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By | August 2, 2022

I’m speechless, so I’m going to present it to you. So we can say that you want to imagine an elderly lady then let’s imagine an elderly lady climbing the steps to heaven. You can provide Artificial Intelligence with all the details you like, so in this scenario, let’s say that you want the image to be realistic and ethereal. You can even mention things such as you’d like striking lighting and let us say that while she’s walking up the stairs, you want to add some light rim on her so let’s type that and press Enter. Let’s see what happens now that the AI is processing the background image and it’s creating the image as you see that’s right there at the top you can see the percentage, so right this moment it has processed 32 percent of the image, and is moving forward. The image is slowly developing. Take a look at this If this isn’t crazy It’s not clear what it is. There are four variations of this. Whichever version you want, you are able to select it and then upscale it to with more details or, if there’s a specific version you like and you need to create other versions of it, we can do that too but you can’t change the whole text to make it more appealing. it’s

I’m going to copy it, and instead of the Older woman this time, we’ll type Old woman. Even when you’ve got the same text every time you use the command, it will create something completely different, so what you create will be unique to Yours. Take a look let’s say that from the four you’re loving the first one and you’d like to make it more attractive or the fourth version can be generated different versions of them by selecting the v1 button which you can create versions of the first or create versions of the fourth one, which means scaling up, so let’s say I would like to increase the size of the first one, and I would also like to increase the size of the Fourth one. Take a look so that you have generated the look now and make it larger by clicking Upscaling the maximum or even creating additional variations using this button to create variations. Have a look at The following one. It’s truly amazing. We’ve only started to scratch the surface. Do you want to look at something that will absolutely blow your mind, take the time to go through the community feed and see it is hand drawn, everything is generated using Illustrator? You could also ask the artist to design graphics for you and they’ve done it right here. can request the eye to create sketches.

We’ll get to that point later. You can request it to create a painting, of course. you can also ask it to create 3D renders High Quality and highly realistic. All of which is possible. Everything you’re viewing right now is produced by ai using these prompts, just those words that we’ve typed now for each artwork, that you’ll see, we include the artist’s name at the bottom. You also get to view the prompts. For example, let’s look at this image. when you click it and hover over it, you will see the prompt right There, if you click it, you’ll be able to see the prompt in greater detail. So you can see that they typed Strength Daughter of the flaming swordline Leo and all this information to create this image to show that it is generated and not taken on the internet. Now let’s enter something that isn’t there. painting of the Taj Mahal by van Gogh. Something that is absurd to behold. We could say that we want to look like Bangkok’s famous starry night painting and we would like it to be lively this is absurd. It actually did use the Elements from starry night. although it does not look like Taj mahal, it does have the fundamental idea lets say that We like this second Here are the four quadrants, first, second third, and fourth. We would like to see more variants of this second

The first one, so we press v2, and that we also want to produce an upscaled version of the second one. So we’ll press U2 also. Keep in mind that if you do not like any of these outcomes, you may hit this button to make it redo the process. that there are more variations available. It’s still processing the upscaled version, so let’s see this. For now, we’ll have four variants of this, so let’s say that you like the first one and you want to create more by looking at the finer details of the brush strokes. This is a different level of stuff that you can upscale further, so you can select upscale to the maximum. Now let’s look at the original file and zoom in, on the individual brush strokes. the only way to tell you is that I’m sorry but I’m running out of adjectives, so let us think of Leonardo da Vinci as an individual from the past. We can imagine what would it look like when he sketched the spaceship, so let’s think of a sketch of a spaceship created by Leonardo da Vinci Oh my god, take the time to look it over. has been completely copied by Leonardo da Vinci’s famous technical drawings that he used to draw and if you’d like to generate more, just click that and it will. But when you take a look. It has also replicated the small text he wrote.

This is insane, let’s increase the size of this one to a bigger U3 as you see, these are more Spacecraft designs and you can try typing into spacecraft spaceships. attempt typing in the shape of your choice if you are looking for an oval spacecraft if you like it futuristic, a bit more futuristic if you need wires hanging off it however you want, just type the details and the AI will figure it out for you So here is the version that has been upscaled. Take the time to look at it. It not only is a sketch, but it has also mimicked the paper and text, and all of the extra lines to guide you and now you are able to keep making as many as you would like but the truth is I am not sure what to consider about this. I do not know what to think about this. It’s both scary and thrilling at the same time. Before we proceed, a huge disclaimer is that I’m still new to this, I just discovered it a few days ago, and honestly, it’s driving me insane, If I make a mistake or make a mistake, I’m sorry for my error and correct my mistakes in comments. I hope that you’ll stay upbeat and let’s continue. what is mid journey in the simplest sense? It is a platform that produces images based on the prompts that you type in the prompts. can be anything that allows you to create a shoe with it. you can make faces made of mushrooms it’s so wild you can create everything.

