneur hey entrepreneur I Know whatever it’s called but to this Person who posting these videos that Must to go so if you’re not subscribed To his channel I will highly recommend To subscribe it because it is a lot of Information a lot of updates very nice It’s my to go place if I have any Questions however I don’t want to repeat Some of his information or her I don’t Know who is this is computer voice by The way but you can find right here if You’re going because how to install and Other things so to save time I will say Go to this link and I will put it the Link to his YouTube channel down in Descriptions but generally I will just Overview so in case if you’re already Familiar with some stuff it’s really Save you some time not to watch over Movies but it is as everyone mentioned Special thank you for that great Resource information that’s provided so Right here is a local installation and I’m running on a stable diffusion 1.5 we Install interface first things you want To do it’s going in your

The drive and be sure when you install It you can use it no spaces because some Other ones extension everything have a Problem when used spaces in the name so One install as a rule it is don’t use Its spaces okay one thing what we want To do here is going in our main web UI Anyone going inside the your run Um web UI and I just rename run me so I Kind of remember And open for edit this and edit what you Want to do it is ADD git pull It will save you time because what’s Happening it’s going and pull all Information from Um existing uh Collections existing the repositories And updated all your information here Well today is not my day with English Language okay so let’s go look on a Command line and right here also I added This it allowed me to use it in pain so How I say I will show you different Modules how what I’m using but General This is mine Startup and this is important because I Run a specific port I just add one to the end and run allow The pen tour To access some of apis in this case Because get power and pull and all the Stuff okay some people like to pause and Preview I don’t just let it update I I See options I can always scroll up and

Down if I need it okay after when you’re Done you can run this application so Let’s go back now to our stable Diffusion you’ll notice if you click Down I have a different models I’ll show You in a second what this does these Different models do but also notice what I have with additional tabs is the form Which has allowed me to create Animations and dream Booth which allowed Me to train and create assets based on My images okay and also additional Options is inside the actually the Models so we’ll look on this one let’s Go first and say how you can install Like dream booth and other ones One thing what I do like it is now they Start including extensions inside your Web UI interface so you don’t need going And just GitHub or do some other stuff Or try to install it by manually so all What you need to do Go to insta Available click right here click load it And you’ll see all this list notice Right here it says already pre-installed Some like Gradient dream Booth we just click Install and it’s a style for you you Will need to set up a couple options Again I will recommend to go to onto her Channel and see how you can install Dream Studio directly there you have a Very great options with one exceptions That his is a little bit older because

In dream a dream Booth when you go Create a model or train model it’s a Little bit more different options now But it is uh they’re just in different Places but there will be kind of similar To this okay so right here we go to Extensions this one installed also are To study and I like this because it’s Great for me the reference they can see On style instead browsing and I think That’s all you can find a bunch of other Ones and I think some people also use it Um Options like UI are changing and other Things so you can do that one as well Okay that is where we install and when You install here dream Booth you Probably won’t go back shut down your Server and restart it again so it will Read it when I install Um dream Booth from here I actually need to start like two times And when your style be sure you wait Because it will go download at some Libraries and everything so just started And wait 10-15 20 minutes maybe depending on Speed of your connections so it will Pull out some libraries and everything But just let you know don’t panicking if It’s hold down for some time and don’t See any progress at all The Forum however you need to go and Actually pull out from a git lab yes

That one you still need to do go inside The extensions and put it there However if I’m right the form now so Also available on the Yep right here also available to install It because I install manually it’s why It is not showing here as installed but Now I think you can just same going from Extension just click and it will install For you so it make much easier and more Maintainable but just let you know you See the form here but mine is not Installed because I did manually before That options was available okay so let’s Go now check what um models I like to Use and by the way the models you can Get them from Uh hugging faces I will provide for you Information and links to those ones but Let’s review what we have here and You’ll notice we have it anything this Is Awesome awesome model it’s allowed you To create anime Styles so let’s go Switch uh one switch this model we also Want to go to settings and be sure we Have it enabled As the annual anything could be three Zero so it’s enabled there as well and When it’s loading you see enable and now You can have it Superhero Fighting On the moon

And if I just Type there you go and when we’re Generating it will actually take anime Library And will create stunning AI animation Well not animation sorry stunning enemy AI art there you go Okay there you go you can remove a look Right here and you know what of course Dragon [Music] Ball so let’s go see what it’s great With Dragon Ball accessing it should be Very fast for us to render there you go Look on this it’s a beautiful Dragon Ball mix we can of course change all Applied it does not require any special Um triggers for the models or keys to Initiate however some other models will Require and what I’ve done I agree for Myself the teeny tiny cheering list Where it needed to use what I’m using And what talking is need to use it in The prompt to access for example for Robot it will be Or as a robot will have it also Different tags for Elements so this one is Um can you just you know what it will be Nice if when you select model you have Options for the notes and maybe notes Display next to this or something so in This case the developer for the model Can specify hey you need to use this

Tags or just a related note I don’t know Maybe they’re there but they’re not Displayed when you select model okay so This is Anime model an anime you can Just go search for the anything version Three And download this model download model Is very easy you usually just need to Pick up I think for these two files you Need me and a model so you need to Download those two two you notice they Have it already pickled so uh protection Against the virus if You’re worried about this dollar you Have it okay next one let’s go next and The one other ones it is you notice I Have my gig at play and this one model I Trained based on a dream Booth so in This case if I created anything let’s go Switch this model okay this is not Actually Um Compact models so yeah I need to do but Let’s go right here and we’ll say um Portrait of the lady and now I need Spitfly it will be Gig at play Amy Person so this is my Okay Standing in the garden so we’ll see I Don’t train that much on this one so I Need to do more but this again was kind Of interesting for me to create and

