Tips to start AI Art Services

By | November 29, 2022

Tips to start AI Art Services and improve your AI businesses.

Hello there So in originally A couple weeks I got a surprise amount Of the different AI generated company Contact me and ask for the consulting or Help how to set up the sales business The reason why they contact me because I Do sell my art online it’s going very Successfully and I also Covered some videos where sharing how to Do this So the other company I want to point This it’s a different from sale as Individuals so in this video I want to Go over those tips what is my Recommendation was for this company Overview and as well where they should Concentrate and focus and what things They should avoid it some companies that Will be addressing it’s not necessary I Will use them as part of the Consulting It’s mostly as just as example to Showing you what to do and what not to Do okay so let’s go ahead and start from A bunch of them I will try to go very Fast not to keep it your long time and I’ll put it bullet points right there Number one it is if you think your Service is unique you’re wrong okay most Businesses they have exactly the same Images they will generate it doesn’t Matter if you’re using the Affinity Hotspot spark Jasper four-door Are really a little bit different but

Art Shop okay anything what you’re going To you mostly will use it two types of The render at this time it is stable Diffusion or Dolly too you may have a Specific your own model for example mid Journey it stands as unique but that Will touch a little bit later and this Is a little bit different but if you’re Starting anything you have a two days so It’s meaning anybody can go hook up API Daily to the website and now they’re Exactly the same so what does we Distinguish you from other services and This is if you speak about backhand the Same it’s mean front end it’s user Experience it’s this is what make you Unique okay and how should you work with This first approach make it easy don’t Think about professionals and the reason Is why because if can you actually Focus Here Um Business if you think you’re focusing on A professional artist that is not a Greatest thing to do for this art Because professional artists will first They will avoid AR second next if you’re Using AR they will go directly to Highest quality and everything and I’m Sorry but Dali 2 does not necessarily Produce the highest quality at this Moment Or the resolutions you provided and most People are going for the cheaper

Versions they give it smallest API it Does not work for me personally I prefer Use it mid Journey because I think it’s Provide the greatest quality right now With some touch up and Ali but again That is a personal preferences as well I Have my personal installations as an Artist I’ll run a local install of Stable diffusion on my machine so I Don’t need any service at this because I’m looking on producing art that I Don’t want other people see what I don’t Want to share this is there will look as The more professional artists so if we Look on the people who want to play who You want to come bring average user the Millions of them okay this is Market Where you want to focus on but how you Bring them into your place one you can Do like for example what sparks does Create your Fabrica it’s add-on business To the existence they only have a huge Amount of the people who subscribe the Service they created Spark which is allowed them you buy Credits you print but they also try to Run this special you know earn up to 100K if you’re going to Um Create your R share and all this stuff They have actually have a little bit County there they’re hiding it’s not That easy to turn around 100K but with It down they’re going to bunch of

YouTube creators me included and ask hey Can you create review videos and so on And a lot of people if you saw you Probably noticed many of them created Because they proactively they tried it As the service they try to bring more Clients in the problem with brain Clients because people who go try any of This type of art this one or infinity or Hot Pot whatever they will play for a Little bit oh it’s fun it’s not the Novelty expire next month the one Renewed they’re done the crate is done It’s no interest you need it or keep Them somehow inside okay Um or you need to provide higher value How you can keep it people inside that Is the hardest part they keep it you can Provide for additional Services what is Meaning by additional services or loan It is meaning Integrations with another Things convenience example On a Facebook I post it right here and It says hey Um send me your photo And I will create porches for me for you For me I was done experiment because I Want to talk about my own photography Business I’ve done for many years so I Have my photos but what I want to do on This case I want people send all the Different filter and filter photos Whatever they come up so I can test it How they work how the new uh process for

Example in mid-journer works I was Testing testing see what the result was And you can see right here it was 576 Comments at the moment people sell me Photos everything it doesn’t count Personal messages that how many I Receive of them with the different Images Okay so I create those images for them And the interesting things about One-tenth of the people who saw the Photos they want to print them I cannot Really provide print I need or stop this Or whatever but just imagine what if the Company provide for me link so like for Example right here you can print cases You can print on you can print canvas What if I can have it my link link to The image so it’s after magical go in a Print in this place or upload it you Know to create it Um that do have the like printify you Have the Cafe Press or the other places We can do this but again you need to set Up stuff and everything integration of AI if you have an integration to social Media when you can create it upload it Like a dream Booth or other ones image And print it this is another suggestion So then you have to constantly updating Of the people then you have a single Sales person like artist me who can Constantly bring new clients to you by Creating this art that is example just