You’re looking for and, as you will observe these are the prompts that prompted this image. Of course, artificial Intelligence is employed to help make it possible But what do these prompts mean again? might ask? Well, this is a great image to explain it. let’s say you were an incident and I hope that this never happens to the person you are imagining you were there at the scene of the crime. If you actually saw the criminal the following day. police call you and ask you what the criminal appears to help them draw a sketch right and then the details you provide to the sketcher to describe the face and how the clothes appear to be. They’re similar to questions now you can provide fewer details, for instance how the person you are describing is the first Human on Earth and let me think about it. It’s similar to asking yourself what you think the first human being on the planet Earth could look or look like. Or you can provide more detailed details like the one this user has shared this stunning rendition of a full-body female sculpture made of fragments of gems that are fractal in every aspect. Like you would want complex details that you require to achieve hyperrealism. You would like it to appear as Octane render extremely vibrant and colorful You can read the rest to provide more details to gain more details about the elements you want to know now the most important question is how can we get started? I’m going to join fresh

We’ll be following through, so first, we have to visit the mid journey.com and Then click on Join the Beta now If you already use discord, it’s easy to sign up to see how it works. Just click on the button to sign up already have an account however if you are brand new, which I’m assuming that the majority of you are, i also recently created a Discord account to use for this. Let’s choose the Username that I’m going to enter pictures midjourney, or pixmj Mary Jane Spiderman. I’m not sure why I did that but I’m sorry. Click on join the beta now I’m human doing all that stuff This seems like lots of things happening by the way. Discard also has an application for desktops that you can utilize but you can also access it with your browser. completely dependent on what you’d like to do. and my birthday is on 7 January 1997. Click to finish now and you can enter your email. I just created an email just to get this fix in the middle of my journey I don’t want the desktop application, but for now, let’s use it with your browser to make it easier. close it now and select Get Started to learn how to start. It comes with all the directions right here. Before you proceed, it’s best to verify the email you have. For me, I am using discord to verify my email so I’m going to click to verify it and then confirm that it’s finished. Click on the button to close the prompt. after you sign-up you will get a no-cost trial, and as

When you record this video it will take a considerable amount of tries, however, I do not know the exact number as well, just to make sure you know when we talk about it. I am not in any way, shape, or form compensated or sponsored in the middle of the journey. They haven’t even reached out to me, and I don’t even know who they are. This is something I only discovered by a friend of mine Pratik knight. Knight, a huge shout-out to Pratik Nak Check out his work below. also, has an Instagram account that contains all of his AI creations, and you should check it out too also mid-journey when you’re watching this, how do you go about getting a sponsorship? Not a wise idea as you’ve signed up and since you’re not a subscriber, you’re new and therefore cannot create images in any location as you’ll see, I cannot enter my information there. I can’t even type into one of the general channels which is why they are similar to chat rooms like back in the days of Yahoo chat rooms, so they are similar to chat rooms. I’ve created a general channel so that you can view all of the creators right here. You are able to type in anything you like but right now there is no way to type in, however you can look at these channels for ideas You can look at what the users are working on, and their prompts and if you want to create something we’d go to the beginner’s Channel and we’ll be able to enter whatever we like.

What do we do to create images? First, you have to provide the Imagine Prompt. This can be very hectic. This is why an account will allow you to enjoy your own personal window. As you see below, you’ll have this mid journey bot that you can direct DM the prompts right here for less background noise. We’ll come back to that later. now let’s visit our new beach channel and enter Imagine as the prompt here. Click on the prompt and then specify what you want to generate with the AI. For example, for instance, i would like to know what the AI believes heaven and hell look like, so I want heaven and hell. give as much information as you’d like. If you want to add more details to it, just include a comma, so comma I would like to make it very specific. There we go Now it’s processing according to what you’ll see that there are many others doing the same thing which means that simultaneously, a number of things are happening. So scroll to the message you want to share Is that it’s the right message? It will be highlighted with an orange tint to help you identify it quickly which means it’s creating the image and it’s at 100 as it’s done you may be wondering what happened to that message and where it went. go, and if it’s now gone It’s not, it has created the image, and you

Near the bottom of the page, Somewhere here, it’s all in place. If yours was generated first other artists’ images were generated afterward to ensure that they are placed in the correct order. So this is yours now. It gives you four choices to choose from. If you don’t like any Of them, you can hit this button and it will re-run the command for you. Now that I’ve clicked it, I’m able to scroll down and take note of my message highlighted in orange, and it’s doing it right now let’s scroll upwards and take a look at our earlier message. Now let’s say that of these, you prefer the first or the fourth one, let’s say that I like the third, it actually has some specifics also, so you can increase the size should you need to add more information. To make it larger by clicking on U3 because it’s the third quadrant, one, two, three four. Clicking on u3 will now upscale it. is my friend? You have to scroll down to find where it’s there’s one of your photos and it’s right here. Take a look. It’s being processed which means that this image is being processed an example of the Redo command we ran through this button. Now in this instance, these are amazing and I want to scale one and two, so we clicked on both of them. Let’s say that you liked the second image and would like to see more variations of

