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By | July 15, 2022

In this article, I’ll be showing You the 10 top Free AI art content generators you can get. To begin, I needed to look around the world, I’d say the entire world, but really across the web to locate these amazing AI content generators. The majority of them are available for free and some are experimental, so I’m going to share them with you okay, so the first one is called Night Cafe. It’s an AI art generator If you aren’t able to draw, No Problem, just go to this page and click start creating, and then you can either create a text image or video one of the well-known option. Or, you can use an image style transfer that will transform your image into a masterpiece. This is an example of an astronaut walking on the moon. It’s a sort of Mid-story night. It’s a midsummer’s night, I think it’s the work of Vincent van Gogh. they blend the two Elements to create this. And that’s what you will get. I’ve received many questions. I’ve talked about in another video how to make money from YouTube making use of AI tools to automate my channel and make it easier to save time while building traffic, so hey, if you’re interested in making money with YouTube making use of AI tools to automatize a part of your work, and build traffic, I’ll add a link to the description.

You will be taken to the training in which you can understand how I achieve this. It’s only for those who are interested. let’s get started with the video. This is a mix-and-match. This can be described as a descriptive Text to Image and it’s pretty self-explanatory. You are able to click here and it’ll guide you through the entire course. it’s a Cosmic Sinister sweet fantasy. There’s an entire collection of styles you can select from. You have a number of credits per day which you can use to make an unlimited number of images. Then, if you’ve exceeded this limit, you need to put it down and keep waiting for the next day, but all in all, the free plan is a good way to start and discover the capabilities of AI software. Another aspect I’d like to share about this is that when using this program, it’s dependent on the amount of traffic coming to the site. So if you’re using it during periods of slow traffic it’s fairly quick, but if you are able to see it in peak traffic hours, it could be very slow. My suggestion is to use it only when it’s not producing the image in a timely manner, just test it at a different date and time. not night time Cafe.

The next free content on ai generator I’m going present to you is called Art breeder. It makes use of Machine Learning or AI to produce images in a matter of seconds and here are some examples of what it could make. You can go on to explore the various images created by various users. Here are a few of them Right Here and quite amazing. would like to draw them. I could draw every one of these. Not at all like this one, but the animated version because I’m not very good at drawing. 

 The next one is hot pot. It’s an AI-powered creative assistant it has a variety of artistic AI tools. items that turn your imagination into art. It can erase backgrounds and can perform different writing tasks. You can also turn black and white images into color, restore old photos and create large-sized photos and it’s similar to an X-Ray machine. You can now translate your content and create a color palette for you can claim that it’s similar to an AI-powered art content generator that you can use with other applications that are more focused on image enhancement All right, let me make it clear the fact that we’ll focus on this one for the purpose of this video. Turn your imagination into art. This tool lets you create Nfts, okay? This tool also has a credit-based system that allows you to pay once you’ve finished

With the credit you have, you can purchase more or you could keep it until the next day Then it will recharge in a timely manner. The same is true for the night cafe with hot pot, so if you spot it in you can tell slow traffic, it will work quickly, but it will be quickly, however if it does not work then just try again another time. So that’s hot pot, now move to the next one is Dream. It’s referred to as a deep dream generator. It is a pretty nice name. and what it does is its sort of the concept of AI human collaboration. So like the other ones you’d have to inform the AI what you want it to do and AI will follow through and execute it this is similar to that. You can guide the AI it receives input from you and creates its own image. So in one instance you have the Wave, and you have the person, and they mix the two I’m not sure if that looks good. interesting, it seems like it could be interesting But then, you’ve got this image here, which is in the thin style, so there is this painting here. Then they blend the two as a pair, and they also add the color palette I guess This is then the Deep Dream.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but you have the bird, and then the background became mixed in, and then you can click to start and try this program out. Here are a few of the various types of images that can be generated by using the Software and as you see, it’s pretty decent. This is definitely more of an abstract type of Realm, but I kind of like it, and they also have different styles but I think that the focus is on abstract, so that’s a deep dream generator. The second option is deep AI, so it’s basically more of a proof of concept. It’s kind of rough, but lets say you require an image. You type it in here and it creates the image, so your results could differ. Let me enter something like Moon, let’s look at dogs on the moon because there’s no reason not to and we’ll check out what results come up Perhaps something went missing in Translation because this is just a dog It was dyed, but I’m guessing that once it’s dyed how does the cat die? that complicated. I’m guessing

