Best AI Art Generator for Print on Demand

By | October 17, 2022


In the past few weeks I’ve been playing Around with different AI art generators In order to see what I can use for my Own print on demand Journey whether it’s For my posts on Instagram whether it’s For inspiration where I take a file and I recreate it later on procreate or flat On I can use this image for my print on Demand and I have tried to do so many Things on so many platforms and it Created really awesome stuff created Prompt created so many awesome stuff Like these designs that I made using Canva AI these designs that I made using Creative Fabrica spark new AI that Promises people hundred thousand dollars Not really a hundred thousand dollars But more on that later as well as some Cool AI that I’ve done using mid-journey AI art generator as well as cool AI Designs that I’ve made using night Cafe And in this video today I hope to take You through my personal Journey finding Out which of these AI is the best air Generator for me and what I can actually Do with it and I hope that you guys will Enjoy even if you come to other Conclusions than I did and with that Said let’s just get started hi everyone Welcome back to my channel my name is Mayor and I teach creative people how to Sew their Art online and I don’t think That I even need at this point to Explain what an air generator is

Especially for people who are already Doing print on a man because it’s been So much out there that there are so many Softwares where we can just type in a Few words and then voila a bunch of cool Stuff like for example a cow painting in The style of Starry Night of Van Gogh Which was one of my favorite things to Do that was like a bit of a weird Journey that I went on so I don’t think That I really need to explain what an Air generator is however I do feel like I need to explain to a lot of people What can you do with an air generator in The past few months I’ve been getting a Lot of DMS from viewers who are saying Oh my God this is such a cool AI I found This art generator and then Pretty much a day after they sent me oh The files came out too small and the Printer demand provider said that the File is not with highest resolution now I just have a piece of junk and I don’t Know what to do with it so I hope that In this video I will be able to explain To you guys my personal process in Determining which one is the best air Generator for printer demand Sellers as I see it for me maybe it will be the Same conclusion for you guys and I would Love to hear your opinions on that as Well now when I want to determine which AI our generator is the best I’m going To look at for different factors number

One how easy it is to use that AI how Accessible is that AI because I’m not Going to make a video like a lot of the Other videos online of this cool AI that Is only with private lists and you can Probably use it in six months all the AIS I’m talking about are currently Available and you can use them and I’ll Walk you through the process of how you Create art in everyone the second factor To being the best AI would be the size And the file quality which would lead me Directly to what I can do with it Because if I get a file that is 500 by 500 pixels that’s I don’t know this big When it comes to printing which what are You going to do with it sticker sheets Because that’s pretty much all you can Do it’s not even a big enough size for Instagram and that is a huge problem in Today’s AI world the file resolution so Which AI has the best file resolution to Give you and in which cost which is the Criteria number three to determine the Best AI how much do these AI cost and Yes some of them do cost money and yes I Have spent some money throughout the Last month playing around and getting a Bunch of AI designs mostly for fun there Was a full day where I just burnt like 30 dollars just clicking prompts that Was the most useless three hours of my Life And Factor number four or which is what

Can I actually do with this whether it’s What can I do with it because of the Size or what can I do with it in terms Of legality of what you can do with it Because just because someone placed Something out there for you to use for You to download doesn’t mean you can use It for commercial purposes doesn’t mean You can sell print on a man with it and It’s really important to be on the open Up when using these programs or using Anything online because you don’t want To spend all that time creating a Business and marketing it just to find Out that oh yeah that was not legal what You did Buy Buy store so what I did with Mid-journey create a fabric of spark Canvas new Ai and night Cafe is to check All four of these with my four criterias And decide which one is the best for me And again this is my opinion and based On what I want to be doing with this art You might find that a different software Is better suitable for you for your Needs and since we have a lot of Explaining to do on these four AIS I’m Just gonna Dive Right deep into it with Mid-journey now I feel like mid journey Is like the most complicated AI to start With especially for people who are not Very techy because their entire Interface on how to make the AI is from Their Discord Channel connected into Rooms or other sub channels I’m a very

