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By | November 10, 2022
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Hello there so Some time ago I created this video how To sell AI art and I um share my ways How I’m sell art it’s actually got it About 140 000 views so it’s a good People like this but with a time going On I found a new ways you can do it so That this video actually extension to The previous video if you never saw that Video before I’ll put a link above so You can look on this and that is not Repeating some stuff that in this it’s a New way actually I found how you can Sell the art and just see how the people Sell it’s not necessary in some ways Where I’m selling right now do they tie Some time restrictions but anyway let me Uh stop blobbling about this and jump Directly where you can sell your art So the one is actually Paul pop quite a Bit on the market the people offer AI Art Services Services it’s on a fever so If you go there and you kind of look you Find a lot of people actually offering Hey I can create AI render images for You or I can create AI animations and I Contact few of those people asking what The prices and other things what they’re Using and all of them actually was very Open about this which is very very good I mean there was straightforward says Hey I’m not drawing this I don’t do this This is AI render in many cases the Actual tell hey I’m using the um

Diffusion stable diffusions or I’m using Some different type of their collab on Collab server running on my personal I Mean the people was very open and nice About this which is very good so it is Not like hiding behind of the That image I create by myself drank so It’s very very nice about this and Here’s a Jose I don’t necessarily Provide my service due to the time Restrictions already done so much stuff But right here is a great place and when I check on the reviews check how many People use it it’s actually a very Popular service so if you want to try it You have a time you know your skills Everything I would recommend just go Install selling your skills in your Expertise on a fever set your account And you can create directly AI art Straightforward you can Implement ER art With some work or you can also go ahead And creating like animations like some Other people do so this is one way to do It and also I notice as we speak about This I did mention cell before on Etsy But right now when you’re going there And I type I found a lot a lot of people Selling AI art of course sadly some of This art is a piece of crop on sorry it Is you know but some is a beautiful nice Work so in this case if what I would Recommend for you just watch some of Those videos I produced about how

Increase quality or it’s many other Videos so you can clean up you take Image don’t just put it straight out of Your render run to like at least Upscaler okay but I would recommend go Inside the Photoshop clean up some of Those mistakes if it’s have it just Create quality work but again right here A lot of them you can see a lot of a lot Of AI generated images sale and People ask why you don’t create people Who buying why they’re buying why They’re not create by themselves well It’s several reasons one how said before You need to clean up you need to upscale And next you know when you want to Burger you’re just going in a McDonald’s Burger king you can buy there you don’t Necessarily go by party cook by yourself And run this is people sometimes just Like this art and they want to buy it so Now another place again this is a little Bit repetition but again I’m just pointy You can sell on the other assets like a Gum Road and this is reason why I’m Putting here even I showed before that Is many other services where you can Create a Parks like on Etsy or other Things and just sell as a park of Digital assets Uh does it sell yes it does sell here Actually on my gum Road uh also I have a Video about how you can set up the Gumroad store for free if you need it

And best of this you can actually Implement this in special format so People can use it to creating down the Relaxation videos or other things as a Backdrop so another things and this is Very interesting one let me show you so You can create a very beautiful Interesting designs inside the Mid-journey as example or stable Diffusion or any other things and here’s One on them so you can create this Emblem an interesting Market I found out For this which I don’t see the people Explored there so it’s open for you just Go ahead I said Rush there take it over It is embroidery for the Machinery so You do need get it special converter They have an application that allowed You to take image convert to embroidery But if you do this they have it you can Create a stunning stunning Um assets that you can sell on Embroidery website for the people So this is Clipart as well as a cutting But that one a little bit different Because you need to apply it but Embroidery work very very well how I Said you would need purchase if you Aren’t too interested going against the Routes and other things you would need To purchase specifically software let’s Convert from image to the embroider but Anyway this is another very open very Nice Market to try to sell this of

Course With a new release of software its Images become excellent I mean it’s a Straight out of this when you upscale You can go and sell on a coffee press or Other areas other t-shirts and you can See like right here they have it already Some elements and they do look almost Like it some AI generated so this is Another ways you can sell your art again Create with new updates create those Clean art and you can sell as a print on A t-shirt cups or anything my Recommendation for you try to convert to The vector art it have many online Conversions other things or you can use It as raster the one thing one you want Vector because it’s scale very easy Without losing quality or other elements And stock photos now will accepting also Start accepting AAR generated images Before at one time there was considered Nssnoia images but now I’m not as The opening can upload it and you can Sell your AI generated images at the Stock photo I would recommend for you if You sell keep it be sure it’s a lock to You because it still have a copyright Some issues that people still can Consider but if you have it your seed Number like for example if you render With mid Journey it’s actually trackable For you so it’s when you’re going to Your account right there and you can

Look it’s actually rendered to your name Your seed and other information so it’s Kind of nice you can reference as hey This is my image I render that image First if you don’t have these options I Would recommend take those images upload It maybe on the Google we just have a Drive we have a timestamp or create on Some library or some other ways be sure You secure that you created first that Image So and this is about All what I want to show you just very Few places but they’re very effective And you can add them to yours area where To sell your AI work I don’t want to go In this conversation it’s it’s AI is not Art or so on if you want to look some Other videos I created before where we Can go over to me it is collection uh Collective collaboration with many People of the Thousand programmers Million millions of people who Target And so it is Art it’s a tool that we’re Using to create Um they have many videos about how to Create how much time you actually to Spend to create a right work of course We see sometimes some crappy images and It’s what taking down a little bit but In time it’s all filtered out and they Won’t survive but I hope this video will Help you to go ahead and find new places To sell your art to provide your

Services so let’s overview very fast What we have right here on a fever you Can sell as air art services or AI Animation Services you can go again on An Etsy and now it’s more people buying So more people accepted to buy printed Or digital download of AI art you also Can go ahead and sell on a gum Road as a Part or other services that provide you To have it and buy digital assets The new one you can do with embroidery Examples so you can create clip art or Other things sale that is very nice you Can also create with new design new Updated mid Journey 4 you can create a Very nice radio almost to print it on T-shirt any art and go sell like a Cafe Press printify or other things on the Specific items and stock photos so now You can sell there create your Collection and sell I would recommend on Stock photos specifically stylize so it Creates your own style you identify Style otherwise your art can be lost but If you get it first and you create your Specific stylize that people recognize You for that style then you will Actually getting Niche so the people Will go by specifically art because it’s Look in a way your Styles looked okay Thank you for watching this video if you Like it please give it thumb up Subscribe let me know if you have Another new places where you think the

AI work can be sell or how other and if You make money and you want to share With other people I appreciate if you Post comments and then I will include The next videos and please have fun and Creating your new art

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