The best free AI Art Generators.

By | January 1, 2023
Art Generator Description Cost
Playground.AI A powerful platform that uses stable diffusion AI to create high quality images. Free
Mage Originally a demo for stable diffusion, it is currently processing for free. Utilizes a Dali-like engine. Free
Night Cafe Allows for unlimited art creation at one time. Offers a variety of models including stable diffusion and Dali 2. Allows for experimentation with different models. Free
Artbreeder Allows for the production of up to five high-res images that can be downloaded per cycle, or three uploads and about 600 frames for animations. Offers a monthly plan for creating stylization images. Free
Dream.AI or Wombo Popular for creating images on mobile devices. Can create interesting landscapes. More geared towards creating images for social media or for fun rather than professional use. Free, with premium option
Artomatix Geared towards professionals. Offers advanced features for creating art including the ability to automatically generate textures, materials, and 3D models. Paid

Hello there! In this video, I want to look at the online services that you can use to generate your art for free. Plus, we’re going to look at some different options that you can run locally or you can purchase credits for better quality. We’ll look at all of these, but we will focus mainly on the services where you can log in and create AI art without paying any money.

So, when we start with Playground.AI, this is a very powerful platform that uses stable diffusion AI to create high quality images. It’s very easy to use; you just go to Playground.AI and start creating your art. Just click on “create,” and you’ll notice you have a lot of different options. If you’ve worked with any other AI before, you’ll notice that these options are actually quite generic, but at the same time, it has a clean, nice interface and most of you can create art that you can use in your other work.

Next, we’ll go look at Mage. Mage was originally run as a demo for stable diffusion and, as far as I can see, it’s still processing for free. So, you can go ahead and utilize this art. One thing I’ll just want to point out is that it looks to me like it utilizes a Dali-like engine and the quality of the rendering is a little bit better than Playground.AI in this case with stable diffusion.

Another one is Night Cafe. Night Cafe is one of my favorites, and the reason is that you can create unlimited art at one time. They send you a notification twice a day and you can get free credits. They add up quite quickly; right now, I have 596 credits available, and I didn’t pay any money for those credits. I just won them through some promotions or something. You just click and it says, “earn free credits, check your inbox.” So, that’s all you do; you just click and select it.

One thing I like about Night Cafe versus other ones is that they offer a variety of models. They have stable diffusion, Dali 2, and coherent artistic style. They offer way more variety and you can experiment with different models. For example, on stable diffusion, you can switch to advanced mode and, as a model, you can even switch to different stable diffusion two ones. So, you can check and try different models to see which one works best. This is a very flexible variable and it’s probably one of my favorite free ones.

Another one of the oldest services provided online is called Artbreeder. It allows you to produce about five high-res images that you can download per cycle, or three uploads and about 600 frames if you do animations. That is the free plan, of course, and there is a monthly plan where you can create nice stylization images. Landscape portraits, you can upload them into morphing and I’ve done some very nice videos with morphing. It’s a very interesting application. However, the interface is a little bit older and some people don’t find it very useful at all.

Another one is Dream.AI or Wombo. You may be familiar with this image, which was very popular for image creation on mobile devices. You can create interesting landscapes and everything. To be honest, I was hooked on it quite a bit and I have tons of images saved on my cell phone that I probably need to clean up. It was very fun creating at the time. They’re all free, but with a little bit of a catch. While you can create for free, you can see right here that there is a premium option. Not all stylizations and everything is available unless you pay money and subscribe to the premium option. However, even with the premium option, you still have plenty of different styles that you can use with the Tensorflow prompt to create your images in the way you like.

One thing I will say about Dream.AI is that it’s a little bit more geared towards creating images for social media or for fun rather than for professional use. But, it’s still a very good platform and it’s worth checking out.

The last one we’ll look at is Artomatix. Artomatix is a little bit more geared towards professionals. It’s a paid service, but it offers a lot of really advanced features for creating art, including the ability to automatically generate textures, materials, and even complete 3D models. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a professional artist or if you’re looking to use AI to create high quality art for professional purposes.

So, those are some of the options for creating AI art online for free or for a fee. I hope this has been helpful and gives you some ideas for platforms to check out. Thank you for watching!