How to properly write AI Art text prompts

By | October 19, 2022
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Hello in this video I want to look on a Do and don’t with the AI art prompts This example we’ll look on a mid Journey But the same thing will work with a Dolly with a stable diffusion or any Other flavor of the AI render art as Long they using the creep model to Convert text to the image So we will look on some examples as well Okay and sorry if you are some prompt uh Come up for a little bit rusting it’s Not attention and I try not to put it Any username there at all because we are Learning we going with this and of Course why we want to do this so we can Receive expected result this is Primarily reason we want to know how to Do properly Um checks to prompt so we because it is Inside your imagination okay and if you Receive you want to imagine something You want to create it so you want to Have this predictable result and that is Why if you want to experiment I’ll show You some other experiments in a second You can do it first big no don’t just Copy and paste wherever you can find on The internet okay if you want some Result here’s a one example I found About this okay let’s look very fast What is wrong with his first so much Stuff okay it is if clip will going if Ai go and create by the weights it will Create but some of them conflicting

Inside and some of them Um Won’t work so you kind of need to Understand so let’s go first and see What’s wrong with this string Specifically and this is by the way this Is string I took from the feed Um Mid Journey from the community feed okay So first Majestic Gorge blonde okay that Will work Royal ground angel that is all Descriptive work very very well and Seems like doing okay except then we Start hitting the stuff which uh Lens flare okay super long hair we Already irrigated details photorealistic And um Outfit extremely acting this has become Octane remember Unreal Engine okay the One thing you need to understand how the Weight will work it’s going to the Libraries and start reference to those Images wherever you for example if I Says octane rain render it’s going to The reference libraries okay and search For example for octane render whatever Does it look like this image with that Was tagged with this if you have it all Of this Unreal Engine you have to wet That you have a cinematic you have a Photo shoot what is photoshoot to do With this anyway you had so wide library Of the image can going it’s to the point Weight will be so insignificant it won’t

Make any effect and besides some more Stuff definitely does not do anything to This for example you can probably cut Almost all of this crap out and it will Be fine but let’s let’s just look what It is okay octane render it’s all Rendered it’s using an old game I don’t Know why even people use this okay maybe Reference Unreal Engine yeah you want Maybe with people who render in the Games look like a game that digital some Another better effects with uh misspell This is will be ignored by the way Because it’s English Basic they do have A Chinese basically another ones but Usually these words will be ignored okay By blob uh Cinemagic okay color gray Color gradient color gradient you need Specify what color for example you can Say pastel color grading you need to Specify because color grading by itself It can be absolutely nothing to mean Okay So next photography photo shoot same Duplicate this has become more fun Ultra Wide angle and depth of field if you Done any photography like you look here And it seems they just copy and paste Then in photography Ultra wide angle is Going from 50 millimeters and wider Which is almost too impossible to Produce depth field if you have a Specific lens for this but here again we Have a depth of field gof which is still

Tilt blur till blur does not apply okay Depth of field and Ultra y does not work You want lenses maybe like uh at least 50 millimeters 85 usually they’re using 80 millimeters 85 one or five Millimeters and so on you want to do for Depth of field if you run correctly so It will be teleported white Ultra wide Angle in a refer to photography photo Shoot it won’t work so it’s already Confusing you will have it inconsistent Result just which says Hey I want of This better just ignore this okay so Depth of feel tilt blur actually if you Wonder for teal blurs will be tilt shift More referred than you will find because Majority tag won’t have a tilt blur okay It’s a little bit tilt shift shutter Speed What is shutter speed to do with this Seriously one 1000 is super fast and Right here this is more interesting you Have a depth of field okay and you have It F22 if you understand photograph F22 It’s very shallow it’s very sorry very Wide it’s a removing depth of field it’s When I shoot for the compositing Photoshoot I have it my f um aperture Almost closer I have the most sharpness And a longer distance so these two depth Of field dof blur tilde and shift and F22 is contradict so again they will Give it so much wide in these areas it’s Almost you don’t need to put it because

