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By | November 11, 2022
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So a i r takes to image right now it’s Booming it is crazy amount of website Start popping up left and right some of Them big like mid Journey Dolly dream Studio and so on some of them small one Just teeny tiny companies but it’s Actually good for the creators and Reason why because they need to take Your attention to try bring to the new Service uh what I mean by this Some of them running crazy promotions That you actually can benefit from this So I found one of this website anyone Share with you showing which side it is And how you can use it and you can make Up to 100K by utilizing this so anyway Most time when we’re using AI for Example I’m paying for the servers I’m Paying for the mid Journey I’m paying For uh right Sonic I pay for a lot of Services right now ai and you know it Will be nice to find one where I pay and I actually can’t get it something back So let me show you what I’m meaning by This right here is a very interesting Website it’s from creative Fabrica it’s Called spark service by the way if you Don’t familiar with creative Fabrica it Is online Uh kind of store subscription where you Can download a lot of cross stitching Pattern uh embroidery and I know because My wife does embroidery and I wish I can Do because it kind of sounds very fun

But this is a sideway can it downloaded A lot of clip arts and everything So that is already exists service for Them and add-on AI was Edition so it’s Not brand new like some pop-up just to Collect money very fast on this so it is Established service that you just Provide additional service to you Um right now it’s just AI art I wish it Will be option for me to create AI art And convert that to a pattern for the Embroidery that will be awesome if they Can do this but anyway right here the Service so one thing you have a free Trial Hardware if you want to use it Pay you need pay money and if we look on Our Creations you buy credit similar Like you do with a dolly or other Services and it’s not bad because you Can see it is about nine dollars for Thousand Sparks which is actually a very Good price overall I think Um if we compare to Delhi it’s Definitely cheaper than Dali and Mid-journey depend on the quality what You’re going but it is still be very Good so this is like any other services Okay I have it literally I have a Tens Of the services who contacted and says Hey we create new website we want to Look in this so what this is stand for Me from different one it’s this is Competition running monthly it says earn Up to 100K so let’s go to see what is

Happening so it’s meaning if you are Using this service and you submit images You have options you can win 50 different price which is very good I’d be more worried if it’s just single Price but if you have multiple steps you Heard much much higher chance and if You’ve done some with the mid journey in Delhi you’re probably familiar with some Prompts how to use it if you’re not I’ll Put a link above for you to check some Of my videos how to use prompts but Overall you can create very stunning Nice images But keep it in mind it is also the Private service they give it away money But they also need some help reduce Those money and it’s nothing come for Free so what is meaningless for the Participations you actually need to sign Up with the Um business unit kind of buy those Credits which is could be not bad if you Are trying with services and using like A night cafe or other ones you’re paying Credits there you can just cancel one Month there start one month here try it See it if you win or not so it’s Actually not bad way to try and again It’s give you experience uh one thing For me I found out when I work with the Air it is like a very addictive thing so You want to create more and more and Sometimes it’s not bad just created one

Month tried burnout out of your system All creativity so you come down and see If you like it you keep on doing or you Cancel so right here what is this does Is allowed you for November 100K prices For creating and They already done for the October kind Of but for this participation you can See you need published from November 1st To 30th so it right now it’s great time And this is what I says it is you need Have to active creation subscriptions Nine dollars so it does you kind of Paying for the subscription to be there But it makes sense because they need Somehow pay for the services and as I Said before You can try for free but with this you Have it not just a paying for service Like in Delhi you actually have chance Of winning money as you still doing this Stuff so it’s what make for me this Stand out from other services it’s this Kind of Kickback but so let’s go look on The services what it can do because I’m Just speaking about but uh what I want To do does it works actually you know Does it worth the actual those nine Dollars you’re going to pay for this Okay overall it’s very nice clean web Interface you notice on the beginning we Have a prompt same prompt that we can Use the other places we also have a Little bit aspect ratio which is tell me

It’s probably not daily it’s probably More as a stable diffusion on the back And it’s probably stable diffusion 1.4 From what I see the reference they could Probably upgrade to 1.5 I’m not sure but It is look to me it’s like what they’re Utilizing so right here you can um Type and gray all the which you can type Any prompt and if you don’t not sure What prompt you want to type I would Recommend go check the prompt book it is Um kind of interesting help I won’t say It’s very extensive hell but it does Give it some information and preview if You want to have it little bit better Prompt I will recommend check my video On a prompts I have it and check like Admit Journey help or other areas so you Can find a lot of information about this If you don’t find they prompt is Satisfying for you okay angry witch Let’s go click and ignite you’ll notice Right here we have a 22 so it’s a little Bit weight which is okay you can speed Up if you buy the credits but because I Don’t want bike rates right now so I’m Just rendering this okay so and here is Completed let’s see what we have we have Actually not bad The words make also different here it Will look you will notice you have a Pencil which is kind of open and you can Preview you also have it published I Think this is very low resolution on an

