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By | November 9, 2022
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Hello there in this video I want to look On Youtube relaxation videos these Videos you can produce for free very Fast very easy and they will provide Constant Revenue streaming so let’s look On some examples right here if you go And type relaxation music you’ll notice Some of them have a small view but Looking at some of them have it 1.2 Million look at this this one even 207 Million dollars 207 million dollar or views 270 million Views it will equal about 828 000 that is a crazy number just from one Video of course not every video will Achieve this some video will achieve Smaller some bigger but if you produce Bigger amount you will produce more Revenue and another question if it’s so Easy why I don’t do by myself and answer Is yes I do so example here’s my new Channel I just created and the reason Why because I want you to kind of follow This Channel and see what will happen How we can achieve and you can see it’s Only 16 subscribers I just created and I Created on purposely the different Channel because this is my AI animations AI music AI deep learning uh algorithm For creating a relaxation videos or Immersive let me rephrase more on Immersive relaxation videos And also some visual color positioning But I won’t go about this I have

Specific videos about what this video Can do how put them assemble so in this Video I want to share my knowledge as I Was going over this which resources you Can use it for free online literally for Free To create your own videos And music and put it online I understand that probably some Competition there but you know what if You don’t try it you already failed So if you add some specific Um flavor to your videos they will be Successful and I see every time new Channel is coming and I get more and More successful okay But also what I want to show you if you How you can add little bit more Professional look and step up just if You’re willing to pay a little bit more Like 10 15 a month what this can give to You as example When you created the relaxation music Video or immersive technically you need Only three elements to this you needed One music Second you need a video and third you Need actual application to put it all These components together If you want it you can go very fancy Experimental like some of my videos I Use it multiple applications just to Create animations over the AI Arc and Put other things but you can go as a

Complex as you wanted but we’ll look Right now on very simple way to do it And very effective so let’s look first On the website where we can get it those Free assets one example in a pixabay Which is have over 2.7 million of the Photos including some stock videos and They’re royalty free and the licensing Is very simple actually on this license There you can use a commercial Non-commercial you just cannot take this Image and sell as a stock on another Ones or you cannot use it for some Illegal imagery stuff kind of very basic But generally you can have it all of This a lot of lot of images there or Photos or the videos and use it in your Creation in your relaxation music by the Way all the links to the suicides that I’m showing and more I will provide Down Below in the description so you can Click and go to the site and see which One you like it This video is another one but that one Is covered also several categories and Almost any free video websites which I Can show very fast over some of them but At one point they are will provide free Assets or a limited download assets and A premium the reason why they provide Free they want you get like uh you know Hooked on them and after he says well I Really need more let me pay them and get That specific look some of them will

Have it maybe resolution restrictions so They will have only like 720 maybe 1080 But not 4K which is okay because videos That we want produce we don’t want to Produce only in 1080 no reason for us to Use it high resolution 4k on this and Like example right here with video you Can notice they have it always free but If you’re going over some of them they Have label and says hey you need premium Plans to download it some of those Videos Um again that is Will limited you to Selections but the reason is why I’m Putting all so many websites because you Can go take some footage from one side From another from you can find this you Have the bigger pool of use those videos From okay let’s go on next one cover and Like I said before I will just go very Fast through uh those video sites link Will provide below because they’re all About same like this one give it get Free images will reset monthly you have It another one art grid which is you Have a kind of footage but you need to Pay money for this to access some of the Free you have free 4K plus videos with Uh with z Um also you have it live with which is Provide very nice quality Nature videos and some of them you’ll Find to specify some of them provided Videos some of them provide also

Graphics sound effect music so more than This just one okay another one’s like Speed Shire and um Maybe the video will look on this Already Clips still another ones that Provide again notice they have some Plans so it’s meaning they can give you For free some of this but also you can Purchase and buy this okay we have it They have a Shutterstock we have the mix Kit Um petapixels will look so overall you Can notice all of this very different Websites With a different proper but Even you if you want to you can also go Type in and kind of look on them you Have it also premium size like Adobe Shutterstock invanta where you ping Monthly fee or you purchase pair footage They are honestly better quality you can Find usually the paid you can find a Bigger selection more unique videos the Higher quality Um And they’re not shot like on iPhone or Other ones so they’re a little bit Better equipment was used but you need Paid and I will show you this example With a inventor elements some um Interesting tricks there but I will show You some footage from there and you can See when you pay it would you get it for This

Okay so let’s go look now on the music And interesting things but you can find A lot of royalty-free music that you can Use it in your channel directly on YouTube so this is just one of the Example if you type royalty free music You find with many channels who will Provide for free For commercial use the music that carry Only same like on some videos of the Sites there that you must provide credit Inside descriptions of your videos so You need to set hey this is music or This video from such a side or created By this after and so this it’s not hard To do but just keep it in mind you need To credit and some Um website actually will go after when They find the footage somewhere or music And if you don’t put it credits they can Put it copyright on your video so your Revenue stream will decreasing because You need to share with them as well So let’s look very fast on another ones It’s a bit another one side where you Can find a free royalty-free music you Can use it or free and of Course in many other places what I found Out interesting Um a little bit of okay I found very Interested in the stock music some of Them very tricky in whatever is meaning By very tricky Um for example I went like to um invento

