How To Make Money Online With Artificial Intelligence

By | November 3, 2021

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make money online using artificial intelligence.

In this video we are revealing how we Use ai robots to make money with Affiliate marketing and how complete Beginners earning a hundred to seven Hundred dollars a day with no experience More than after the intro [Music] Hey guys michael steele here welcome to This video before we actually remind you That some spots have opened up for this Week’s free workshop where it’s the Fastest and easiest way to make money Online sign up for the link below we got A 62 year old woman that went from zero To 160 grand profit in 90 days check it Out now this is insane did you ever Think that you know you know how like They actually say that oh ai and Artificial intelligence will take our Jobs right and this is like a fear that A lot of people have oh the singularity Is coming oh you know artificial Intelligence and robots are literally Going to destroy humanity and whatnot And they’re going to take all of our Jobs and we’re going to suffer um and i Like felt that fear too but what the Weird thing that started happening is Some people started using ai robots and Ai technology to actually start making Money online and instead of actually Building the business for them they’re Literally getting ai robots to build the Business for them how insane is that

Right and you can see that it actually Is happening right now i mean all these People have used ai robots to make money Online like you could see dina went from Zero to 30 grand a month in five to Eight weeks ilio went made 100 grand in Two months greg at age 58 years old made 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks And all these other people using ai Robots to make money with affiliate Marketing right so it’s crazy that it’s Not actually taking jobs it’s creating Opportunity for the normal ordinary Person like if a 47 year old could do it If a 58 year old person can do it Something that could seem complicated Then why on earth won’t normal people go Ahead and do this right and i want to Actually break down what that model is But before we actually do i want to Compare that with the old way versus the New way of making money with affiliate Marketing using ad robots so the old way Is pretty simple right you literally go And get you know an affiliate link from Like someone like clickbank or share Sale or any one of these like affiliate Networks promoting a product and the old Way is pretty simple it still works you Just create a bunch of content for years Until you make money and it’s not like a Wrong thing it’s just you need to be Really really really patient like really Really patient like for example this

Girl made no money with affiliate Marketing for two or three years and Then she made a hundred grand in a Single month and now she makes a hundred Grand a month consistently right these People made like no money for like two Years and now they make 86 000 a month And they’ve only made three blog Articles this you know for example a Year right so the old way is not Necessarily the bad thing you just have To be patient which quite frankly most People aren’t most people if you’re like Oh you can make money with affiliate Marketing you just have to wait two Years and just keep on doing something For two years without getting any Results people be like no that’s stupid But like i said i’m not knocking on the Old way because the old way has Literally generated nerd wallets over 186 81 million dollars a year with Affiliate marketing and you literally Have for example dollar sprout someone That started in 2015 check this out that First year they made zero dollars all of 2015. 2016 they’ve also made nearly zero Dollars just a thousand dollars 2017 literally they went and finally got It to the point where they got up to Like 9 000 in a single month 2018 they Finally got it to the point where they Went and ended the year at 104 grand Right look at that from 12 grand in the

Beginning of the year to 104 grand so The old way like i said it’s not that it Doesn’t work it’s just you need to be Patient because how it works is a theory Of compounding where you know how they Say like for example albert einstein is Like the most powerful Human force in the world is literally Compound interest because as you have For example money right here In time right here it almost seriously Looks like nothing is happening for Years and then out of nowhere that’s Where all the money comes in in the tail End like just think about warren buffett Right the guy who’s one of the most Wealthiest people in the world invests In companies this is his net worth from Up to the age of about like 65 He was worth about three billion dollars Right so let’s just put three billion Right it took his entire life up to 65 When he can qualify for social security To make three billion dollars but from 65 until now he made 70 billion dollars right and his net Worth grew like crazy because it was in The tail end why because that’s the old Way it works you just got to be patient All these people they literally Sacrifice you know a college education In terms of time right oh three to four Years and then they make all this money But what if there was a faster way what