Image right now which is okay we are Actually previewing we’re not Necessarily using but you cannot adjust Use this image as itself you need to Actually publish the image So when you publish it will show on your Personal feed so people can see it or in Your creation so let’s go ahead right Now Um right here you know what I have a Discount I like that cat I created in The boots with shooting guns so let’s go Ahead I click publish you’ll notice it Says publishing Um I think it’s what it does at the same Time it’s upscaling the image from the Thumbnail it was created Okay and when it’s done we’ll go ahead And click open So it’s open a new tab for us and let’s Preview this is actually a very good Size image I think it’s a actual 1024 by 1024 image so it’s not bad size some Detailizations okay we have at last on The face so it’s definitely a stable Diffusion 1.4 or earlier actually it’s What I try to do Um overall we have a very nice Explanation a prompt I like this one I Like when you can have it visible to Everyone or just to you because many Times when you create it you don’t want People mostly if it’s competition to Steal your work and adjust so you can

Kind of hide prompt and you can notice Right here you have it you upgrade so it Is the um Nine dollars a month so let’s say you Need purchase if you want to do but it’s Very common a privacy for example and a Mid Journey you actually need to pay Additional uh like ten dollars a month Just for the Privacy so it’s actually Very good if at nine dollars cover Everything include privacy options for You okay you can post your project if You need it add comments or people so It’s actually not bad it’s very nice Um the wages played so let’s go ahead Right now I’m going to kind of explore a Little bit more so we click on my Creations and you can see right here Images that I actually publish so not All of my images I created the images That I kind of published and you can Probably create Um if you want nine dollars a month you Don’t need publish them maybe so they Don’t people won’t see them if you don’t Want and just publish the one when You’re ready for that okay let’s go Check next the Community Feed personal Feed it’s when you subscribe to somebody You found calling and actually the People create quite a bit very nice art Here So it’s not bad at all a lot of Portraits or some the pattern you know I

Was saying before I wish Um they service could be literally Bloomy uh going crazy if they allowed You to convert whatever you create here To their pattern for the embroidery that Will be total killer nobody else Provided I mean if they do this it will Be killer killer applications okay in a Good way So next let’s go ahead this community Prompt very nice and you can see I can All of these prompt checks that you can Actually copy paste so let’s go ahead And copy this one and we’ll go back to Create see if it will generate for us Some right click going to paste right Here whether we have it and let’s ignite One more time okay so let’s go back to Our stuff and overall I think it’s kind Of All right it’s nice look on this yeah It’s a good prompt this is very nice Very good prompt I’m sure if we take Some prompts from the like mid German we Can put them in and by the way right Here is my cat that I created an o That is kind of funny version 3 me Johnny does not like my cat just example If you look this is the mid Journey 4. This is me Journey 3 and actually when They produce cats their cats is better Than me Journey 3 so it’s it’s big plus For that Source but this one says look Awesome look on that they probably have

A special pre-trained model mostly going Towards this it’s all what it is it’s What reference what the weights of Library and the pre-trained model it’s What related to I think Um they have a very nice related to the Specific style which you can utilize and Then mostly it’s what you’ve done with The services when you work you try to See what a library they reference so you Can utilize the best the bigger Selection from there to create it and Right here we can see anime girl yep It’s what the fairy tale illustrations Definitely because right here see I Tried this one and that one is same Cyberpunk but we have some reference to The artists some fairy tales and they’ve Done very well not so well on some human References Some animations comic books but very Well done with some of the artist Reference so this is kind of keep in Mind if you start creating if you decide To try it and try create images Just keep an in mind that some of this Will work you know what let me try take This one We’ll copy and we’ll go in a mid Journey And we’ll just try to do this in the mid Journey version four so we’ll see what’s Happening well till it’s cooking there Let’s go back and overall interface very Simple very easy to use

Um Simplicity is very good actually it’s A big plus simplest in this and as I say They don’t necessarily stand out from Many many different services with big Exception it is when you pay nine Dollars it’s good Um good credit thousand credits it’s a Very good price for this but it also This you when you do it you can actually Have a chance to win so something get Back and this is so far I don’t see any Other services actually offer anything Like that so this is a very very Attractive options for them okay so Right here it’s done and this is in the Mid Journey it’s a done very good job of Course this is mid Journey for the Latest one that is I said before it’s a Jar dropping and if you’re interested You can watch some of my videos about Meet Journey 4 Um how much it was Improvement and other Stuff but in general it’s actually does A very good job so overall Here’s that tiny uh the service spark From the creative Fabrica which is I Think a very interesting nice source for You to try if you want to Um at least it’s provide you some Kickback well if you like this video let Me know if you find some other services That is provided also some benefits of Using please let me know I’m very Interested to make videos around that

About them as well if you like it give a Thumb up subscribe to the channel so You’ll get a notification with a new Video created and please share let me Know other people about this I Appreciate your help and have a great Day of creating

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