How to generate comic book art with AI

By | November 4, 2022
Prompt Below

Hello in this video I want to go over The checks prompts for AI generated Artwork how to achieve specific result You wanted and we will work with a comic Book style right now so how you can Create but this could apply to any other Styles as long you understand concept How it’s work and I’m going to use it Made the journey as a power render Engines however you can use this in a Dali night cafe or any other ones which Utilize similar clip model for the word Waiting Overall right here we have our prompt And that’s what I’m going to do it’s Going in a prompt showing you how it’s Work as we’re going live as well on the Top I have a text pad with the text what We’re going to use and uh some prompts Some weights and some suggestions for The checks you also those ones will Provide it down below in description you Can copy paste and use for yourself if You’re interested keep in mind because I’m doing live I will look on some Results that I already pre-made it However you know it is random generated Art almost so we’ll see what the result Will getting and how close we can go in So let’s go ahead and begin by first I’m Going to use it same things boy in a Space suit fighting with the aliens okay We’re gonna copy this and going inside Me journey and we’ll go to imagine paste

And copy so the reason is why I’m doing My original Um just line before add complete Complexity it’s almost always I would Like to start with Simplicity be sure I Have my model set by image set first and After add complexity to this Um Before this let me show you right here For example I’m going with boy in space Fighting and try find the right ways It’s set if I don’t like how it’s look I Will re-render again until I find one of The reference image that I like it and I Want to continue with this reference Image Um suggestions if you start render like This it’s a square by square they will Be a little bit different if you need Different format so in usually what with Comic books set if you want why or tall I will recommend for you to do at the Beginning so example we’ve done one way But if I’m going and I change my aspect Rate show to for example let’s go two by Three so it will believe it portrait Vertical mode so we’ll go with this and You’ll notice it will change because Actually it will try expand for us and The view will be changing different Images But right here we have it one render so You can see one alien with boys and Right here we have the boy in a suit

Which actually this one maybe work for What I want to do But we’ll go with different aspect ratio Okay one thing if you’re familiar how It’s work each image when it’s generated It’s great total random Purl and Noise With the gaussian noise up front and When it’s rendered it’s try to denoise Your special function to do this to Bring image so each image can be Different however if I will take from Versions of the some specific image then It will be that image my starting point So if I have a pause or other things That I like the image I probably will go With this for this one you know what I Kind of like oh well we can read around There again see if we’re getting another Point but for Um sake of the time I’m going to use it To the second one so this one let’s go Ahead upscale see how it will come up And we also can click on the versions And use it but you can see right here It’s have a remix prompt which is kind Of nice we can use it if you don’t have These options in a mid Journey Code Type settings okay and inside the Settings when it’s open you want to be Sure right here remix mode is enabled This way when we click on the mix it Will open for our prompt that we can add Additional options and we’ll still using This RSC the image as originally

Otherwise you can do if another Images you can download this image and Used as your start point or you can use That seed image if you use like stable Diffusion or other things so you have it Multiple ways you can address in other Applications but because we’re working Currently with a mid Journey UI so this Is what I’m going to just use in this Case so remix mode enable And it’s creating okay let’s go ahead Open and right here we have the boy in Space suit fighting with aliens we’re Gonna start adding stop so the for the Comic books we need spitify several ways We need to specify what the that is Comic book we can apply does it need Black and white or color do we need Outline to create in this case and also The print is important because do we Want print the Band-Aid process or some Other things and right here just example Of some Um styles okay and I’m going to paste Here And you can see we have the bay day Process now if you’re not familiar with Some of this what I recommend just copy Houses will be provide there and you can Go on Google and just type and paste in Google and for example right here will Explain you what does the Band-Aid Process is and you can see it’s like an Old comic books so apply those processes

