DeviantArt Introduces New AI Tools and Controls

By | November 11, 2022
-DeviantArt is introducing new AI tools and controls, including a tool to generate art (DreamUp), the ability to control the amount of AI art in your feed, clear labeling of AI-generated art, and the ability to opt out of AI datasets.

DeviantArt’s New AI Software DreamUp

DeviantArts new AI software Dream upDeviantArt is rolling out a new AI software called DreamUp to help you create more beautiful art. It uses massive libraries of images tagged with scenery and objects. The software analyzes the data to find consistent patterns and uses this information to create new images. As of now, it can create images of video game characters and anime characters. But there are some restrictions that you should be aware of before you start using DreamUp on your own art.

We’re introducing new AI tools and controls!
✨DreamUp, a new tool to generate art
🎮Control the amount of AI art in your feed
🏷️Clear labeling of art that’s AI-generated
🫡A directive to opt out of AI datasets
🎨Ability to opt out of prompts
✨ Introducing DreamUp, an image-generation tool powered by your prompts that allows you to visualize most anything you can DreamUp! DreamUp lets you create AI art knowing that creators and their work are treated fairly.
🎮 Control your feed! We’ve made adjustments to our algorithms and introduced a new AI Art topic, which contains the ability to control the amount of AI content you see on DeviantArt.
🏷️ Automatic tagging! One of the most common concerns we’ve heard is that AI images should be clearly marked as such. Images from DreamUp will be tagged automatically, so it will be easy to tell if the image is AI.
🫡 Declare whether your art is authorized or unauthorized for inclusion in third-party datasets used to train AI models. We’re calling on other creator platforms to adopt this approach, giving artists more control over non-human usage.
🎨 Apply to opt your name out of DreamUp prompts.
📜The AI art world is evolving quickly, and we we aim to set the precedent for artist consent in all AI-art models, starting with our own.
While DreamUp is based on third-party technologies (like Stable Diffusion) which have trained their models with the open web, DeviantArt does NOT and WILL NOT add images submitted on DeviantArt to these training sets, on or off the platform.

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