Is TopazLabs Photo AI Worth The Hype?

By | November 8, 2022
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Hello in this video we’re going to look On the new topaz for the AI see if it’s That magical tool like many people tell Me see if it’s actually performed better Than existing tools with a topaz and if You’re familiar what’s happening topaz Lab we release the tool that have inside All the tools that was before Um like let’s go look We have a denoiser gap pixel sharpener So some of those nice tools that help us Work together this is a new one so after Supposed to even include after pilot They’re going through all of these Options because before what’s happening You need open in one application another If you want to do all the stuff so here This supposed to all work together for Us and in nice things if you purchase All of this before you can actually Download it for free if you’re still Under one year which is kind of very Nice because I did not know this and When I go to look and like oh and do I Need to pay another because I purchased All this software and I found out no It’s free so it’s kind of nice you can Go on your download and see the options Free for you and you can claim download It So let’s go ahead and try see how it’s Work what I’m going to do I’ll test it I Created several different images with The different properties like for

Example here this image is covered quite A bit noise look on this how much noise We have it in this image so we’ll check That noising with this we also have this Compression Ugly jpeg compression we’ll see if it’s Work and this artist was created inside Me journey and it was original 1024 I choose new version four if you’re not Familiar I’ll put it link up there in The corner you can check what is new in The mid Journey 4 but be ready to put IT Band about your face so your jaw does Not drop that down it’s so impressive Seriously you need to check this it’s I Was stunning about this and of course I’ll provide link also another one link About it’s where you view all this Upscaler with created and just compare Them in one way or another with all up Scalar see which one is better so base It on my previous test I will do about Similar here which is meaning we have This compressed same what we’ve done Before this is you can see big jpeg Compression so we’ll do online art will Do on the Forum check we also have a Different scales I’m running between 512 124 so what I did it I took the Original image which is was 5000 I think 300 image let me see what is this image Image size let’s go check yeah 576 so I Have this image Create a original image from camera and

After I size down to 2048 to 1024 and 512 and we’ll scale them back up and Just to compare how it’s going we’ll go In with the Photoshop and this is in Photoshop file I shrink down to 1000 1024 yes and just the using special Image image size you’re going there and We just was using preserve details 2.0 And this it’s one of the better ones and We’ll just compare this as a result What’s happening of course from my Previous test if you Uh saw those videos you notice the Gigapixel outperform all of them Competition and included even native Photoshop and new Photoshop AI so it was Kind of very nice and I just want to see If it’s performance same scale Um to run you actually need to install And you’ll notice opt-in your filters You’ll go Tapas light and right here we Have a tapas photo you notice I have my Older one the noise in this but resize Is not there because it is image already Preset inside the Photoshop and Photoshop Won’t be opening new image with new size For us so And the same problem will have it also Here so for example right here we have Our image and let’s go it’s called image Image size and you’ll notice that 1024 So it will go to filter and we’re going To Tapas Fourier let’s open as a plug in

First you’ll notice our Disable so we don’t have options for Upscale however oh this is after pilot Kick in which is kind of very nice so we Can also change modify after pilot just If you click using after pilot Damn it well it’s actually the other Interesting job it’s very similar to Remove some of this but we won’t look on This right now but generally what I was Saying so upscale it’s not necessary Will work in this case And this meaning we need to run this Application as Standalone which is kind Of nice because plugin can work with Photoshop Lightroom but also you don’t Need all those applications you can just Run this application as Standalone which Is Um still allowed to perform all of this And resizing if you want to sell your Items afterwards okay right here we have Our application let me schedule and Let’s go just drag and drop so what Right there because I have performed Seven ones this is 2048 by 2048 on top And we don’t need to use it any of this What I want to do it’s actually we don’t Need recover faces you see how it’s Detached What I wanted it’s increased size and Our size is 5030 I think it is let me Check one yeah it’s 5700 okay let me go Ahead copy this value and we go inside

Here and just type and paste so it will Be same size there you go Let’s go open enhance low resolution you Can see will last some details it’s We’ll switch to natural natural will Keep it about same only enhance slightly And let’s go to the graphics see I know It’s not graphics Graphics little bit Cleaner On the lines let me look again natural Yeah natural look very nice Okay we don’t want to use it any Sharpener or anything at this point so We’ll just and we’ll go ahead and save Before save we can do also one big Plus On this we can pre-load it multiple Files and just do same things like for Example four Um which one it is it’s 1024 so it’s a Little bit Small red just remove noise and just Save put a resolution Same as we remembered version here we go Natural Go right there and I think this will That will work better let’s go closer Okay and we’ll also go ahead and set 512 Actually this one is already purchased So 512 problem with 512 I don’t think we Can go with a Enhanced resolution too much I think we Will limit it in let’s go to disabled Faces and I’m try to Paste this let’s see if it nope it’s

