Major backlash for DeviantArt after AI announcement

By | November 11, 2022

DeviantArt just announced a new AI tool and reception is largely negative although some are seeing a positive side. most criticism seems to be regarding how artists are apparently forced to opt-in by default and confusion over how to actually opt-out.

Just an hour ago deviantART announced That they are introducing an AI Generated program called dream up on Their website we have a tweet here with 2700 likes responding to devendart from RJ Palmer saying deviantART has decided Your artwork there is fair game to be Used in their new AI generator by Default you have to go to an obscure Form to opt out and requires 10 days to Be reviewed let me explain this one a Little bit more so obviously people have An issue with the AI generated stuff to Begin with the other issue here though Is that the AI tool will use art on DeviantART to help it assist it in Auto Generating images depending on what cues People give the the tool so by default Artists whose art is on deviantART They’re rolled into this program so to Speak where the AI will use their art For the generations that people want to Use it for so that’s another issue People have with it they’re saying that The artist should by default be opted Out not opted in by default furthermore As RJ said if you do want to opt out of It uh you got to go to some obscure form Apparently and and a 10-day review Process which is which is uh pretty Ridiculous in my opinion you know of Course it’s going to take them some time To get to the forums I get it but if They want to roll out a system like this

They should have a more effective way of Like getting people opted out here’s an Idea opt out by default not opt-in by Default then you guys would have way Less things to review but hey they don’t Want to do that I Wonder Why by the way If you find segments like this to be Informative please consider liking and Subscribing for more every day I’d like To show you this next because if this is Really how it works this is absolutely Insane it’s already crazy situation so Maybe insane is a bit redundant uh let’s Say more insane so check this out Sarlem says I have 750 deviations you’re Telling me I have to what for all of Them for this so you can see the Conversation here basically tldr Apparently you can’t even opt out your Entire account you got to go to each Individual deviation which is like the Artwork you got on the platform I Believe uh and you got to opt out for Each individual one so someone like that Artist who has 750 plus pieces of art on The platform they gotta go and Apparently do this to each one You gotta go to the deviation click edit Scroll down tick the box and then save The changes and do that 750 times then By the way how’s it going to work on the Dvnr end are they going to have some Employee review all 750 and then how Many employees are going to review art

On like everyone that’s opting out this Is like such a ridiculous thing they’re Rolling out if this is really how it Works and I’m not saying that to Question the the people on Twitter Reporting on what they’re seeing I’m More so questioning deviator I’m like I’m like really is this really what Y’all are rolling out it’s gonna go it’s Gonna go down like this Okay this is particularly bad timing for Artists given how many are worried about What’s going on on Twitter now you know We could talk about how bad twitter is But that’s not the point right now the Point is a lot of artists do use Twitter And they’re worried about what’s Happening on Twitter so that and now This yeah many artists are saying it’s a Very bad time to be an artist now if you Actually manage to opt out and get Through all the forms and all that there Might actually be a positive spin here Because apparently devoner is trying to Allow artists the trying to give artists The ability to opt out of having their Art used in AI databases all across the Internet so perhaps there’s some good Here make of all that what you will Although overall I personally am still Very skeptical of all this AI art stuff And I am more on the side of the artist On this one than deviantART I’m just Trying to be as Fair as I can be uh and

There’s a bit more to it all that I’m Not covering here so by all means if you Want to look into this in more detail You know where to find it Anyways thank you for tuning in let me Know what you think in the comments and I’ll see you there

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