Let me give you example here because It’s what happened to me several times Some music when you download it you go In and you notice that music it will say No YouTube registrations so it’s meaning You don’t need to register and I usually Get sometimes I get this music put it in My video Um and use it and after year two years The owner of the music going in a Register with some service so now I have A copyright claims on my old videos Coming on YouTube likely for me because I’m with inventor here for some time I Can go back to my downloaded and Download license for this because they Will renew your license and I can Provide them and says hey I’m licensed To use these things but you know what How many people actually will do this Some of them forgot about already about YouTube channels some of them don’t care Don’t want to do and I think that is Actually quite a bit cheating on a part Of the Creator and I notice many of them Actually will do this they release a lot Of music for free wait 2-3 years and They slam you after with copyright so You can kind of you share revenue or Provide your licensing and my biggest Things about all this upbeat and free Some of the services they they provide Copyright free whatever but who Guarantee the person who submit here

Does not he hold it right so this music Going and copyrighted his music Somewhere else and after you need dealt With this so for that reason I kind of Like to look on a place where kind of Provide licensing for you so you can use It but just keep this in mind because When you create a royalty when you Create your relaxation videos with a lot Of music and everything The people may come back afterwards and Try to take some portion of revenue from Your videos Okay so we’ll look about this next let’s Go speak about how we can edit this Video And it’s have many places online like Camera you can go ahead and use it Online editor so you download it many AI Like uh Adobe and other ones online they do Provide some editing some of them is Paid in free YouTube have it also Editors inside so it’s very easy to put It in but Nothing comes for free usually it’s free They have it always or they put it Watermarks which you need to be careful About this be sure they don’t some of Them will put watermarks some of them Does not produce heavy limitations how Long you will produce some of them have It Um some other restrictions so personally

I do have an Adobe After Effects Premiere and um I used also Sony Vegas For some my other projects but generally What I’m using for editing it’s a simple Applications it’s just the Camtasia same Application that I’m using to record my Screen to do some editing for the YouTube I found this simple applications That work the best because all what I Needed here I needed my two tracks one For sound and one for videos so here’s Example I went and I downloaded the Short videos All what I can find And there’s another problem you’ll Notice a lot of Clips they’re just very Short I’ll show you how you can fix this But leave it for the premium price but General you have the clips you upload Your Clips you put music on the top and You’ll be under ready to render I would Recommend to stay about 1080 it’s a 192 Uh 1920 by 1080 resolution this is your Full HD resolution Some people may going for 4K but I won’t Recommend because many because a free Sites will provide only 1080 resolution So HD resolution is probably what you Want to stick with Um And this is what generally it’s what I’m Rendering that resolution you can Increase in some applications uh size of

The footage if you need it but it’s Become with price of choppies The why we don’t we want to increase Because I notice in some videos when We’re going we have some limitation of The footage so if you want specific Maybe a sailing ship in an ocean you Won’t find on some of those sites free That many you find on a pay sites but on Some other sites you wanna find this so You want to Make it smoother slower or maybe people Create it Um just simple increase time does not Help because you can see right here it’s Just getting very kind of chappies look How it’s going it does not pretense so For this we need to use a different Applications the one I personally like It to use it’s the Boss video AI I will Provide link down below so you can check On this video but it is having this Options frame interpolation so it’s Allowed me to change my frames per Second to what I wanted but most Important it can apply motion and if you Look at the motion it will provide Smooth Very nice very beautiful nice smooth Motions between Okay actually you know what let me go Destroy this Okay so we just click on one pre-created And you can see right here look how

Smooth it’s add frames you can notice The smallest and see how this is going To be choppy it’s not because the food Is choppy it’s because it’s showing this Jump from this Frame to another frame And it’s creating and right here you can See how it is ADD interpolational frame So this software is like perfect for This and actually that is a main reason I purchased this software so I can have It frame interpolations and when I do Like relaxation videos or other things I Want to create very smooth transition Between and just side also for those who Interested in creating AI animations Usually you render it when 12 frames on This way you can create this very Beautiful frame interpolations between Of them okay so this is just example And this is what I do to increase size Of this footage because if you’ll notice Right here some of them it’s quite a bit Short it’s beautiful but it’s quite a Bit short and look on this they’re going A little bit too fast you know Let me reduce sound but you can see There was going a little bit too fast Even this one going a little bit too Fast so we can slow down this by Two three times a little bit more we can Have it much longer footage in this and Just imagine if you needed all of this Okay let me bring this back to normal Resolution okay if we need to take all

