Wow! Free Particle Illusion application

By | November 12, 2022

I seriously can not believe that this application is free now.

Oh look on this that is awesome I can Create all this particle effects Very easy just go on your video go or Video like overlay so you can create all Of this awesome awesome particle effects Look at that Library this is huge Literally it’s a huge Library There you go the even holes wow you can Do even those side and you know what the Best of all it is free application so You can download it and use it for free That Boris effect Acquire that applications and even more It’s available for free for you to use With a huge library of emitters you can Use it so how do you use it and where do You want to use those ones You can create overlays like screen Overlays and I’ll show you example later How you can use it but this is example Right here look this is a video I Created cyberpunk music cyberpunk CD Kind of music but look on this raindrops This is all overlays to create these Motions to it like you see the puddles Like right here we have it does on a Puddles water going right there Those are actually overlays that created Inside the particle illusion and add it In so I say I will show you later how You can do this in the uh with the Camtasia but you can do with other Editors but right now let’s jump back to This particle illusion

So right here we know why we want to use It we know where we can use it it’s big But how to get it just right here I’ll Put a link for you go to the Boris Effects products particle Illusions Because it will provide downloaded for Free the other things it’s also asked to Register and I would recommend to do This you’re not require but if you Register you get a huge collection of Additional particles uh emitters that You can use it in your other work And speak about some of those particles You can see right here it’s even glass You have it like explosions Anyway you can do explosions you have it Um additional effect text you know like Overlays for example when I was created I’m going with overlays and I’m like oh I need download library but you need to Pay money or anything you can do for Free those and best you can do them and Sell them if you need it as overlays as Well So we have Terminators we have those Flowers you can put it okay And of course we have a rain so let’s go Ahead find the rain so we’ll type in and We have it right here lighting oh There He Go look on this look at pouring water And there we have it our rain and one Thing what you said before look it’s Like on a puddle screening So how do you use this

Let’s do that right here you have your Particles that you can search put it Some and let’s go we’ll start with a Rain okay next we want to place it so I’m going to Properties and that’s what I recommend For you to do first okay it’s going to Actually let’s go to view preferences We’re going to preferences And enable this click in stage to add Emitter otherwise you need just double Time click with clicking you select the Meter you click on your stage where you Create it and it will add emitter there So be sure this one is checked in as Well you can set your default stage and In mind it’s HD resolution it’s mostly What I will do 30 frames per second HD However you have all these presets that You can just select or drop down I think This is about all what you want to apply Here you can look a little bit more and I will have it some more in details look On this Applications how to use it right now It’s just general overview so right here We select our rain we have it we’ll go This is our stage battery so I can go Click and you notice it’s play Centimeter I just place the mirror we Have it options okay let me kind of Scale a little bit so we can see we have All of these options on The Middle And we have our emitter here

Also you have a different type of view So right now it’s a default you can Press Ctrl so this is our edit and in Some cases edit is nice because we don’t Have a library of emitters when we’re Done placing but we have access to our Node system where access to our frames And everything so in some cases that may Be a little bit easy a little bit Cleaner for you but if you add more you Can always switch to different type of The View So you can have it create where we have It all of these emitters we can add Additional and you can see it’s a lot of Stuff so we’ll go over all of this a Little bit later but now right now let Me show you this simple how we can do And without even go too complex so right Here we have the emitter I’m going to Just stretch right here so it’s cover Full screen and we can just go over and You can see okay here’s the my rain Going okay one thing sometimes you Notice it does not start on Frame zero so if we’re going on a Beginning select fast frame frames to Pre-load so right there I usually going About maybe five six maybe 10 depend so I want to be sure all particles Generated from first frames when I want To create it so this way we can Rain created down let’s look what we had A very simple very straightforward we

Have our position our life how long it Will last for the drops how many them so We can create like very crazy amount Of the rains okay or reduce makes Slightly that’s actually what I needed For that specifically steampunk I create With kind of like very Um gentle Falling down Okay so next we need to change I want to Go them straight down I don’t want the Kind of wind to do this but we have a Couple things so we have it the nodes It’s fast rain but also have the squares Which is actually represent those drops Will go inside those squares and we’re Going down to our angle with our angle Right here emission range angle so Ignition angle we can actually change And you can see we can go like down to -90 so let’s go ahead just type minus 90 Degrees which is put them all the way Below and there you go see how they’re Going down we can change the past the Other stuff if you need it but for now If we just make this simple like this That will work we won’t worry about Colors and everything and like I said it Is more to this application this can be Very complex but at the same time it can Be very very simple so you download for Free you install it and you just adjust Your settings and it’s ready so now what We’re rendering because we don’t have it