There you go we have it as a model Created staining someone in backyard Okay so this is personal model and it’s Done with dream Booth it’s kind of Interesting again this is mostly if you Want to create your own model or Somebody else or some actors you want Pre-trained model so this is kind of fun Way to do this and actually I should use The LR for this one by the way if one of Me you want to use the ddam Um I’ll put it for you link so you can Preview how to install more in details This next I will say Disney and robot And another one’s new one it’s called Open journey and this is very Interesting till it’s loading let me Show you open Journey it’s actually Create quite a bit Um nice sterilization I think it’s Working better than the default stable Diffusion as the model work it’s way Better model but here’s interesting Things because originally it was Actually Calling uh stable diffusion and I think It was right here was legal issue right There so the comment says hey You know don’t confuse this with mid Journey please and switch to open Journey so right now this is called open Journey model OKAY however when you’re Going to load or anything it will still Like MD Journey so don’t get confused

But it’s open journey and if you do this With open Journey there actually this is Very nice Um How it’s work but you need to apply Intel stylization also you want it so That it’s key will go with this Not General it’s you don’t necessarily Need the mid Journey up so right here Look at this But you can notice How good will be result and I really Impress actually by how my journey or How this open Journey model works so I Recommend actually that model to Download it and they’re very easy to do So all what you need to do is going to The file inversions just downloaded the Main file going to your installations go To there with my models models stable Diffusion model and put them inside here And the same places where actually I Keep it my model key file for the Reference I know which is use it what Command use it and say it’s a personal Tip you know I’m older guy and memory Not what used to be and sometimes you Know just help to write down content That I needed Okay so this is one let’s go next one We’ll go this is default model we’ll go With the m o d and this is Disney Characters it’s right here and it’s Actually can create quite a bit nice

Sterilizations like Pixar because it’s 3D but Disney characters uh be sure Using this talking when you need it To apply sterilization so we got it Right there and for example we go now It’s switch I’ll delete this For talking regenerated in some cases You need to go front or back at the Token creating and there you go you can See right here we have it uh like a Stroke I think she may have struck Anyway some person with funny looking Faces but in a Disney Pixar style as Well just another fun things to do Mostly I use this when I create image to Image for the people and one present Them just as fun as a Disney characters Very nice funny ways to do that okay Another ones it’s a robot diffusion and That one is just a robot it’s precious What says so instead this we’ll go put This up front that’s what just put that Up front let’s destroy our additional Value with everything same so we can see What is different all this model Zoo Pre-trained models and this is just Again they just only need it for fun and Here we have our model of the lady Person thing and I got it I don’t know It’s it’s just always create the Different portions of the robots which Kind of very interesting you can use Maybe for some developing limitation but

I do like it because it can fun things And of course in painting 1.5 this is What you need to do when you use it your Um In pain tool and in paint tool is work Very well if you mix with other ones for Example if we go back to entrepreneur You have an excellent things for the out Painting when he use it on me Journey Render something from mid Journey then Bring inside and out painting make Extensions I found that some models does Not work as well however if you’re going There in our painting Um Some elements maybe work better than Other ones I never receive as great Results so I need to play a little bit More about this because tiles between me Journey and our painting was a little Bit on the model strength was a little Bit too much different to me but again It’s a fun place to do to just old Painting and what I was meaning by out Painting in this way We do have it in painting if you Remember when you go to image in Minch And you can select in painting and do All this stuff as well but without Painting you can actually utilize Different also too it’s a And you’re going in a prompt and you Select just in a what do you want it in A prompt for example let’s go right here

You know what we can delete that one Okay let’s go paste it Okay right here we can do this we also Need going configuration and be sure to Use it properly Port here in the Configuration Okay and next just import file that we Want in paint Okay and what we need to do well I don’t Know it’s a robot but we’ll see what’s Happening and it just can go ahead Select it And you can see its aftermarket will Going to connect to your server To your stable diffusion and it will run Right there you can see it will run Process and simple diffusion I think I Have a little bit big size for this one Yep it’s 1004 so Um be careful when you do if you have a Little bit uh video card with a lower Memory so it’s maybe does not perform Um I’m running on RTX 30 90s with 24 gig Ram sometimes it does even on that one Slow down but General it’s you just Select or pending and you can see it Should just select there you go Let’s add some lady to me there you go It’s Ed lady But extend right here a little bit Better but generally it is how our Painting work in this case you’ll save Any um image and other stuff And it’s a bit of the screen because I’m

Actually working on um smaller windows But overall here how this work okay Let’s review what we have it so so far I Can see on my machine what I like it to Use it I’m using Dreamboat the format User deform all the time create a lot of Animations I love it and with the Different models and everything those is Can work great also in painting can work Very good to apply sterilizations on a Specific models like if you have some Videos or singles you can apply very Nice sterilization we’ll keep it other Elements so it will require its own Video by itself overall right here this Video is focusing on what I have it what I use on my machine because I like it And I hope you will enjoy it I just want To share with you installation and Models and extensions that I found it’s Very useful with a stable diffusion Um a locally installed on your machine Thank you for watching this video Subscribe give it like share these Videos it will help my channel grow and I appreciate all your support and have a Great day