2000 Max so we can go this is our Max Max the resolution we can go and buy This and we can go to Natural in this Case And of course we yeah we we don’t have Any skin tone because it’s not exist Look on this this is maximum resolution To see how bad it is we only can pull Out some information And sharpen it so this way and all what You need to do just click save all the Three images and I will save separately So at this point I want to go inside the Photoshop and You can notice right here I’ve already Created them so we can check closer the Photoshop file what’s happening when we You saw it is when we use the degree Scale Um Marquee tool it’s a I shrink down to 2000 and just using scale tool very Simple just compare we don’t really care About those two ones but if we want to Compare to all other resolutions so Let’s start with Photoshop first and Because we just rescale from 1024 Size to 5000 something you can see it’s Definitely different well because we Don’t have any information any Photoshop Nodes are well created so it’s here next We have when we scale up with marketing Actually it’s only beside the thousands It did very good job on this and now We’ll have it 5 12. so 5 12 again as you

Remember it’s teeny tiny it’s horrible Horrible size it’s really scaled to five I mean it’s a big size okay so right Here and if we compare to photoshop it’s Actually not that far even was quite a Bit smaller but when when we Step at the Same size as a Photoshop it’s without Question topaz prepare pretty way better Look on this right here look on this uh Hair on eyes so this is Photoshop this Is that it done very good job of course If we go compared to original Hard to compare because that is not There it cannot recreate but if we step Out to 2048 this is maximum resolution Mid-jury you’ll be very surprised how Much details it’s added even it does not Exist even there so our scale up To our original it’s quite a bit Impressive Job we did it look at this it’s Beautiful Okay we have some saturations uh Fluctuation I can see but I need to Figure out if it is base it on most Likely color space because I’m working With Adobe RGB which is a wider color Space in most of my stuff and I Probably I work with srgb color space so it’s Most likely that is what affecting this Color change I will check also a little Bit later probably create another video Just about topaz for AI settings but

Right here just basic review does it Work or not where’s the magic so far I Can say scalability it’s about same as Before so if you don’t own it’s a huge Plus to this okay they add Maybe a little bit better actually but Because I just need to run a little bit More test on this but scalability still Be there but it’s easy easy to use An option so let’s go now we’re going Back to the compress and we’ll try to Use this compression you can see this is Jpeg on a photo very very ugly Compression and the reason is why Actually I want to come to check this Because many Um AI services online surprisingly but they Give you output node and PhD pH PNG they give you output in their um Jpeg format and it’s not even 12. it’s 11. it’s horrible compression I’m really Very surprised they’re doing this so in This case if you receive this file you Can fix it actually And let’s see how well it does so at This point we act will run from inside Their Um our Photoshop and remember this can Work inside the Photoshop or it can work Inside the Lightroom or standalone Okay and one thing Good on this one we don’t recover so I Won’t just check on enhancement so we’ll

Go up a little bit closer let’s go just Zoom right here And this should be exactly the same Because we don’t use anything Um let’s go check on enhanced resolution And we’ll go natural and luck on this It’s gone wow That is real real good Job they’re doing look at this all of These artifacts right here I don’t know How they’re doing That that just by itself it’s worth it This is very impressive So it’s what is meaning for us it’s mean Oh yeah in banding look right here we Have it there Gradient banning all gone I mean still Pressure of sharpness and other stuff a Very impressive and this is meaning you Can perform or find some free service or Other things and it’s still perform to Clean up your image and upscale so right Here upscale does not work because we Run as plugin but it’s still working Yeah that is a very impressive okay Let’s go ahead save this I did not gone Through all other ones sharpening and Other options at this moment I’m just Interested right now to see How this one will work okay let’s go to Zoom out And yeah actually cleaner I can see when On this resolution look before you can See definitely after