New Discord user where you can create Your art by simply typing in something Like prompt and whatever you want the AIT manufacturer notice that while you Are doing this while the AI is thinking About your design and creating Your Design other people’s design will appear On your feed and they will see your Design as well because everything is Public and anyone can use anyone’s work Sort of it’s really not clear number two The size of the AI and the control you Have over the DPI so the size of the AI Art generated by mid-journey is 512 Pixels by 512 pixels and you basically Get four different images in one square And that is like really again 500 pixels Is like really really really small it’s Like a quarter of the size of an Instagram post seriously so divide that Into quarters and that’s the image that You get however you can upscale one or All of these four designs to create a Bigger design which in my case came up To be 1024 pixels by 1024 pixels which Again is nothing for print on demand I Have watched several YouTube channels Who have talked about the fact that they Inputted a different ratio to request The art to come out in and not one by One ratio that is the default and got a Little bit of higher sizes for example 1000 pixels by roughly 1800 pixels but That is again still too small for

Anything that I could use for print on a Man however you can still use the Upscaled sizes for Instagram for Instagram posts for example or to Recreate this art within your own Program so let’s say I want to create Something on Pro create and I don’t want To have anyone telling me Oh this was a Copy or I don’t know how to create it I Mean how will I know how to create a Llama with a Santa hat on it I can just Type that into mid Journey download the Line with the Santa hat open it on my Procreate with a really big resolution And recreate the file myself using the AI file as my guideline which that was The only thing that I found useful with Mid-journey however very fast I ran out Of my free credits on mid-journey which Leads me to criteria number three which Is the pricing mid journey is free to Try for 25 minutes I know I don’t mean you sitting on the Computer for 25 minutes I mean that mid Journey doesn’t measure the amount of Money you purchase or the amount of Credits you use per art but it uses Minutes To calculate Everything which makes things very Complicated so you get your first 25 Minutes for free with the mid journey And that’s a lifetime free that’s not Like a monthly thing or a daily thing

And those 25 minutes can pretty much Create you roughly 25 images because Roughly an image is a minute however Upscaling an image and making it bigger Is more than a minute so I have no idea I kind of lost track on how many images I made using their Discord server I Think it was roughly around 10 at the End with the free trial so it means that After creating some art and then Upscaling some of it to a really really Again really small size I was still Using 25 minutes for roughly 10 images Which maybe six of them were usable for Any kind of Instagram or inspiration Usage mid Journey also has obviously Pro Plans monthly plans and you can spend Ten dollars to get 200 minutes a month Or 30 dollars to get 15 hours a month However again everything that you do on That Discord channel is going to be Completely public and you can add 20 Extra dollars a month to make sure that Your Creations are private I’m sorry for Laughing This was just I was looking at this and I was like oh my God this is absolutely Ridiculous ridiculous as for criteria Number four which is what I can actually Do with it let’s talk about mid Journey’s licensing because their Licensing clearly states that if you are A free user of the platform and you Generated roughly 10 or 12 images in

Good quality they are under the common Non-commercial 4.0 attribution required License which mean you can’t use them For commercial purposes and you have to Attribute mid-journey which I am doing In this video hey me Journey this is Yours I am attributing you and everyone Can use it as well however when I got Into the point of the non free plans There isn’t actually a license it’s sort Of like oh you can do with it what you Want and I Tried reading more about it But I couldn’t really find any relevant Information in regards to print on a man As well as I didn’t find any need to Contact anyone from mid-journey since The art that was created was so small That it was ridiculous I mean what am I Going to do with a thousand pixel design What I’m probably not even going to use It for Instagram especially when Everything that I do on my journey is so Public As well as so incredibly frustrating Doing it from a Discord Channel maybe I’m just too old I don’t know maybe all The young kids these days are having fun With Discord I know it is a chat thing But having to endlessly scroll up or Down to see if your creation was made While seeing other people’s Creation in The process really really killed my vibe So mid Journey was kind of a no for me Leading me to the second AI art

