NEW MIDJOURNEY V4 Outpainting With Stable Diffusion For FREE! Make INSANE ART!

By | November 11, 2022

Midjourney has recently released their new V4 algorithm which is by far their best one yet. But how does it compare to Stable Diffusion? How is it better? How is it worse? Can you use it for free? How can you use Midjourney to outpaint with Stable Diffusion and make insanely good images? Well, In this video, I will explain and show you all of that! Just sit back and relax!

Hello humans when we scare your air Overload and recently mid-journey Released their brand new V4 version and I gotta say I’m very impressed the Results that you see on the Community Feed are just out of this world these Are the kind of images that you will Never be able to do using stable Diffusion only I mean look at this one For example this is insane and unless You train the stable diffusion model Using this particular style you will Never be able to create this in stable Diffusion alone and yet mid Journey V4 Is able to do this easily so in this Video I’m gonna go through the new MID Journey V4 version tell you when it’s Good at and what it’s bad at because yes It’s actually not perfect and also will Show you an interesting workflow that You can Implement using paid to Get absolutely gorgeous images by Combining the currently two best text to Image generators on the planet and at The same time this will also be a little Update for my out painting video that I Did a few days ago because currently a Few things have changed now before we Begin let’s actually answer the question How do you actually get me Journey for Free well I know that technically me Journey is a paid service since they Have two membership options available The 10 per month that allows you to

Generate around 200 images and a 30 per Month that allows you to generate an Unlimited amount of images which is what I’m currently using and I personally Absolutely love this pricing because Since this is running on Discord I can Actually use this on my phone anywhere I Want now the other option that you can Actually do if you do not want to pay is To actually create a new account join The mid Journey Discord server and you Will actually receive for free 25 Queries and since each query generate 4 Images you can actually generate 100 Images for absolutely free and then Either you choose a subscription service Or if if you really don’t want to pay You could technically create a brand new Discord account rejoin the mid Journey Discord server with that new account and Then enjoy the new 25 queries on that New account and to use one of these Queries all you have to do is just come Right here in one of those newcomer Rooms for example let’s click on this Channel and as you can see right here There is a bunch of new people who have Just joined the mid Journey server Generating images themselves and all of That absolutely for free which is Actually pretty cool so technically yes You could use me Journey for absolutely Free granted you spend the time creating New discount accounts again and again

Now then once you have your new account On me Journey how do you actually use The new V4 version now for this all you Have to do in the chat box you’re gonna Type slash settings and then you’re Gonna press enter and as you can see you Will see a bunch of settings right here And to be able to activate and use the Mid Journey version 4 you need to click On this button right here also to make Sure that you’re using the better of Scanner which I personally find is the Best one out of all the options right Here and then once you’re ready all you Have to do in the chat box you’re gonna Type slash imagine press enter and here You’re gonna see a prompt box appear and In this front box you’re gonna type what You want to see and let me just copy and Paste the problem that I saw in the Community tab which is realistic vanilla Carved mini pig in the suit bubble in The sky and then you can simply press Enter and in a few seconds mid Johnny Will start generating 4 images at a time And here is the final result looks Actually really really cool then you’re Gonna have a bunch of options and for Each images you can either upscale or Create variations of that image so for Example let’s say that I Want A Variation of this image since this is The image number four I’m gonna click on This button right here that says V4 and

V4 does not stand for version 4 and this Button just stands for variation image 4. so if I click on this button and as You can achieve very quickly meat Journey generated four different Variation images based on that image and Let’s say I want to keep one of those And I want to upscale it let’s say I Want to upscale number three all you Have to do is just click on this button Right here that says u3 which basically Stands for upscale image number three And as you can see this is the final Result an absolutely beautiful upscaled Image there is really a lot of details Here that would be really difficult to Reproduce in stable diffusion only Without using any dream of training so This is really really impressive now Speaking of impressive what are actually Some of the things the mid Journey does Better than the stable diffusion and What are some of the things that mid Journey is not quite as good at compared To stable diffusion now as you saw mid Join is actually pretty competent at Understanding the concept of your prompt I asked for a realistic vanilla carved Mini pig in a suit bubble in the sky and This is exactly what I got I got the Mini pig I get a bubble in the sky and I Got a liquid and all of that in a Perfect harmony the second good quality That me Journey has over stable

Diffusion is how easy it is for anyone To actually use it and have absolutely Amazing images you don’t need to be a Prompt guard like in stable diffusion to Be able to generate insanely beautiful Images here is an example I simply input Anime cat wizard which is only three Words in mid-journey and these are the Result that I got which are just Fantastic now I’m not saying that you Cannot have this kind of quality in Stable diffusion but to be able to have This kind of results you need to input More than simply three simple words you Would have to use a whole combination of Styles a whole combination of prompt Modifiers using negative prompts and Then hoping that you get lucky with the Seed RNG but with me Journey all you Have three do is just put what you want And you’re basically sure that you Always get a super aesthetic image which In my opinion is probably better for Most of the population another good Quality of meat journey is basically the Amount of quality that you get for each Generation so this is the results that I Got for a CE made out of Jade with fish Frozen in the Jade and as you see right Here this is exactly what I got which is Just an insane amount of details for Just a simple generation and this is What you get for pretty much every Single image generated with the new V4