Actually image behind this progress so We want to Render out as the file and after we want To use this to render we can go to Um Button on our side right here click on The render you can see red and it will Open this prompt the things that you Need pay attention here it’s where do You want to save So for example I will save in my folder Overlay and I’ll go Down Rain Five because I would create some other Ones okay what you wanted there’s a Prores you can use different compression This is kind of nice professional render Resolution at this time even your stage Is different you can still kind of Adjusting Like 8K 4K so it supports all the latest One but I’m going with uh HD resolution For this Will go Progressive and this is another Thing to pay attention to channels so You have RGB or Alpha the best part Because it will produce transparency for You if you need it you can have two Different channels one transparency one Not for me I’m just going with RGB for Now and frame rate 30 frames per second So I’m going with this however you can Do like uh 24 frames or you can go even

Higher just to match whatever project You’re working and when you’re done you Just click and start rendering right Here you can see progressions of the Rendering is going And Should be done very fast depending on How many particles you have or other Things how complex States could take a Little bit time but generally it’s Actually rendered quite a bit fast one Thing keep it in mind without Mariana Rink right now the how many frames you Need said before so right here it’s you Can see full range from 0 to 300 so I Have a 300 frames 299 from zero frame Okay that is done if you need change Your frames count you can just click on The frame size and modify it from there As well you can go in Project settings So but probably just clicking on the Frame rates and change how many frames You want in here will be a little bit Easy so right in here I have it 600 Frames it depends how long you want for Your project or when you want to create It the nice things because you don’t Necessarily can create rate rain you can Create the floating particles all of This whatever I’m using inside my videos As overlays I’m rendering in here and There royalty free it’s yours you can Use however you want it you modify you Can make them very unique in the way you

Want it okay so the easy use them is Just important whatever applications You’re using for example this is just Camtasia and I have right here one image So I’m going to put image limit stretch In you know let’s make a little bit Closer and this is just I don’t know Let’s look okay image and you can see It’s it motionless so it’s no animations Nothing can just still image if we just Take this drawn down rain and put it in Here well let me 300 frames I just want To be sure it’s same Um Also notice my project is not it’s kind Of a little bit wrong so I will need to Cropped my project a little bit better So let’s go ahead and in a project we’re Going properties and I just want to One nine two zero so we’ll just have it Full frame on this case and at this Point actually let me take this image That created because it’s a little bit Two by three not the 16×9 which is okay I’m just going right here okay now we Have our rain and rain also just stretch Out because it was matching different Now will look good We’ll go inside Our effects with our animation okay we Need to go into more or actually what I Wanted to do I want to go ahead and Shrink this down right here so we have a Visual effects we go to blending mode

And just put it blending mode on our Rain and be sure it’s set to the screen So what screen does if it 100 black it’s Invisible when white it’s visible and Look what’s happening Perfect now we have our rain created for Us okay we actually can take this point Opacity just take a little bit down Slightly like this or I’ll show you Another we can do and you can press and Look right here we have our rain coming So we have it some motions of course we Need to replay a little bit more with Effect how it’s work but generally you Can see How it’s already from still image very Easy to create this overlay and motions Now we have it effect look like it’s Animated image and if you do any other Videos like you want to do relaxation Videos your cyberpunk videos you won’t Bring any animations to your still Images with the overlay techniques it’s One of the easiest to do and now the Best of all if you’re going to the Um Boris effect is downloaded for free You can do as many as you want it and With huge collections of course if you Have more questions how to use I will Make videos or you can go else to the Particle illusion to the documentations And right here they have a very in Detail informations how to work with These applications as well but overall I

Will recommend you download it just even For fun because just look on some of This they’re incredible incredible Um Some particles and you can find anything From rain to Natural you know You can also pre-animate to create the Points of EX where they’re generating From Um I think you have to also follow like One magic wand Oh there you go look on this explosions It’s a great I mean you can put it even Inside whatever you do your animations Images follow leaves I think they do Have it like in a trees you know when You can create the leaves falling down Um what I done also like Supernova if You create And explosions I mean beautiful beautiful remember you Can slow down animations here because You have all of this Um I think you can modify a lot of stuff Many options oh look on this amount of Explosions it just you can create almost Any type of explosions but I think when I was looking in it’s a ring We have it some even screens that is Kind of very nice because Yeah even overlay screens you can create It with animations All right look how huge collections of

These emitters it’s literally any type Enemies but how I said before you need To register your emails for full full of These emitter switches okay you know Yeah right oh look on the snowflakes Look how many of them They’re just falling down snowflakes Side Reigns The big flakes Amazing well I hope you find this kind Of interesting resource Um Jose I’ll create more tutorials go in Details about some uh how to twing how Adjust with those emitters how you can Put together a little bit more complex With them Um I did some time this video long long Long long time ago about the older Versions which is about similar but this Is only the kind of renewed and if You’re interested to see those videos Please subscribe to the channel click This notification button so you’ll know When new videos is released about this If you like videos give a thumbs up And create your own art and hopefully Have a fun time to doing this thank you Again have a great day

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