Working The interesting things what I find out Um in some cases the this process like Right there uh if we want to modify it’s Worked better if you put more than just A value so let’s go ahead like make a Variation on this one which is same as We did before and we’ll just go get Band-Aid process As example and put it here So let’s go ahead and submit it will Re-render for us again and if you don’t Like any pause what you’re creating just Go ahead it will render create different Poses find one image that you think okay That is matching for that frame Uh you cannot render all comic book at The same time okay but you can find your Main image that is look like in a way You want to do and then you can start Playing with this image to add Additional parameters to grow to create This parameter better okay so like right Here you can see we add to this Band-Aid Process and we have it all of these Elements it’s not necessarily work Exactly as I wanted actually I like this Bottom one a little bit better but we’ll Continue with this so we can continue Again click on make variation if you Click once it doesn’t mean you can click More and just example let’s go take this Outline coloring Fine Art right here okay if we copy

These and we’ll just put it Right there let’s go ahead submit you’ll Notice it is will create Variations with a little bit more Outline it’s possibly we can even get it Black and white without specification Black and white because if you Specify uh like black and white on the End Black and white it will create Okay they’ll you’ll see a style okay Look on this it’s already you see how Outline going let me render Just One Upscale so we can see but you can notice The outline and coloring it’s already Applied style so it’s already looking More comic book alike and of course if We have it black and white we can take All of this copy okay let’s go make Variations from our original ways right Here is our original and we can put it All of this line inside we just tell hey Use it all of this and as I said before Tomorrow you kind of you don’t want Overwhelm but at the same time If more Styles you provided to access to Bigger library and created more accurate Look like in the way you’re going So as it’s working along and you can see Regularness it’s a beautiful outlines Created so it’s look more like it’s Um comic books Again right here black and white of Course applied nice we’re going to a

Very good style way And we have it even right there a little Bit more style but this is originally Remember this is our reference so if you Want kind of like alien fighting you can Go find one frames that you want to work With Okay so right here we’re done and Actually I may be going with this let’s Go to have a couple ones let’s go Upscale three and four maybe you can do Different ones if you need it Playing Ground see which one work Okay But this is again this is our black and White I’m not necessarily you know maybe Want to do black and white let’s go back To our variations what we’ve done before And we’ll just remove black and white And we can use that one again but before We jump to this there are also other Things which if it is more type of Printing so bend a process it’s one type Of the printing but beside that you also Have it all of this uh different type Prints Which is offset lithography digital Printing so this is you don’t need to Put it all of them but for example Engraving itching it’s definitely effect So and how much it will affect let’s go Try and look right here so we’ll go Click and submit at this point Okay there you go look at this I do like

How it’s come up it’s actually this nice Comic style Um one thing if you want a little bit Cleaner the remaster which it will run With test uh format will do different so Just example let me run remaster on this Image you’ll see how it’s look different And that is will be a little bit more on What style you like it because if you Are like remaster you can put this tag Before we render images so you will go In the same format okay right here Engraving etching and it should add a Little bit more lines for us which is Harder to see here let’s go to upscale Number three you see this one and this Is our remaster you can see how much Smoother is and I not necessarily like That style but it’s total personal Preference somebody maybe like it I like Better how older version it was working With this little bit cringy kind of Stuff it’s better working But overall and right here you see yeah We have it very beautiful black and White on this with a suit applied so and This one is our with creative test it’s What I says it’s a upscale one It does have a not bad job but because I Like other ones better and it’s up to You if you like it or not remember you Can rerun if you don’t like result there As well Okay let’s go back now up

We did render our version three Where is our version three I think this One is our version three Um Nope it’s with version three it’s this One was his standing right here yep that One okay so this is our version three we Did and it’s with aging and you can kind Of see it’s added but sometimes we need Emphasize when you say it’s a black and White to give it more line Overall here’s our printing things the Um another options what we can do it is Also add the artists an artist it is Quite a bit stylizational effect for Example if we put a Rembrandt lighting It will look totally different even it’s Not on a comic books So let’s go example we’ll go right here And away is mine right there okay let’s Go on this variations yes and we’ll just Go take without black and white I don’t Want black and white on this we’ll take This line going put in here Okay and I will say Rembrandt Lighting You’ll see how much that lighting will Affect remember right now we’re not Dramatic we’re not render from ground Okay we’re using this image as our base Image and whatever we applied will apply To this so it’s meaning if I said black And white and other things we still have