How about cat Okay so simple terms that’s kind of a Weird looking cat but I I guess I’ll Give it credit for trying uh I guess Certain terms if you keep it simple it can get it right and your results Are kind of Kind of creepy it can be creepy or it can be cool but it’s fun to play around with but it’s Free okay so go ahead and try it’s Called Deep AI it’s a text image Generator Next one is called Let me see Started It’s called a or the website is Experiments.runwayml.com or generative Engine let me go ahead and write this Real quick so you basically the Interface is really nice You basically type in what you want left And the right side you should get Something similar so I’m going to do the same thing cat dog see what happens No how about uh Dog on the moon Oh okay maybe that would be Moonlike Um interesting how about Cat On the roof All right well this looks like a cat Like

The image on something that you can see the results are like the previous one you know it’s there but not exactly and also on the demo phase, I suppose as you could call it as you please, I’ll move on to the next picture. The next one is intriguing. It’s called MyHeritage. It allows you to animate pictures So what some users have done is make use of their own uh grandparents’ Great grandparents pictures and then plug them into the program and they’ll get a kind of 3D view of what their family members or ancestors might look like now consider and you’ll know that it’s both amazing and scary at the same time. I’m not sure how you’d feel about this, but it’s a tool for AI that is available for you to take a look at and test out. They also have other tools such as DNA from family tree research and other stuff, but in this case, we’re making use of it to create animations for your family photos and provide a link. be able to provide an image that contains everything condensed and you’re able to go ahead and take a look. And then let’s go to the next one. It’s known as uh, let’s see Meta Demo Lab, and it

It basically lets you animate drawings. So what you can do and what a number of people do is the purpose for which it was created is that you download the drawing, usually one of a child’s and can upload it, and then you are able to animate it here, in essence, it will upload scan it and possibly trace it out, and you can make it animated. can also animate it so it’s quite cool. It’s all done by AI so you need to go here and begin uploading the image. Here are a few examples of photos that have been uploaded. After it’s uploaded, you can start animating it and I believe enjoyable for children when you have children or simply like playing around with it. I mean, would not want to animate their drawings, especially when you’re bored, give it Try it and tell me about the results. The next option is Starry AI which is cool and allows the user to earn five credits daily I’m guessing it will take about two credits to create an image, based on which option you select. this one is a good one. You can choose between two types of AI One is one that produces images with a dreamlike look which are more abstract, and the other produces more real-world coherent one, which is why I’m

I’m going to pick the one I like because I love to sort of create uh trying to understand and identify what this image represents and let’s see what we can do with this image. Cat dog, and then add some styles. Let’s look intriguing, let’s try this image. You can make it kind of Sample image to the AI to learn more about it. and I’m going to start creating it so there are two credits per photo for this one. and it appears that the other ones I’ve created. I’ve designed some Cyberpunk AI cyberpunk. You are aware of the reason why and the way it works is that it creates it in Drafts and you’ll notice that I believe this was the first and it was the second one. This is the first and this is the second one, so just keep in mind that the first version might not be the one you prefer So you might need to refine the whole thing, but let’s look at it now. going to allow it to run for a while and then I’ll be back with you once it’s done.

Okay, it’s been rendered. It took 4 minutes, let’s say. The result is here. Let me click to see it. The image is pretty cool. It’s like a cat-like kind of dog. well, you can download it, or you can upscale it, download it, and then modify it. This is an awesome one, which is why you could modify the concept right here if you’d like or make it available for publication. an awesome Ai and the final Free AI content creator is known as dial e mini. this one can be a bit challenging because it’s a Hit or Miss sometimes I type in something and I get something and Sometimes I don’t, so let’s check if I’ve got Cat running, I’ll pause it because I’m not certain the length of time this will take to take to complete. It’s been a while since I’ve done this so I’m going to leave it alone. Maybe you’ll get a better luck if you utilize this program because I’m guessing it’s a high-traffic timer. Here we go! It’s a small amount of time, about one minute. Now let’s look at what the cat pictures appear like. They appear to be like cats, however, they appear to look kind of like distorted cats

I’m not sure what to say about it. don’t really appears to be normal all right? However, as you see, it operates very Similarly to the other one but it’s a bit slower, and the results are hit or Miss okay, therefore I hope that these 10 AI Free generators of content were helpful and If they were, could you please like the button? I’m Vince Digital Men Institute Thank you for watching. I’ll come back to you in the next video.

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