They will precisely liquid so much wide Access to range of this that bearages Don’t have them because it’s unnecessary Weight which you want to translate Probably and F22 There is if clip can translate it’s Excellent but I don’t think it will even Understand gamma what gamma does just Because you put it gamma gamma it’s Referred to the workflow on lighting Like 2.2 gamma workflow or other things If you do this at least specify so if You put it for example 2.2 I understand It’s usually gamma workflow for the Cinema and other things that okay that Will be working but just type what gamma Does not do anything white balance you Know getting even a worse filler light Dark okay what is a lie duck okay Contrast just write the high contrast Okay you have right here by this one Contrast 5D the 5D you referred to Camera Canon 5G camera so you want that Style then just put it full frame or Super resolution or 32k or Multiverse Okay Anyway sorry this is bunch of nonsense Start going if you’re going to like bad Light backlight dream light Rim lighting Again lights and lighting okay Sorry it’s just a Idiotic things when you’re putting like This okay So Rembrandt lighting Rim light and

Rembrandt lighting it’s two different Lights Rim blood lighting 45 degrees 35 From Top going like a Rembrandt lighting More Sports and different so you just Seriously it’s all of this you need to Move this becomes funny Global Eliminations Lumen Global illumination Again ambient occlusions okay if you do With PBR materials on 3D you will notice What is global illuminations there have Been ambient occlusion everything gets Referred to specific lighting and also In some cases to the materials layer so It’s just somebody grab it like the Production grading scattering it just Copy paste same like Ray tracing and Ray Tracing by the way and you’re going next With unreal anyway we want we just right Here see duplicates it’s telling me the Person just saw something copy paste Copy paste copy paste without Understanding what they’re doing and in Some cases what the best way instead Writing all of this you can just go to Up to Maybe right here Well let’s go up to here This is all what you needed from all the Sticks Simplicity is the best Okay so Let’s go ahead and you know let’s go Take Olive string all of this copy okay And we’re going now to Mid Journey right Here and we’re going to imagine just as A test copy paste all of this okay and

Just example we’ll go some imagine and I Want a little bit cleaner result we’ll Just Okay I’ll give it even a little bit more So we’ll go up to here And we’ll just go render this one as Well okay I’m probably missing some Maybe Um element I think right there details Or extreme learning but you can see Already a result is about same the Don’t this is one big things don’t do Don’t just blindly copy and paste you Better off just to type some nonsense as I show you example so right here image Okay what I did Portraits of beautiful princess and After just dribble Global Mobile doubly Weebly humbly bubbly dumbly okay it’s All it’s a nonsense in a steel it is AI Will ignore it and everything it just Nonsense which create a random result And you cannot control so I will Recommend just Simplicity the portrait Of beautiful princess elf princess done And you will have it and I will Recommend for you to start with Simplicity put simplistic and add some Stuff understand what the result you’re Asking because main complaint or main Not sorry may not complain wrong word Mean um People ask main things to achieve it it Is I wanted to have

Okay so this is an example but you ask What is your recommendation what you Recommend to do it seems like you are Done this before yes I done quite a bit And here’s what I recommend this is Again personal total my personal Recommendation okay and I like to Organize so first I always put main Subject for example Elf princess okay Remember that order is not necessary Important okay in this case however what Is important for us separations you can Use a period or you can use it comma Doesn’t matter I did not find any Different What you find it is a quote do Mega Different so for example Golden hair Like this that will spits by elf Princess golden hair you can if you want Emphasize and says very long Okay and if you want to be sure it’s Very long hair let’s put this very long Hair Okay and put it weight on this like this So you want to emphasize I’m on very Long hair and by default it’s one and if You put it less or more 0.5 less Important or we put two it’s higher Important so it will be sure to have a Very long hair so I have a subject next I will describing again this is not Required it’s my personal approach

Personal opinion it’s how I do it so for Example don’t care uh what I want to do Standing in the forest okay Period next I want to create for example Full figure and it’s what I have you can Have a full body Or just figure Okay if I spell correctly so after this It’s what I do technical information or Actually coloring sorry for example This is my object I describe the object I describe Environment around them next I want for Example Pastel colors not if you just type Colors we’ll do Maybe a rainbow depends what AI design Randomly create but pastel coloring Will tell okay this is the colors we Will use it okay so you described it What you wanted next I want to add Something maybe with a lens like for Example 35 millimeters okay that will work Because now it will look for 35 which is Film you can do cinematic Okay You can also go ahead and add if you Feel like different art station Reference to specific like art station So it will go to this library and look On Art station we already start building And you can see we have it Our subject we have a description of the

