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By | November 8, 2022

This FREE AI art Generator Website known as has a robust free AI generation platform and search built right in, as well as some other really great AI tools!

Hello folks and welcome back to the Matvid pro AI YouTube channel I wanted To open up this video talking about what You’re looking at right now my Discord Server of course in every single one of My videos I have the link to this Discord server down below you can join It the reason I want to talk about it is I recently did a little revamp rework on This Server so I’d like to show you People who aren’t in the Discord server What it could possibly offer you Personally I’m a huge advocate of Completely free resources so everything In my Discord server is completely free I don’t have a patreon or anything like That where you have to unlock secret Resources or channels or roles or Whatever everything is completely free You have access to everything if you got Your Basics such as general chat which Is always popping off honestly in this Discord server you guys have a great General chat my favorite Channel though Of them all the latest AI news lease Channel here so this basically is a Channel all about the latest and Greatest than Ai and when I say in a Video follow my Discord server for the Latest AI news and all that this is Where you are going to see that is this Discord Channel we get like a good five Different posts in this channel a day All about AI news it’s really really

Cool and I get a lot of really Interesting stuff from this so I Recommend you join the Discord server Just to check this out every once in a While and see if you see anything you Like I’ve also got video ideas you’ll Often see some really cool little Concepts in here as well stuff that People want me to make videos of pretty Much everything that I get sent to me in This channel would make it for a good Video however I can’t make a video about All of it which is really upsetting I Wish I could but sometimes you’ll find Really cool little projects in this Video idea section as well as the latest AI News section of course you’ve got Your AI generation channels so this is Where you want to show off your Different AI generated works we have Different Bots here that you can Generate with so we’ve got this main Stable diffusion bot that people use Quite a lot as well as the mid Journey Button in here and we used to have dolly Two Bots but those might be coming back We don’t know so there actually are free Generation methods right here in the Discord and if you don’t have access Like mid Journey or something you can Always submit a prompts request here This is a new channel that I’ve just Recently added into the Discord this is Where you I think will get a lot of

Really great free access to different Little AIS if you’re interested in that Separate Channel all just about free AI Access so if you just go to pin messages You’ll be able to scroll through these And just see a bunch of pinned free AI I Think that’s a really good resource for You people who don’t necessarily have The cash to just go Below on Mid Journey Or something like that or Dolly too and You want to access some interesting free AI websites we’ve also got General Discussion for a few different popular AI websites that I’ve talked about on The channel lately and then you’ve got Your meme channels voice channels stuff Like that so yes everyone just wanted to Mention that I think this Discord server Is a really great resource so today Folks we’re going to be talking about This website known as someone added this onto my Large AI links list and it’s actually a Really awesome AI powered website as you Can see online image online video Restoration they have a lot of different Stuff on this website that you can mess Around with no installation or powerful Computer required so enhance your video Or images here which is really Interesting you can just dump stuff Right in here to be enhanced all files Are stored in privately encrypted that’s That’s good to see I’ve actually noticed

A lot of people lately are worried about Safety especially with like the voice AI Video I made recently A lot of people Are worried about that company not Really being the best with your personal Information or others information well They’ve also got this free art generator But I’m gonna try out this upscaler or Enhancer quote unquote first we’re going To try it with some of the mid-journey Generations I’ve been doing as of late If you guys didn’t see it yesterday I Made a YouTube short talking about Mid-journey and this method I’ve been Doing to generate lots of images we’ll See how good their built-in upscaler is Here I’m going to mess around with a Quad mid-journey generation it’s just The raw mid-journey so it would look Like this for example we’ll drop that Right in here and we’ll see how it Upscales it and they show you their Little comparison here that I guess it Does a really good job upscaling and Apparently it’s already done we can use The quality enhanced 4X model so this Will make the image four times the size I suppose we’ll just pick this default Model and they’ve also got colorization And photo restoration facial restoration Well this is crazy okay so the image Generation’s free but this apparently Does actually cost credits well we do Have free credits we get five free

Credits oh and there you go okay so you Get five free credits when you sign up And then they want you to pay 30 bucks Or 57 yeah okay they have pricing Subscriptions again I’m not gonna to Read all these out and explain them you Guys can see the benefits to each but I Don’t know it’s kind of expensive at Least the image generation’s free all Right so this one has been upscaled Again this was a mid-journey generation And how did it do I actually did pretty Decently upscaling everything I think It’s definitely not too bad I wouldn’t Say it’s any better really than the base Mid Journey upscaler or some of the free Even free up skillers that I’ve seen so You know it’s definitely good and all That I mean this might not be the best Use case to demonstrate it does look Like it adds a lot of really nice Texture and detail into this so it Really could be good for some use cases However personally you know it’s it’s Looking like this is pretty expensive if You got money to blow maybe it could be Useful but for me personally this looks Really expensive I’m interested in the AI art generator it’s interesting they Also have video enhancement as well Which looks like it works pretty Decently too I have to say a lot of These companies have been getting into Video upscaling not just in image