And also as I said previously since this Is running on Discord you can actually Use this with your phone with your Tablet from anywhere as long as you have An internet connection which is again Another good point for me Journey since Most people don’t need to install Anything to be able to use this wherever They are now what are some of the bad Things then well first of all the new MID Journey V4 seems to be worse at Generating pictures of celebrities so as You see right here this is my prompt Photo portrait of Christina Hendricks And these are the results that I get I’m Sorry I’m a journey but this does not Look like McQueen it just looks like a Random redhead woman a good looking Reddit woman but this is not Christina Hendricks and Christina Hendricks is not The only one if I try with another Celebrity for example photo portrait of Scarlett Johansson this is the result That I get which again me Journey this Is not Scarlett Johansson which is Really strange because the previous Version of me Journey actually had way Better results now it’s not perfect Again compared to simple diffusion which Actually handles celebrities really Really well out of the gate so I’m Really hoping that this gets fixed in The future but as of right now if you Want to generate images of celebrities

Mid journey is probably not the best way To do it stable diffusion is by far the Game now another bad thing is the fact That me Journey currently only has the Text to image option now technically They do have a image to image option Which is not really exactly the same as We’ve stable the fusion it’s almost like A image inspiration option because for Example if I upload an image of a random Person and I want to turn that person Into a cartoon character these are the Kind of results that I get which is not Exactly bad but you don’t really have Any control over the final results now If you want to use this it’s actually Very simple all you have to do is just Click here and upload an image and then Once you’ve uploaded the image you can Simply click on it right click and click On copy image link then type slash Imagine and then paste the link from the Image right here and then once you’ve Imported the link from the image you can Input a prompt and then press enter and These are the final results which again Are not bad but you just don’t have Enough control roll over the final Results so personally I wouldn’t really Use this option and the last bad thing That the mid Journey boat doesn’t have Compared to stable diffusion is the fact That as I just said mid Journey only has The text to image option it does not

Have any image to image option or any in Painting or any out painting but don’t Worry because now this is actually the Part of the video where I show you how You can use me Journey with stable Diffusion out painting and for this We’ll be using the website called and if you don’t know what That is I highly suggest that you Actually watch my previous videos on the Subject I will put a link to this video In the description down below but to Make it short paint is Basically a website that connects to Your local stable diffusion installation And allows you to out paint directly Into your browser for absolutely free And I’m also talking about this now Because there has been a few updates From this website because now the Installation process is actually a Little bit simpler now if you remember Correctly in my previous video to be Able to use this website you have to Right click on the web UI user bot file Edit with notepad and then right here in Set command lines arjs you needed to Input dash dash API and also you needed To come here in web as it was Notepad and then you have to come in Here up user middleware and commit this Line but no worries because now you Don’t have to do this anymore now to be Able to make this work you need to right

Click on the web UI user that file exit With notepad then in command line Error.js you’re still gonna put dash Dash API but then you’re also going to Put dash dash port and here you’re going To import import number between 10 000 And sixty thousand and also you’re gonna Input this Command right here don’t Worry everything will be in the Description down below so all you have To do is just copy and paste but make Sure that the only thing that you change Is your port number so in my case case In my example I simply inputted 37040 which is just a absolutely random Number and then you can save the file Then you’re gonna come on the website click on config and here You’re gonna input your proc number that You chose in the previous step so in my Case it’s 37 040 and then you can simply Re-click on config and refresh the page And also just like last time I highly Suggest that you often click on this Button right here that says help because If there is an update to be able to make This work you will see the entire Procedure right here and then to be able To make this work all you have to do is Simply launch stable diffusion and then Do not forget that since you have Inputted a different port number your Local URL is now completely different so Again I’m not going to explain

Everything on how to make this work you Should really just watch the previous Video for this but just make sure that You are using the latest 1.5 in Pages Model with the impacting conditioning Mass strength put at one on otherwise This will not work and now let’s Actually combine mid-journey and stable Diffusion together so here let’s say That I generated this image using mid Journey I’m just gonna come here right Click copy the image come to click on this button right Here to paste it and then choose a place Where I want to paste this image and Then all I have to do is simply click Here on prompt and input and prompt from My image so in my case since this is Batman I will simply input dark Gotham City and then I’m going to select the Outside of the image left click drag to Choose the size that I want and then Left click again to begin the generation And as you can see this is the final Result and although it’s not perfect you Can simply come in here with the mask Tool and basically erase anything that You want and then use the tool again and This is the final result and as you can See we have used the mini Journey image As a base and then use a stable Diffusion to out paint the rest this way We have basically the best workflow Using me journey to easily generate

Awesome images and then importing that Image in and all of that for Absolutely free and there we have it Folks now you have the power of the best Two text to image generator on the Planet between your hands for absolutely Free so let me know how you plan to use These two tools together that being said Thank you so much for my patreon Supporters for supporting my videos you Guys are absolutely awesome Congratulations also to this week’s AI Art challenge winner zero IQ 2048 for His amazing vatter cloud submission what An amazing render super super cool well Done and if you two want to participate To our AR challenge that we do every Week on Discord you can click the link In the description down below to join my Discord server and maybe YouTube can be Featured in the next video thank you so Much for watching don’t forget to Subscribe and smash the like button for The YouTube algorithm and I’ll see you Guys next time bye bye

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