Generator app that I’ll be comparing in This video which is the new canva AI Text to image and kidwaya is kinda cool We all I think are familiar with how to Use canva by now it’s pretty much on Canva so it’s very simple how to use the AI all you have to do is go to canva Open a design size for this example I Chose three thousand by 3000 pixels and Go to the text to image app on your Sidebar if you cannot find it on your Sidebar scroll all the way down on the Sidebar to the three little dots and Type in text to image app and that’s the App once the app is open you need to Type in your Trump which I typed in Llama with Santa hat and you have Several options in terms of the style or The styling of the a art that you’ll be Creating once you’ve selected your style And you continued on to create the art It’s going to take a matter of few Seconds or a few minutes depending on Your internet speed until canva is going To give you two different options and All you have to do is just click on one Of these options it’s going to appear on The Block for the design create a new Design put the other one there and That’s pretty much all you have to do This process is so easy also because Every single thing that you’ve made from The canva AI is going to automatically Appear on your upload folder on canva as

If you’ve uploaded that design yourself From your computer moving on to our Second criteria testing canvas AI it’s All about the size and that’s where Things get tricky I remember hearing it From so many people who find out that if You make something on canva that says It’s big enough that doesn’t actually Mean that’s going to have good Resolution because you can design Something on canva using one of their Elements but the element was not meant To be used for that big size that you’re Trying to use it for and that’s exactly What happened when I tried using canvas AI on a 3000 by 3000 pixel design Because as you can see here the minute I Took the marker from 23 which is my view To a hundred percent to see how this is Actually going to look how the actual Llama is going to look with that size I Found out that this is incredibly blurry And it’s not because it’s a painting and It’s cool no it’s because it’s blurry And it’s not made for this size by the Way 3000 pixels is not that big of a Size when we’re talking about print on Demand 3000 pixels might cover some Pillows and maybe small notebooks and Some stickers but it’s really not a big Enough size and again even that size Cannot be created with canvas AI however The really cool thing about the fact That canvas AI is a little bit Limited

In the size that it can create is the Fact that number three criteria canvas AI is free as of the time of the Recording of this video using text to Image to camera is a free option I’m not Sure if it’s just for pro members or if It’s for everybody I have a pro account So I really don’t know if someone has a Free account and they’re using the text Image please let me know that in the Comment section I would love to know if It’s only a pro feature or a free Feature however while you might not be Paying more money to get the canva AI Texted image app you are limited to Roughly 24 designs a day I’ve heard People saying 25 I’ve heard people Saying it’s 50 I basically prompted 24 Different designs to create 48 blocks of Design and then I was told that I Finished my quota for today so it’s Roughly around that Mark moving on to The final criteria with canvas AI which Is what can you do with it now if you go To the text to image app like sensing or Terms or guidelines or whatever they Want to call it you actually don’t have Any information on the commercial aspect Of the usage of the app you only have The things that you’re not allowed to Make with the app including pornography In all of the AIS by the way you’re not Allowed to type in something like a Child or something like that you’re not

Allowed to create anything that is Harmful that is racist and we get that I Am all for that but there is literally No information about the commercial use Of that the only sort of thing that Might reference a commercial use option Is if we look into canvas terms of use Which I don’t know if you’ve been Through canvas terms of use in the last Few years but they have gotten to be so Confusing to the point where I’m really Happy that I found Kittle because I Really don’t want to design anything on Canva from canva because their terms of Service and usage in terms of creating Printables and print on demand is such a Mind cluster that I just don’t even want To start with it and maybe I’ll I’ll Make it in a different video however in Terms of the AI I have no idea if you have the license To sell it for print on a man or not I Do know that one thing that I do love Doing with the canva AI is incorporating The images that I create from there Within my Instagram marketing so for Example with my new account for Self-love journaling I recently posted a Question on Instagram story that Contains a painting of a woman Meditating which I got from canvas AI I’m not selling that painting on Anything I just used it for my Instagram The same way that you can take these

Cool little cat sketches or any cat Photo and place them on an Instagram That promotes print on demand items for Cat lovers not by putting these cats Directly on items but designing text Designs like t-shirts and cool stuff Like that for cat Moms while attracting Those cat moms on Instagram with cool Little cats sketches and photos that Will be more unique to you guys because You created them with an AI now if You’ve been with me from the start then You know we have four air generator your Apps to cover and we’ve covered two so Far but before we move on to the other Two I would like to ask you something I Mean this whole concept of me creating Art using an AI and using that art not To sell for printed man but to Market my Print on demand is that something that Came to mind for you guys is that Something you thought about before if so Please leave a comment on that down Below I would love to know how you Personally are using an air generator or How you see yourself wanting to use that One in the future including are you Using it for inspiration and also if you Like this video and found this content Useful feel free to hit the like button Down below every time you do it really Does help my channel believe it or not The YouTube algorithm and all that so Thank you for doing so and let’s get