It red we still have some of those Coloring coming through because this is Our base image and it’s important to Understand so when you render different Versions don’t just look on the pauses Also look what colors will influence Inside because these colors will pass to The our next image as we’re creating and Right here Rembrandt lighting we should Have it a little bit more stronger Lighting you can see it’s add some Elements which is actually not bad at All uh let’s go next we’ll Use this one it’s time to kind of Upgrade our sales ourself to next things Um beside all of this What is very important because a is Artist so we put it Rembrandt but right Here it’s a different artist and you can Find what comic books artist you like it For example I like the style Um the Rocket Raccoon from Marvel when They’ve done nothing so you can find in This case we can also take this artist And put them together if you want just One specific and put it one specific Artist and based on this and it will Work I find when you mix different Artists AI perform very good job on Merging different styles and maybe Create a unique look as well in this Case So like right here you can see we have Our new image created and we’ll just go

In versioning from this we can add Arches uh when you apply artists to the Versioning it won’t be as heavy impact As you creating from scratch so what I Was meaning by this if we’re going right Here and we have it imagine and we’ll Take a voice in space with aliens as Original okay let’s go paste here and We’ll also right now we’ll take these Styles and apply it Because it’s creating from scratch it Will reference libraries of those arches Specifically and we’ll go on like two by Three what we’ve done before you’ll Notice how big different it was so if Style of the artist is very important For you at the beginning put them there And be sure it’s created if you want Just afterwards apply Styles like right Here we have it make variations yes and We’re going right there and apply The artist at the end you’ll notice it Will apply to the image we created and It’s won’t be as heavy influence because We have our reference images as from Beginning of the creation of our Okay so we have it our style skate done Let’s go look on them and you can see These um a little bit more in some Stylized It’s definitely we need look on a Specific artist and again That’s why we have the Google so we can Take the specific name

Copy you can go inside the Google and Let’s go right here paste it Okay and you can see specific style of This artist You don’t need to put it all of them you Can put few if you need it And others are going along so here’s Another thing if we look on this Um we determine how the visual style and Everything going but if what I found in With comic books actually if we put it Additional options Uh Like describing this that worked very Well so let me show you what I mean by That so let’s put this way full comic Book cover page Okay oops so let’s go copy this one and I will go to make variations and right Here I’ll just put it Full comic cover page see what that will Come up because instant things I found Out if you put it this or you putting Also Um text like framing Book frames Three frames layout You know if you describe also not just The stylization not what’s going there You also describe like it is Marketing page add bonus something book Cover poster This is a reference will work around This we don’t need poster in this case

But just like this one let’s go we Describe this as a book covered and You’ll notice it will creating a little Bit better in some cases even this cover Book we want to create at the beginning Because sometimes we’ll really lock Somewhat in sterilizations but To be if we do this at the beginning not From the base we’ll have it a bit Different so for example let’s go right Here I’m gonna go like imagine and it Will do from beginning with a full comic Book cover all that stuff let’s see what We have at this point but even with this Style look on this now we’ll have it way More look like a book more like sorry Stylization of the comic books of the Styles Um Like let’s go render a few of them okay For I don’t know which one else we Should try let’s go try maybe Two so we’ll do that one creating same Like right here this one with um Full comic book cover page so we’re Gonna cover this one notice we don’t Have titles because for the titles we Also need specify like and then I don’t think we put alt line oh outline Coloring so we’ll go right there but you Can see Like this one it’s look like it’s coming From comic books drawing with a style All the stuff stylization everything

