Awesome way to creating 3d textures with AI

By | January 9, 2023

AI created 3D textures, not just an image, but full PBR material.
Check this video to see how you can do this.

Introduction to creating 3D textures

Hello there so if you ever work with 3D Models you probably run in a problem When you need a correct texture so in This video I want to go show you where You can create textures from photo or Most important with new application from AI so how we can utilize AI text to Image or image to image to create real 3D texture and what I mean real 3D Texture you always can take a photo and Put it over your image so for example Let’s go right here we can have it we Are let’s go color Select Picture I can take just any image and Apply it and let’s look okay but if you Start looking on details you notice the Lighting is wrong like right here flat It’s definitely does not look like some Grass or Moss or whatever it’s look just Like a image place it so in this case You need to have additional information Additional channels or how the light Distributed how it’s reflected how it’s Absorbed and additional information to Apply to our materials so it’s covered Multiple ways you can do it many Applications can create different way as Example I will use inside the view and We’re going to use it PBR material and PBR material it’s industry standard how The separate properties of material How it’s affecting uh By the Light and Try to create it by those channels

Example if you look on bottom we’ll have A channel color Alpha bump map normal Displacement metallics to roughness and Bend Collision reflectivities clear coat New one and effects this is related Effect tab just to the view so ignore This Effect one okay And some application may have a little Bit less some maybe more but generic you Will have it all those channels that you Can specify information and create to Realistic material And it sounds even a little bit complex But it’s not because many additional Applications already provide for you or For example if you got some website like Polygon and again it’s just an example You can purchase some of those PBR Materials or a special to create very Realistic look So I’ll just say very realistic look let Me show you example what I’m meaning so Right here we have our Cube and we have To apply our most so let’s say we have It also bump and normal and some is a Bit older Legacy or this we will use it Normals in this case which is does not Change shape of the object but change How the light will calculate rare Reflective Rays from the service so Let’s go on normals and we’ll go select Mapped pictures and we’ll just go select Map picture for this if you look on the Surface look it’s not

Uniform now how it’s reflecting have a Brighter and darker darker dots so it Actually change effect how lights are Reflecting notice it does not change any Shape of our object if we’re going in Displacement and we’ll go to add method Picture for our displacement and for This one I’ll just use the height for This we’ll notice on the edges now our Edge is changed because the displacement Will change shape of the object it does Not change how the object with polygons Does not modify them because if we Remove the displacement the cube still Be Cube It’s only changed in a way when It’s calculating a light rays but just Things normal does not change shape Displacement will change shape we also Have it metallics roughness currently in That material we don’t have a Dos Channel so we’ll skip but we’ll have it Roughness and roughness will allow us to Calculate how shiny this material is Because some lights may be distributed In different directions some may be Going in single deal reaction like Metalness will give it a specular Lightingly bit more But no we don’t have that metalness for This material but we have it roughness So I’ll go my pictures and we’ll go Select right here our roughness and You’ll notice in a second when it’s Preloaded now lights does not have those

Bright bright single dots because it’s Specially distributed diffused light Sleeping better creating with the Roughness okay next we have it also Ambient occlusion and we do have it does It’s provide us with a properly mapping On the Shadows and highlights so creating a Little bit more in 3D And right here look on this material now It’s look more realistic now it’s look Like it’s real some material or things And it’s because how it’s calculating With a light Distribution on material And that’s why I say it’s very important Sometimes make or break of quality of Your texture is important and many Simple low polygons models or textures Can get away with a lot of stuff just Because they have a very good texture Okay so how do we have a texture we can Have it by photo just take a single Photo and put this we can have it Generate through different applications Like filter Forge Or you know you can even going like on a For example mid journey and right here See I created texture right here very Easy to do this but the problem again This is just a single image okay it does Not have a channel what we have it we Have this flatness even it’s look Like nice you know this most plants look On this it’s look beautiful you know or