Back to number three which is the Creative Fabrica spark AI that promised People a hundred thousand dollars now I Know a lot of people have gotten this Email from Creator Fabrica and I’ve been Getting a lot of questions especially From people who try posting this on the Group and DM me why am I not talking About this is this for real so I do have To say this the first thing that came to Mind when I got this email from creative Fabrica is why didn’t anyone from Creative Fabrica that I have as a Contact because I talk about them in the Channel told me that this has been going On I mean they have relationship with Promoters for exactly this reason and The answer that I got from my context Was the fact that even they didn’t know That whether it’s true or not I don’t Know but they said that they didn’t even Know about this until the very last Minute this whole project has been Really hush-hush and what they’re saying In that email is that you can win a Hundred thousand dollars actually you Can’t win a hundred thousand dollars Because a hundred thousand dollars is The entirety of the prize for everybody Who can win and the prizes are broken Down into several segments and the way To do that is by using their AI spark Which is one really easy to use all you Have to do is go to tools and create

Your own design and then you prom prompt Something you put in a sentence of what You want to create with a creator for Bigger spark and you click on ignite Getting four different results in the Mix now you have to pay five dollars a Month for a creative fabric spark Membership to enter the contest and then You share the photo and it appears on Your creators page for everyone to see And the photos resolution is 512 pixels By 512 pixels without any option to make The photo larger Which at that point I looked at it and I Thought huh this is a complete waste of My time and let’s move on to the next Tool sorry if I’m being harsh but I mean Come on I can’t even make this design Big enough for an Instagram post I can’t Make this design big enough for me to be Able to work on it on procreate without Me seeing a blurry screen and I Literally have nothing to do with it Also I don’t want to be able to download A file only if everyone else can see it As well it became a really messed up Thing I was trying to get to see my Classes on Creative Fabrica and ended up Landing on my Creator’s profile with all These like random AIS and I just said to Myself you know what may this is a waste Of my time I know that it’s nice to see One hundred thousand dollars and twenty Thousand dollars and if you guys want to

Play around with an AI go nuts have fun But what I wanted to do is actually find Something tangible that I can use within My printed a man journey to save me time To help me with inspiration to help me With Instagram posts and as of now with A 512 pixel size of creative Fabrica Spark AI that was completely useless for Me which leads me to the fourth AI art Generator app that I’ll be talking about In this video and yes I have saved the Best for last night Cafe now night Cafe On the surface seemed to be one of the Most easy AI apps that I have seen in a Long time I mean yes canva is super Simple because we all use canvine we all Know how to use canva and you just click On it and it appears and you can add Text to it and it’s a really really nice App but when it comes to just looking Into storing AI creating AI downloading Managing it nightcafe has been the Easiest one for me all you have to do When you log in is click on create where You’ll see four different style options However these are not actually Styles These are more like the AI generator That is working in the background one of Them is a texture transfer which seemed Kind of cool however my favorite one to Use is the stable AI art generator with A prompt and once you enter that one There is a world of so many different Styles that you can create your AI art

With I don’t know what I have with Sunflowers but I wrote a sunflower field Doing Sunset and chose the night Cafe AI Art filter style and got this result at The end which was kind of gorgeous I do Have to say it was kind of adorable and Generally speaking I am pleased with the Quality of the things I can get from There I do know that some of their Mystique or mystery or magical filters Work better if you want to design a Cottage a magical Cottage or a garden Than it does with people but they have a Lot of really cool filters like the Black and my portrait which is pretty Amazing especially with that cute dog That I made as well as gouache paintings And even candy filters and I’ve actually Been thinking of Designing my entire new Tarot deck just by using night Cafe Because their quality is actually pretty Pretty good now going back to my Sunflower field and sunset that photo is Again 512 pixels by 512 pixels which is So annoying why is this the size that Everybody’s creating this is a thumbnail Size you know that little icon up top on YouTube that has this like play and That’s 500 pixels however one of the Reasons why I’m so excited about net Cafe is the fact that you can double Your Creation with one credit and you Can also 15x your Creation with three Credits resulting in an 8 000 pixel by 8