Environment we have a describing of the Colors all this additional properties we Have a technical information after going What we want to do and after this we can Put it like uh Parameters what we want to expect ratio But we’ll do this after so you can see The actual what I found out the most Weight and most important to this will Be it’s it is not what we described here As a technical it is a reference to the Artist I found that if we reference to The specific artist it will have it much Bigger weight so let me show example Right here HR younger if you know he did a l in Another once and I says forced and you Can see Force done with his style even He never dropped foresty at all he never Done any Force but right here you can See the four is done in his style And we can actually even look closer you Know like on there you go it’s done with The style which is actually beautiful or I can say hey I want something done With uh wall O’Brien front Area but notice what is also I added I Added second reference and this is what Is great most powerful tool is it’s not Just taking one style because it would Take just a Um this arches Style Okay I think it’s going there again let Me find with just I create the Style by

Itself Like right here you can see it’s a Magical it’s nice style was created Just by the um Emmy was creating while Brian fraud Emmy but we can mix the Style and this is where the power all Come together so I can just as one and Here and you can see right here it’s Already Uh let’s look a little bit closer it’s Creating you can buy two of styles with These weird trees and fantasy style so This is merging it’s where the best if You want to experiment best things to do It’s what you should do okay experiment With Styles and artist Styles I found Out it’s quite a bit Have a heavy weight there so if I says I Wanted some specific style or artist It’s will going and create for me so Same like right here you can see it’s Creating with those two artists just Simple I put it first I don’t need to Put anything fancy I’m on just forced And I’m on this style and there you go It is creating this way Next things what I want what you want to Do if you provide properly technical Information not confusing example I want Diorama isometric right here it’s what I Want to create so it’s look like tintani CT created and that’s what exactly I did Isometric diameter you don’t need to do A lot of stuff okay you don’t need to

Create fancy things and notice what I Did as example of the steampunk City Look here it is this is of the some Other steampunk and I think this one is Where we have it again another well I Have a lot of Steampunk but I give it Also Victorian there’s our Victorian City you see how predictable resulting This was This is same city only I have a Steampunk Victorian I think I have this Is cyberpunk City they look exactly Similar diorama isometric look it’s all Same things and it’s what we wanted we Want this Expected result and actually with the Mid Journey very nice because now you Have a remix option I’ll show you in a Second what is it it’s a remix then you Can change this Okay let’s go back to our mid journey And this is random company you can see The look about same so with that all of This stuff fluff that you don’t Understand people put it in it just come Up and creating same things that you Don’t need it it’s just overwhelm system And made you to much harder to look What’s going on there and I know Somebody asked probably about this elf Princess so let’s go do this that one Okay we go prompt and we’ll paste our Elf princess golden hair and you know I Want to create two by three portrait

Look and one thing what I want to do how To say proper is if you don’t want to Exclude like something we’ll just put it No and right here Borders it’s work very good for the Portrait Electro or classic painting no Um frames Okay let’s go to render this one and While let’s render this what I want to Show you So let’s go this one let’s go type Settings Okay and as we apply settings right here You notice it’s add remix mode by Default it’s unchecked but if you enable This check mode then when you make Variations it’s actually ask you do you Want to modify which is very very good Option right now with journey because we Can change one small details if we like Our result example let’s go right here And say we have it let’s go this one so I’ll go click make variation and write The instead Victorian Let’s go out to put it rather futuristic City Let’s submit by the way also you’ll Notice I have it in some cases where it Says like 8K textures because I was Testing Um I did not see any result people tell Me actually the posting says hey if you Put 8K textures you find these or a 4K Texture I did not find any change in my

Images however it does not mean it it’s Not there maybe it needs some other line But if you have something with 8K does Make different please let me know post It comment and let me know show me yeah It’s make different in this specific Areas and right here we have our golden Hair very long it’s what we wanted Remember we put weight on this we Definitely need to work around some of These images or twink with line but Right here we have our futuristic city Okay same things it’s what I like about Variations now I said I don’t want Rather futuristic I want maybe Um Dystopian okay let’s go to different But again because we put this Predictability like asymmetric in other Words it is will give it as predictable Result and that’s what you want to do Okay other things besides create all the Stuff what you uh can experiment and Tell you true you may be uh will work For you yes I don’t know will be or not But it is mixed artist it is nice to mix Artists but for example sometimes it’s Get overwhelmed it’s become Mod I don’t know if you’re ever painting With paint and you put it like green Color and it says hey I will add yellow Little bit and you start mixing colors To create if you put too much color in It it’s become brown or black just mud