If there was an easier way right like i Said the old way it’s not that it Doesn’t work you just have to be patient And that alone could work but what if There was a new way or like i said you Could use ai robots to essentially build The affiliate marketing business for you Right where you don’t actually have to Show your face on camera you don’t have To create a bunch of content like what These people do you don’t have to show And up and make youtube videos like what Most people say oh this is how you make Money with affiliate marketing like what If for example the old way that i made Money with affiliate marketing i made a Bunch of these jump rope transformation Videos and i made all these videos Recommending you know products right What if you didn’t have to you know take Your shirt off and like make money Online by just like doing backflips like What i had to do in this video as you Can see right what if you could Literally be hidden Behind the camera uh behind the laptop Be a complete introvert and still make Money off of just one Two minute video built by ai robots Where it’s not even your voice where It’s not even your for example uh face And that’s exactly the opportunity that These people stumble upon and out of the 15 people that we shared this with all

15 became successful and then we Interviewed them on our podcast like i Said dina made 30 grand a month in five To eight weeks ilia made a hundred grand A month as an immigrant in two months uh Greg at age 58 went from zero to 30 Grand a month and a bunch of 20 and 30 And 40 year olds go from zero to a grand A month or a week or a day faster than Anything else so what is that business Model and how are they letting ai robots Go ahead and do it well it’s very simple The first thing you need to understand You got to begin with the product first Okay so where a lot of them are just Getting their products is clickbank the Reason why clickbank works is it’s free And they’ve literally paid out more than Four billion dollars out to normal People just like you and i they’ve been In around for over 20 years and they’re In over 200 countries so people are like This who’s work in my country yes it Works in your country right we literally Have for example francisco from chile Where literally the average monthly Salary is only 500 Okay and he was able to go and not just Make 30 grand a month but he now does Six figures a month with this method Okay so clickbank is great because they Have so many different products and the Moment you sign up for free it’s really Cool because look at this

You can literally go into the Marketplace and sell any one of these Products and get paid 151 dollars Commission 180 commission you know 110 Per commission and many of these people Are making money many of these are People in our community right like look At this in the past 30 days 413 people have made money with this Product at least one sale In the past 30 days 397 people have made At least one sale in the past 30 days And when you look at the math it’s Pretty insane because think about this Just think about your income goal what Is it five grand a month 10 grand a Month like for me i didn’t care about Making millions of dollars online i was Just like man if i can make five grand a Month i could pay off my student loan Debt i could help my mom and dad i could You know travel around the world i could You know like Order extra guacamole at chipotle right Like there was all these wants that i Wanted i was like if i just made five Grand a month that would be it but i’m Curious what is it for you because if You think about it that’s like one sale A day guys that’s literally one sale a Day so what do these people are doing is They first begin with the end in mind And that’s selling a product they don’t Have to ship they don’t have to touch

They don’t have to do customer service Look at these a lot of these are Literally dietary supplements so their Ecommerce businesses like as you can see They’ll do the shipping the handling the Customer service they’ll literally do All of that okay so ai robots will Literally do the first half of the hard Work that initially people have to do And you know some other business will do The shipping and handling and all the Customer service for you so you can see Why a lot of people are making a lot of Money really fast is because they’re Using the concept of leverage when Instead of do them doing the hard work Themselves they’re getting other people Who are already good at that thing to go Ahead and do that so they begin with Clickbank now you’re probably wondering Where does the ai technology come from Well i don’t know if you’ve seen these Ads before but if you literally for Example say you want to go ahead and Promote uh Some of these products these are weight Loss products and i would actually Recommend this anyways you know say for Example you watch videos on how to get a Six-pack and lose weight and say you Watch a lot of those videos Pretty soon you’re gonna get targeted With ads that are selling these products Right and i’m gonna tell you exactly

What to do when you find those products So one of the first steps you would go Ahead and do right and this is where the Ai robots come in when you start finding Out okay i want to sell weight loss Supplements and you watch a bunch of Weight loss videos on youtube what’s Gonna happen is youtube will put you in A bucket where now they see oh they’ve Watched you know for example weight loss Videos they probably want to lose weight Let’s show them weight loss ads right And when that happens you will see ads Kind of like this now look at this ad Right this ad as funny as it is was made By an ai robot notice how there’s no Voices there’s no faces it’s just text And video and the voice was actually an Ai voice okay and look at this 14 Million views it was published last Month and it gets 31 000 views per hour Dude that’s how much some channels like That make content get views in a day and Here’s this person that’s literally a New channel 3 000 subscribers they got 14 million views they only have one Video and they get 31 000 views an hour That’s like as big as my channel every Single hour so you can see the leverage And they didn’t make like 10 to 20 Minute videos like what i do they make One two minute video that literally Sells products on clickbank for them so Think about this if they’re getting 31

