Adobe’s NEW AI Tools Are AMAZING!

By | October 21, 2022

Adobe has shared its Battle Cry in Response to AI art give me your battle Roar you may take my users but you will Never take my brand name at the Adobe 2022 Max conference the buzzword on Everybody’s lives is AI art and Adobe is Understandably paranoid about this new Technology Scott belski the chief Product officer said that AI should be Your co-pilot in Creative Endeavors we Want it to benefit creatives not replace Them but if you’re reading through the Lines and being particularly facetious Instead of them saying we want it to Benefit creators and not replace them I Would say that we want to continue to Milk creators not destroy our business Model when Photoshop was released many People were claiming that the art made In Photoshop was not real art and in Future we may go even further art made In AI is not even art and only the Computer overlords who provide us with Seven pixels for our daily bread is the Real art [Music] Take your seven pixels Hey sir can I have just one more tasty Little pixels Adobe has announced a Number of interesting ai-backed features If they have said we are investing our Research and product design talent to Develop an approach that centers on the Needs of creatives by integrating

Generative AI in Adobe Creative tools so Let’s take a look at some of the Interesting AI tools that they’ve added To photoshop I would like to comment Adobe on this tool that they have Integrated where they allow you to use Generative AI to create new parts of an Image for example we’ve got this rather Intense looking Tribal fellow and you can see that they Draw an area onto his shoulder and type In the promptly bar now and variations Are generated from which you get to Choose a few options it’s extremely Similar in the UI to Dali now the next Tool I am particularly excited about as Someone coming from a graphic design Background there is this effect in Adobe Express which allows you to create Unique text effects which marry Perfectly with your design you can see Here they’re typing in Tokyo here They’ve added the problems colorful Electric cables hanging And they’ve got this new typeface which Has been generated using some artifacts Of this prompt so I think this is a Particularly creative and interesting Use of AI in design to create unique Fonts I think there is a huge Opportunity as a designer to use this Tool to create your own unique font and Sell them just give me a find that makes Me feel like a one and there’s a couple

Of interesting AI features they’re Adding to Lightroom where you’ll be able To change the time of day in a scene as You can see here in this example they’re Updating the scene from daytime to night Time and they’re expanding out an image Using generative AI I would like to Commend Adobe on integrating some of the New AI Technologies into their existing Tools in a creative and useful way Another tool that they’ve introduced Into the Adobe suite is photo Restoration inside of Photoshop so you Can take an image like this and turn it Very quickly into an image like this There is a lot of talk about a Responsible Ai and I’ve heard people Claiming is it more likely that climate Change or AI is going to end humanity And I for one would say it’s more likely That it’s going to be AI Be careful with this AI Adobe is rightly Fearful and exciting about the new AI Technologies on one hand they’re Integrating excellent new capabilities Into their softwares on the other it Could smell the end for a number of Professions I would like to finish by Reading a quote from the Adobe Conference that I think is beautifully Articulated art has always been a Mixture of craft and other qualities Harder to Define Style judgment and I the history of art

Is an unbroken series of Technical Innovations the development of ceramic Kilns invention of oil paints the debut Of digital photography all of which Accelerated these crafts As craft became less of an obstacle the Role of a Creator their Vision story and Imagination becomes more not less Important We believe the same will be true with Generative Ai and we’re excited to Develop AI tools that will help you Express your personal Vision I notice Inside of myself there is a strong part Of me that wants to completely agree and Align with this Vision that adobe has Laid out for AI art the fact they are Removing some of the barriers between Imagination and execution can only Reveal more creative genuses to us and I Want to empower all creatives out there To adapt to learn and to master these New technologies to drive us forward to A new age of visual creation we will Look back upon this time as an Epoch and A new era of creativity we will see a Seismic cultural shift towards a new Type of art it’s an exciting time to be Alive and I’m inviting you along for the Ride if you’re interested in learning More about AI art I have an entire Course on mid-journey and Darlene where I take you through every single one of The features and we’ll make art every

Single step of the way So if you’re interested in being part of This revolution join me on a journey Into the world of AI Art thank you for Watching please subscribe to stay Notified about more AI art I’m Samsung Vols this is delightful design have a Delightful day

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