Utilizing AI text-to-image and image-to-image tools for texture creation

Rocks they does not actually do too much To us because they will be just simple Past Project image which is flood the Rocks there won’t look this Three-dimensional So we need somehow take them and convert In many ways actually I do personal code Many videos how you can do in Photoshop And do all the stuff but it’s have a few Applications that do help you to do this Much better and I will show you them in A second so we’ll start one again with Progression step it is if you have an Image photo or you render like with the Mid Journey or any another AI text to Image application you create your Texture that you like it something that Can be metal you know some can be a rock Whatever you want like right here let’s Use this one metal for example okay the Other applications what I call it is Materialize and the best parts about This it’s a free application so you can Go and download it and use it for free What materialize does for us it’s Actually you can upload an image as Diffuse map and you can create all those Channels by hand so it does help you it Does assist you for example right here We don’t have a height map I can go and Click create and you notice right here It’s open image and I can specify on the Height Okay when it’s done

Click set and now we have it height map You can do same with the normals Metallic and you can see all of this you Remember so in this case you can go and Manually adjust the It is powerful application it’s a great To take any photo and convert into real PBR material with all its properties However some of those properties you Need to know whatever’s meaning you need To know if I do with the smallest okay How does the smoothness will affect what Does those dark bright lines doing so This will take experiment and everything And it’s not hard to learn it’s actually Very easy to application but it is take Experimental so another application I Want to show you and this is actually Quite a bit impressive it’s called from Armor lab Entities AI powering texturing material So keep in mind this is a beta Application so it’s still be in Production some stuff does not work well Some is work not all the way but it is Not basic excellent excellent Application that was really impressed so I start using let me show you what we Have right here One thing let me Set up front this is application is not Free application so you could actually Go to the GitHub download it it’s open Source project which kind of nice you

Can download it all of this information All of the library put it and run Compiler and they actually have it very Nice to explain how you can do with the Visual studio and other stuff And create your own executable however If you don’t want to do this or you also Want to just support them as well you Can go and download it it will be Purchased I think it’s twenty dollars if You purchase this from Gum Road and when You purchase this application you can Actually go in a downloaded executable Personally I did purchase from them Because I think it’s a great project and I want to support them and are creating This and the reason is why because it is Simple text to image or image to image So let me show you what I was meaning by This right here we have our application Okay and let me Create new so we go file new project and As we’re creating new you can see what We have we have an output and we have it Forwarded to PBR so it’s already nice Already we can have it some image and Application will calculate AI based Application and creating for us our base Color occlusion roughness metallic Normal map High map so it’s creating Those maps for us already but it’s Getting even better so we’re going and Select let’s put it on two case and We’ll go on a node and we’ll go and

Select text to photo like right here and It will connect color to color Inside we can type what we wanted for Example Let’s just type grass What is utilize it’s using I think it’s Probably using stable diffusion okay I Think it’s an early version of stable Diffusion but it’s using and it will Generate it for us image and created Material so all what we need to do right Now click on the run right here our Render is done it is in 2G and because I Type the grass it does render grass Force so it does not render texture let Me go in the 3D mode Right here we have our 3D mode And problem is what I found with some Ticks you want to be a little bit Descriptive so for example if I did it Grass I probably one says texture you Know because it is text to photo so you Can specify what you’ve done and for me Personally I found it work very well if I’m going to use like for example in mid Journey and in mid journey I just create Before copy and paste some of this Texture and you can see right here when I create texture in mid journey and I Can use those text string so you Actually can go like unstable diffusion Try create all these different textures Which work and paste inside your Applications and re-render inside here

As well So this is one way to do it and I’ll Show a little bit more later when we Start working with this how to with a Check string to create it uh we’ll go Over in mid-journ which maybe help you More visual see how you can create with The specific text how we can create it But let me show you another things so This is one way you can create it we Also can have it just image texture so What is meaning we can take our image And connect and use this however I found Much easy you will already have it Um Predefined like let’s go see if we can Find our images console plug scripts Nope we need to browse to ours so let’s Go ahead and open some of the images we Have and it’s easy as click import and We can go import The images would create with a mid Journey next what I need to do just take This image drag and drop an awesome drag And drop you can see this image texture Same as was from here up here but this Is image texture have actually our path And path specified in this line so if You just add nodes you can also specify It notice it also provide Alpha in color Currently this image does not have any Alpha so I’m just using color and I’ll Go connect color to the color so now This image will process as PBR and