000 views an hour how many sales do you Think they’re getting a day Now do you see why people are going from Zero to 30 grand a month as fast as Possible because they’re literally Getting 31 000 views a day an hour per Hour guys This ad is a million dollar ad maybe Multiple millions of dollars because of Just the amount of distribution and Attention they’re getting to products That they don’t actually go ahead and Create like do you see how that’s big And how you actually get this ad how i Got this url is when you watch a bunch Of weight loss videos you’re gonna start Getting these ads all you have to do is Right click on it look for stats for Nerds and see this thing right here a d It begins in ad and then adm which is What it ends in notice that that’s Literally what this thing is right here Right and if you literally take this url Youtube.comwatch Question mark v equals and you literally Put whatever this is In there you can literally grab the ad And save it for later use so this is Literally what i do for a competitor Analysis when i run my own youtube ads Like oh what youtube ads already working Cool copy and paste the id and i’ll Watch it later and take notes So then what do i actually go ahead and

Do and you’re like what about the ai Robots This is all like going to lead up to That and it’s going to make it even Easier so what i do is i literally write Down what this person is saying i’ll Write it down on a notebook and or like A word document just to see the Psychology of how they’re getting People’s attention how they’re gaining People’s interests how they’re creating Desire in their prospects and how They’re getting them to take action and To buy a product and once i have it up And running i literally have the Psychology that works so what i end up Doing and what a lot of these people end Up doing is they literally go to like For example uh one of these products That they are going and selling in let’s Just do biofit and look at this they Tell you exactly who it’s for women 40 Plus 75 commissions 120. they literally Go down to like the email swipes and They take what they’ve written that Template that script and they just Replace it with some other words that Are already proven to work from like Their emails right because People these guys spend millions of Dollars making these emails convert um So you can see that they have so much Different emails and different angles That you could go ahead and turn this

Template of an ad into does that make Sense and the moment you go ahead and do That and now that you have a script this Is where the ai robots come in right They literally go to like places like Lovo And this is literally lobo dot ai and They literally upload that script where The next generation of ai voice over From texas speech literally creates Human-like voices and creativity in your Fingertips right so if you literally Listen on this ad right and the sound Might be Bad but let’s just see if it just gets Better just check this out If you wear glasses or contacts you must See this Right that was a british voice but that Wasn’t a real british voice that was Literally like uh an ai voice the reason Why they use british voices is this is An ad that’s shown in america right and Americans since they don’t travel that Much they don’t know what a real british Voice sounds like so they don’t know if It’s a british voice or an ai voice That’s why when you see ads when you Hear like a british voice or like an Australian voice it’s because that Accent kind of like turns that part of The human brain off where they’re like Oh is this a robot voice no this sounds Like a british guy right and the thing

About this is a lot of them are just Using these ai robots to make these Audio voiceovers for them does that make Sense and then you’re probably wondering What about the video how do you get ai To go ahead and you know create this Video editing because notice that They’re not showing their face on camera Right they’re just using all the stock Footage well then they take the voice That’s on here and they take the script And they add it to another ai platform Which is essentially in video dot io and This is exactly what it is you just go To the text to video and that script That i literally spent an obnoxious Amount of time kind of like explaining You literally upload it on here and then They find the perfect videos in the Background and they put all like the Words at the bottom and they match it With like the perfect for example like Video background and it’s almost like Your video is already edited right so Look at this see this video and see These texts that’s literally the exact Same thing that this ad is doing right Here it’s text at the bottom And the video matches the text that’s All they’re doing and that’s all these People are doing to go ahead and make Money with ai robots and if you really Need help with that and you want to know Literally the complete guide and sign up

For this week’s free workshop where we Are revealing everything else on how to Create the script how to go ahead and Run the ads why certain ads work better Than others sign up for this week’s free Workshop below to see exactly how these People went from zero to 30 grand a Month in five to eight weeks as well as Check out this video in this video right Here hopefully it’s helpful if you guys See you guys later [Music]