Um I found the three frames like layout Or other things if you do layout on the Frames it’s on the beginning will do Create lines like in the comic books but I don’t know really if I create art for My comic books if I want to hear I want To add that framing afterwards when I Create my own layout what actually I’m Looking I’m looking for this specific Image going like this way Okay so right here it’s done with that The other ones and we can see it does Add some framing A little bit you know what I mean it’s Add some like book cover but again if we Um decide to continue from some of Variations so we can go right inside and Let’s just uh Example we can reduce also remember Sometimes can be confused from the Sterilization so we can reduce some of The sterilization down Like for the calming I don’t want this We leave it retro print the nice things About this remix prompt you don’t Necessarily need add you can also remove Stuff from that prompt from The Prompt So we can to this way full comic book And we can also let’s just For fun okay we’ll go to Add weights to this anyway If you want it as experiment Add okay Full color let’s go

Uh Comic book Font cover okay so we’ll go with this One Okay let’s go submit and see it so you Can play around but generally okay so we Have it right here let’s look over till It’s rendering so we have it our boy in Space it’s what we created right the Comic books we have it our outline Process coloring book so this is kind of Defined in some ways style black and White with this be careful because say This is will be affecting if you do at The beginning but afterwards it’s not Necessarily effect for example if we go Right in this image like let’s go on This so we’ll have a upscale one and I’ll go add or we can have it purging Just for fun for now and if I add like Black and white let’s go even right here At the beginning okay Because it is already based on an image It will act differently okay So we did but this I like it like it’s Perfect like comic book style To create an image And of course we have it variation we Can change a little bit in this case When we have stuff boy in a spacesuit Fighting aliens Okay let’s go right here we’ll change This one and we’ll say Alien Forest

Will keep it everything else we change Main subject at this point because we Establish our Styles we establish how Its look on this and it will go from This style we change content so we Remove it boy in a suit all the stuff All what we left it’s with new content Okay let’s go down And right here you see I had black and White and this is what I said before Because it’s based from this image black And white weight won’t be affected as Much because our style our coloring is Already kind of Lock and we’re going From this so if we want black and white We need to start this from the beginning And right here alien Forest let’s look What we have right now because we have Original our image with a boy as a Describer look right here we change Alien Forest around So we put it this image inside so Again refer as I said before we have an Hour that boy in a suit as our starting Image so we’re starting not from the Clear from other things so if we start This alien forest from the beginning With what we have now it will be total Different look because we don’t have Okay let me go imagination okay Because if we done this way you’ll Notice we’ll have it just a force we Won’t have it any alien any boy in an Alien Forest

Okay at this time we kind of look how to Create your stylizations we look hard to Create style of the comic books how to Add Um covers again this is coming book with My book cover we want to do this from The beginning if we’re done because we Want establish and lock our image and After this we can add and work with our Are to edit Okay so right here this is image we just Created alien Forest boy in a suit what We was referenced so we can just Remaster just see what this test will Does I do like problem scale to Max but Here’s our Alien Force remember we start With no reference and you can see it is Look different so it is now we are Creating an alien force which is totally Different from what we have before Okay now Chili’s rendering let’s do Another things what I want to do is Using the comic book page with three Horizontal panels and we’ll do this on The beginning remember I tell before I Create panels create book cover so if we Do this from beginning Imagine Okay and let’s just copy this one Put it this one and Now we’ll have it our boy in a spacesuit Next we want to create maybe just grab Retro and by the way retro will give you Interesting

Clip so we’ll do this way ER 2×3 And you’ll notice okay we have some Invalid yes I put it number so let me go Copy these And it’s my fat fingers okay we’ll do That Two by three there you go A little bit better okay so right here You can always be done with a cover book Alien Forest this is increased size and That should read differently because it Does not reference again What we did with uh the boy Okay let’s see what we have right here We’re remastering this so we can see the Full original and let’s open And again this is our boy who is now not Even in a text but it’s still a Reference inside the image now it’s Inside the alien Forest So we have right there actually very Nicely done Okay let’s go down and see what we have Here this is our remastering And again some style you may like it Some don’t yeah I don’t think it’s done Very bad job on the remastering but it Has had some additional uh kind of Effect to this Okay and right here this upscale this is Our coming with three horizontal panels What we did it and if we look right here You can see it’s at those panels so it’s