Okay it’s come up something tasteless Color that does not work if you just Dump all together and it’s what I feel Many times happening with where you put A too many reference to artists if you Do put it to reference to artists be Sure at least in same style sometimes if We have too many of them I found out Pound then you if you put a different Genres and everything they’ll work on This little one and you saw when I have A two I have a fantasy and I have it Kind of a horror sci-fi they kind of Work together okay but if I add more and More like grub and dumb bunch of them it Won’t work the style so just become Modding all randomly okay so right here And up there I’ll just stop and look Exactly the same I don’t want to upscale But I want to change this maybe to Something else You know what I never try Link Stone I think it’s Flinstone Flintstone okay I don’t know what has Come up we’ll try we’ll see but this is The British I love it because now you Can take small things make variations Like in this case and adjust for example Um what do you want pastel colors let’s Remove this maybe it does not seems like Do for us anything Okay we want to remove some weight so It’s be more predictable

And maybe we want to Young elf princess so we can add and It’s recreating this way Oh yeah it’s kind of creating things Don’t see I don’t know what this city is But there you go oh Simpsons there is a Seed City maybe we should create it Okay let’s go now to the profiles okay Community Feed and general it’s what I Love this place because you can go and See what people does because this is Some very funny creative but if we also Look on how clean some of us they easily Describe description is going of course Some cows say it’s not on purpose if I Kind of tell but right here we have four AK HD well HD is 1024 so if you put this Resolutions they’re not a server will Work and if you find the workhouse Before let me know but to me it’s Miss It just you says hey any resolution Because here four 8K and HD okay Realistic So it I found actually photorealistic And realistic do work actually very good Sharp Focus wide shot extremely detailed So elaborate Thin nice the heavy weight but again Repeating and we have it again right Here I guarantee it’s probably copy Paste without understanding octane Render and Unreal Engine if you’re Interested what it is just go Google What is octane render what is unreal

Engines why they are different why they Cannot do this way okay let’s go next Down The reference I would say to specific It’s work always very nice I mean it’s Um best way to go I like the very Simplicity look For example right here you can see Portrait of Keto light ultra realistic AK work perfectly you don’t need very Complex as you define and Again right here reference to the artist Is always have a heavy weight we can say In the world and let’s put it there this Again very nice done you have it right Here your Unreal Engine five human Specified 32k Um and 32k you know if you want higher Resolution You need to put it because many times Cow say I did not find when you put a 32k because engine need understand what Is reference people need to tag this Word it’s meaning it’s worked by the Reference it’s somebody create image In 3D whatever and in The Meta tags or Whatever they put it 32k then it will Find and try to reference look like but If it doesn’t engine is not that smart To understand all 32k they speak about Texture no it doesn’t it does not Understand that okay So the same right here we can go over Um things and you can see the best

Result what we have it’s been reference To the artist That is the best Do stuff if you like any specific things And I can say sometimes you can find uh Some stuff that people put it and most Time honestly I by myself do this Sometimes I just kept it almost like Copy paste without thinking stuff you Know you just okay it’s there let’s Let’s just put it and go this way but if You create from the scratch most time Just pay attention what you’re using Okay right here is very nice actually Again notice you don’t need to have it Very this complex so you can access and Creating very nice art Okay I think That is about cover how say it’s not That much done and do Um as a huge queue please go over which I see what I said you saw the structure Again this is my personal preference so I can access try don’t copy and paste Somebody without understanding okay Don’t try also to Um Kind of playing with a different type of Their coloring because that is confusing In a way you can put it like pastel Colors and you can put rainbow colors Another one’s assigned couple pit put it And it will create uh different you Could specify uh coloring itself you can

Specify green red blue whatever put it In one sense and let’s let me show you This one so we go imagine and we’re Gonna have a ball Okay and here I gotta go with the red Blue green Okay I missed a green Griffin okay we’ll See what’s come up with that and of Course because I misspelled green as Well ignoring its purposes what the Color you want me to do but overall red And blue which was right here notice I Put them on the comma so emphasize I Want them to get it and it’s will keep This palette probably it’s the best way For you to do instead typing uh if you Saw right there they’re color palette Color palette it does not mean anything So be sure you put it some more meaning Of meaning stuff today okay I actually Want to keep this video showing it’s Already creep out 27 minutes so I’ll be Ending this probably come back after With the more tips and how to structure A little bit on the um Prompts how to do this thank you for Watching this video give thumb up Subscribe put it likes tell other people If you like it please please give me Ideas what you’re using okay your prompt What you find is best work for you what You find it does not and make very very Huge mess that is kind of interesting as Well and thank you for watching this

Video and create do something fun with The mid journey and a i r thank you bye

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