000 pixel artwork finally an AR Generator for different on demand happy Now now how good is the resolution for That 15x design for those 8 000 by 8 000 Pixels what I did in order to test it Out is I went to printful because when You upload anything to printful printful Is going to tell you if the DPI is good Enough for that specific product I know That everybody’s obsessed with 300 DPI However 300 DPI is mostly standard for Printables as for print on demand some Products will look good with 150 DPI and Some would look good with 300 it depends On the type of product and the type of Printing but I pretty much trust Printful when they calculate if the DPI Is good enough or not so I went into Their designer and chose the thin canvas Design to try and place my sunflower Field in Sunset and see how big can I Take this design now when I tried Uploading it to the bigger size which Was 24 inch by 36 inch printful did tell Me that my DPI is not good and I do need A larger file however for 16 inch by 20 Inch canvas this AI made photo made by Nike fair was perfect and that’s what I Want to see whether I’ll be using it Directly with wall art selling Waller in That size or whether I’ll do something Different with it like take the entire Thing onto Zazzle where I love designing Notebooks and planners so what I did

With this design as well is I put it on Top of a planner the first thing I did Is obviously put it on both sides the Front as well as the layer in the back And then I went back to the front and I Noticed oh I have this like nice space For this Sunset a great space to put in Text with text customization which is One of my favorite Zazzle features Creating this really really cool 12 Months planner that people can customize Their names and have this beautiful Sunflower field in the background that I Simply adore by the way this was in no Way shape or form a Zazzle notebook Tutorial well there has been a full Zazzle series with six videos on how to Do the customized products how to do all That there has also been a Zazzle Notebook tutorial in this channel where I showed the quality of several of the Notebooks that I got and there is also Still the Kittle challenge for the next Three days where you can participate and Get either Kittle Pro for free or 100 Amazon gift card but going back to night Cafe with category number three of how Much will that cost me now the way that Night Cafe works is by credits so for Example the images I create with the Stable AI type are one credit if I want To create four images in one or half a Credit if I want to create one image I’m Actually happy that I’m making this

Video now and not a couple of weeks ago Because that is something that recently Changed because the one image used to be One credit and now it’s just half now if I want to take that image and again make It 15 times bigger to 8 000 by 8 000 Pixels that will cost me three credits So if I have to sort of calculate even Considering the fact that I might get Some images wrong I mean sometimes you Put in a prompt and you select a style And it comes up all wrong so let’s say It takes me four tries to create an Image I want to enlarge that’s two Credits with the stable option and if I Want to make it bigger to the maximum Size that’s another three credits so It’s around five credits that I’ll use To really create something that I want In a good enough size now you can get a Monthly membership tonight Cafe Pro and Spend ten dollars to get a hundred Credits and again this will get you Roughly 20 high resolution huge images Or more images than that if all you do Is double the size of them to use them For Instagram however you can also Opt-in for an insane membership and pay Something like eighty dollars a month For 1500 credits now if you don’t want a Monthly plan with night Cafe that’s not A problem you can also purchase credits From a variety of different prices and Use them as you go along and Nike Cafe

Is one of the only platforms that I’ve Seen that is like really social they Have contests where you can win Different credits on social media as Well as if you share something on social Media you do get like three credits or Something like that the best part about Night Cafe is that every single day You’ll get an email telling you hey You’ve earned five free credits which Means that every single day without even Paying I can create an 8 000 pixel by 8 000 pixel high resolution awesome image After testing it four times to see if it Comes out well because that’s five Credits and that’s one of the main Reasons why night Cafe is my favorite Platform now after seeing all that I did Go into their terms of service and I did Want to be sure that what I just did Showing you guys with printful and Showing you guys on the notebook I did For Zazzle is actually viable and good Information and I did have a brief chat With Elle from night Cafe thank you for Being patient with all of my very Special specific questions and what we Got from this chat after Consulting Their legal department is the fact that You can use anything you create on night Cafe for print demand For selling digital downloads and even For selling digital files for other People to use for commercial purposes of

