How To Turn AI Generated Art Into YouTube Videos

By | October 20, 2022

How To Turn AI Generated Art Into YouTube Videos


In today’s video you’re going to learn How to create high quality videos for YouTube with an all-in-one AI tool so You’ve probably seen the text to image AI generators before so you simply put In some text like a man in this Apartment looking out of the window and It tends that into this image and you Can create any type of image that you Want so you’ve probably seen this before But it takes that same AI or the same Technology and it and it lets you use it In ways that you’ve never seen before so I can take this image right here and I Can turn it into another type of image So I can turn this into a painting so I Simply said a painting by Van Gogh and You can see it’s a man standing right Here and right here there’s a man Standing as well and he’s looking out of The window here but he’s looking at a Painting here and there’s a window here There’s some walls here and same thing Right here as well so it understands This image and it turns it into another Type of image so if you put in something Like a drawing by Van Gogh it will also Do that maybe you want a drawing by a Trial and it’ll also you know turn this Image into a drawing by a child anything That you want and this is just one of The many tools tools that this video Editing tool has And it lets you take all of these tools

And it turns it into a final polished Video So these are tools that only Professional video editors had and you’d Have to have some experience with video Editing in order to create videos just Like this so now you can cut out Backgrounds you can create images from Scratch you can do really great Motion Graphics animations and you can do all Of this in very little time using these AI tools now so keep in mind this is an Updated video so I’ve made a tutorial Tutorial on this tool before and I’ll Show you what the tool is soon but just Within a few weeks they’ve created many Other tools and many other AI updates And I have to make another updated video Just because it’s really great and it’s Going to save you a lot of time and from What I know they’re actually trying to Create new AI tools every single week So it’s a really amazing tool and you’re Gonna get an in-depth tutorial in Today’s video so before we actually get Started with the tutorial make sure you Hit the like button subscribe to the Channel if you haven’t already hit the Notification Bell and comment down below With any questions any video requests or Just any random comment and if you do All four of those things you’ll be in The draw to when my YouTube masterclass Course so if you don’t know what YouTube

Masterclass is you can check out the First link in the description below it’s An entire course packed with everything That you need to know about how to start A YouTube channel how to grow the YouTube channel and how to monetize it In multiple ways so if you want to be in The draw to win that course just hit the Like button subscribe to the channel hit The notification Bell and comment down Below so I pick a new winner every week So let’s pick last week’s winner So I’m going to go into last week’s Video right here copy the link to the Video And I use this website called and it’s going to go Through all the comments from last Week’s videos and it’s going to pick a Random winner So the winner is pranab Sinha so you’re The winner from last week’s uh contest You just need to email me and you’ll Find my email at the bottom of this Video’s description so you should have a Gmail account with the same name and the Same Avatar so just email me with that Account so I’ll know that it’s you and I’ll give you access to access to the Course so if you want to win just like Pranab just hit the like button Subscribe to the channel comment down Below and and hit the notification Bell And you’ll be in the draw to win the

Course in the next week’s video so let’s Get started with today’s tutorial so What is this tool that I’m talking about So this tool is called So I’ll leave a link to this in the Description below and basically it’s a Bunch of AI tools to create animations To cut out backgrounds uh to do Motion Graphics and so much more and they have Many different AI tools and they they Create a new AI tool every single week So it’s completely free to use and I’m Using a free account right now so click The link in the description and create a Free account right here so once you Create your free account this is what Your dashboard should look like with all Your projects right here so what I’d Like to do is I like to have three tabs Of Runway open and you’ll see why soon So go to the first Tab and then click on AI magic tools and this is where all the AI tools are so you can see right here There’s a remove background tool right Here there’s the text to image Generation right here image to image Generation erase and replace and you’ll See new new tools here every single week So I’ve talked about some of these tools In in my previous videos and I’ll talk About them again soon but I want to Start with the new ones first so let’s Start with the text to image generation Tool right here so this is as simple too

