Stable Diffusion Model v1.5 Released!

By | October 20, 2022
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Well what a day that was terribly fun Wasn’t it if you’ve seen my previous Video about the improved in painting Then you might have noticed that there’s Actually a brand new model available From hugging face yes it’s stable Diffusion 1.5 they’ve actually updated The readme’s and everything now so if we Scroll down here on their GitHub Repository it’s now all becomes clear Here it is stable diffusion 1.5 in Painting was actually resumed from Stable diffusion version 1.5 not like on The model card where it says it was Resumed from 1.2 1.2 is the previous Version from 1.5 so it went 1.2 1.5 and Then version 1.5 in painting what does This mean well it means you can actually Download the version 1.5 bytes as well Yes there they are Runway ml stable Diffusion 1.5 now this used to have a Great big warning on it saying don’t Download this it’s in dispute stability Of AI have said you’ve been terribly Naughty and you need to take these away But according to sources Um no no it was all a confusion with all Sorts of people diffusers are confused And other people were confused and I was Confused I know I was very very confused But as you can see look there is no Longer a warning there so this is all Official it’s okay I’ve read it on Places places have said it’s okay it’s

Not illegal it’s not a leak I’m not Doing anything naughty they’re not doing Anything naughty the CEO of Runway has Said I’m not doing anything naughty so I’m I’m gonna side with them and here it Is here it is the stable diffusion 1.5 Model card you can just click on the old Links there and it will show you you’ve Got all this all the bits and pieces Here it is so accept the license Agreement here’s how to do it in Diffusers so if you’re using diffusers Just change your model ID to Runway ml Rather than comp visit stable diffusion V 1.5 or if you want to you can click on Files and versions and there you will See a variety of different files here We’ve got the diffusers version and also The checkpoint version of these files as Well version 1.5 pruned and version 1.5 EMA only as well so it tells you all About the new models there basically if You’re going to download the model Download it into your automatic 1111 web UE directory so there we have webviewey Models stable diffusion put it in there I’ve got it in there stable diffusion Version 1.5 in painting and I’ve also Got the pruned version as well there it Is stable diffusion 1.5 pruned EMA Checkpoint only so Let’s test it there it is there it is Portray painting of a weird nerd Celebrating the release of version 1.5

By himself alone in a steampunk basement So there’s that uh you know it it’s Quite cool so let’s just save that one And let’s see how that compares to the Original 1.4 so there’s a there’s a 1.5 Version looks pretty cool nice nerd like The basement looks very awesome this is What it looks like in version 1.4 as you Can see it’s entirely but it’s entirely Different so it is a different Checkpoint it does look different so um Let’s get prompting and do let me down No down in those comments or what sort Of things you create if you create Anything amazing whether you prefer 1.4 Or 1.5 I don’t know I’ve barely even Tested it but if you do want to learn About more nerdy Road and geekery then You can click on one of these two videos

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