How to Make Money With AI Art

By | November 28, 2022

Here are a few proven ways to make passive income with AI

Wow this AI odd stuff is pretty good Maybe we can make some money but the First option is to create and sell Graphic elements this was my number one Selling product which I created in Photoshop it’s a collection of gradient Backgrounds I sold over a thousand of These and it needed me an income uh in Excess of five figures instead of Spending hours laboring away on Photoshop to create this you can make Them in seconds on mid-journey and That’s exactly what I’ve been doing and Here is my latest release which is a set Of 3D abstract backgrounds the next Option is you can take your AI generated Out and put it on merchandise and sell This from t-shirts to little tiny dog Collars because every dog needs a little Collar on his little necky to look Pretty for all the other little doggies You can create a collection of nfts I Think it’s perfectly possible to create A a wonderful collection of iterative Nfts with open AI