You’ve probably seen this before so you Can say something like Um a painting Of a Lake With a Bridge Going over it And I can say something like Autumn so Maybe it’s a different Autumn and maybe It’s also in the morning And that’s it so I’ll just copy this and I’ll click on generate so while this is Generating I like to go to the next Tab And I’ll do the same thing here So you can create images really quickly So this is all free to do so I like to Have three tabs open and I’ll create Three different image images for me Really quickly so you can see it just Quickly created this image right here Let’s have a look at the next one this Also looks really good And here’s another one so very cool and Again you can add in your favorite Artist if you wanted to so I can put in Something like uh Van Gogh Let me spell that right And go right here and it’s going to turn This into a van Gogh painting so this is Just the basics right here And you can also change the size and the Images for um size of the image right Here as well so you can see this uh this

Is 1280 right here but the maximum you Can do is 1920 by 1920. so I like to Have it at 1920 by 1080 so that’s like The ratio of a YouTube video right here So let’s say you like this image right Here you can simply click on add to Assets and it’s going to add that to Your folders you can also click on Download and it’s going to download the Image so let’s have a look at the next Image oh looks like I didn’t click on Generate there we go so this actually Looks like a high quality bangle Painting so it’s very cool so that’s Normal you’ve probably seen that before But I just quickly wanted to show you This because it’s free to use and it’s a It creates very high quality images so It’s not just paintings you can create a Photo realistic images Uh you can create drawings you can Create anything that you want so that’s That so that’s the text to image let’s Go back right here let’s go back to the Other tools And this one right here is called image To image generation so what you need to Do is upload an image an image that you Like so let’s go into right Here so if you don’t know what is it’s a great website to Find copyright free images So let’s say you like one of these uh Images right here so let’s see how to

Find an image maybe something like this The bunch of boats or something Um yeah maybe I’ll take this oops yeah Maybe I’ll take this image right here so It’s a bridge and it’s uh got some boats In the background and so on so I’m gonna Download this And I’m gonna go to uh image to image Generation right here And I’m gonna upload that right here So it’s going to upload the image I’ll also upload it right here as well Should be uploaded all at once There we go then what I can do is I can Simply say a painting By Van Gogh I’ll click on generate Then I’ll go to the next one so let me Choose so let me just hit refresh right Here it should upload the image oh there We go Let me go back right here so I’m going To choose this image again so this one I’ll say a drawing By I’ll say DaVinci So let’s go and check what it created so You can see it’s not perfect but you can See it it’s got this the same Proportions right here so it took um it Simply took some of Van Gogh’s style and It added them in there but it’s not Perfect so what you have to do is call It a painting of a bridge by Van Gogh so I’ll say a painting of a bridge

Foreign And I’ll also say Lake With boats so kind of I’m trying to kind Of describe the image right here so you Might be wondering how is this all going To turn into a video soon I’ll show you Soon and later on in the video and that Should be good so let’s click on Generate So you can see this one also looks Really good so the image looked like This so you can see the same proportions Right here but it didn’t quite Understand the image you can see it’s Got the same proportions of the um Bridge and stuff right here so again you Have to tell it that this is a bridge And this is some water with some boats In the background So you can see there we go that’s Perfect so you can see this is the Bridge and turn that into a painting So that’s the second tool which is Called image to image Let’s go to the next one so this one’s Called Erase and replace So I can take an image like this Let me load it up and I can maybe You know highlight this area right here Maybe this area right here and I can say A boat Um maybe I’ll say something random like A golden boat And I’ll click on generate so it’s going