Okay so let’s go ahead this is 5 12. This is way way compressed again Rendering mid journey and 512 it’s would Mostly get in many different majority Have a new version 4 which is a jaw Dropping house as before but you are Also have an image I think 1024 it’s Maximum at this point but just in case You know 512 is the majority of them Will produce so we’ll go create new Layer and let’s see how it will perform On this small resolution if it will work As well the same we got a pass that pass For the AI so we’ll run the plugin again One more time and right here it’s take a Little bit time to detect This could be International to go check I think it’s if you’re going after pilot Again specify options you know detect Faces all that stuff I don’t want Sharpening up scale so it does give it All these options we can do enough to Pilot so it will be one click winning so I’m going to disable this and hand save What we did with the resolution and Let’s go to Natural okay look on that Okay let’s look on this detail look at The details on our side right here see How horrible it is Foreign Very very well and you can see when I Drag and despair now it’s look nice It is very impressive tool So we can probably also add sharpness to

This if we need it but in this case we Need to play a run and right here you Can see it’s a beautiful beautiful Ending Oh we have the standard motion blur Similar things what we have it in Another only right now everything it’s One single beautiful package so let’s go Ahead and there you go it was very fast On the instant for this size okay we can Resizing can I say but for that we Cannot do inside the Photoshop so we Need in other applications and let’s Check on this noise reduction so right Here My main concern will be it is hair Because right here look how hair going And we’re going again a filter let’s go To the pause for AI and we’re going to Use it noise removing Um we may be also increased a little bit Sharpness we’ll see how it will go but Sharpness usually work with different Okay it will take all of this after Pilot go to check in and I probably Should go and set up my own uh after Pilot for the time okay so right here Whoa look on that clean clean remove all Noises surprising how well it does okay We’ll go closer to the face actually After detection did not I did a very Good job remove noise let’s go strong String will leave it as default whatever After pilot and here’s interesting

Things okay Okay So okay let’s look on her hair and it’s Very impressive we’re gonna see you can Not see here here and let’s restore it It’s very impressive on those removable Strong string so it’s all by default set That is actually very amazing look on That clean uh couple links I’m just Noticing right here we have Merc bra It’s kind of blur out well it is hard to Understand anything in some case you can Play a little bit maybe with a String of this and increasing Detailization may be higher there you go It seems like it start popping up I’ll Be careful to create this because what I Find sometimes No it’s clean look the hands does look a Little bit too clean but its problem is Not that problem is if you look on a Camera right here on this image you can See it’s already have it all this low It’s actually very similar yeah so it is Impressive how it is well done With noise reduction Okay and we can just pop up right there Maybe a little bit more details let’s go Save it as layer inside the Photoshop Okay let’s take a little time and there You go there so we have our noise Reduction okay let’s zoom out actually Original image there you go this is About the same size as original

And that is hairs is very impressive The noise reduction So it’s supposed to actually work some With the blurring and the blurring on The motion And we can check on this because this is Also have a little bit Blur maybe it is maybe on a hair but now It’s single so it should be fine okay Anyways right here you can see how well It is Preform as this sharpening because the Noising and rescale so what I think Um it definitely worth it you know if You work with the upscale images it’s One to I think you almost need to have It with upscaler if you want a real good Quality because if you’re going to sell These images on the other services or Provide sources for another ones I think It’s a tools mask here then by the way I’m I’ve found the interesting things I Found Um that how other people also was Looking how do they sell AI what other People do so I’m right now finishing Another video Um if you Watch for this but you know what better Way go uh subscribe click notification Button check in because then when these Videos come out you can see this and in This video I’m going how to actually People make money it’s not how I make it

Because it’s my way but I also look and I was surprised to find out they make a Good money this way so I’m going to Review all of those Services how people Currently make money with AI art and by The way this is just a option and maybe Not just a IR just general how they make It Um I was surprised seriously when I Found I was surprised I decided I need My video to share with you about this so Just be sure Um click subscribe button click that Notification so when a video come up you Know it’s up there it just help you to Watch this new upcoming cool stuff that I’m working on overall back to our uh Review I think it’s a great tool they Still have their age they still perform The best swaps scaling noise reduction And all this artifact removing it is Like jaw dropping I mean it’s a great Great things there I’ll put it links for You on top so you can see um those Videos about the comparison all these Different Services about uh rescaling Resampling of the images and as well if You’re interested with mid journey I put A link on top so you can see how you can Start if you’re not yet done yeah art Because I think it is Tool that you must to know if you want To be digital artist it’s it’s what Comic you want it or you don’t but it’s

Here and thank you for watching this Video let me know if you like it if you Uh have any other one tools I know some Of you submitted and I look on them They’re great tools great suggestions And thank you again I have a great time To create your own work

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