Midjourney’s Secret Styles: Midjourney Version 4

By | December 28, 2022

Midjourney version 4

Welcome to the exciting world of midjourney version 4! This new version is not just 10 times better than version 3 – it’s more like a hundred times better. And that’s even before we get to the amazing new style commands.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the stylize and style commands in version 4, and even reveal a super secret style command that will blow your mind. We’ll also talk about the changes to prompt parameters in version 4, and introduce you to the mysterious style cursed command.

Stylize and Style Commands in MidJourney Version 4

In version 3 of midjourney, the stylize command was a measure of how much of the midjourney aesthetic you wanted in your image. It ranged from 625 to 60,000, with a lower number meaning less mid-journey styling and a higher number meaning more. The default value was 2500.

In version 4, stylize is a little bit more complex. It’s now a scale of zero to a thousand, with the default being 100. A lower stylized value will result in simpler images, while a higher value (up to 1000) will give you more intricate detail and beautifully stylized images. However, mid-journey version 4 is a bit more faithful to your prompt, so the stylized value is now a measure of both beauty and detail.

The style command has also changed in version 4. In version 3, you could use the –style command followed by a number to change the look of your image. However, the effect of this command was somewhat unpredictable.

In version 4, you can choose either style 4A or style 4B. Style 4B is the default, so if you don’t specify a style, this is what you’ll get. Style 4A is a bit of a throwback – it was the style used in the early versions of mid-journey 4 during the beta testing phase. If you were one of the lucky testers who got to try out this version, you can now use the –style 4A command to get the same look.

But that’s not all – there’s actually a third style hidden in the mid-journey software. It’s called style cursed, and it’s an Easter egg that not many people know about. To use it, simply add the –style cursed command to your prompt. This style is very grainy and low-res, with less coherency (meaning that parts of the image don’t necessarily go together). It’s like turning up the chaos parameter to the max, but with a more random and unpredictable effect.

Changes to Prompt Parameters in MidJourney Version 4

If you’re used to using version 3 of mid-journey, you’ll need to be aware of some changes to the prompt parameters in version 4. Some commands, like IW (image weight) and tile, no longer work. Others, like stylize, have seen some changes (as we’ve already discussed).

In version 4, you can use the stylize command in conjunction with the style 4A and style 4B commands, as well as with other parameters like aspect ratio, chaos, quality, seed, uplight, and up beta. However, be warned – the stylize command can be a bit unpredictable in style 4A.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has given you a good overview of the stylize and style commands in mid-journey version 4, as well as the changes to prompt parameters. Don’t forget to try out the super secret style cursed command for a truly unique and random image. Happy creating!