Add if you want to more like comic style Um not necessarily with your content Because what I was looking right here Before it is when you can actually Create comic style content that you want To put it maybe in your art you want to Create a story and even render your Comic book style so this is where you Want to do so uh the next one with the Pages this one it is more look if you Want on the background so you don’t care If it is Um content properly you just maybe want To Overlay or print out a look alike the Comic books or maybe just have an idea For layout this is way it will work so We have it our comic books outline Coloring we can remove it so it will be Not black and white Now let’s render this one Um this one is just our Alien Force Remember we did this from scratch not The reference and definitely because we Didn’t we done this we have a total Different image that is well beam Reference just the alien and wherever It’s come up with this so that is not Totally guided but Styles is what most Important for Styles is there hey Included even our Rembrandt lighting Some effect and the same right there It’s an outline it’s what I said it will Go a little bit more like a black and White

Because we’re using coloring book and Outlining black and white okay so let’s Go next This is our pages but I’ve created this Is upscale that our stuff there’s our Page we just created I said before it’s Covered this layout uh comic books kind Of layout it’s good makeup page whatever But it doesn’t obviously the content Does not have any story or anything else Oh we’re almost done with this the one More things I want to add you can try to Add a couple other parameters there the One is actually paper it’s a printing And this is a little reference if you’re Using like Uh number 70 made paper which is Primarily used for the comic books most Likely your reference library will be to The scans of the comic books I’ll show You in a second with this and also Remember you can use it not just a black And white you can also use it Cell shading which is used in animations And other things but it’s create effect So let’s do as example right here boy in Space suit we’ll just create that one Copy Let’s go imagine we’ll put right here Suit and we’ll put it this paper Okay They are two by three so we’ll go that One and let’s go with the cell shading So we’ll do same things only without

Paper and we’ll put itself shading and You’ll see the different Okay right there and let’s go take our Cell shading Paste it ER 2×3 as well Okay so here’s the hour with a paper Notice how much it is different it’s add The texture of the paper and the feeling In this way because what it does is go And reference to the scans of the real Comic books and creating look and feel Of the texturing and everything of the Paper so in this case it will look what We have we have our definitions of Course we tell our story and if we make A variation in the future based on this So it will be reference to this image Which is actually big benefit for Example if I’m right here I will say I Want the boy in a space suit in Airline Forest I may never have it my character Stand forward however if I do first this Image and after this I’ll go in a prompt From unselecting and I just even replace With alien Forest That it will take this image that is Created for me and Maybe you know I need to probably learn how to type Better anyway and it’s then take this Boy and put it in Alien Force so you Actually can progress and you can have It On a red planet

And you keep on doing this way and you Can progress based on your image to Create a better more defined image you Wanted from beginning to end so this is A huge benefit and it’s relatively not That old when we can do this then next We have it also defined the Sterilization of process how it’s look In a more heavy things does it a black And white does it ink and other things Also Printing and this is printing type It’s will effect how a generic look as Same Crystallization so next we also have its Sterilization of the artist which style Will like it again it’s not copying this Guys it does not copy the work and this Is the biggest problem that people say Oh it’s just taken a copy and steal from Artists it does not do this it’s Actually taking an reference of the Sterilization of this and next we Define A general format and how a layer out is Work of this do we want format of the Full book covers do we want three Horizontal panels and right here you can See this is three the panels not Necessarily three in this case three in This way but it does affect this again This because it’s a cover it will create The four well you know what let’s go to Render maybe two and three just so we Can see them a little bit closer so it Does work this way and of course the