Upscaling such as gigapixel has their Own video upscaler and AVC Labs which I Covered also has an upscaler as well and Apparently they can transform video into 60 FPS as well and they got facial Restoration in case you get your focus Wrong in your video okay pretty cool They’ve also got audio enhancement and Hansoned upscale audio improve audio Quality without installing any Additional software try it for free and They’ve got a little tester here that we Can listen to okay this is going to be With the AI off so this is the poor Quality Foreign They’re going with music here Doesn’t even really sound that bad to be Honest let’s turn the AI on instead and Re-listen [Music] Yeah it’s quite a bit higher quality Okay well for some people with really Low audio quality this might help you Out but they say that it doesn’t really Help you any further than 48 kilohertz That’s what I actually record on with my Microphone so this wouldn’t be of any Benefit to me necessarily the voice Enhancement I’m really interested in Hearing here what would the biggest of The 50 states be Texas because if you Tried putting Alaska up against Texas Alaska would melt okay so that’s a low

Quality voice let’s hear the high Quality one what would the biggest of The 50 states be Texas Because if you tried putting Alaska up Against Texas Alaska would melt okay That’s pretty good that’s pretty good For audio restoration I mean you can Still hear a little bit of weirdness Fuzziness in there with the audio but it Completely removed that nice guitar in The background it completely got rid of It so that’s pretty impressive pretty Nice and you can remove vocals too it’s Pretty cool stuff they have here good Technology for sure you can generate Portraits this is a part of their Restoration portrait generator so if you Have like really ancient old photos you Can generate new portraits of that Person wow okay so free AI generator Here’s the real meat and potatoes I Think for a lot of you guys I’m just Gonna take a wild guess that this is Stable diffusion I mean what else would It be but that’s not necessarily A Bad Thing stable the fusion is absolutely Everywhere and it’s good apparently There’s HD mode here is this all free is My question can I generate up to 100 Steps oh no okay that costs credits okay So anything under 50 steps is free which Is good I think that’s actually better To the HD mode costs a credit Private results also cost a credit okay

10 images costs 2 credits eight images Is one credit six images One credit how About four zero okay so I think four Might be free and you can have Randomized seed or input a seed so That’s a nice feature to see here on the Image gen and we’ve got negative words As well and we do actually have some Basic categories we can choose from so This is painting let’s go with the anime Apparently this is anime style that Generate for free and is generating our Art here and it didn’t take a credit Away so we’re good there folks we we got This as a free generation which is good I like that they have completely free AI Photo generation with stable diffusion That’s really really nice a lot of People are looking for that and yeah This does seem to actually work really Well in the anime art style as well you Can enhance It remix it download it Really competitive features here if we Just click on this we can scroll through Them definitely really really nice I Think the anime style worked well here Whatever they’re doing behind the scenes To get that anime style out of stable Diffusion is working well they’ve got Steampunk for example or fantasy or Photo this is a really random prompt one Million lemons inside of the Eiffel Tower we’re gonna try it in the photo Mode and just generate that and again

Not taking any credits so this is Completely free four Images 50 steps not Bad I’ve also got aspect ratios here This might cost more credits though yeah That does cost credits to do anything That’s not a square aspect ratio but I’m Not complaining and yes this definitely Looks like stable diffusion but the Photographic mode definitely produces Photographs we’ve got all these lemons Yeah right near the Eiffel Tower I mean That’s I guess I guess that’s just Straight up the Eiffel Tower but yeah It’s just random lemon Eiffel Tower Prompts here to to mess around with it Works pretty well that’s just good Stable diffusion for you guys for Completely free on this website and you Know besides just this free AI art Generator they’ve got this you know idea Browser where you can see all these Public images that people have generated Thus far similar to something like Lexicon Lexica has a lot more images but This one seems to be pretty cool so like Let’s see do they have anything lemon Related for example oh okay interesting For some reason now it’s searching Google but everything is coming from This site so it’s using Google search to Search stuff on this website so don’t be Alarmed when this happens this is all From their website so it doesn’t yeah Okay search via Google very interesting

That it doesn’t just go through their Website like something like open art it Goes through Google but it’s all stuff From their website simple enough they’ve Also got API stuff for you developers Out there and yeah they’ve got a nice Little collection of tools I think on Neural love and it’s just a website that I thought was worth sharing with you Guys especially because you do have the Completely free image generation built Right in and then some also really nice Paid tools as well I think those tools Work pretty well they’re a little bit on The expensive side you know with the Whole credit system not a huge credit Guy personally but I thought I would Share this one let me know what you guys Think and I’ll see you guys in another Video stay tuned for the end of the week When I do the AI news Roundup I’m going To start doing this thing weekly where I I round up all the best AI news from the Week and just share it with you guys in One big video I think it will be really Fun so stay tuned thank you so much for Watching and check out some other videos Goodbye

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