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By | November 5, 2022

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Hi I’m Jen with making the photo I make My videos in canva so I was pleasantly Surprised to see a beta text to image Generator in the toolbar in this quick Video let’s try out canvas text to image Generator and see what it can do AI text To image generators are all the rage Dolly 2 and mid-journey are two of the Leaders in the field I’ve put links to How to get started using Dolly and Mid-journey in the description below if You’re new to AI image generation then You’re in for a treat simply type in What you want to see and the AI Generates the image for you canvas text To image generator is super easy to use It seamlessly meshes with the other Design tools in canva and lets you Immediately add your AI generated images To your designs let’s get started so Where is this amazing design tool in Canva you can use this direct link to Access canvas text to image generator or You can access the text to image Generator in the canva app start by Opening a new template the images will Be square but you can use them on any Size template in the sidebar go to the Three dot icon labeled more you will see The purple text to image icon Click this A new workspace appears where you can Start typing describe the image you want

To see in the prompt box then click Generate image canva gets started making Your image there are no downloads no Payments and with a couple of clicks You’re on your way it sounds simple but There are some tricks to getting good Results canva gives you some tips Include objects colors locations Surroundings people that sort of thing Like the other AI generators writing the Prompt takes a little practice and the Results can be a bit Hit or Miss start By describing the subject the more Specific you can be the better cat is Okay tabby cat is a bit more specific Tabby kitten with big blue eyes is more Detailed then describe the colors you Want to see you can use descriptive Terms like sky blue or hex codes Describe locations surroundings and the People you want to see the AI recognizes Famous places or you can be more General If your image doesn’t look like you want Modify your description and try again You describe what you want to see but There is an element of Randomness to AI Image generation you can run the same Prompt and get completely different Results compare canvas Panda riding a Bike with my attempt the pandas are very Different even though we use the same Prompt you can select from optional Preset Styles like Photo 3D or concept Art before generating your image I tried

Canvas inspirational prompt a light Watercolor painting of koi fish in a Pond there wasn’t a huge difference Between the Styles but probably because My prompt already included painting as Part of the style let’s try the styles Again with my tabby cat prompt there Wasn’t that much difference in my tabby Cats either you can be very detailed and Use specific terms that describe how you Want your image to look but you are Limited to about 280 characters it Doesn’t matter how detailed you are Though there is a lot of Randomness Involved in AI image generation these Two images are from the same prompt They’re in the general ballpark but not Exactly the same AI image generation is Still evolving you may get amazing Images or something that looks odd or Wrong AI doesn’t work so well generating Text so you may not be able to do a logo With letters or words but you can try Symbols shapes and colors AI generates Images that are Uniquely Yours these Aren’t stock images no one else will Have these images if you’re worried About copyright don’t be canva considers These images just to be yours to do with As you like but canva does remind you That AI generated images are fictional Don’t try to pass them off as fast Once you generate images you’ll want to Save them canva makes this easy too when

You generate AI images canva returns two Square images click on one or both of The images to apply them to your design If you don’t like either image simply Start again your prompt will be waiting For you re-roll or change and adapt The Prompt when you click on an image it is Saved to your uploads even if you delete It from your template later the image Remains in your uploads until you delete It from there you can use these AI Generated images again in future designs But you can’t go back to previous Generations so if you think you might Want an image make sure to click on it If you don’t click on an image it’s gone For good if you forget the prompt that You use to make an image and you want it Again simply download the image The Prompt is in the title copy the title And you can use it again Once you select an image you can adjust It just like any other image You can use the adjustment tools that Are located in canva You can use a filter Or any of the other tools that canva Offers you to edit photos There are a few limitations to the AI Image generator in canva the AI image Generator is easy to use but you can’t Make unlimited images the daily cutoff Is about 24 images I wasn’t counting Before I got this error but it seemed

Like I made more than 24. in any case a Couple of dozen should be enough for Most designers and you can’t create Anything you want most AI image Generators limit your content Creation In some way canva blocks some words and Phrases and if you accidentally get Something inappropriate ones that are Sexually explicit for instance canva Would like you to report them canvas AI Image generator is easy to use but how Does it compare to some of the others in A separate video I compared some of the Top AI image generators like mid-journey And stable diffusion I’ll put a link in The description below if you’ve used one Or more of these AI generators you’ll Know that can canva is a little bit Limited in terms of features but Comparable in terms of style I use this Same cap prompt every time I compare Image generators mid-journey images are Generally more artistic and you have Many image controls for instance you Aren’t limited to square images you can Change the aspect ratio and you have a Lot more advanced settings Dolly 2 gives You four choices instead of two and Allows you to make variations on your Favorites Dali also includes in painting And out painting tools out painting lets You expand your canvas in painting Changes the details within the image but There is a fee for using mid-journey and

Dolly too the results from canva look a Lot more like stable diffusion results a Stable diffusion is an open source AI Image generator canvas text to image Generator is a great tool for creators Looking for a unique design it’s easy to Use and free even on the free version of Canva the tool is limited but turns Results that are on par with the top Image generators on the market let us See what you do with canvas AI text to Image generator if this video is helpful Remember to like the video and subscribe To the channel this is Jen at making the Photo let’s make something amazing Together [Music]

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