Of this you know and create not seven Minutes like here if we need create much Longer Time Each meaning you need copy Paste or you need to create a lot of lot Of Clips which is much harder to find It’s the reason why I kind of used them Expand another way so of course you can Do if you have the music you’ll notice They will have it longer and And have it longer relaxation music it Will help kind of per session usually You want to do relaxation videos about Um 15 20 minutes because it’s usually What class will go with it if we’re Using or maybe people just sit down and Watching on TV your videos and play Music it’s kind of a nice effect so you You want a little bit longer another Solution you can create multiple videos And just create as a playlist and let People use to this so what I do here When I need extend you’ll just have it Another soundtrack And we’ll just create a copy paste and Be sure your music like right here a Little bit overlap it so it’s all what We need to do to create of course you Can play a little bit more by beat but I Found in many cases you don’t Necessarily need it like total Synchronization so And you can see how it’s moved Start going in together of course if you Zoom in you can a little bit work more

With a Properly waves to going so they kind of Realign but generally it’s what I do This way and you can create expand Repeated this video repeated more and More sound and just create longer okay Like same right here for example we can Take all of this Videos That we have it copy them And paste copy them and paste so now you Can see it’s copy paste in major it’s Actually video so which is doing a very Long time on um YouTube It’s what They’re doing there or looping same Footage over and looping same music over Or you can do this way the another if You want to be more unique then you need A little bit more for the additional Services like for example Uh you can go invento elements I do like Using this one and those footage you saw From here but you will need to pay about 16 dollars per month if you’re on an Annual around there to access the Library and they have quite a bit nice Library they increasing all the time and This is unlimited one thing I need to Tell you be sure if you decide to go With some premium be sure they provide For you notepad credits but provide you Unlimited access on unlimited download And it’s what and I wouldn’t want the Element that’s what provide for us in

This case so this is very simple because It’s not very hard to do it’s a very Very simple way to do it you just get The footage you just get the music in Those places put them together edit Inside the YouTube editor even if you Can do or other ones and it’s done then Create your channel the one the only Suggestions what I have it about your Channel be sure you don’t put on your Main Channel create as your secondary Third or whatever I have it about 10 15 Different channels that I’m running for Different reasons because my probably Biggest mistake I did on my main Channel I Um Just put a different content so I have a Content for these for these people which Is kind of was remembering I never want To actually don’t care about Monetization so recently I kind of focus On this but because of that I wasn’t Really care and now I’m paying price for This because a lot of content it’s like Mix I have a different one so I need to Clean up this and the best way to do I Find it’s create the different channels And separate they don’t necessarily will Give you this instant boot like for Example on one I have it right now about Thirty one thousand subscribers on this One I have only 16 subscribers so it’s All kind of changing you know uh you

Need kind of make double work to get Subscribers and monetization everything But in a long run it is pay off to do This so be sure you have it separate Um as well you can see right here so I Create kind of header you put it name And you start uploading videos and I Give you just example of the videos what It was created So right here you saw one of the video I Did this is more kind of relaxation with Clouds and again this is all done from Stock photos stock videos sorry stock Videos and audio it’s all what it is And I’ll re-enter this video I’ll put it this video on my channel I’ll give you a link so you can preview As well I’ll probably take some of the Segments and I’ll put it inside as Showing you example inside the video so I was when I will go edit this video I’ll put it inside the segments and you Can preview them so this is one of the Type and of course another ones if You’re interested here I was creating With a little bit more immersive type And you can hear it Kind of have a little bit more fun Because for me it’s experimental and by The way this voice just for those who Are interested this voice it is AI Generated and I love that service it’s Come from morph Ai and right there you Can hear it

There you go So a nice voice and you can change all These different voices I have a summary View and I will make way more about the Murph for those who are interested but It’s again some surface again service You can provide it and let’s go back to This video so right here this is voice Videos again it’s from stock videos from Downloaded there But you can see With little bit Um overlays and a graphics and reason Why overlays is create a little bit Uniqueness on this You can create this video by the way Um I will put it links above right there Or below some examples of full process Of my editing how it was done how I put It on top so that may help but overall Right here just example of the videos That created with a stock Um music and a stock videos and all Different types so it will be you can do As a cyber tankish maybe futuristic neon Punk I don’t know what you will call This okay you can create some of those Ones you can create immersive different This is a little bit different one but Just give you example Spacey kind of effect you can create it Um do animations and of course the one Other ones that I showed before it’s Always stock footage directly with no

Effect well I hope this was providing enough Information and most important Inspirations for you to try create your Own Um relaxation music just to try go there And see how it will work for you or not Or try the different way maybe you know Um not just the relaxations maybe like Immersive here or Um Travel kind of with music videos but you Can see how we can do this for free with The stock photos stock videos and stock Music to create this interesting content Thank you for watching this if you like This video if you found useful give it Information give it thumbs up if you Think that is just a sorry piece of crap Videos and then give me two thumbs up Okay subscribe uh share this video let Other people know and if you have any Ideas of or any questions please let me Know I will be happy to implement or Find some other places maybe you have a Better places for the free videos or Free music I will be appreciative you Can share with other viewers Down Below In the comments thank you again and have A great time Before we begin our journey Please be Aware of the flashing lights if you have A tendency to have a negative reaction To the fast motion and bright lights

Please disconnect your interface now Preloading neural mapping Ready let the journey begin [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Journey completed thank you for your

Participation it is safe to disconnect Your neural interface now [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

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