To understand the context of this image And it’s going to realize that this is Actually a photorealistic image and it’s Going to add that in So while this is creating uh let’s go Back and try it over here so maybe I’ll Go back right here Click on erase and replace And maybe I’ll try it on this image this Time so this is the image that we Created And maybe right here I’ll say a boat Right here as well I’ll say a boat Some simple as that let’s see what a Creator right here so it’s not exactly a Golden boat but it actually did add a Boat right here and you can see how Realistic that looks so you can see Those notebook right here I took this painting and there’s a bow Let’s see what this one looks like and You can see it’s a painting of a boat This time so it actually understands That this is a painting and actually Adds the boat in there so very cool so Now that was just some of the many tools Right here so Um I’ll leave a link to my previous Video in the description below uh where I get into how to actually use this to Cut the background Um how to blur the background how to use Motion tracking how to use animations

And so on so this will be a really long Video if I go into all of these but this Is just some of the new tools right here That are very useful to use So now let’s actually use this to create A video so I’m going to go into a Project right here and I’ll click on new Project And the video that I’m trying to create Is about productivity so I quickly wrote Up this video script right here on how To how to focus and be productive in a Distracted world so I wrote the script Using writer so if you don’t know what Writer is it’s an AI writing tool that Lets you write anything from blogs Emails Copywriting product descriptions and so Much more so this isn’t going to be a Tutorial tutorial on how to use a writer To to to write this to write this video Script I’ve made a tutorial on that Before I’ll leave a link to that in the Description below then I took the script And I turned it into a voiceover so this Is a tool called so I’ll leave A link to another video in the Description below on how to use To create realistic voiceovers so let me Just play a few of this right here how To tweet an elephant one byte at a time Eating an elephant a bite at a time is a Metaphor how can you be productive when The world is spinning so quickly around

You there are distractions all around us The only way to tune the noise out and Do something useful is by shutting down Other sources of stimuli So that’s an AI voice so that’s not a Real voice it simply took my Um script right here and it turned it Into an AI voice so if you want a Tutorial on how to use both of these Tools in more detail I’ll leave a link To the other tutorials in the Description below So now we’re going to turn all of this Into a video with Runway So yep so this is my tool right here So what you need to do is have two two Three tabs opened and in one tab you Need to have text to image generation Right here and the other one depending On what you want to do you can have some Of the other AI tools right here as well So I’m going to have two of these opened And and two different tabs so what what It’s talking about is productivity Um in a distracted world so I can try Something like A man Um I’m gonna say a painting of man so a Painting Of a Man in a Kef in ape Busy Cafe Trying to get work

Done A painting of a I’ll say a stressed look At that so you need to kind of tweak the Prompt to you know to To Um to try to describe exactly what You’re looking for so a painting of a Stressed looking man in a busy Cafe Trying to get work done and I’ll also Say something like a it’s a painting by Greg rutowski so if you don’t know who That is that’s he’s one of the most uh It’s he’s a very famous online artist Right now so Greg rutowski so I hope I’m Pronouncing his name right so let me Just quickly Google that so you need to Get this right otherwise it’s going to Create some random painting uh so nope I Need to fix that right here so you can See his paintings right here he does These like Dragon paintings and wizard Paintings and all of that so even though What we’re trying to create is Completely different it can still Understand the style of this painting Right here So let’s paste that in and I’ll just Quickly copy this prompt right here and I’ll click on generate Then I’ll also go back to the next one And I’ll place this in click on generate So you can actually do this in multiple Um in multiple different tabs so usually So there we go so that’s a pretty good

Photo right here so I can download that Or I can add that to assets so usually Let’s click on add to assets and it’s Going to add that right here so it Should be it will come up soon right Here it’s not going to come up right Away but it will come up soon so you can See all the previous ones that I’ve Created right here so this one it looks A bit too so space doesn’t look that Great so I need to regenerate them so Before we actually go on further I Should want to change the size right Here to 1920 by 1080 DP So that’s the size of a YouTube video I’ll also do the same thing right here As well so 1920 by 1080. Oops I clicked on General download again There we go so let’s see what it comes Up with so that looks really good as Well but it looks like there’s blood on His uh face right here I’m not really Sure why so I’m gonna add that to assets Anyway but we can actually fix that with The erase and replace so we can actually Erase that part out and we can just say A man’s face or something like that but I’m just going to create another one so You can just oh so this one’s really Good so uh but the background doesn’t Look you know busy enough but we can Actually um erase and replace the Background here as well so I’m going to Click on generate again

