Stable Diffusion Outpainting Improved!

By | October 21, 2022
Prompt Below

So you’ve downloaded the new in painting Weights from Runway ML and you’re Thinking to yourself I wonder if these End painting weights are any good at out Painting well let’s find out shall we Okay so here we are I’ve got the Standard 1.5 EMA only pruned checkpoint Just to start with this is something That we can compare with we’ve just Generated a cat there so fantasy art Painting of a cat let’s send this over To image to image and activate this out Painting Mark II great so we’ve got out Painting Mark II are we going to change Any of these configuration options uh Yes we are I’m going to change the Denoising strength just going to put That to maximum but I’m going to ignore The rest of the settings there it Recommends using a high number of steps But I’m doing this quickly because I Like living on the very edge of the Precipice itself teetering on the uh Anyway so there we have all the default Settings not going to bother changing Any of those everything else is exactly The same so let’s let’s find out what Happens I’m just going to change the Prompt as well so now I’ve got a fantasy Out painting of a cyberpunk room because I’ve got my cat I just want to put my Cat inside a room let’s click that Generate button and see how well the Default 1.5 pruned EMA checkpoints do on

Our painting with all those fairly Standard settings will it be a good Picture will it be a bad picture I don’t Know judge for yourself there you go There is the cat with a room little bit Of amp painting now I know obviously You’re meant to up the steps but I’m Testing things here remember I’m testing Precipice testing okay so let’s have a Look at the 1.4 weights as well let’s See how well 1.4 does will it generate The same sort of thing we’ve got the Cyberpunk room that we’re putting into The mask around there will it be the Same will it be better than 1.5 I don’t Know it’s it’s it’s still generating it Place your bets please place your bets Will it be better will it be worse it’s Very very similar it is very very Similar let’s just make that a bit Bigger still still very similar it’s a Cat in a cyberpunk room okay so let’s Try the new kid on the Block shall we Version 1.5 in painting now this will Take just a few seconds to load the Model but again place your bets will it Be better or worse than that we’ve got The cat in the middle there fantasy art Painting of a cyberpunk room as you can See there it’s a little bit like you’ve Got the square of the cat and the the Cyberpunk room around the outside of it Is it’s like an afterthought isn’t it It’s a little bit like an afterthought

But this new checkpoint the SD 1.5 in Painting one was trained with whoa Okay that’s really cool isn’t it that is Really cool it’s kind of carried Everything on there and it actually Looks like it fits it’s it’s coherent And it’s consistent and yeah I think It’s safe to say that the uh the version 1.5 in painting checkpoints are very Good when it comes to out painting as Well of course if you want to learn even More nerdy Road and geckery what you can Do is click on one of these two videos

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