Course that doesn’t mean that you can Use things that you don’t have the Rights to use to begin with so with any AI that gives you any type of License to Do anything please I hope that you know By now that if you try to create like Mickey Mouse It’s not going to have your rights for It because those rights belong to Disney Now if you’re excited with night Cafe as Much as I am and you want to save a Little bit of money to invest to check Out their platform or just to create More art quicker and not wait for five Free credits every single day you can Use the link Down Below in the Description with my embedded code in it To get five percent off any night Cafe Purchases and I hope that you guys will Enjoy this was a little bit of a boost To start off this collaboration and I Really do think that there will be more Collaborations with my Cafe they seem to Be really awesome people I mean they run All these contests they also have a Discord Channel but you know they talk There and they run all these contests on Social media so they seem to be a cute Happy bunch and I really do like the Fact that I have more control over the Design style than I want to do and I Really enjoy using their tool I kind of Got Misha hooked on them as well that Was kind of funny I also got him hooked

On camera which takes me to the Conclusion of this video of which a IR Generator is best for printer demand Coming from my point of view and let’s See if you guys agree the best AI for me So far has been two AIS which are Knight Cafe and canva I try to log into night Cafe every day to get my five credits Per day and I also kind of boost my Account every now and then with a few Little dollars if I want to get Something done today and I don’t want to Wait for tomorrow I also try to visit Canva every other day I think to create Really cool things that I can use for my Print anime and Instagram or to recreate Later myself on procreate I do not use Canvas AI artwork on my print on a man And the artwork that I do make with the Night Cafe I try to combine it within a Different design for example that could Be the notebook that I showed you a few Minutes ago that I did on the Zazzle Platform with a custom name but also This notebook that I did using the AI of Night Cafe combining it with a tech that I made using Kittle and creating this Meditation Journal I also recreated Several designs that I made with nine Cafe such as this woman who is Meditating that I recreated using Procreate to look like this and I’m Really having fun with this because I Don’t feel like in the process of my

Inspiration I’m ripping anyone off Because I can already use that Meditation woman as is but I’m using it As inspiration I don’t even mean Inspiration I’m using it as the Blueprints for a new design the same way That I use this cat sitting inside a Cactus yeah that was a great great Prompt day and created this cat sitting Inside a cactus which I really want to Put as a notebook cover or as a puzzle And I feel like using the AI has really Sparked my creativity pun unintended With creative Fabrica spark because Their AI is a buzz kill and I know that So many people might be worried I know Like so many people are like oh artists Are going nuts because an AI is there That basically recreating your your art Trust me if you make oil paintings that Are a meter and a half by meter and a Half no AI is going to compete with you Because you’re you’re you’re targeting a Different audience people can say that Print on demand killed business for Artists and now they’re saying that an AI is going to take all the business for Photographers and for graphic designers But to be honest I don’t really think so Most of the designers and artists that I Know are actually pretty thrilled when I Show them the AI tools because they’re Like oh my God instant inspiration Instant color combination instant photo

That I can try to replicate without Anyone having rights on that photo it’s Like free inspiration it’s a boost to The tools that you can use on social Media and I don’t know if you guys see It either that way or that way and I Would love to hear your opinion in the Comments section down below now there Are so many different AI art generator Apps out there these were just the four That I chose to cover in this video and I hope that you guys enjoyed it however There are other AI software is out there That can help you with your print and Demand Journey one of which is copy AI Which I’m using pretty much once a week Or even every day depends on the month To create blog posts to find Instagram Captions even SEO keyword research and Hashtag research for Instagram and I did Make a full video just about copy AI in That video I gave examples of seven Different tools from copy AI that you Can use they have many other tools that You can use and showed how I personally Use them for my own print on demand Journey there is also a massive discount For viewers of this Channel with copy AI So you can go ahead and watch that video Next and I’ll see you guys in my next Video bye Oh what’s wrong with me there’s even not A person here to make me laugh this is Just me laughing at myself

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