Look what is a user needed what not you Need it another problem is actually as We hear point is why these things does Not point to them Works on an end user just look it is a Square square square so the problem is It’s easy because if you just connect to API most of the AI will generate 512 by 12 and then it is a square Arc you know They just even look here if you go on Etsy you find the square art square a i R so a lot of people do because from Laziness go look in your house how many Square photos you have it around Colony Square pictures you have it in your House Maybe one majority of them will purchase In landscape and this is what people Like and look so if you provide this It’s meaning your UI does not focus on the end users it Means it was set up from the easy way For you not for end users then you won’t Sustain competitions with other Companies so be sure create UI create Service if you need integrate with Another ones to focus on what end user Needed okay let’s go Alex next like this Company some of them like Hotpot will Provide a lot of different Services try To attract people from many different Things that is a it’s work because this Still in business all the stuff however My biggest problem with this it is a lot

Of crappy Services doesn’t matter how Many but they’re crappy and they ask Money 19 bucks 20 bucks a month that I had for Ten dollars I can get it Adobe uh Suite With Adobe Photoshop and you can check Right there Adobe offer I put a link for Adobe Sensei AI we just can provide all This even better Insight way better Inside the Photoshop for half of the Price okay so this is another things it Doesn’t mean you cannot do this business But it’s much harder to upkeep We spoke about spark same with the Jasper try to heavy heavy based on Advertising if you look on a Google Everything the paying money to have it In search engine up but the same they Provide tons of teeny tiny Services uh They’re okay they’re not crappy like Some other friends but they’re okay it’s Not more of this it just be mediocre Okay Sam’s service with food and some of Them try to bring but general what I’m Showing right here it is how many how Many different Services try to do this Some of them try to be unique like Artists profile when you’re going and it Is you cannot really sell stock photos Okay so Um they try to sell your art but look Again Square you know I understand it’s Easy to do this each cell Square work Because it doesn’t require cropping from

You or adjusting or anything but again Look in your house how many square Photos you have one last time you saw Somebody on the wall have a square Picture maybe once twice but majority Not okay Night Cafe another interesting service They provide for you most of the Services what they offer when you create A image you can print and this is Integration because I said nothing is Unique all of them look exactly the same Even one of the oldest like a dream with Which you make online same you just After going and you can print your works Or putting on your wall okay this is one Service service when you provide for the People to create art and sell okay Nothing unique same another ones you can Also provide as individual service to Retouching or the other things best Example if you go to like fever and look On this look for AI art you can see a Lot of people offering Services well I’ll make beautiful anime art with Advance and you know this kind of funny I think the big boobs it’s what they Make beautiful I don’t know in this case but this is Another Services you can provide Um As your business So okay at this point You heard me uh grumbling and put all

The stuff about what AI what should do Let’s put bullet per bullet points to if You try to create your air number one You are not unique okay the market is Booming right now a lot of companies Coming there it’s much easier a lot of API provided from Dali from stable Diffusion from all other services you Can access you can purchase this okay so If printing as well all of them or Majority of them will provide you with Option of the print so if you’re going Inside and it says hey We print your stuff on a pillow on a Phone case or wherever you are not Unique it’s already done so the only Things that I see the different and can Stand you up stand you out of the crowd It is what you are what is a user Experience you provided up front it’s Meaning how people come how people say This the best way to make them stay There to provide a special way community Or library or shareable so they feel Interest to come so they can invest the Time in everything and after they feel Kind of responsible to upkeep their own Sites for example if you’re going to There Meet Journey website you notice right Here you have your community your home You can organize personal links and Everything so this is a nice web UI and It’s already organized and set up for

You to use it that is a big plus okay That is a nice way to make people coming Back do they have problems here in UI Yes they definitely do have problems how It’s all sellable the one actually the Biggest problem for me it is I cannot Just copy paste link to my own personal Page we’ll let people come check here They have a very nice options to add Monetizations and if you can enable Public link and print so they could Increase something monetizations or Create better with on page but hopefully They will do an end but their folks is Not this the mid Jordan Focus the sell Credits so what do they sell memberships Where you can pay monthly and you can Create this is the main focus okay and It is your responsibility how you’re Going to sell your art or how you’re Going to monetize or not monetize it’s Up to you so that is a different type of Business and you can also focus on this You can just hey you know what we don’t Want we don’t care about this but Problem is now you have a bigger Competition I mean almost everyone Offers something must tell you out or From the crowd Okay so I hope all the my grumbling does not Discourage you from doing this I just Want to put it very clear point I’ll Tell you what need to do and if you like

This video please give it thumbs up Subscribe put notifications let me know If you have any other ideas or any other Suggestions and I appreciate you Watching this video have a great time