Creating for us output on those channels So let’s go ahead and try this And you know what before let me go on 3D Yeah that’s in 3D and 2D okay well gone 3D Okay so I know it was a little bit fast And you can see how it’s changed already Not image I can see the lighting change And everything you can also play a Little bit with lighting and inside the View to applied the now let’s preview This materials what we just created so I’m going file and I’m going to export The textures that we just created Okay we’ll just navigate to folder and Click save on our new destinations let’s Name it name it metal okay so that’s What I’m going to do click save and now It’s exporting So let’s look what we have at this point And you can see it’s export for us metal Base which is color diffusion we have it Height normal occlusion and roughness so We have we did not have alpha or Metallic and again some channels may be Not yet produced let me restate again it Is in a beta version so it’s still Developing but it’s still very Functional at this moment let’s check Back with our view so right here is our View and we have our material open and Let’s go to preload our materials and We’ll go navigate with our base material Click open

So it’s promote here let’s go to the Normals and we’ll just go same we’ll Pre-load it now normals in here Let’s click on a normal Navigate that is our metal normal so We’ll open Them as well Notice it is kind of split I want to put It properly let’s go with object Parametric so we’ll have it one single Material okay now let’s go with Displacement Oops same right here let’s go click And downloaded our displacement Okay we’ll go with the heights for this Same we have our roughness And I think actually metallicness Channel is not yet all the way down Because I need to figure out a little Bit more on this but it seems to me it Does not Um create it which is okay we can rework On that channel as well I’ll show you in A second how okay we got right there Let’s go navigate and we take our Roughness I think yes it’s what we have It yeah we have roughness and we have Just one more ambient occlusion to add Here So right there we’ll open again navigate To our ambient occlusion Okay and we’ll just select this one the One actually sometimes of roughness is Also work very well for the mid

Healthness because it is reflection if You don’t have any channel and that’s What we’re going to do I’m just going to To create this one so we’ll go right Inside Roughness and sometimes we actually need It inverse Roughness with our metallics to work on This Okay So right here we created and a look on This we have the beautiful material now Created it’s look very realistic We can just take our camera Let’s bring a little bit closer Like around here Okay and you know what before it’s Render so I want to be final render to Screen okay all set properly and we’ll Just click on the render Again as it’s pre-pass having or you can See a little bit rough on a bump map but Look on this look on the displacement How beautiful edges want It’s just nice it’s a little bit too Rough I think The points but generals actually does a Very good job So it is a little bit too rough we may Need to take some of those values down But I think as an example to showing you What the displacement another material And look at this this is Created from Our image so what we’ve done

Okay so there’s our material I think This look kind of nice actually With a few options of course On material let me go select Cube edit And displacement is too high honestly I Think it is 20 centimeters so let’s go With a five centimeters maybe five Centimeters even too high actually Displacement Because we have a very close up on this You know on this material maybe like one Centimeter displacement same with the Normals we can just reduce little bit Intensity Down with hardness because we don’t have It let’s go just switch back to zero on This one our roughness Reflections Should be fine but generally can Actually modify and you can see how easy We can go and modify some of those Properties to Work a bit better for us okay let’s go Render one more time Okay so right here we’re done and you Can see it’s much smaller okay that’s Before and after you can see the lot of Properties we can modify but texture is Look very realistic I do love how it’s Come up so let’s look a couple more Things on our program and it seems like We can render images but it’s much much More to this so what I was meaning by This It’s nice when you render on one plate

But what if I want see on specific Object on this then I can go actually And import the mesh So I can actually go select some object Obj or a fbx blender as well so it’s Kind of nice about this and you know What let me select some over there let’s Go with this Dyno I don’t know what is This one we’ll just select so it will Materials bleed do we want split Yeah let’s split by materials You can split by object or by materials And right here there you go there’s our Dinosaur look on this yeah because it’s Missed some stuff because I don’t know What that was important Important but right here you can see we Have it notice the leg separated by okay Right there By the way your right click will rotate Your middle button press hold or scroll Will just pan around so this is how we Can do and of course the scroll it will Zoom easy easy very intuitive navigation You know what we can load a different Now but I think this is just work fine I Don’t care about we’re missing some head At this time When I’m looking it is called the Texture one thing you can notice that When you create texture you can actually Create and apply it but keep in mind It’s not UV map it it’s mapped by Materials but it’s like scratching going