Make paper it is a check shrink it’s at Your layout so it will create even more Authentic kind of feel all the comic Books so all of these parameters will Help us I think this one is a cell Shading and you can see it does add Little bit more cartoonish it would Actually refer to cell shading so we can Go add But it’s right there we have it comic Book page with three horizontal panels I Should remove that one Define what is Going on and Ln shading so let’s you Know what let me do this way let’s go Copy this one I want to try one more Time and I hope you don’t get bored so You can always just go ahead and try by Yourself but follow what we’re doing so Comic book page okay let’s go to remove This one we don’t want three panels cell Shading so I think that will work I’m Going to render that And as it’s rendering let’s look closer So this is our One we create with paper and I do like Textures coloring of course this is a Little bit messy but right now this Point what I want to do I want to Establish properly sterilization and Like I say with all this messy and Characters you remember how we done Before we’re going to create character And after we can apply the Stabilizations a little bit better to

This now same like right here this is Our three panels very nice very Realistic and again because we was using This 70 paper made paper this is I think It’s our cell shading yes and I will go From there next this is another one’s Comic books again another example of the Paper layout but right here you can see We have the borders and if you don’t Want borders you can let’s go to Variations okay and and right here we Can say no Borders even we did before borders I Understand but just No frames okay then we can specify we Don’t want any of those frames or Borders so we’ll see but this kind of Can be funny because we have the panels But it says no frame so borders so we’ll See what how the AI will solve this Okay and right here which one we want to Okay it’s still resolving I don’t see The borders it’s still working with the Borders kind of going around okay so Right here we have it this has come up Nice you know what let’s use a select With fire so we’ll go that one it is our Comic books Boys in space suit if you Remember none this Um I’ll just go on to upscale we’ll go Use the versioning on that as well but I Want to upscale to see how it will come Up okay so already done let’s go get Make variations and I don’t want a boy

In space yes what we want to do Mary Maybe Explodings Spaceship Okay and I will just also add Paper to this Okay fix it again I’ll say we already Have a boy done and we base it on this Image and right here you can see it says It’s based on our image so we can make This variations now as we like layout And we can add additional details to our Comic books layer okay we have some nice We may lost some boy because they come Up oh I like this one this is a real we Still have a character we have a little Bit more explosions going on but right Here We have the actual our boy is exploded Oh man I sometimes come up with funny Things yeah okay let’s go upscale those Ones I just want to see them closer And you know what let’s go to the master This one and what can they Master other Ones as well see where this come up Problem is if we start remastering from This Um because we don’t have a boy here We may lose that one there Okay so let’s go ahead and look what we Have here this is our remaster On a boy in spacesuit which actually Come up not bad at all and Yeah this is an explosion we can

Remaster that as well and let’s just This boy just experiment we have an Explosion strip but we have a boy right There let’s remaster and see how the Remaster actually will handle original Image in this case well and it’s us it’s Processing so I won’t just say thank you For watching this video If you like this Video please just give us thumb up Subscribe let me know you like it uh Share it will help me to Um create more videos as well all of the Stacks that you see here I will post it Down in the description so you can copy Paste I may add a little bit more to This so I’ll have it more variety Hopefully it will help you with better Understand how checks work how you can Actually add details and modify as You’re going with your image so it’s not Just a one single image created anymore It is growing progression of creating From basic image and so to the final Point that you wanted by Creating so in some cases that when People say hey just type on What are you Creating yeah at the beginning maybe but When you start mastering creating with Text prompt you understand that it’s not Just a single it’s a progression from One area how you’re going can progress And right here yes we have it explosion This is those ships and actually now It’s handle test creative is actually

Handled very well so we have our boy Right here remastering and all Explosions going on and of course this Is done in like comic book style it’s Precisely what I want thank you for Watching this have a great time to Create and let me know if you have any Suggestions or additions to this video

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