So now you can actually generate as many Images as you want and get the exact Type of images that you’re looking for So this one looks a bit too realistic Rather than a painting right here so What I usually like to do is pick a Certain style and I like to stick with That style throughout the entire video So maybe instead of Greg rutowski you Chose Van Gogh then I would add the band Will start throughout the entire video Maybe you chose another artist so if you Just go into Google and just search up Like famous painters There’ll be heaps of heaps of different Painters that will come up so you can See Picasso there’s uh Jackson Pollock There’s uh so many different painters And you can just pick any one of these Styles and you can use that in your Video so it’s just good to keep the the Video consistent So let me just generate one more time For the first scene right here and let’s Go back to the AI tool and let’s just Hit refresh right here and you should we Should be able to see the new images That we created right here There we go so let’s choose maybe this One right here So I’ll start with this one I’ll just Add that first image in right here Perfect So this is good so next I’ll go back in

Here go to my downloads and I’ll just Drag and drop the audio file from so that’s the the voiceover So just I think it just yep so there it Is so let me just add that in right here There we go and let’s play Let’s see What all of this sounds like How can you be productive when the world Is spinning so quickly around you there So you can see it’s just kind of Standing there so this image is kind of Sitting there while the background in The background the voiceover is talking So what I like to do is actually kind of Animate the images so I’m going to make This image a little bit bigger and I’m Going to make some stuff from here and I Want this image to kind of move to the Link so what I like to do is uh so I’ll Just simply just click on it and I just Make it bigger with all of these Controls right here on the corners let’s Start from here so I’m going to put put It right on the edge then I’m going to Click on the timeline right here And I’ll click on animate So I clicked on the image on the Timeline and I clicked on animate so Right here on the timeline I’m going to Say start with this position Gonna click on this little icon right Here it’s like a little clock icon right On the corner so it’s it’s saying start On this position

And then when it gets to the to the end Which is like five seconds Right here I’m going to move it Up to here So then you can see it starts with this Position to this position you can see This little Diamond icon right here so That’s telling Um that the the image is moving from This position to the position that we Just gave it right here so then I’ll go Back to the timeline let’s go back to The start and I’ll hit play how can you Be productive when the world is spinning So quickly around you there are Distractions all around us so you can See then he’s talking about distractions All around us so now what I can do is go Back to the other tool so I’ll go back To erase and replace right here and I’ll Choose this one And what I’m going to do is Maybe right here I’m going to add some people in the Background so I’m going to say Um People Dancing or something people dancing Yeah people dancing let’s see what that Comes up with And this is going to take a while to Create so let’s just wait for this and Let’s while we’re at it so let’s go back

Here as well let’s try to create another One I’ll choose the same one again And this time I’ll make the brush a Little bit bigger Should I try to make it as big as Possible And I’ll try to rub out everything in The background I’ll try to say Something like A busy Cafe so we’re just trying like a Busy Cafe so we’re just trying like Different ways of creating the images Let’s see what this comes up with You can see this is kind of like a Photorealistic image so it doesn’t Really recognize that this is a a Painting so I’m going to say instead of People dancing I’m going to erase that Again So let’s just say A man yelling so I’m gonna say a man Yelling In a cafe And I’ll also say that this is let’s go Back right here Uh where’s Greg rutowski there we go so Let me copy this I’ll say Greg grotowski So again so this also kind of looks like A you know realistic painting of a cafe So I actually wanted to be like a Painting instead of Um rather than something photorealistic