Around so if you try to create different Material you can apply it and preview Afterwards you probably will still want To take the material it’s created and Put it inside the UV mapper and have a Little bit better done job inside you Can do actually inside the blender and It’s fully support so it’s kind of nice Let me show you a few things before we Jump to next what we can do here we have Our image to text when I can upload an Image you already notice we do have it Nodes when we have a tx2 image but we Also have a tile link so let me actually Add nodes let’s go with this one We’ll drag and drop Okay Then also I can have it for example Tiling so if we add a tile we can Connect tile to Between them so it will also start take Our image and apply properly of the Magical of tiling so it’s really work Edges for us as well and you have a two Small image Um just trying to kind of readjust Position them right there okay we can Also have another node That allowed to upscale so we can take Our image and upscale these as well so You can see it’s a lot of different Nodes we can do a lot of different Options and by the way this is showing Upscale from previous what I was done

It’s kind of funny it’s applied to this But when we run re-render it will clear Of course all nodes in everything So generally it is very nice Applications that allow you to skip a Lot of those steps when you need to Create it PBR materials very easy going Forward with this I will definitely make another video Just about how to use the applications Uh maybe not exactly very soon I want to Wait to fix couple things because as I Said before it is beta application and I Found a few things not necessarily work Maybe as was attended so hopefully when A new version come it will there and I Really hope they actually keep this Project going because it is a great it’s Very unique application I discovered Great potential and for us as artists It’s very nice to use this now let’s go To the prompt because as I said before It can use this AI I think a stable Diffusion it’s a engine to render to Create those images from text to this so You all what you need it here [Music] Um In our application you need to actually Just going and specify text what texture You want to do it So what text you can do and this is from Personal experience when I done Okay let’s look on some text prompt

Text prompt what I liked on the Beginning I almost always specify Texture texture it is weights how work With AI it’s also creating okay so I Need to create more flat look and if you Don’t want tile or other things also top View does help for example in this case You can see it is top view of the Rocks So we’ll have it kind of like pebbles Different stuff so texture Define what You needed and a next stop view Sometimes you may have a problem like Right here round which is going and if It’s still texture water form top view It’s kind of look a little bit different Because try to review you may want to Try like waves or ocean a little bit More specify in this case The sand texture sand top view you can See same things we have a texture we Have a top view and object that we need To specify in this case So let’s go ahead this one is again the Extra folders ground cover top view I’ll Say it’s experimental and I was trying Different put it words to Define which Way and those ones are work best for me Sometimes if you have it like without Top view or other things if I put like Forest most close-up textures it does Provide texture but you can see it’s More as the with the definitely depth of Field to show so I don’t know if we can Use it some of this it’s look nice but

Realistically it’s not that much Texturing applied for our materials in This case The another ones is a rocks was always Good but again rocks texture glows up so The boards you want to use it maybe top View close-up texture so those ones is Defined words that will have ai to Create this Another ones I like to experiment and It’s for example circuit board when I’m Going to create and this one texture Electronic motherboard I know this will Go from Top View but it does create very Nice textures that we can use it in some Cases like with mid Journey 3 you can Use it special tags like tiling so it Will add to the edges if you cannot have A tiling in armor lab remember you have A special link you can put it image and You can tile that way the brick walls Also work very well in some cases Texture brick wall you can try apply Those ones and again you can apply as a Tiling to them also Well I hope you find this video nice and Useful to you let me know if you have Any questions if you will experiment With some applications uh Jose hopefully When they release full versions We’ll have a better videos kind step by Step how to use it but even on a date of Stages right now this is very impressive And I think it is a great way to use it

AI text to image to help for the artists To create Beautiful Textures and help us To create more interesting work thanks For watching if you like it give a thumb Up subscribe and let me know if you have Any more questions thanks