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By | August 11, 2022

MidJourney AI Best Prompt Ticks Beginners Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how MidJourney works, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the steps to create your own prompts and settings in MidJourney. You’ll learn how to set your preferences, including adding –hd and changing the aspect ratio of the prompt.

Setting preferences in MidJourney

There are several ways to customize the AI Best Prompt Ticks that MidJourney provides. First, you can share your preferred settings with the bot. You can do so in Discord. Once you have set your preferences, the bot will take your input and apply the correct style to your images. For example, you can add the –s flag to the images you want to stylize, and the AI will adjust accordingly. The default stylization setting is 2500, but you can go as high as you like.

Another way to adjust your AI Best Prompt Ticks is by setting the maximum and minimum values for the s value. The maximum s value is 60000, and the minimum is 625. The difference between the two values is significant, as the results will vary wildly.

Adding –hd

To enable high-definition pictures on MidJourney AI prompt ticks, add the –hd flag in the prompt. This flag will enable you to specify the pixel size of each picture. You can also specify the minimum and maximum stylization of the image.

You can add a description to the prompt, which can be a text instruction or an image. For instance, if you want to show a portrait with a specific resolution, then you can include an age descriptor. For example, if you want your portrait to be in a certain age range, then you can specify “preteen” or “young adult.”

Changing aspect ratio

If you want to change the aspect ratio of a prompt, you can use the -iw option. This option will tell the MidJourney AI text-to-image tool to give the output a more refined look. You can also use the -iw 1 option to keep the generated image similar to the original image. Changing the aspect ratio of a prompt will also give you a better way to highlight certain parts of the prompt.

Changing the aspect ratio of an image is easy when shooting general scenes, but it can be tricky if you’re shooting a portrait. Changing the aspect ratio of a portrait can make it appear to be long, and a portrait with an extreme landscape aspect ratio will look like two heads trying to fill the space. Thankfully, MidJourney has an amazing beginners guide that will teach you everything you need to know about changing image parameters.

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