When you click V2 and it will create four additional versions of this second version. the image is finished. may need to scroll down My friend, let’s look at the Original and now is the image you want to even scale up to the maximum, so we’ll locate our image and select upscale to the max, and then upscale it. We had hoped to create four different versions of this image, so here are being created, so this is the ones that we desired to enlarge. You are able to look at the image below. It’s amazing. It’s been done. scroll down and take a look at it. It’s completely real and if you’d like to provide more information, it is possible to click Upscale to the maximum. Of course. This is another image that we have used for Upscale and it’s terrifying here my friend is the last Image that I’m not sure what to say. If you’d like to join you can type in slash subscribe again. I’m not sponsored or paid for I actually have two accounts which I pay out of my own pocket, so when you type, you’ll receive this message if it’s overcrowded, you can also contact me directly. Of course, you can DM them about paying them with this message. You can click on the Subscription page and open it.

There are many plans to choose from, you can pick the one you like and receive general Commercial terms for the ten-dollar plan. There is also the one that costs thirty dollars and also please read the fine print before you decide to do anything that involves money. may also be able to get Enterprise plans available as well. Currently, with the 10 plan, you are limited to 200 images per month, however, with 30 it’s almost unlimited for testing. I suggest you sign up for 10 and upgrade, however, if you’re certain you’re confident, you could also choose 30. This is why I have an account that I’ve signed up for 30 which is my personal account. There’s one that’s not pixel-perfect, but I paid 10 dollars to make this video, so it’s my second account, so once you’ve subscribed, the benefits are that you can directly DM these accounts so that you can visit the Midjourney bot and message them with anything you like. So these were the original accounts we created in this video. there’s no crowd going on. It’s Your personal space, but that doesn’t mean the images you create are private. you create, if someone uses your Username to search for something you’ve created will be displayed in your gallery. If you visit Midjourney and click Sign to discord, let’s approve this so when you go to the account pixel perfect, it will show everything I’ve played with. You can also examine the whole history of the account.

Every user is unique, and that is why I visit the Community. And let’s say I like this particular user and so I can go to His page, and the user can view everything that he has played with even though you’re creating it on your own space by messaging the bot, it’s all visible unless you pay a higher amount, so if you visit their page for subscriptions and you are looking at Enterprise plans you can choose to make your images private by default and you can read their FAQ which explains that if I do not wish for my Images to be displayed in the gallery so that by default it’s available to the default. If you wish to opt out of this, of course, you have to you can pay us more. Now let’s discuss some advanced prompt codes right now Of course, you can input the standard prompts like: I want to have a prompt, let’s say that we want Captain Jack sparrow as the terminator with a full body. We want it to be extremely realistic and detailed. I desired a cinematic atmosphere such as 8k. It won’t generate 8k rendering that is similar to octane. and unreal engine. Besides the basic terms, you are also able to determine factors like the Quality Aspect Ratio and many other details we’ll come to shortly. First, I’d like for the resolution to be better which is why after 2 seconds we’ll press Q which means quality. I want it to be to get a Quality is two, and the default quality is One. If you don’t input anything, it will take q1. If you’d like to increase the quality, you can type Q2 however the downside is it’s going to take twice as long to process it. If you’re seeking faster results for the sake of concepts, type in the q 0.25 and it’ll be 4 times faster because the one you type in will be the normal 0.25 is four times faster. 0.5 is twice as fast and so on. this moment, I’m typing in q2 now your images don’t require square shapes like this one. You can also calculate an aspect ratio, so for it, double dash. Then aspects ratio ar the shorthand for 16×9. Let’s think of something we’d like to do now there’s a second Code available right here. So here, I’m going into the uplight code now. What’s uplight? Right now we’re creating images that are extremely high quality. when we upscale, we want to avoid adding excessive details to the image so when you include the code to uplight, the subsequent scaling won’t add any information, so where do you get these codes? We’ll try to come back to it later, so don’t fret for now let’s get started. that you can see that it’s creating the images in a 16×9 aspect ratio, the quality will be better as well. Take your time looking at these results, they are just insane Now on this one, it was a cause a lot of confusion