So I’m going to rub this out again Okay and I’ll say this is A painting by Greg rutowski So that’s much better so it’s not really A man yelling but you can see there is Clearly a man right here so I reckon This will come out much better this time But let me try this out anyway so let me Push this right here And yelling well I’m gonna say people Yelling right here People yelling in a cafe perfect There we go so that’s a looks like it’s Like a very distracted place Yep so I should really like that one so I’m going to add that to assets right Here Then let’s have just let’s just quickly Have a look at this one more time so we Can maybe use like two different images We go and so this one’s not that great So we’ll leave this one so now let’s go Back here so the annoying thing is you Do have to keep on like refreshing this Um and just because you refresh doesn’t Mean you know your work goes away it’ll Still be there but you do have to do That in order to get the images back so Now we start with this image right here Kind of moves right here And then it goes to this image which is A more distracting version of the Previous one so what I want to do is Just take this image and I want to make

It the same size As this one so the first one let’s just Make it a little bit bigger And let’s start it from here And this time let’s make a move from Side to side from the other way around So I’m going to right click I’m not Right click sorry click on the timeline Click on animate And I’ll start it right here I’ll click On position And then I’ll move them Around here And I’ll change the position again so Now let’s have a look at all of this From start to finish How can you be productive when the world Is spinning so quickly around you there Are distractions all around us the only Way to tune the noise out and do Something useful is by shutting down Other sources so you can see it’s a bit Cheesy when we say there’s noise all Around us and then you know all this Pops up in the background I’m sure you Can think of better ways to Um you know use this in a much more Creative way I’m just kind of you know Showing you some of the possibilities Working So before what we had to do is we had to Uh you know go to another tool create The image from like mid Journey or Dali Or stable diffusion so those are all the

Text to image generation tools out there Then we have to download those images Bring it back into uh Runway and then Edit the images now we can do all of That all for free because all of those Other tools actually cost a lot of money But now we can do it all for free all Within Runway now so it’s a very cool Tool and it just saves up a lot of time Then that’s just touching on some of the Many tools right here then we didn’t Even get into image image to image Generation so maybe we the next thing That it goes into so let’s just get into That let’s just do one more thing so I’m Going to take this And let’s see what it’s talking about Right here Thing useful is by shutting down other Sources of stimuli so shutting down Other sources of stimuli so we’re going To take this image and maybe we could Turn into something else like Um a man meditating so she’s you know Shutting everything off and he’s just Trying to focus a man meditating And I’ll also say this is Craig rutowski As well And let’s click on generate And let’s also do the same thing right Here so let’s click on image to image Generation And I’ll say a man Meditating so this is the other image

Let’s see what it comes out like There we go so uh it doesn’t look Exactly like the previous image didn’t Really understand it properly but it’s Still a pretty good image right here so I’m gonna I’m actually going to add that To the assets Again didn’t really add that you know Create a similar image but again we can Add that to the assets so if it didn’t Understand the image properly you can Say a man meditating in a cafe And this time I’ll copy that and I’ll go Back to the previous image And I’ll paste that in let’s see what This comes out like now So I’ll take This image the previous one And I’ll generate another image so now This is a lot faster you can just simply Create the images edit the images in any Way that you’d like and then you can uh You know add that to your video so you Can see this is much better it looks Really good so it looks like he’s Sitting on the table but that’s all Right but you kind of get the point Right here let’s have a look at the next One this one’s also pretty cool Um but not the best looking image so It’s kind of a bit too different to the Previous one if you wanted to be similar To the previous one So that’s just some of the many tools

Right here on so They’re always introducing new tools so Just I didn’t just today they introduced This tool right here called generate Transcript so I didn’t even see this Tool just when I opened it up today I Saw this new one right here so I might Make another tutorial on this later on So remember remember to check out my Previous tutorial on how to use Runway Because I get into some of their best Tools which is like adding a green Screen in the background cutting the Background blurring the background also In painting so you can take an a video And you can take out the subject of the Video or an object within that video you Can also do motion tracking so so many Different options right here and it’s Just a very cool tool so hope you found This video helpful uh if you want uh if You have any questions make sure you Comment down below and make sure you hit The like button subscribe to the channel And if you you’ll be in the draw to win The course next week if you do so so I’ll see you guys in the next week’s Video

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