Make the face look better, however, take a look at this one. Take a look at this and, even though it has caused a mess on the face, we could use a bit of Photoshop to replace It with the initial or perhaps create several more, and if there’s a face that we like and that will suit you. The best thing to do is do is replace it with Photoshop however, look at it this one. It’s crazy. Let’s suppose we decide to increase the size of the third one. If we decide to do so, it will do so lightly because we used the command to uplight right here. As you can see, it is saying that it is upscaling light. This was at zero percent and I clicked on U3 a second time it’s not the greatest thing in the world however it could be something I need to experiment more with each of these words, perhaps try different codes. By the way, if you love the overall style but would like to experiment with a few variations, you can always choose to make variations and go from there. where do you go to find the codes for all of these? This is my personal link to the user’s manual when you go down, first, you’ll find all of these commands. The first one imagines, which generates an image from text. Now you can specify specifications for Imagine. Here you can find the codes If you’ve typed into the previous species of the planet Earth and do not want to see any plants so you’ll need to input

There are no plants here, you can use the shortcuts to different sizes of the aspect ratio, take the time to look it over. You can input Aspect or the shortcut and you will see the Quality values we talked about earlier. One is the default. You could go with 0.25 to get speedier results. you want results of high quality. 5 is experimental, and that is up to you to study more about how to know more about this. To ensure you get the most effective results? go to Journey.com log in and navigate to Communities and make use of these for inspiration. Let us say you were looking to design a landscape. You could use this image for Inspiration let’s say you want to make a realistic-looking face, you can use this image to help you get inspired, so let’s go ahead and start by opening it. You will observe the prompt right here. However, this isn’t enough. All you need to do is Click on three dots and then click on copy, not the prompt. click on that, only the prompt will be copied, and the additional codes added will not be copied, so when make sure you click Copy command and do not copy it. I only recommend it as a source of inspiration. Think about what you’d be feeling if someone simply duplicates your command and then creates the exact same thing that you aren’t required to do. you could customize your method and learn from what they’re doing, so we’ll visit our bot, and first, we’ll type the word “imagine” and

Paste it in the box below so that you can see aside from the prompt to type in a text, they’ve not added any code, so let’s go to it now. What is this? This is a Link to an image that will be used as a reference. Yes, you can also add your own Images as references, and right now, if you simply copy the link and visit it, click on this Link it will display the image that the User had previously employed as a reference. It could be a previous render or an upscale of a prior variant, but it could be anything, for instance, if I make a variation that is a representation of the image. Click”Make Variations Look Like” It has also added a hyperlink right there. That link isn’t anything, but it is the link to this specific image that it is making use of as a reference. that’s where the reference originates, so you have that link, and you’ve all the instructions and codes that you can learn by being inspired by other people’s instructions and there’s a striking difference between just copying and pasting so that you know what they write. There are some users who type in Color Grading Information and you don’t need to duplicate the exact color Grading information they typed however it is your responsibility to understand that you can add details about color grading so that you can enter what you’d like to This is the way we learn. For example, let’s take a look at this i believe there are more details in it. you’ll need to click the three dots.

Then copy the command, let’s take it here, and paste it in order to take a lesson from it. you can see, aside from the robot bird 8k, the artist has typed in a remarkably complex and detailed, which is fascinating for any of your art should you require more details, try this. You can personalize the way they wrote in a sophisticated manner. It explains the overall style the artist has in mind. you can type in a messy way Maybe that’s the look you’re trying to achieve and there is an abundance of codes they utilized now what does each code mean? you could examine it in the manual that is linked to the description so that you can learn from it. Make it your own, so robotic elephant. You would like it to look like an alien. the proportion of the aspect to be three by four. And I would not like to duplicate the codes of any other artist. So let’s input Quality two. We don’t want to see any Rna-related details, but we might like it to be psychedelic, and let’s take a spin, and have a look. This is totally wild and you can go from there. You can also make use of your own images for reference, and if you visit Pratik’s website which is called futurist ai, I strongly recommend it. By the way it looks at the art he’s created it’s simply stunning. there is an entire highlight tutorial on how to use it when you go to his Highlights using prompts, it will show you how to do it.

What you can do with your photo as a reference Let’s say you’d like to use this image as a reference, so it has detailed steps for making it possible, so upload it using that link, and you will see that it generated all the variations. You can also apply different codes, such as Pratik has used I think IW1 to get the results to be like the images How can you find these codes? In the description, click on the link to look at the manual and the results are more accurate. You can also add additional suggestions to your Reference which is why I highly recommend you refer to this page. You can get as in-depth as you’d like, but I’m warning you that this can be addictive as well as extremely addictive if you can’t see it through my eyes. I’ve been spending the last I don’t remember 10 to 16 hours just doing this. Here’s an important warning anything you publish is public and is available to all unless you pay 50 per month to access the private version therefore that if you follow someone in mid-journey now, I have no followers, or they have access to your account can look up your entire past history. find out what you’ve created and what images you’ve tried and what alternatives you’ve created lastly, remember that whatever you create can’t be erased it’s not possible to delete that. That’s how it is now.

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